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April 1999

Apr 3 - Apr 6 - Apr 7 - Apr 15 - Apr 17 - Apr 20 - Apr 24 - Apr 26

April 3, 1999

I was with some people, about two or three, but I canít remember who they were. We walked into a room in a building that was probably a retirement home. We were in a hallway and we walked in through an opening that led to a room off to the left. Before I even entered the room and because there was no door or if there was then it was open, I could see inside of it. Sitting in a wheelchair was Charles. As myself and whoever else was with me entered this room, Charles looked at us and I could tell he was surprised to see us. Iím not sure why he was in a wheelchair, if something was wrong with him or whatever, but it was as though this was what he was really like when he wasnít around the rest of us. Also, he had very short (half an inch or less) hair that was died yellow or orange, looking much like my nephew-in-law did on the last Christmas card we got from that family. I was surprised to see him like this but then again, not really because Charles is someone that I donít really know very well it seems. Apparently he didnít want us to see him with his orange/yellow hair and in a wheelchair, as if since this was his day at home or away from the rest of the world, then he was being his real self and wasnít putting on an act. I donít recall him or us ever saying anything to each other - I just remember the surprised, almost blank/serious look on his face that he always seems to have. There were other people in the room with him and I think these were older folks, people who are actually expected to live in a place like that.
I was on a motorcycle or a bike and was riding it down a steep trail on a mountain or in some woods somewhere. I was having problems getting the bike to go down the trail without crashing it so I think I had to step off it often to guide it that way. At the bottom of this trail was Boris Taper, and I guess I was delivering this bike to him, like maybe he had bought it from me or I was just borrowing it or something. I got the bike to the bottom and gave it to Boris, then I walked back up the trail with a woman who I guess was probably always with me when I was on the bike but she stuck out now in more detail than before. As we walked up the trail, we stopped and sat on the path next to each other. I donít know who she was but she had long black hair and was around five foot four inches tall.

April 6, 1999

Head Baseball; thatís the name I came up with for this dream. There was a wooden bridge that had a wooden roof on it that went across a road that crossed a river. The bridge looked familiar, like that one in the movie Silver Bullet where the kid in the wheelchair almost got killed by the werewolf/priest. In this area where this bridge was was Matt Damon and Ben Affleck from the movie Good Will Hunting. In this dream, those two guys were just as they were in the movie: smart-ass punks looking for trouble. Beyond the bridge I saw a black man riding a bicycle of some kind. That was about all I can remember about him. Ben and Matt somehow came across the head of someone, maybe the black man, maybe not, and this head was inside of a small square wooden box that was just big enough for the head to fit into. The impression I got was that Matt and Ben had cut someoneís head off and put it in this box. Ben and Matt were violent in this dream - they held no regard for anyone or anything other than themselves. The head in this box was of a man and he had medium-length black hair, and the head was alive. I remember seeing it smiling through the wooden slats that made up this box. There was some mention by Matt or Ben about how this head wasnít scared and felt no pressure about its misfortune of not being attached to its body. It was kind of cocky, really, considering its predicament. Ben had a pistol that was thin and had a long barrel. The gun was flat black. Ben then shot the head in the box twice; once in the upper back center of the skull and also somewhere else. I could see blood seeping from the one wound in the top/back/center of the head. Matt then asked the head, "Do you feel pressure now?" as if being shot would humble this cocky little head and maybe frighten it a bit. There was another scene where Matt and Ben tied up another guy with chicken wire. I donít know who this guy was; he may have been the man on the bike but I think this guy who was tied up was actually white. The guy was stood straight up with his back against a big piece of plywood and the chicken wire was then stretched across his body, pinning him to the wood. The wire was stretched so tight that he was unable to move. His arms were stretched straight out from his sides and also were held flat from the wire that was stretched across his entire body like saran wrap. As he stood up, Ben or Matt put the head of someone, probably not the same head that was in the box (I get the impression that they had decapitated several different people in this dream), on top of a post that was three feet high and around eight feet away from the tied-up person. The post was 4 x 4 sized and was to be used like a Tee ball post, only the ball to be used was the head of a person, not a Tee ball. Ben put the head on top of the post and he used a strange-looking bat to swing at the head. The bat was more like a piece of wood or a club, with the handle maybe being like a bat, but the end of it flattened out and was jagged, like a log just plucked form the forest floor. The head was hit and then flew through the air to hit the person who was tied up with chicken wire. The idea was to kill the tied-up person by hitting him with human heads until the blows battered him to death. I remember seeing another scene where Ben tossed the head of someone into the air then took a big swing at it with a regular baseball bat. He hit the head square on and it arced away into the sky about fifty feet away. I viewed this from the catcherís position behind Ben as he swung at the head. The scenery where the head sailed to reminded me of blackberry bushes around the Bigís house that stick out in my memory from the 19th Street area I knew from when I was less than five years old.

