April 1994

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Apr 5 - Apr 18 - Apr 21

April 5, 1994

I was at the stove in my kitchen. I was going to cook some pasta but the pasta I needed was actually part of a strange type of green onion. The white bulb part of the onion head looked normal enough, but instead of the green stalk on the other end, there was a thin, pencil-lead thin bunch of noodles, straight and about six inches long. They looked like regular spaghetti noodles except they had thin green lines circling around them like the red lines on a candy cane. These green lines were very thin, as if they had been drawn on with a pencil or pen. There was someone to the right of me who had some regular noodles and they may have been wanting to cook them as well, but the noodles I had were different. The noodles were actually part of the green onion plant and when you cooked them you ended up with regular spaghetti. I think I started cooking them because the noodles were suddenly limp. I pulled them up to examine them and one end of them were frizzy and had Parmesan cheese all over them and this reminded me of linguini. I woke up with an incredible craving for linguini.

April 18, 1994

I was in a car or a van with someone. I wasn't driving and I was sitting on the right hand side of the vehicle but I don't know if I was in the front seat or the back seat. We drove around on a road that curved to the right under a bridge. Underneath this bridge was another van or school bus-type vehicle and sitting on top of it was UFO. The UFO was round like a flying saucer and had a thick middle section where there were many square windows, about three feet by three feet, and they were dark but the UFO was light in color. The van with the UFO on top of it just barely cleared the height below the bridge, the top of the UFO almost touching the bottom of the bridge.
I was with Hingis Drawersmith in a restaurant or some other place where there were other people. We were sitting at a table with two women and I think one of the women may have been smoking. I can't really remember what the women looked like, but I think one of them had wavy or curly shoulder length dirty blonde hair and bright red lipstick and had big teeth when she smiled. I vaguely remember something about one of these two women, or some other women nearby asking me out on a date, and her being disappointed because I was married. Some time later I was outside a building, trying to find the woman who wanted to go out with me. The outside area was like a large commune or campground or something, kind of reminding me of a camp I went to when I was eighteen in Arkansas. I crossed a road that sloped upward and to the right as it became a bridge that connected where I was at to another part of the campground. I remember seeing Donald Notches across the road and I may have talked to him, asking if he had seen whoever it was I was looking for. I vaguely remember seeing a trailer, about a twenty foot self-contained model, and Donald was standing next to that. I somehow knew that Donald couldn't help me so I got back on the road, intent on finding the person I was after. I started walking in the direction of the bridge when suddenly I noticed Sarah walking along the road alongside me, going in the same direction. She said hi to me and I said hi back and I was on my way again. Before I took two steps, however, I realized that I wanted to be with Sarah instead of doing what I was doing, so I stopped walking and talked with Sarah. I think I picked her up and walked with her from that point on.

April 21, 1994

I was on a highway somewhere. The road curved downward to the left and was windy, like a road on a mountain, but I never went that way. I wasn't in a car, not yet, and I remember seeing a roadblock that consisted of huge straps of duct tape across a rectangular wooden frame about six feet high. There were two cops that had put the tape on the roadblock and they stood by it. Suddenly I was in a car and I was going to drive through the roadblock and I get the feeling that I was going to be propelled by a huge rubber band that would sling me through the road block. I think the cops were going to dismantle the road block so I could go through it.
I’m in a strange house. Inside the house I was in a Jeep and I was on a track that resembled the Toboggan ride that appears at some Fairs. I went into the huge tube and tried going straight up on the track but the windshield of the Jeep kept getting snagged on the metal rim of the tunnel. I adjusted the windshield somehow and soon I was at the top. At the top of the track, at its highest point, there was a young woman who was a punk rocker. I don't remember how I knew she was a punk rocker, probably because her hair was short at different spots on her head and was different colors. She was just sitting at the top of the track. She mentioned something about how she was a singer in a band and in order for me to get down the track the rest of the way, she had to sing a song. I prompted her to sing and she eventually did. By her singing, it meant that I was able to travel the rest of the way on this Toboggan ride and I slid down the rest of the way, which I can't remember at all, I just knew that I slid down a slide or something like that. I was still in the strange house and I felt that since I was done with the Toboggan ride, that I had to experience some other amusement attraction/ride. What it turned out to be was a haunted house type scenario. I approached a staircase and the haunted house attraction was up the stairs. I slowly began to ascend the stairs, but didn't get very far. The more steps I took, the more terrified I became. On the right hand side of the staircase was a wall and on it were attached round puffs of cotton, about four or five inches round. These cotton balls attached to the wall were supposed to represent clouds and the cotton balls looked more and more like clouds the further up the stairs I got. The clouds were to give the area the appearance of a night sky and that they did. The further up the stairs I got, the darker it got, and soon, after about five steps, it was very dark and it looked like I was surrounded by an eerie night sky. I knew it was just some show but I became very frightened and as I neared the landing at the top of the first flight of steps, I looked up to my right. It appeared there was another flight of steps going up and to the right, but I never got to the landing, so I never saw them. I did manage to see the darkness up above the other flight of steps and it looked too scary to go up there. I could barely see a room or some other opening on the landing up there, but whatever was up there, I didn't want to find out, and I knew that if I went up there then I would have the holy shit scared out of me. Therefore I turned around and went back down the steps. I then remember standing on the bottom floor, maybe near the bottom of the steps, and looking to my right. There was a small corridor that reminded me of the closet-like area like the kind in the kids room in the movie ET. I looked through this area and standing in the room on the other side was a woman. I don't know who she was and I can't remember what we said to each other, if anything. She was about five foot five, had shoulder length black hair and was wearing a long dress, like a maternity dress, but she wasn't pregnant. The next thing I recall is going into a room in this house. I don't think this room was part of the haunted house exhibit, but the room was definitely haunted. I think the woman led me there. As soon as we opened the door and went inside, there was some type of apparition just inside the door and to the right. I can't remember what it was, but it may have been the figure of a person. The figure was glowing or something like that, and apparently it was a ghost. Further into the room was another ghost or something even more frightening than the first apparition. These two things were terrifying and turned this dream into a nightmare. I eventually left the room and I met my dad somewhere. He may have come out of the room also or perhaps I just met him on the lower floor of the house somewhere. While we were still in the house, dad made some comment about my hair, like how it was too long or something like that. I was then leaving the house and was outside and dad still followed me and the woman. We exited the house out a side door that may have had a screen door on it. I think there were cement steps leading down, like the kind on the side of Aunt Doris and Uncle Stanley’s house they used to live in when they were alive. Dad stood by the door and talked to us as we left, saying something about my ears now, something about how they were the ears of a Poppit, or how my ears stuck out, or how my ears shouldn't be covered up by hair. I think that whatever comments he was making, they really pissed me off.

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