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August 1992

Aug 2 - Aug 5 - Aug 7 - Aug 8 - Aug 15

August 2, 1992

I was with some people along a mountain road or something similar. We walked down a slope to the right, and beyond the road was a river, down a slight gully on the left hand side of the road. We went down there. I don't know who was with me, or how many people, but at least two. I remember that we decided to get in the river, as if not to swim, but to just get in it. I don't know why we did, but we did. The other people with me decided to go in first, I think, and I followed. The next thing I remember is being about ten feet off shore and looking back up to the road. I submerged into the water, just so my eyes and nose were above the water line. There were a lot of trees, not much of the sun getting to the road and river. I was watching the road and some men started walking down the road and towards the river also. I distinctly remember one of the men. He was about fifty or so, and wore an old, worn hat, like in the cowboy days. I'm sure there were other people with him, but I don't really remember them. This man, who was in the shadows and I never did get a good look at, faced towards the right, and I only saw the upper half of him, the rest being concealed by bushes and such. I had the feeling he and the other guys he was with were after us, the people in the water. I think the other people that were with me had swum away, but I poked my head just above the water line and watched this man and his friends. It was like the water curved upward and formed a dome-like shell in front of my face, like a mini-wave that never moved. I was able to duck my head behind the wave so the men couldn't see me, but I moved my head upward, thus allowing me to see over the wave and see the men on the shore. My face always remained just at nose level, as I rocked up and down on this wave. Later I remember seeing the river flow along and I do remember swimming in it. There was a part where the river swept downward and to the left, around a corner and this is when I noticed we were in some type of canyon. I looked at the river where it sloped downward and imagined us going through the rapids with no raft or anything, just ourselves. I felt it would have been easy to accomplish this in the part I was looking at, but I wondered if around the corner there was an even more dangerous fall that would surely hurt us.

August 5, 1992

I was at a place by some water, like a marina or a dock. I remember Patricia Aratammah there also, but I just remember seeing her for a second. She looked real pretty, her hair just past her shoulders and very red. She was smiling. I remember being inside a restaurant by this dock or whatever it was, and the floor was at an angle, about a forty-five degree angle, tilting upwards in front of me. I was sitting at a table at about the top end of the restaurant, a table made for four people. Behind me were several other tables, about two or three rows. The floor sloped downward so I was sitting looking upwards and the floor sloped down behind me. There was a woman sitting next to me on the left and we both had a hell of a time trying to sit in our chairs without falling over because the slope was so steep. It was weird, like although the floor sloped downwards to our backside, we kept having to dig our heels into the carpet to keep from falling forward. Maybe we were actually falling backwards, but I don't think so. In front of us were not more tables, but an area for the employees of the restaurant to do their duties, like a busboy station or something. The restaurant seemed more open in front and to the left of us than it was behind us, and I can't really recall seeing any customers in front of us, although I'm sure there were. Miranda Wall was in this dream, and I remember her being there at the table, but she got up to go to the bathroom. When she was gone, the woman sitting next to me leaned over and said something about Miranda, but I canít remember what. There were two other woman sitting on the other side of the table, but I don't know who any of these women were. Then I remember Miranda coming back from the restroom. She walked around the left side of the table and I think she sat down on my side of the table. There was also a scene somewhere in this dream where there were some small football helmets sitting on a bar, one helmet for each team. They were about the size of a baseball. Several of them were on fire and Miranda made some kind of remark about the ones on fire, like how them being on fire signified something, like that particular team had won a game.

August 7, 1992

I was in the house where I grew up in at the top of South Hill. I was in the downstairs bathroom and all I can distinctly remember at this point is that there was a lot of vomit on the toilet, the walls, the sink, everywhere, and I was cleaning it up. I don't think it was my vomit and it really didn't seem that gross at the time. There was a specific reason for me having to clean this vomit up, but I can't remember what that may have been. I think I used a cloth or maybe toilet paper. I remember dad walking around by the bottom of the staircase in the rec room. I think he may have had trouble walking, like perhaps he had a cane or limped or something, but I can't say for sure.
I remember going to the Guns 'n Roses, Metallica, and Faith No More concert, but I was by myself. I was at a place, maybe inside the Kingdome, that was like a waiting room or like a place you went to after you got inside but waited for the concert to begin. There were a bunch of people in there. It was a lounge-type atmosphere. I remember walking to the end of the room where there was a window, passing people on the way.