April 7, 1999

I was at a place where there was a cement or brick building like the kind at Wildwood Park inside the fence where the big green towers are. The building was inside an area that could have been fenced off. It was some kind of railroad yard where there was construction equipment and large piles of rock scattered about. Jethro was there and so was the actor Gary Busey, although in this dream Gary Buseyís name was Jack. I had the feeling that I lived at this place and Jack (Gary) owned it and was providing for me until I started working for him on the railroad doing something or other. Cindy Breck was also there and I remember standing outside of the back of this building where there was a large pile of rock underneath what looked like power lines about seventy feet off the ground. Cindy was having me look at something she had done, like her homework or something. Apparently I was tutoring her and I was to grade her paper. I canít remember what was on the paper but I do remember going over the details of it with Cindy as we stood there. I pointed certain things out to her on the paper, explaining things that were wrong and that type of stuff. This procedure of me looking at Cindyís homework may have happened two different times. From this area in the back of the house, I could see Jack doing something with a bulldozer or front end loader. He was loading some rock or something else on something that I couldnít quite make out because it was to the left around the corner of the building. He reminded me of Derick Tortelson when he was working like that. There may have been some other guys out there helping Jack with his work. Jethro was probably one of those guys. At some point it really sunk in that I didnít have a job and I was just kind of hanging out waiting for my employment to begin. I would occasionally help Jack out around the yard of the house. I remember one time in particular when I climbed up onto a pile of rocks, large gravel-sized, to help Jack out with something. I figured that I might as well learn what I could so maybe I could earn some money earlier instead of waiting. Later there was a scene when there was a lot of rainfall and although I canít specifically remember the rain, I do remember how wet everything outside looked; all muddy and dark from water. Jethro made a comment to me about how if the rain kept up then he wouldnít be surprised if Jack snagged my ass up to start working on the railroad sooner, as if the rain meant that the chances of me getting a job were better than if it didnít rain. One time I myself had gotten onto one of these front end loader things and tried operating it. This piece of equipment looked different than the usual front end loader. The front of it looked almost like a mechanical brontosaurus. A long steel segmented neck stretched from the front of the bulldozer/loader thing that was about twenty feet long. I scooped up some dark dirt with the loader attachment on the front of the neck. This was smaller than the usual scoops on the front of equipment such as this. It was almost shaped like a metallic Tyrannosaurus Rex head. Its jaws would open up to grab the dirt then close again to trap the dirt inside. Then I would use whatever controls there were to raise the scoop into the air. This is when I realized how long the neck of this thing was as it stretched far into the air, again making this machine look more like a mechanical dinosaur than a piece of construction equipment. Sometime towards the end of this dream I was standing alongside a pile of something that was in that same area outside the back of the building. Iím not sure what this pile was, but Jethro and I proceeded to cover it up with a light-colored, maybe white, tarp. The shape of this pile was rectangular and about the same dimensions as my garden (19 x 11 feet). As we got the tarp into place, a squirrel ran into the center of the top of it, making the tarp bow down slightly under its weight as it ran.

April 15, 1999

Lisa had decided to plant the corn in the garden instead of me. I looked down at the rows of little germinated corn plants I have been growing and saw that where she had placed the corn was not exactly in the spots where the previous corn had been planted. She planted the rows right next to the previous plants that had died, but just an inch or so off to the inside so the rows were actually narrower than they should have been. I looked at it and wished I had planted them instead.

April 17, 1999

I was at a Motley Crue concert. Nikki Six or Mick Mars was having problems with his guitar. I remember seeing the end of the guitar where the pegs are and something happened to the guitar at this area. Iím not sure exactly what it was; the neck broke or the pegs broke or something like that. This meant that Nikki couldn't play so instead of just getting another guitar and continuing playing, he decided to leave the concert. He jumped off the stage and into the crowd, then left the concert and decided to go fishing.

