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April 1997

Apr 3 - Apr 11 - Apr 20

April 3, 1997

I was driving in a pickup or a van through McChord Air Force Base, probably because I was looking for Loren. I was driving down a narrow stretch of road that was like the top of a jetty, or levee, and on either side was water in a ditch. It was real wet out, probably raining. I drove to the end of this road I was on and got to the end. The end of the road eventually turned to the left and became completely covered with water and it disappeared into a swamp or something like that, or maybe the road was just submerged under water so it looked like a swamp. I had to turn my van around and go a different way. Before I did, I saw a piece of machinery or equipment, probably a bulldozer, and standing next to or on it was a woman that kind of looked like a cross between Glenda Barth and Susannah, a vendor from work I sometimes deal with. There was a guy, shorter than her, standing next to her and it looked as though he wanted a kiss from this Glenda/Susannah-looking person. In the dream I knew who she was, so I asked her about which road to take since this one was impassable. She told me that I should take a road called "R2" or something similar to that. All the time she talked to me, the man to her right kept trying to smooch her and finally he did kiss her, but Glenda/Susannah acted like it didnít even happen. She kind of rolled her eyes like she was thinking, "Oh this guy is just so persistent isn't he?" I then drove down another road which was just like the first stretch of road, narrow and with water on either sides. It was as though the Air Force personnel like Loren lived in buildings that were along these types of roads, which were all over the base. Somewhere down this end stretch of road, I saw three killers. There were two men and one woman, and they were killing a man off to my left just around the corner of a wall so I could barely see. I can't remember exactly what they were doing to the poor man they had with them, probably stabbing him multiple times. One of the killers, a man, then took a rubber (prophylactic) and pissed into it, filling it up. The rubber was about a foot long. Then they took this rubber full of pee and threw it onto the man they were killing and apparently the pee was really gas. The gas/pee splattered all over the man's head and one of the killers flamed it up and this fire engulfed the man's head. I remember seeing the woman killer as she looked at me as the man burned. Her face was wild, psychotic, and her mouth smiled and opened wide as she said something like, "I almost forgot about his head!" as if the burning man was really cool. Later I was in a room somewhere which was somewhere near where the murder just occurred. The building I was in didnít seem complete, as if some of the walls were gone, and there may not have even been a roof. I could see the three murderers lurking around the different rooms. One of them came up to my door and acted like he just wanted to come in and say hi, but I had a bad feeling, like since they saw I witnessed the murder they committed, then they would want to do away with me as well. The man killer who was at my door had dark hair and a beard and moustache and looked like your typical guy you would try to avoid. He approached my door and made some suggestion about coming in to see me, to say hi or something, but then I saw a knife in his hand that was up by his chest, like a small pocket knife that folded out, but it was a knife nonetheless and this scared me, thinking he was coming to do me in. I somehow got by this guy and went to exit the house. I had to pass through another room, like a living room, before exiting the house. At the door was one of the killers, but he seemed subdued, like he didnít mind me leaving. I then left the house but then the first killer I got by alerted the others, so they were all after me. I managed to get in my van and start driving away but it was dark and wet and I was having difficulty finding a road that led away from there. There were numerous killers around my van at this time, more than three, and as I turned around and around in my van looking for a way out, the killers kept saying things like, "Throw things! Shoot him! Get him!" I know the bearded killer was one face I saw outside my van window and he was probably the one doing the most yelling. The killers were shooting at me and throwing things like sticks and rocks at my van to try to prevent me from getting away. As I continued turning around in my van, I saw a path that sloped downward into a gully and it was wet and I almost slid into it with my van. I finally found a road out so I took it and managed to get away, which I was very lucky to. I was surprised none of the bullets they shot got to me or damaged the van to where I couldnít drive it.
I was walking up to some guys that were standing alongside something. These guys were the rock band Van Halen, but the singer wasn't Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth. He was some ordinary guy. He was kind of plump, like Horace Nondoferter, and had thinning, long hair. He was singing a few notes and I was thinking about how I could at least do that good. I had the feeling this guy got really lucky in getting to be a singer with Van Halen. As I approached and began talking to the guys, the singer made a comment about how red my eyes were. I then made a comment like, "Yep that's what happens when you get old" or "That's what stressing out will do to you!"

April 11, 1997

I was trying to get the kids ready for daycare and was also trying to leave for work. I looked at the clock above the TV and saw it was eight o'clock, which meant I was late for work but the kids weren't late for school/daycare yet. I think I was trying to get William dressed or something like that.

April 20, 1997

I was at someplace working, but it wasn't where I work now. I think I was a construction worker. Barton Lowly was there and he was a worker along with me. I needed a slat of wood for something, like the oak lining along doorways and the kitchen floor. I mentioned this to Barton, and then he was gone, off doing other things. I think I ended up finding the piece of wood I needed. I needed it for a roof on a building, like to nail it onto there or something. The building was like the size of a Mexican restaurant I always go to; a flat roof and one story restaurant-type dwelling. Later I saw Barton and someone else driving a backhoe or bulldozer of some sort. Tied to the backhoe shovel was a large bundle of many pieces of this type of wood I wanted before, but since I found one, I didnít need them anymore. Barton looked at me as he was driving the backhoe along with this other guy and said something like, "Is this what you need?" or "Where do you want them?" I was kind of a jerk and told him I didnít need them anymore and that I couldnít believe he went way out of his way to get this huge bundle of wood. It was the typical Barton Lowly thing to do, try to take the incentive but when he does it turns out that he still needs help. Such was the case in the next scene of this dream. Since I didnít want the wood, Barton decided to store it somewhere. I had the feeling he got it from a lower level of this construction site which required an elevator or some other major method to get to, and since he didnít want to go through all the trouble of taking the backhoe and wood back, he decided to store the wood on top of the restaurant-type place. I was standing about forty feet away and watched as he tried to maneuver the backhoe shovel, with the dangling bundle of wood, up onto the rooftop. When he did, he came real close to the front window of the restaurant with the shovel and nearly hit it, but he managed to get the shovel positioned up on top of the building. It was obvious he had very little to no experience operating this type of heavy equipment, but Barton was determined to try to make it look as though he belonged and could do right. When he extended the shovel and its hydraulic metal arm up over the top of the building, he then turned the shovel upside down to let the wood fall, which worked, but then he lost control and the shovel kept going down until it and the arm attached to it crashed through the roof of the restaurant and went through it about five or six feet, leaving a trench fifteen feet long, the length of the backhoe arm. I think Barton managed to somehow stop the downward momentum of the backhoe arm/shovel, but not before causing incredible chaos inside the restaurant. I remember seeing the backhoe shovel on top of the roof then I could see it through the restaurant windows as it was inside the restaurant after it crashed through the roof. People inside the place that were sitting down eating began to scamper all about like ants with something just thrown onto their ant pile. They were screaming and running for their lives. I think I remember Barton trying to explain to someone who was there how it wasnít his fault and it was an honest mistake and there were circumstances which forced him to do what he did. I walked away from the scene down the road, and met someone who was walking the other way. I think it was a female but I donít know who it was. She said something about the accident that just happened and mentioned how she was on her way to see it. I said I was as well, even though I wasnít, and the two of us walked back through the crowd of people standing there, weaving our way through bodies to get a look at the chaos Barton had caused.

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