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August 1995

Aug 14 - Aug 16 - Aug 17 - Aug 18 - Aug 19 - Aug 25 - Aug 26 - Aug 30

August 14, 1995

I was in a boat with Sarah on some water. The water was like a river at times and like a lake or big pond at others. I remember sitting in the boat, which was one of those twelve foot aluminum jobbies, in a lagoon-type area. This particular place reminded me of the edge of the football field at the elementary school I attended, the side where there were trees and the place where I used to stand and wait for the bus. It was just like that place only there was water there instead of the field. I remember later in the dream, going down some rapids in this boat, not rough rapids, but the water was moving more like a river than a still lagoon. At the end of the rapids/river was a slide, like the big one at the park I sometimes take my kids to. Somehow the boat Sarah and I was in reached the top of the slide and went down it. We crashed off the edge and onto dry ground. The boat slid for ten feet before it came to a stop. It was as if the end of the rapids spilled out onto this slide. Behind us on the slide was Bob Costerfenin, only he wasn't in a boat, he was just by himself. He went down the slide on his belly, face first. When he got to the end and slid off, there were some rocks there that he hit or almost hit. These rocks were four feet off the edge of the slide but Sarah and I really didn't feel them like Bob did because we were in a boat and he went into them face first. I do recall that our boat ride off the slide was bumpy, but we cruised right over the rocks. Bob was slightly perturbed that there were rocks there. He got up off the ground and was talking meanly about, and to, the rocks. He approached them and began shoving them out of the way. There was one boulder in particular that stuck up from the ground. It was two feet high and wide and was almost egg-shaped and kind of resembled the world's largest pearl as seen in the Guinness Book of World Records. Bob grabbed that one and stood it upright. At the base of it was another large rock, about the same size as the first one, but it was a lighter color, like maybe light orange. As Bob pulled the first rock upright, an indentation in the sand was left in the shape of the rock. The base of the rock rubbed against the one still in the sand and it appeared Bob had trouble moving it out of the way because of this.

August 16, 1995

I was at work and I was running some product. It was a stressful evening at work and I was running around a lot and couldn't seem to get caught up. I went to a piece of equipment where supplies are kept, but instead of getting supplies, I went there to get a box of Cheerios. I guess the equipment held boxes of cereal and other assorted weird things, like binders and pieces of paper. I remember sorting through a pile of carelessly scattered paper on the left side and inside of the piece of equipment. Under these papers was a Cheerios box, but the box didn't hold Cheerios - it was full of popcorn. The box was torn and barely holding together at the seams. The popcorn inside was leaking out all over the place. Apparently you were supposed to situate this box inside one of the pieces of equipment I worked with and when the product ran, some device would scoop out some of the popcorn, thus processing the product. I know it makes no sense but this is a dream, man. The popcorn inside the box was yellow and very buttery and salty, like the kind you get at a movie theater. As I grabbed the box out of the equipment, the popcorn was spilling out and I was concerned about it getting everywhere. As I carried it away, I occasionally would get some of the popcorn in my mouth because it was all over the place, and although I don't normally like popcorn, this stuff was pretty good. Since there was an issue with all this popcorn getting all over the place, I decided to walk into another area where it would be OK if the stuff got all over the place. There were some people staring at me, wondering what I was doing with this box of particulating Cheerios, and I think one of them was Helen Trube. She was to my left, standing by where a microscope was. All I could see was her eyes and part of her face because of a smock she wore, but I'm pretty sure it was her. I don't remember seeing the microscope there, but what was there was a door leading into the other area where it would be OK for this popcorn to fall out over the place. Of course, in real life there is no door there, but there was in this dream. I walked around in this area, in the chases behind the equipment, and was on my way to my particular work area, when I saw Jemima Johnstone. She was with another woman or girl, but I don't know who she was. All I saw of this other woman was that she had nearly-shoulder length blonde curly hair, and she was shorter than Jemima. Jemima approached me and for some reason, was very fond of me. She mentioned that she was happy to see me. I kind of smiled, showing that I had my arms full of leaking popcorn from a Cheerios box. Then I felt that my lips were dry so I licked them. When I licked my lips, they became wet except for the left part of them. The girl Jemima was with kind of smiled shyly at me. The next thing I recall is being at my work area where I was running some product. I took the popcorn and poured it into the right side of the equipment. The popcorn formed a little pile about a foot long and eight inches wide and a few inches tall. The popcorn spread all over the place after that. I guess the idea was that something would come by and scoop up the popcorn, thus allowing the product to be processed. Someone or something later made me realize that I should not have put the popcorn into the equipment like I had, so I started brushing it off so it would get out of the way. Soon I had brushed it all off onto the floor and there wasn't much left on the inside of the equipment, just a little trace of popcorn, although you could see it on the sides and sloping downward. Suddenly Traesup appeared and informed me that there was some hot product that I should probably run on the equipment instead of what I was presently running. I remember looking at the product list on a computer. About halfway down the list there were a few highlighted products, indicating they were HOT or a priority. There were about three of them. I remember it being towards the end of the shift, like a quarter till seven, and I was stressed, trying to determine what to run. Even though I had already set up something on my equipment, I considered switching to the hot product that Rob wanted me to run.