April 20, 1999

I was with some guy in a forest. We were chasing baby Tyrannosaurus Rex babies through the foliage. These T Rex babies were smaller than one would imagine a T Rex baby to be. They were about the size of cats and their skin was red and looked like the comb that hangs from a roosterís beak. I took this to mean that they were really young, and that was why they were red and so small. I remember two babies distinctly. This other guy and myself chased the babies under foliage and through branches and never were able to catch the little buggers. I think I saw some other T Rex babies that were a bit older because their skin was tan, not red like the first babies, and they were also larger, about the size of small dogs. Me and this guy were running around the forest floor, chasing these T Rex babies and just fooling around, when we came across a patch on the ground that was dug up, as if there had been a lot of traffic from animals walking through this area. The dirt was dark which contrasted to the light-colored, leaf-drenched ground around it. It became obvious to me and the guy with me that the ground here being thrashed was due to the traffic of adult T Rexes. And we were right. Soon there was a large T Rex, just like the kind in Jurassic Park, chasing me and my buddy. This dark trampled piece of earth was on the edge of a hill that went up at a 30 degree angle. My friend and I scampered madly up this hill, pulling ourselves along the trees and branches that were lying on the ground there. The T Rex after us was very realistic in this dream. I suppose it growled, but at one point it made kind of a snorting sound which curled its right lip upward slightly. This sight made the T Rex look much more real than the ones you see in the movies. It gave me the impression that this was how a real T Rex would act, snarling and not always growling. My friend and I continued scrambling up the hill and the T Rex tried to follow. We were hoping that the dinosaur would not be able to follow us up the hill and we were right. When the T-Rex started to walk up the hill, it slipped and slid back down to the valley floor of the forest. Apparently, for some reason, T-Rexes were unable to walk up hills and we knew it, but Iím sure that in real life that the overgrown lizard would have followed us right up that hill and snacked on us in nothing flat.

April 24, 1999

I was sitting on the toilet taking a shit. There were some other people in the room I was in and they were walking around, doing whatever it was they were doing, and me taking a shit with them there was no big deal in this dream; it was as though pinching loaves with others in the room was nothing out of the ordinary. Other stuff happened in this dream prior to his moment but Iíll be damned if I can remember it now. I canít remember who else was there, but I know there was at least one woman and one man, and they were probably people I know in real life. The room I was in was larger than a bathroom would be and I kind of wonder if it was a bathroom at all. The room was about thirty feet by thirty feet large, and I get the feeling there was an opening in front of me straight ahead as I sat on the toilet that led to another room. Beyond that I picture a glass-like room, like a greenhouse type of room like Jansen Bundy had built off the side of his house in Arkansas. As I sat there taking this dream shit, I eventually progressed to the wiping-my-ass part. The toilet paper was on a roll to the left of me and I think I held it in my hand as I unraveled the squares. The roll was near the end of its life. The toilet paper came off and I think I wiped once or twice, but then as I continued unrolling the paper, I noticed that there was poop on the actual toilet paper itself. On one end of the toilet paper roll, there was a patch of poop about an inch round on the end. This poop was on each layer of toilet paper that was unraveled, as if it was intentionally placed there. I at first thought that someone had put it there after obtaining the toilet paper, but then I realized that it had been there when the roll was bought, like it happened in the toilet paper roll factory or whatever. I got some of this poop on my hand because I was unrolling the paper and trying to use it to wipe my ass. So I wiped and my hands became spotted with small areas of poop here and there across my palms and the back of my hands as well. I remember going somewhere after taking this shit and washing my hands, and I think I had one of those antibacterial soap dispensers like I do in my bathroom.

April 26, 1999

I was catching a school bus by, or at, a park that I have been frequenting since I was five years old and continue to do so to this very day. I remember a vague feeling of being around that area, either by The elementary school I used to attend (which had the same name as the park), or by the park, or on the roads there in that area. Vague, vague, vague, oh yes this is one of those dreams. It became clear that I was actually in the elementary school and not the park, when suddenly I had to go to the bathroom and I actually went into a bathroom at the school (I donít remember which one). I also recall going into the office in the school for some reason, and I was worried about how my hair looked, like I had just gotten up and I had awoken with the worst hair of the day: Morning hair! The next thing I recall is being back on the school bus and asking the bus driver if he could give me a ride back to South Hill because apparently that is where I lived in this dream: At that house where I grew up on at the top of South Hill. The bus driver said something to me like: "The upper loop," as if this meant that he was referring to where I lived as being in "the upper loop."

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