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December 2001

Dec 6 - Dec 19

December 6, 2001

I was wearing a Batman costume and looked just like Adam West did in that old series. I was walking in an area that resembled downtown Tacoma. I could see myself from across the street, like I was standing on the sidewalk on one side of the street while me, in my Batman costume, was walking the opposite way on the other side of the street. It was at that classic car place in Tacoma where Lisa and I did a photo shoot for Reunions, Ltd. I stood on the side of the street where the car place was, and me as Batman was on the other side, walking down the slightly sloped sidewalk to the left. As Batman, I remember approaching a guy, who was kind of scraggly-looking and may have been a homeless bum who was on the street, and telling him that he was in trouble. The guy then started running off down an alley because nobody wants to get on Batman’s bad side, but then I told him that I was just joking and that he really wasn’t in trouble. The next thing I recall is being inside a building, perhaps around the same area I was at in downtown Tacoma, and I was on the second floor and was still in that Batman costume. It was an older type building, much that same style as most of the buildings in that area. There was an elevator there and it was framed in dark wood, a red mahogany type of color. The elevator was a large one, like a freight or double-capacity model. On the lower right hand side of the elevator frame were some scratches, like the wood had been scraped by something. The wood started to splinter because of this and I examined this, looking at the light-colored underside of the splinters as the inner part of the wood was revealed. I looked at the wood and said: “Ah-ha! Recently scraped!” as if I was on the track of a criminal and I could tell he had gone this way because the wood frame surrounding this elevator had been recently scraped.

December 19, 2001

I was on the balcony on the house where I spent my childhood. I was down low to the deck so maybe I was lying on the floor and was looking over the side and down onto the ground there. Although I was on the balcony on the front of the house, what I saw below me was the patio that was on the back side of the house. Walking along down there were several cats; Tiger, Bandit, Misty Lou, Scratch Litter Fern, and Plato may have been there as well. As I leaned over to look at the kitties stroll along, Misty Lou looked up and noticed me so she leapt up onto one of the posts that supported the balcony and tried climbing her way up to me. I don’t remember if she ever reached me because the next thing I recall is that we were all down in the pasture that was part of the property on which this house sat. We were in the field that we owned, right outside the pigpen and at the entrance part of it. The cats took on a transformation at this point; not only were they cats but they were also teenage boys. As this dream progressed on, they would change back and forth from teenage boys to cats but I always considered them to be cats, even when they were in their “people” state. When they were teenagers I still knew which cat was which and I never thought much about them being a cat at one second and then a teenager the next—this seemed pretty normal. When they were boys I could see that they were an extremely rowdy bunch, being wild and having that air about them that suggested they just wanted to break something or get into trouble. Tiger was definitely the worst out of all these kids and I kind of got the feeling that if these cats actually were people then this is what they would truly be like. There was another cat/teenage boy there and he was sitting in the grass of the field right there when we first entered. Tiger, as a boy now, walked by this unknown boy and pushed his head downward very hard, almost breaking his neck, showing that he wanted to rough this youth up. The boy just sat there and took it, letting Tiger shove and shove his head until I thought it would stretch his neck to the point of breaking. The unknown boy didn’t try to defend himself, probably because he knew he was outnumbered and would not have stood a chance even if he did try. Tiger then trotted off, as a boy, and joined his clan of kitty people as they ran into the field to some destination. This group of cats, and apparently the newcomer as well, went over to the neighbor’s pasture that was just on the other side of the well-constructed barbed wire fence there, and once they were over there the entire group of cats continued picking on this unknown cat/boy, slapping him around and beating him up and stuff like that. Fortunately, I approached the scene and I yelled at all my cats to stop what they were doing and leave that poor cat alone. I remember yelling at them, saying: “Don’t you ever do that again do you understand me?” The cats obeyed me and left the guy to himself. Now the cats were all teenage boys again and we stood there in the middle of this field in silence for a few seconds. I can recall very little to nothing about what these boys looked like as people, other than they were boys with dark hair. I approached the teenage boy who had been picked on and he had his head held low dejectedly, as if not knowing what fate we had in store for him. I walked up to him and told him that, to make things fair, if he wanted then he could pick one of the boys here to fight, to have a one-on-one contest instead of having to take on this entire group at once. I also told him that, if he so chose, he could just walk away and get out of here. The boy, still hanging his head low dejectedly, started slowly walking away to the east, toward the direction of Meridian Avenue, indicating that he was just going to walk away and get the hell out of here. But then he stopped and said that he decided he would pick one of the boys to fight. He chose Bandit, which kind of surprised me, because not only was Bandit the biggest of the cats here, as a human he was also the largest of the teenage boys. I looked over to where Bandit stood, off to the east about 50 feet away by himself in the field, and saw he was indeed a larger kid. He had ear-length dark hair and was a plump fellow, not older than the others just a larger-sized child. The newcomer teenage boy, after indicating he wanted to fight Bandit, began to walk away again. Apparently he was going to go home for now and I got the feeling the fight with Bandit would take place at a later time. The dream ended here, all of us quietly watching the picked-on teenage boy walk away sullenly.

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