August 8, 1992

I was in a house somewhere. The house didn't look familiar at all to me, but it kind of reminded me of the haunted house I sometimes visit in real life. I was in the living room I think, and there were these guys jamming on guitars. I don't know if it was an entire band or if it was just two guys jamming. I remember the bass player, who was black. The guitar player was to the right of him, but I can't recall what he looked like or anything about him, except that I'm sure he was white, and kind of shy with a wry smile on his face, like he didn't want to bring any attention to himself. Maybe he had dirty blonde hair and kind of looked down all the time, always smiling. The main guy I remember however, was the black dude. The bass guitar he was playing was purple and there were huge, silver barrel-shaped object protruding from it, right where the knobs and whammy bar usually are. This was part of the instrument and when he turned the knob one way or the other, he would get a "wah" effect. This barrel had a black point on the end of it, like a small screw or nut or something that perhaps attached it to the guitar. Also, there were several indentations lining the end, maybe six or so in all, that lined the circular end. They were like half-oblong shapes, perhaps put there to get a better grip on the barrel. It's hard to describe. Anyway, the bass player would hit notes then grab this huge knob (about a foot and a half round and two feet long) and the notes would stretch and wah, and they sounded too high to be on a bass. Then there was a time when it came to tune and that was weird. All the bass player had to do was hit a certain string then he would turn the knob until that string was in tune. It didn't matter how much he turned the knob for each string because only the note he hit would change in pitch, not the ones he had already tuned. Later, there were these two guys that came to the front door, to my left. They were black boys, in their early teens. Apparently they were friends of Stuart (my brother-in-law), who I realized had been sitting or standing next to me the whole time. It was weird, like Stuart was also black, although he isn't, but because these two friends of his were, then I think that meant he was as well. Whatever. Anyway, there was a guy, maybe myself or the bass player or the white guitar player (who I think lived there), and he had a hamburger in his hand. Of the two black kids, I only distinctly remember the first one through the door. He had a small stack of afro on his head, and he was a smart-ass. He inquired about some food, and someone referred to the hamburger that the guy was eating. The black kid made an indication he wanted that hamburger, but it was made clear that the hamburger wasn't his, that it belonged to the guy that had it. The black kid then said something like, "Man, I'm really hungry", in a smart-assy way, like someone here should feel responsible for feeding him. It reminded me of the way Alphonse Taggs told me and Donald that he had given us a lot of pot when we requested more, when he requested another beer about eight years ago when we were out driving about in the abandoned cul-de-sacs on South Hill. Someone, maybe the white guitar player, suggested eating some chips or pretzels or something out of a box and the three of them (the white guy and the two blacks), were then in the kitchen. The main black kid wasn't shy at all and he shoved his hand into the box of Ritz's or whatever the hell they were and went to town. I think that this part of the dream, about these guys in the kitchen, may have been partially controlled by me when I realized I was dreaming.

August 15, 1992

I dreamt I was with Ross Perot downtown somewhere. It seemed we were out walking around the streets, down right in the middle of town. I think that we were originally with some other people, although I can't remember who they were or what we were doing with them. Ross Perot just seemed like an average guy and as we walked along I realized that he talked a lot, but he seemed to make sense. I can remember his jaw gabbing away and he was wearing that drab suit he always does. He was in front of me and kind of tilted his head, to where I could see his profile, so I could here his voice better. Suddenly we started talking about going to a bar or something. I think I, or maybe someone with us, asked Ross what his favorite bar was and he said it was "Harry's". I don't know a bar named Harry's, but Ross suggested we go there. Apparently the bar was in the city I live in now, and since we were walking around downtown, we were within walking distance of it. We ended up in the bar, although I can't remember walking into it, only that it was just a little ways from where I last remember walking. We walked into the bar and there were steps leading downward, kind of like a spiral staircase, although I can't really remember a staircase specifically, either. The bar was to our right as we twirled downward. I remember seeing some men sitting at a table. They were dark, off-in-the-shadows type. It appeared they had on overcoats and hats and they had their heads down and maybe were mumbling something to each other. I vaguely remember a bar, lights on the side of it where the bartender was, although I didn't see the bar long enough to make out a bartender. I remember Ross sitting on a bar stool and talking to someone, but I don't know who the hell it was, maybe one of his friends or something.
I was with a bunch of people, maybe all the folks at where I work, and we were down at a football/baseball stadium in the middle of town. I don't think there were any grandstands or anything like that, just a baseball field with a chain link fence surrounding it. We all were getting our gloves and trying them on. There were a variety of them that resembled my own First Baseman's mitt, and it seemed like there was some confusion as to who had what glove. There was one glove that was a dark brown leather that looked like mine, only it was real thin and flimsy. I remember this being thrown at the legs of someone, as if this glove was to go to them. Miranda was there and I remember her walking by and snagging a glove from the ground then walking away, obviously in a serious, ball-playing mood. Before we played, we all grouped together by the backstop and someone was talking to us, like a pep-talk or something before the game started. We faced the field and I guess there were some type of bleachers on the opposite side of the field because as this person talked (who was like the coach), I dreamt of smacking the ball far out into the field, reaching the bleachers and beyond. I knew this dream would have lasted for a while longer but then something woke me up and it was time to get ready for work.

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