August 17, 1995

I was supposed to go camping with someone but I can't remember who - either Quasi Jones or Charles or Ron. I don't think I ever saw the person I was supposed to go camping with in this dream, I only knew that I needed to go with them. I was in a car or my truck and was driving around, apparently headed for the campsite. It was in the afternoon sometime and I was supposed to start camping that night. Well, the day wore on and soon it was night and I still hadn't found the campground. I started feeling that I might as well keep driving because I would just start camping the next day instead. Driving at night was frustrating because I was on unfamiliar roads and the night seemed extremely dark, darker than normal, like perhaps there were no street lights or anything. There was an incident when I was driving when I encountered some very bright lights and it forced me to slow down because they blinded me and made it hard to see. I don't know what the lights came from, probably another vehicle coming the other way, but all I could see of it was the very bright lights. As I encountered these lights, I slowed way down to about five miles an hour because there were times when I could not see the road at all. I would have to turn my head to the right and hope, as I crept along, that when I could see again that I wasn't heading for a ditch or about to hit something. One time I looked at the road and I could see nothing but blackness and I was worried about hitting something, but then finally the white line down the middle of the road came into view and I was relieved to see I was on the right side of it. I think that I may have even fallen asleep once or twice while I was driving, but had woken up just in time to prevent myself from getting in a wreck. Well, apparently I had driven through the night and the dawn was arriving. At this point I was pretty sure that I had abandoned the idea of going camping at all and I just wanted to go home. I had stopped at a farm somewhere, either to take a rest or to get my bearings. I had the feeling that I knew how to get home from where I was, but I had no idea where the camping may have been. I was pretty lost, actually, out in the middle of some back road farm area land. I was standing next to a fence that was on the right side of the road but my car or truck was on the opposite side of the road. The fence was a barbed wire fence, maybe three rows high joined together by old wooden posts every six feet or so. On the other side of the fence I think was an open field with the early mist covering its grass. I was just standing there when suddenly there was a farmer standing in front of me. I don't remember his face but I got the feeling he was in his forties and stood about six feet tall and wore some light-colored overalls and wore a straw hat. Apparently he owned the farm across the street my truck was parked next to. All I remember of this farm is a structure of some type, perhaps a rambler. The farmer seemed really nice and he asked if he could help, if I needed directions or something. I said something like, "Oh no, I've just been driving all night and I just want to go home." I think the farmer acknowledged what I said and told someone else, maybe his wife, who was across the street. He explained to her that I just wanted to go home and didn't need directions. I guess I thought I knew how to get home. As I looked up the road, there was a stop sign about a quarter mile away. I had the feeling that I needed to go to that sign then take a left, than that would lead me home.

