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August 1989

Aug 5 - Aug 6 - Aug 7 - Aug 9 - Aug 11 - Aug 18 - Aug 22 - Aug 23 - Aug 25 - Aug 27

August 5th, 1989

I was scheduled to fight Mike Tyson. I knew I was going to get my head knocked off and I can't remember how I had got myself into it in the first place. A bunch of us were at someone's house at a party or something and Mike Tyson was there, along with Jerry Quarry. I think I confronted Jerry and wanted some advice on how to avoid getting myself killed. I think Jerry had fought Mike before and I wanted to ask how he survived. I remember talking with Jerry like we were real good friends and I told him I wanted some advice on how to avoid getting myself killed when we finally entered the ring. He smiled and told me to follow him and we walked away from everyone to some private corner of the party so we could talk quietly among ourselves. We did talk but he offered no help. He was very friendly, however.

August 6th, 1989

All I can remember of this dream was that I was at work. Nancy Hud, one of the maintenance personnel, was working on something as she stood inside an emergency shower or some other type of enclosed area. Leonard Morgan came walking through the area and noticed a pipe that was part of a sprinkler assembly. He picked it up and said to Nancy that the pipe needed to be kept out of this particular work area and put with her where she was working. I felt like I should have noticed it sooner and mentioned it instead of Leonard.

August 7th, 1989

There was a flat tire on a vehicle and I was changing it. There was a girl with me along with some other people, too. The tire was thick and the tread had rubber pegs sticking out of it which also had tread on it. A lot of stuff happened and I was going to write this dream down this morning when I woke up, but I thought: "Naw, I'll remember and write it down when I come home from work." Well, I'm home from work and now I can't remember anything about it except the tire.

August 9th, 1989

I was fishing with some guys and I think Valcarto Minduez and Charles were there. We were at a beach and were casting our lines out into the water. I was casting farther than everyone else. I had a whole fish (about a 2 pound cod-size) on the end of my line as bait. At first I thought it was just half of a fish, then I looked at it closer and realized it was a whole fish. We weren't having any luck fishing on this shore so we walked through some brush to a pond-like body of water which was in the woods. Valcarto commented on how he was thinking the fishing wouldn't be as good there. Nevertheless, we cast our lines in. The water looked clear and deep, just right for fishing. I could not cast as far for some reason, but fish bit at my bait as it trolled through the water. They were only small fish and I thought that because of the huge bait I had, I would only be able to catch huge fish. Then I saw a big, red moray eel swimming through the water and it swallowed my bait whole. I reeled it to shore and was afraid to touch it for fear of getting bit. Charles, however, picked it up and let the eel bite his wrist viciously, showing that it wouldn't hurt when it bites. I wanted a picture of me with the eel so Charles handed it to me. I tried to grab it underneath the gills and when I did I dropped it, getting sand on its head. I did get a good hold on it and I guess a picture was taken. I looked at the eel as I held it and saw that its teeth were harmless, almost soft but still big. It gurgled as I squeezed its head tightly. When the picture was over, I let the eel go and it swam away unharmed. I had a vision of the thing swimming through the water. It was long and not red anymore, and it glided gracefully into the depths. The view I had suggested I was underneath the water and was watching the eel from just off to the side of it.

