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April 1996

Apr 4 - Apr 10 - Apr 14 - Apr 18 - Apr 21 - Apr 30

April 4, 1996

A lot happened but all I can remember is being at work. It looked different than it does now, with equipment in different types of areas, and the walls were at different places. I was at a piece of equipment back in one corner of the work area and there was a man standing there who was not wearing the required work attire. At first I didnít think anything of it, but then suddenly there was a group of people standing by the equipment all dressed inappropriately. Then it hit me that this is definitely wrong. I approached them and told them that they can definitely not be in this area unless they change their clothing and they would have to leave immediately. It was then that I realized that this was a group of new hires/trainees. I remember saying to them, as I held my hands behind my back, "Would you like me to show you?" meaning that I could show them where to get the proper clothing. Then I think I showed them where to go.

April 10, 1996

I was walking into a room somewhere, and I think I was in a hallway. As I got near the door leading into the room, I noticed Hector Comstock sitting on a chair just by the door. He looked a lot different than I remember. His hair was a lighter color, and his skin was extremely tanned, almost burnt. He said something to me, probably referring to what was going on in the room, but I can't really remember. I think I commented about how living in Florida has made his skin look real tan.

April 14, 1996

I was with someone who was driving a pickup. It was probably a Ford and was a metallic red in places, like on the door. Metal grates that you step on were below the doors. The trim was a sliver color and I know this reminds me of a truck I've seen someone drive before. I donít know who was driving, I just know I was the passenger. I viewed the truck as it drove around. It drove down into a stream or swampy area and I was wondering if the truck would get stuck. It drove through one area of a stream, a place where there was a little rocky shore that opened up wider as you got further downstream. I thought the truck would get stuck there but it drove and skidded away. There were some other people in this dream but I can't remember who they were or where they were or what they were doing, I just know that there were other people. I had the feeling that what the truck was driving through were some forests that were inhabited by prehistoric beasts from the Ice Age. Someone in the dream showed me a book that had pictures and descriptions of the animals that were in these woods, all of them extinct prehistoric beasts. The book was rather large, about a foot or so tall and at least that wide. I flipped through the pages and I came across several beasts. One of them was a deer of some kind that had antlers that looked like a mass of land on the globe, a continent of some kind like Australia or North America. There were two different types of animals in this book that had antlers like this. One of them looked like a deer, but the other one was really shaped odd. It really didnít have a head and was just a hunk of animal, not defined well at all. The antlers came out of the top of where it looked like its shoulders were. There was some reference in the book about this creature also eating cat food and when I looked at it more closely, I saw why. On the side of this animal was the face of a cat, or lion or some other feline. Actually it was more like lines that defined a mouth, nose and slanted eyes of a cat. Apparently this cat face on the side of this beast was also alive and could eat what cat's ate. The face looked cuddly and innocent, like a stuffed toy cat's face outline would look like. The eyes were closed but I had the feeling that once it was time for this thing to feed that the mouth would open up. Another animal I saw in the book was a large, blubbery thing, like one of those large animals that the sand people in the movie Star Wars ride on. While looking through these pictures, once I flipped too far forward and caught a glimpse of an animal that was further along in the book. This animal was the Urispellus (or however you spell it), the giant bear that lived back in the Ice Age. It was looking over the top of a fallen log, almost casually, as if it were nonchalantly looking at the reader of the book. I saw it once, then came back to it again as I reached that part of the book.