August 18, 1995

I was in a classroom with some other people. We weren't kids like in elementary school, but we could have been in high school or college. The room was kind of dark, although the lights were on, but the lights were dim or only some of the lights were on, like the ones in front and the ones in back of the room weren't on. This was some kind of science class. I don't remember any details about any of the other people, only that they were there. The teacher decided to give a pop quiz, and I soon found out that I wasn't prepared at all. I can't remember what specific questions were asked on the test, but I do know what the test was about. It had something to do with the mouth and gums of a human being and three different sections involved with them. It was either three parts of the mouth, or three diseases the mouth gets, or three scientific factors about the mouth. I recall looking at a diagram and I saw some teeth that had a high receding gum line. One of the parts (or diseases) discussed in this test was a word that started with a "C", something like Cimarrean or Cinerman or something like that. In the diagram of the mouth, the cimarrean was drawn in a pale green color and covered some of the gum by the back and middle teeth. There were two other parts (or diseases) discussed in this test, and they were probably detailed in the diagram as well, but I can't remember what they looked like or what their names were. I tried to do this test but it wasn't going so well. For one thing, some of the print that was either on the test or in a book that the diagram may have been in, was very small and hard for me to read. There was one paragraph in particular and I remember having to squint to try to tell what it said. I think I looked around and pointed it out to someone who was sitting next to me. Also, I was having a rough time because although I can't specifically remember what the questions were, I do know that I knew nothing about anything that was on the test. I didn't have a clue.

August 19, 1995

The first part of this dream involved me driving around and doing stuff, but I don't remember what. I do remember that early in the dream, I drove into a place that was within a fenced area. The fenced area was one hundred feet square and had gravel on the ground. The fence was a high chain-linked type and may have had barbed-wire at the top, but I'm not sure about that. Inside this compound area were several different cabins that reminded me of the small box-like houses that line the street I live on, on the right hand side when you go down the hill, right where, in real life, a man was shot that was driving and his baby was in the car seat. I guess these cabins were for people who wanted to camp, like a lake resort or something like that, although it didn't look like much of a place to camp. Later I returned to this campground but it had completely changed. There was now no fence and the cabins were smaller and closer together. When I drove in, I somehow knew that I was going to be in cabin "F", so I looked at the letters on the different cabins as I went around this place and found one with an F on the door. I also saw other letters on other cabins doors leading alphabetically up to F. I remember seeing a G in particular and maybe an H (even though these come after F). The campsite was small. It consisted of a small driveway like area where the cabin was at and in front of that was a big truck, like Lisa's folks' truck. I think this truck was part of the camp site, like you could use it to live or sit in or whatever in addition to the small cabin. I don't remember any details about the cabin other than that it was there and behind the truck and that it was small. Next to the truck and cabin on its fifty foot stretch of driveway, was a small campsite. It consisted of a mound of earth that had a few trees and stuff like that on it. I backed my truck up onto the mound, like this was where I was supposed to park my truck. Backing it up onto the mound seemed a little tricky but I managed to do it. With my truck on the mound, I was able to get down to living. About ten feet in front of the truck was a small fire, about one foot round. I guess I had made it, like it was supposed to be my campfire, but I don't remember making it. I think there was a picnic table or bench on the mound also that was designated for my spot. The feeling was that I was going to actually live here from now on, to just pay the rent for this spot and live there from now on. I don't know why I chose to live there instead of at home with Lisa. On this mound where my fire and bench and truck was, was a family on the other side of the mound. These mounds were designed, apparently, for two sites. One site had half the mound, while some other campers would have the other half of the mound and their own cabin and such on the own driveway just like on my side. The mound was three feet high in the middle and sloped downward so the entire thing was ten feet wide and forty feet long. The family on the other half of the mound was sitting at their own picnic table which was right next to my own table, so there wasn't any privacy between sites actually. The family consisted of a mother and father, and a son who reminded me of Grady and was in his late teens, and a daughter who was in her early teens and looked just like that cute girl who worked at a store at the resort I went to last summer. This girl had shoulder length dirty blonde hair. Eventually I noticed that Lisa was there also and we started conversing with the family on the other half of the mound. I don't remember what the mother or father looked like at all, only that they were there. The boy acted just like Grady, talking a lot and very fast. He was saying something about working the same shift at where I work, and I think he mentioned something about how he was glad he didn't have to work because he was here camping. We asked them how long they were planning on staying here and they replied, "Two weeks." I don't know who said that, either the Grady boy, or the mom or dad. The girl pretty much just sat there expressionless and didn't say anything. We then told them that Lisa was only staying four days to the end of the week (apparently it was Sunday or Monday in the dream) then she was going home on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I, however, was staying to live there and that was never clear to me why I was doing that. The only view I remember of Lisa is of her walking along the far end of the mound, looking at the ground while slowly walking toward me. Either the dad or the Grady boy said something about how there was a ball field at this park and as I looked past my truck and into some woods that were there, I could see a baseball field through a clearing about a hundred yards away. I think there was a backstop and that's how I knew it was a ball field.