August 11th, 1989

I was working on my final homework assignment for my Microprocessor Systems college class at the house on top of South Hill that I used to live at. I was using my PS2 computer and I was just inserting a few JMP instructions here and there in the assembly language of my project. It was taking me unusually slow to type and I was worried I was going to be late for school if I didn't hurry and finish in time. Spike Keaner was there and so was Charles with Cory. I had just finished typing a bunch of stuff and only had about two JUMP instructions to insert when Cory walked up to the power pack of my computer and turned it on and off. I remember seeing the screen blink on and off - once there was my program in front of my face, then the screen turned black and the main menu popped up. I was extremely upset for having lost all that work, and Charles knew it. I screamed at him that this assignment was due in an hour, which was the time the second class of the day started. The school was one I attended in high school and I was worried about showing up late so I knew I would have to skip the first class and just show up at the second. I followed Cory around my house as if I wanted to make sure he didn't touch anything or wreck anything. Charles was following him too and we chased him to the laundry room where we found him wiping his little hands on the wall. He was sitting down just to the left of the cat box. I grabbed him and told him to cut it out, that I didn't want hand prints all over my walls. I think I told Charles that he should discipline the little monster and I was really mad. Meanwhile, I went back to my program. I recall looking at my printer and a new type of alarm light came on. It was green and flashed just above the red alarm light. This green one said something like "Paper carrier not in place." The reason for this was because I had taken my printer apart to make easy access to reseating one of the circuit boards inside that always gave me problems. Spike Keaner was waiting around for me, but I told him to take off because I was going to be late. He looked at me with his comical confused face, then he was gone. I continued to type.
I was at a night club or something like that with my Microprocessor Systems red notebook in hand. It had all the papers in it that were loosely thrown into it because I didn't hole-punch them. This night-club scene indicated that there was a pep assembly at the school, so it was all right for me to miss the first part of the day. Jamas Youngby was there and me and him hung around each other. I saw Josiah Stevenson there and I think we exchanged a few greetings. Forusi Tanembaum was there and maybe Huck Horn. I ran into Sadie Hunter, bumped into her, but she didn't seem to recognize me for she and her husband, Pepper, continued to walk right by without acknowledging me. I was walking out of the place with Jamas when he looked at me with surprised shock and asked, "What is Josiah Stevenson doing here?" as if these engineers should be at work instead of hanging out at a night club for the first part of the day. I told Jamas that I also saw a few other people from work there and it was like this is where they hung out, partying at this night club in the morning instead of being at work attending meetings or whatever the hell it is they do. We walked out and all my papers fell out of my notebook. I picked them up, making sure I had my homework assignment there. I had going to school on my mind and I thought I would have trouble finding my classes and when I thought about it, I couldn't remember what rooms my classes were in or even what classes I had. I walked to the parking lot towards my truck and Plato was sitting in the pickup bed and I was surprised he had remained there for the whole time I was inside instead of running away. He meowed his low, long frantic meow. Suddenly my truck began to roll backwards and Jamas ran towards it before it hit another truck that was parked in back of it. I tried to help, but had to control my notebook instead. The truck's tires were turned so it swerved and missed all the other parked vehicles. Then I saw either Tommy Hunter or Spike Keaner in the front seat driving the truck and I guess that was the reason for the tires being turned. There was also a scene where I was at my truck which was parked in the driveway at the house on top of south hill, right by the mail box at Meridian.

August 18th, 1989

I was with some people in a house or building somewhere. There was a room that had a huge hole in the wall, about ten feet by ten feet square. This hole had water on the other side of it, and although there was no window or anything like that, the water did not come out. Instead, it swarmed around and around, bending outward as if it was about to burst forth into the room. I remember discussing this with the other people, each of us warning the other not to touch the surface or disrupt it too much, as if this might break the surface and cause the water to flow into the room. Well, a bunch of us cleared the room and closed the door so we could observe just that. As we watched from outside the windows looking in, the surface of the water stretched wildly as if it would go any second. Finally it did and the room filled up rapidly with water, swirling around the confinement of the walls with a great gushing force. Luckily we had all cleared the room in time.

August 22nd, 1989

I had taken a trip to Arkansas. I had traveled by plane, by train, and I think by car. When I got there, I realized I had forgotten my bus tickets back home, so I called up Charles and asked him if he would Federal Express them out to me. I didn't know where they were and I may have lost them on the way but just in case, I asked Charles to look for them and send them. He sounded like it was an inconvenience to him and I wondered if he would really do it because that would mean he would have to look for them. I rummaged through a stack of receipts and such and thought I spotted a bus ticket, but it was an old one. I think I recall traveling in a truck or maybe even a bus, but I'm not sure. When in Arkansas, I saw Patricia Aratammah. She was lying on her mom and dad's bed in the house where they used to live. She was happy to see me and she smiled. There was some other person there but I can't remember who.
I had visions of driving my truck through deep puddles of water on the roadway. I drove through one, then one more later down the road. The second one made it hard to see where the road was and I nearly drove off the shoulder, reminding me of when I did the same thing when I pulled out of my driveway once and could not tell where the road was when it was late at night and there was a car with its lights pointed my way. I wondered if the water would affect the brakes, but it didn't seem to.
I recall looking at a couple of bass guitars that I forgot I owned. One had a slightly bent neck as though the guitar had sat in the sun too long and was half-melted.