April 18, 1996

I was in a truck driving along a ridge. The ridge had grass on it and on either side of this ridge were mountains, so it was like I was down inside a gully or something and this ridge stuck up in the middle at the bottom of the gully. I drove the truck to the end of the ridge to where an ocean started and the ridge ended. I skidded to a halt at the edge of the ridge and got out. Apparently this ridge was part of a golf course because there was a ball on a tee at the edge where the cliff started going down to the ocean. I remember taking a golf club and smacking the golf ball out into the ocean.
I recall sitting in a room, like a classroom. I was with some other people and we were all sitting at a long table, like one in a cafeteria somewhere. I was at the left hand side of the table sitting by a wall and facing the front of this classroom-type setting. There was a chalkboard of some sort (a whiteboard) in front of me beyond the table. This room was quite small, seemingly just large enough to hold the table and us occupants inside. There was a woman standing up by the chalkboard and I guess she was the instructor. I donít know what subject we were discussing but I do remember her looking at me and telling me that I looked real tired. She said this so the whole classroom could hear. Eventually, the students started filing out of the room, maybe because the class was over. I was one of the last ones to get up because I was at the far end of the table and the door was near the other side of the table. As I started to get up out of my seat, however, the instructor woman told me not to get up for some reason, like she wanted to hold me behind to discuss something with me. I remember looking to my left occasionally and there was a door with glass on it so I could see through it. Beyond the door was what appeared to be the inside of a bus, like a Metro bus, or maybe an airplane. There were rows and rows of seats. In about the eighth row back on the right hand side was Sarah and she was by herself. She was wearing a purple coat and I kept glancing back at her occasionally to make sure she was all right because she was by herself. Sometime after the classroom scene was over, I walked back into the bus/plane and went up to the seat where I saw Sarah sitting at earlier. It was then that I noticed that the girl who was wearing a purple coat that I had been keeping an eye on was not Sarah after all - it was someone else and there was someone siting next to her, maybe her mother. Sarah turned out to be sitting in the seat across the aisle just opposite the seat I thought she was sitting in, and she wasnít wearing a coat at all or if she was, it wasnít a purple one. I think that I may have sat down by her and talked with some of the people that were there in that part of the bus/plane.

April 21, 1996

I was at home and had some people over and I think dad was one of them. Suddenly Stan Jones came over. I donít know why he did, probably something to do about work. I remember greeting him at the door and going outside - I donít think he ever went inside. Outside, I saw that my yard was in the middle of some major renovations. I felt the need to explain to Stan what was going on in my yard. Right outside the front door was a mound of dirt, the size and shape of a grave site. I seemed to not know what it or any of the other things going on in my yard were for but I knew that I was aware that things were going on, I just had problems remembering what they were. I just guessed and told Stan that this mound of dirt was for a sauna or a Jacuzzi. I then looked up to my left and saw a Jacuzzi on the edge of my yard surrounded by some decorative rock. I told Stan that the Jacuzzi that was being put in where the mound of dirt was, was going to be like that one over there, as I pointed to the already existing Jacuzzi. Later I was with Stan in his car as he was driving around and I think dad was with us. Stan had driven to the Payless/Liquor Store area just to the right of 72nd Street and Portland Avenue. I remember him and my dad discussing some things that had to deal with where I work. Dad mentioned something and Stan's response was related to something about work. Then we were at the gas station at the Arco on the corner of Portland and 72nd where I always buy my Olde English 800 six-packs. Stan pulled into there, ahead of one of the gas pumps, then he reversed the car (which was an older light blue piece of junk like the one Jack Black and Daedelus Kirchoff used to have), and drove back to the gas pump. As h did this, he responded to something my dad had said about work again. As Stan reversed the car and positioned it next to a gas pump (presumably to get some gas) he said something like, "Yeah but I'd rather not have my product look like crapola." When he spoke, his voice was different than it usually is; his speech seemed very slightly slurred and his voice was almost a mumble, at a low volume.