August 25, 1995

There was a lot going on but I can only remember details about the end of this dream. I have the feeling that I was trying to get away from people throughout the dream, but maybe I only feel that way because of the ending. I was talking with some people, then I hopped on a motorcycle and started driving away. Apparently there was someone on the back of my motorcycle, maybe as many as four people. I know that Sarah and William were two of them. It was as though I had just finished accomplishing something and was now going to drive home and this incident, whatever this dream dealt with, would be over. I was driving around some dark streets like I was in downtown Tacoma or some other city. I came across one street that had a lot of guys standing around on it, about fifty or so guys. I was heading towards them and I continued driving towards these guys and right into the middle of their mass as if I wasn't going to let them scare me and I was going to prove to myself that they weren't going to hurt me. Well, that was a mistake. As soon as I had driven into this pack of guys, a man who looked like a Jewish man, with long curly braids and a black Amish hat and robe and thin glasses, looked at me driving and kind of said under his breath but loud enough so the rest of the guys could hear him, "That's them" or "There they are" or something like that. Instantly the men swarmed around us and made escape impossible. Very quickly we were pulled off my motorcycle and one by one were led to a spot where we would be shot one by one. As I realized in horror what was happening, I remember one guy saying, "They say if you think of a bright sunny day or about the bubble as it rolls down the sidewalk..." What he was referring to was what to think about before I died. Apparently thinking about a bright sunny day wouldn't make me getting shot seem so bad. The bubble he referred to was the spit bubble that would spew from my mouth after I got shot in the head. I guess thinking about it after it spit from my mouth and rolled down the sidewalk would help some of the terror to diminish. There were two guys that were with me that I did not recognize, but I guess they had been driving with me as well. One, I remember in particular - he was a young guy in his early twenties with short blonde hair. He wasn't tall but he did have a stocky build, I think. He and the other guy didn't fight at all, accepting that we were going to die and therefore we might as well get on with it. I remember the blonde guy just walking right to where he was supposed to get shot. I don't really remember getting shot but I do remember William getting it. Someone held a gun to the top of his head and pulled the trigger. I don't remember hearing a BANG or any other noise to signify a gun had been shot. Nor did William's head jerk from the impact or did any blood or anything else fly from his head. His expression remained the same: staring straight ahead with his mouth slightly open. As if not sure themselves if the gun really had shot, the men fired into the top of William's head again. The same results occurred but apparently the men were convinced this time that the gun had done its work so they moved William aside and grabbed for the next victim. Somewhere along here I saw myself getting in line and I happened to be the last in line. Then I looked up and saw Sarah was standing in position to get shot in the head. This is where the dream started fading, probably because of how horrifying it was for me to watch this and the shock slapped me out of sleep. I remember seeing Sarah starting to get shot in the head and there was someone else standing behind her, waiting to be shot next. Seeing my son and then daughter get shot like that made me scream at the top of my lungs over and over again and I was the only one in this dream that showed any kind of emotion like that. I started screaming just as Sarah was getting shot and I didn't see the result of that shot because that's when I woke up. Luckily, I only screamed in my dream and not in real life. I laid there in bed for a while, numb and full of dread, and I wondered why the hell I have dreams like that. I certainly don't think about stuff like that on my own. If there is a God, I wish he would knock it off.