August 23rd, 1989

I was at work when Helen Trube walked up to me and asked for my help in choosing a different "cycle" or "session" or "port" or something like that on her computer terminal. I wasn't quite sure what she was talking about, but I offered to help any way. I followed her to her terminal, which was just across the room. I looked at the screen and saw some type of computer access I was unfamiliar with. I told Helen that I have never seen this format before, and browsed through the different characters on the screen, scrolling this way and that. As we talked on and on, I noticed that she had taken the hat off that she had been wearing. She had black hair and talked with a slight lisp, which she normally doesn't. We talked for some time and the people in my work area on the other side of the room looked at us, Emily Dunbar being one of them, and teased us, saying stuff like, "Ooh, Max's got a girlfriend now," and that type of shit. Anyway, I scrolled through some of Helenís files or mail and she said not to look because it was personal mail so I looked up from the terminal and pretended I wasn't looking. Actually, it was an e-mail file with different names in it, but mine wasn't there. Eventually I exited out of the software to a point she wanted to access. I told her that I had reached her session, or port, or whatever. She walked back with me to my work area and I told her I was sorry it took me so long to figure it out. She asked me what I had said and I repeated it again.
I was upstairs at work in the office area. It was late at night, around 11:00 P.M. or so, and a bunch of my friends started showing up, wanting to party. Lawrence Bread walked in with a friend of his who looked like a movie star whose name I canít recall. He said his name was Brian and we shook hands. In the dream, we had known each other previously from somewhere and Brian said something like, "The first time I met you, I knew you were a partier!" and I replied by saying, "Well you were right!" He and Lawrence looked at each other and laughed, Lawrence nodding to assure Brian I was indeed a devoted party monger. Other friends and people showed up and I guess there were lots of party materials around although I can't exactly remember what. It was Friday and I kept telling everyone I had to find out if I had to work on Saturday swing shift. I wanted to see if Arnold was around, but I don't think he was. As everyone sat around the offices and made themselves at home, I and somebody else peered out the tinted glass by Arnold's desk and I saw people out in the parking lot looking up, back at us, Helen being one of them. Then a woman approached me from behind and started putting her hands all around me as if she wanted my body. She was a blonde and was very good looking but I don't know who she was. She kept talking about wanting to sell me a piece of equipment for our workplace and I felt like saying, "No I won't buy one, but I'll fuck you if you want."

August 25th, 1989

It was a Saturday night and I was at the house on top of South Hill where I grew up. I was with Charles, Lisa and Margaret. My mom lived there and I thought it was kind of strange that we decided to spend our Saturday night with my mom instead of out partying somewhere. Mom was there all by herself so it was just us five. We sat around and talked and I think maybe we had some beer or something. There was a big pile of dirt and sod on the lawn by the downstairs patio and it was crawling with red-headed ants. It reminded me of my ant problem I have here at my own house. I was going to ask mom if I could use the dirt for spot-seeding my lawn. I think I even dug a few shovelfuls to see what quality the dirt was, and it was good. The five of us were downstairs in the rec-room. My mom was in the other room momentarily and so was I. When I returned, I saw that Charles had about a gram of cocaine on a little picture frame or mirror and he was cutting it up. There was a lot of it and I immediately exclaimed to Charles how stupid that was and if mom saw it she would surely tell us to leave. I guess they saw the light and realized it was a dumb thing to do, so I grabbed the coke on the mirror and took it outside before mom came downstairs and saw it. When I went outside, there was a small breeze blowing and some of the coke was getting blown away. I was panicking big time and looked desperately for something to cover it up with. I found a board or something, but it wasn't enough so I grabbed a piece of sod and put it on the coke to weigh it down. I was hoping to just get the grass portion on the coke, but dirt mixed with the coke as well and it was a sad sight. Later, the four of us were outside and Charles kept asking me where the coke was: "Where is it?!" I asked him to calm down and that some of it had blown away and that he might not be happy with how much was left. Right before we came upon it, however, my mom showed up and I was safe from displaying the dirty, thinned-out coke for the time being.

August 27th, 1989

I think I was in Arkansas. I was with Jethro and he had conjured up another great money-making idea which involved $50,000 worth of cocaine. I got the figure of $50,000 because that's what I remember from a movie I saw the other night. It was unclear how the money and the coke related to each other, but I do remember calling up Corky and Vanessa, our old neighbors, and asking them for the money, I guess so we could buy the coke. They got the money to me somehow and we got the coke. When Jethro split it up between a bunch of us (I don't remember who else), others got a little, Jethro got about 85% of it (in big rocks) and I didn't get any. I can't remember complaining, but I was worried how I was going to pay Corky and Vanessa back and what the original scheme of things was to begin with. There was a girl with us, it was either Shannon Space or Valerie Costerfenin, and we wanted to leave her behind and split town so she wouldn't follow us. Therefore, we sent her to a tavern to party all day. This, we thought, would give us enough time to make our getaway. It went real slow. I recall packing my clothes and getting everything in my bedroom packed away, but that was about as far as I got. I guess we were planning to take all the furniture and everything out of the house that we were staying in. As time rolled on and we saw we were dragging, we checked on Valerie (or Shannon) and saw she was playing pool happily in the bar, indicating we still had time. I think she wound up getting home before we left anyway, and I tried making some dumb excuse as to why my room was completely bare except for a suitcase with all my clothes in it.

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