April 30, 1996

I was standing in a large room with another man and maybe there was a third guy there also. This room was a big vat of some kind, rectangle-shaped; fifty feet long, thirty feet wide, and I donít remember seeing a ceiling but I think it was about fifteen or so feet high. I also donít remember the far end of the room. The end of the room I do remember is the one where I think the door was where you enter. This room had an uneven floor, different levels at odd angles running lengthwise along the floor. I had a feeling that the room's walls and floor were made of metal, but they were all covered with a layer of a slimy green algae-like substance. This stuff was attached the floors and walls and one of the guys with me had a hose and was trying to hose it off. He wasnít able to get any of it off because the algae/seaweed stuff was glued or had actually grown from the floors and ceilings, making it hard to get off. I recall seeing the water spray of the hose as the guy sprayed the floor along one of the uneven places where a lip in the floor was, about half a foot at one end and becoming level with the floor at the other side. The water squirted and sprayed the algae along this ridge around, but the stuff just moved and tossed about but would not come off. The seaweed stuff had a mane several inches high and swished underneath the spray of the hose. The guy who was spraying was shorter than me, about five foot eight or nine, and he wore and suit of some kind and had short black hair. As he sprayed he made a comment like, "I guess this means no one will want to eat this ice cream anymore." What he meant was that this huge room/vat we were in was a place where ice cream was stored after it was made. Now that the room was empty, everyone could see what the walls and floors looked like. I guess there were a bunch of people somewhere in this dream who had seen this disgusting place and realized that the ice cream they had bought at stores had been made in this gross algae-infested vat. Because of that, the guy , who was probably the owner of the ice cream place, was trying to spray all the algae stuff off so it wouldn't look so bad, but it was too late. I remember seeing a half gallon container of ice cream that had come form this vat. It was vanilla and looked OK, showing there was no way to tell that the room that stored this ice cream was coated with algae and gunk like that. I figured that the ice cream in the middle of the room should be okay but the ice cream at the edges of the room, next to the walls and floor, would probably show traces of this algae stuff.
I saw O.J. Simpson and he was with some other guys being lead out of a courtroom. He kind of smiled, like he wasnít guilty of anything but would go along with this charade if that's what was necessary. Then someone put handcuffs on him and he was going to be led on his way to prison. Somehow, I became that man with the handcuffs on but I wasnít O.J. Simpson - I was myself. I was informed by some men that I was going to be put in a jail cell. I know that my handcuffs were removed, but I donít remember it. A few men, I think two, led me to a disgusting, filthy jail cell. It was really gross and kind of reminded me of the huge ice cream vat in the dream previous to this one only this cell was much worse. I was led into a section of a building somewhere and in this section were several jail cells lined up next to each other. They were at least twelve feet high, and about ten feet square. There were bars all around and bars separating one cell from the next. Before I was put in the cell, one of the men that led me there hosed down the cell because it was caked with feces and other stuff, perhaps even some of the same algae-like stuff that was in the ice cream vat. There was a large round drain in the middle of the cell, about a foot round, and the guy directed all the crap and stuff into that hole with the water from the hose. There was a mound of white stuff being washed down the drain, and I think this was probably human shit. The guy continued hosing and although he didnít clean everything up, the cell looked better. I donít think there was anything in the cell to sit or lie down on, and there was no toilet. When I had to go to the bathroom I was supposed to go into the hole in the floor. The men locked me up and made sure I was secured, then they left me alone in this cell in this isolated section of the building. There wasn't anyone in any of the other cells, but after the two men locked me in, other people started appearing from nowhere. There were men on the top and sides of the cell, trying to get in. I had the feeling they were other inmates coming to initiate the new member. I remember seeing a guy on the left hand part of the cell on the outside, starting to pry the bars away. Eventually there was a man standing in front of me and I'm not sure how he got in. He had dark hair and a beard and a moustache and kind of reminded me of Lisa's friend who is the father of Andrew, Sarah's friend. He was standing in front of me and he was saying threats to me and I remember him calling me a "Wop." He made it clear that I was going to be beat and tortured. As he continued to threaten me, other prison inmates crept into my cell and I started to get extremely terrified. I felt I was going to be beat to within inches of my life, or perhaps worse yet, tortured all night into the wee hours of the morning. The fright was overwhelming and I was frantically searching for a way out of this, but I could find none. Just as the terror reached a level that I had never felt before, I came up with an idea to transform into a werewolf, hoping that this would somehow get me out of this situation. That did the trick. Miraculously I was transformed into a monstrous killer werewolf and although I donít recall fighting or killing any of these prison inmates that were threatening me, the fright of them being there instantly left because I was now more powerful than them. This dream went on and I remembered that I could transform and untransform into a werewolf at any time I chose. The last thing I recall is being in a half-werewolf, half-human state. I was halfway through the transforming process. My nose and rest of my face was half-human, half-monster werewolf. Someone was there with me, I think it was a woman, and she commented on something. When I opened my mouth to reply, the reply came out as a hoarse bark, not quite wolflike but almost, because since I wasnít a werewolf all the way, my voice wasn't either.

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