August 26, 1995

Lisa and I purchased some kind of mobile home. It reminded me of the older type ones you see, the silver, barrel-shaped ones. It was about thirty-five feet long. Apparently this was a very nice mobile home and everyone thought it was really cool. I recall walking around to the front of it and there was an awning-type contraption that hung out from the top of the trailer about five or six feet. This seemed like a real neat thing to have and I think Stuart (Lisa's brother) and Lisa's dad commented on how neat it was and they appeared envious that they didn't have something as neat. The next thing I recall is having a lot of people gathered around our trailer/mobile home and the lot on which we lived on. I looked towards the back of the trailer from where I was when I was looking at the awning, and the land we lived on stretched for sixty feet beyond the trailer and sloped down just a little to the left where there was a small yard. There was a lot of people, at least fifty or more, and they all stood around, cram-packed in my yard and around the trailer. I remember seeing lots of faces but none that really stood out. Some of the faces may have been blank. As it turned out, all these people were relatives of Lisa, and I think they were all at our place because of some kind of family occasion. That occasion, I get the feeling, was the death of Cecelia (Grammy) Pope. It was as if this was the reception after her funeral. At one point, I had walked down to the far end of my lot and I saw Euless Pope standing there with some other people I can't remember. We were standing around a huge candle-like thing that stuck out of the ground in the middle of some type of circle in the lawn. The candle was six inches round and at least five feet high and was white with thin dark purple lines circling around it in candy-cane fashion. I grabbed onto this candle and suddenly it became loose. I continued to hold it up so it wouldn't fall over. It may have been lit and had melted wax on the top that sloshed over when I bent it away from me. Eventually it became clear that the candle was going to remain broken so I ended up just pulling it off its base, which was where it had snapped at. Euless and I were talking and it appeared he was in a gloomy mood, either about Cecelia dying or about the candle breaking and he may have apologized like it was his fault. I made a remark to him like, "I could have said 'Geez Euless!' after it broke!" I said this jokingly, like by me saying "Geez Euless!" that I was saying he broke the candle. Euless and perhaps others around us laughed at this and this seemed to lighten the mood. It was a feeling I never had around Euless before, laughing and feeling at ease like that. The candle was eventually removed from its base. The base was not quite as big around as the rest of the candle, perhaps an inch less in diameter. It was surrounded by a thin metal cylinder that was about half a foot tall and in the middle of this, just barely sticking up through the white wax there, was a screw or nail of some sort. This showed me that the candle was screwed in at the base to help keep it in place, which didn't work too well because it broke. I had the feeling that the candle needed to be replaced, so I stuck my hand down just inside the rim of the cylinder and tried to unscrew the broken part of the candle at the base so we could stick a new candle onto the base. The wax base turned but would not come out so someone produced a pair of channel locks and inserted it around the wax like I did my hand, and turned. This seemed to be working and it was unscrewing the wax. There was also a wick in the middle and this may have been lit or we lit it ourselves for some reason.

August 30, 1995

I was at work and for some reason I stayed after for a little while. I'm not sure why I did, perhaps because I wanted to make it look as though I don't always leave as soon as the five o’clock bell chimes, or maybe because I actually had something to do. I actually was doing something, but I don't think I needed to stay to do it. It involved working in a certain work area with someone, probably Davis McKain. I remember bending down and working on something against a gray wall outside a different work area. I'm not sure what I was doing, but I had the feeling it had something to do with some tubing or pipes. Davis was working on them closer than I was and I was crouched right behind him, looking at what he was doing. I remember turning around once to look into another work area through the glass in the top of the doors that line the wall of the building. There was Helmer Stink, doing something in there. He was standing right by the window and he looked at me. I kind of smiled in acknowledgment and widened my eyes in greeting, but then I looked away like I always do.
I was with Smithen Breading and Chan Forgotta. I was either at the place I used to work, or at a place that reminded me of it. The place was some kind of building that did not resemble where I used to work at all, but that doesn't mean much in dreams. I was in a room that was kind of like an office. I was sitting at a large desk with lots of papers cluttered about it. Chan Forgotta was sitting to the right of me, at a small desk or just in a chair. Smithen was sitting in front and just to the left of me at some kind of desk. The desk had one of those desk lamps hanging from the top of the desk and shining light onto the workspace Smithen sat in front of. There were a lot of papers and stuff scattered about his desk also. The room was kind of gloomy, like a room looks when you have all the curtains drawn on a sunny day. I sat at this desk and pulled out some kind of drawer to the right and on top of the work space and inside was a gray Walkman type thing. It was kind of shaped like William's baby monitor, but was more stream-lined. It had speaker holes in the top third and the bottom two-thirds was just the light gray colored. It looked like it was made of plastic and had Smithen Breading's name on it somewhere, maybe on the top and I think the name was on a black label. I wanted to use it but I saw that it didn't have a battery. It needed a C battery and the place where the battery fit in was a round battery-shaped tube that was black and was made of a Velcro-like substance. I asked Chan Forgotta for a battery and he and I began searching around the area for a C battery. We found D batteries and AA batteries, but no C. The batteries we sorted through were covered in something sticky that resembled electrical tape. We went through about twenty batteries total, pulling them apart from the sticky tape, and we didn't come across any C batteries so instead of continuing to search further, I told Chan that I could get my own batteries. He looked at me and said something like, "Yeah I would appreciate that, that would be good," as if it was part of my responsibilities to do such a thing. He seemed too busy to help me, in a hurry to get something done, so I went back to my desk. Suddenly I was looking at a computer that was at the desk and was reading what was on the screen. The computer belonged to Smithen and somehow I was reading his personal journal, like the one I write on my own computer. I was reading an entry that was dated sometime in January 1993, although I can't remember seeing an actual date - I just knew that's when it written. There was a list on the screen and on the top was the title "Things I Have Doubts About". Apparently it was a list of things Smithen didn't feel quite right about. One by one, one on top of the other, there was a list of about ten things. I can't recall what any of them were except for the last thing on the list - it was my name. There it was in black and white, the two words Max Poppit. Having my name on this list meant that Smithen had some kind of weird doubts about me back in January of 1993, like maybe he thought I was flaky or a phony or something. Below this list of things was a paragraph where Smithen continued writing in his journal, but I don't recall seeing any reference to me in those words, although I didn't really know what they said anyway. A couple of times, Smithen would approach me from the right side of the desk and when I saw him coming, I would turn off the computer so he wouldn't see that I was reading his journal. I guess I didn't know how to close the file or I would have done that instead of turning the computer off. When I turned it off, I think I kind of made it look as though I was having problems with the computer and I wasn't able to get anything done on it. I think Smithen probably knew I was reading his journal anyway, like maybe he saw the screen once before I managed to turn the power off. Later, I was wrapping the computer up in brown paper, like the kind of paper used to wrap things in to send things UPS. This, apparently, was the case the computer came in, not actually a package, although it was wrapped in what looked exactly like a package. The package I was wrapping made the computer look bigger than a laptop, like at least two feet or more square, although when I was using the computer in the desk it didn't resemble a laptop at all and was actually a large system, much larger than what I was wrapping up. I was fumbling with the brown twine/string that wrapped the package. I was trying to tie it in a knot on the front side of the package and Smithen looked on, slightly smiling, waiting for me to finish wrapping the package so he could take his computer with him. Finally I managed to get the package finished and Smithen then took the package and put it under his arm and walked away, out the door. He acted like he didn't want me touching his computer any more and quickly wanted it away from me, although he did this in a calm, non-obvious manner, but I knew what he was thinking. I looked beyond my desk and could see across the street, like the office I was in didn't have walls anymore. There were some guys clearing some brush away on the other side of the street in an area about forty feet wide, just off the shoulder of the road. There were two or three guys there, none of whom I recognized. There may have been a dump truck with them also, but I'm not sure. They pulled branches to the right and off to some place that I didn't see. I felt that this brush clearing was part of the job I was supposed to be doing. Soon the guys left after the brush was cleared and it made me wonder about my paycheck. Since the brush clearing job was done, what did I need to do to get paid? I had the feeling that perhaps Chan Forgotta was going to give me a paycheck but I never did find out.

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