December 1989

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December 2nd, 1989

I was on a football team. The Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers were playing and I was on one of those teams. The score was something like 42 - 7 with the Packers in the lead. There was something unusual about this dream, but I can't remember what it was. I think I was on the Cowboys' side and we started to make a comeback and I think we may have even gotten close enough to make it about 42 - 35. I remember playing on the field. The game took place in an arena-like setting somewhere, possibly in a domed stadium. I can recall the different players on the field but only by their uniforms, stars on the Cowboys' helmets and G's on the Packers' helmets. It could have been some other team besides the Packers but it was definitely the Cowboys.

December 7th, 1989

I was sitting at a picnic table somewhere with some other people. I think Charles was there. It was a sunny day and I think we were eating. I was sitting on the left end of a table and there was a girl sitting directly across from me on the other side. We were introduced and I extended my hand for a handshake, but I think my hand was dirty because I felt like I didn't want her to really grab it and shake it. We sort of shook fingers instead. I felt really awkward, like maybe I couldn't shake hands and my face wouldn't smile correctly, sort of like I had Novocain in my mouth. Therefore, I didn't keep eye contact very well. The dream progressed onward as different things happened. This girl and I started to get friendly, like we would casually hold each other's hands, but tried not to look like we were doing it because I am a married man and there were friends there that would wonder what the hell I was doing with this girl. I found out that she really did like me despite our awkward introduction. Suddenly we were all on a school bus, the girl, me, and all the other people. The road we were on was very curvy and rickety. I was amazed as the bus continued to stay on the path without going over the edge of the road. There were impossible, sudden 90 degree dips in the road that weren't even half as long as the bus and curves at angles that were impossible for the bus to travel on. However, the bus driver managed to drive along okay and he drove at a normal speed, not slowing down or taking it easy at all. Maybe I was the only one that saw any risk here. I remember traveling across a bridge that was wasn't very sturdy. The white boards weren't nailed down very good and flapped loosely as we drove over them. This bridge also was curved up to the left then it took a sharp right turn downward. Somewhere along the line, the bus finally missed a turn and it went over the side of the road. There was an embankment and I remember being inside the bus as it fell downward to the right. It was a similar feeling that you usually feel when you fall in a dream, but I felt safe. There was that roller-coaster airborne feeling for a few seconds as the bus turned sideways through the air and down the cliff. I was inside the bus and the cliff whizzed by as I looked out the window. The bus landed in some water, an ocean I think. I somehow managed to grab the back of the bus as I stood outside of the bus and in the water, which wasn't very deep. I held onto the back of the bus, one hand through a window on the left side, the other hand through a window on the other side. I swung the bus to the left to bring it even with the shore/bank. It was easy and required no strength whatsoever. This assured everyone safety as they walked out of the bus and onto shore. I wanted to be noticed so when I attempted to climb out of the ocean and up the embankment, I kept slipping on purpose, but then I realized that maybe everyone could tell I was faking it, so I just walked to safety.
There was a scene at about this time that involved Charles at the place where he used to work. The place looked like a fast food restaurant instead of what it really was, and Charles was behind the counter by the cash register. Someone came in and either he really smelled bad or he was emitting some type of poison by moving around, or something like that. The smell/poison filled the air and Aaron Guts and Bob came from out of the back to where Charles was up front and were complaining of the terrible odor in the air.
I was back with all the people at the picnic. I was with that girl again and she was handing me pieces of paper with stuff written on it. The writing was like a resume of her, just stuff about her that was general, such as name, age, hobbies - that type of thing. One of the categories on this document was CURSE, a line where her curse was listed. On that line was something that said that her curse was being in love, or something like that. It had to do with me. Then there was another, similar document that was a little different but I can't remember exactly what it said. I lost track of the girl and it was time to go home so I walked up to some guy's jeep or pickup truck (maybe Charles's) to get in for a ride home. When I opened up the driver's door, I saw Barry Whipen sitting in the cab. He was sitting in the middle and a girl was sitting on the other side of him by the passenger door. Barry didn't say anything, but looked at me blankly as if he was thinking: "There's no room up here for you and what makes you think you can sit up here anyway?" I explained that if he just scooted over then there would be room. Seeing his expression, I explained that I could get in on the other side instead if he wanted me to. I looked at Barry's thumbnail and it looked a little strange, the nail being cut unevenly or something, reminding me of his actual, rough-looking thumbnails. I proceeded to walk around the back of the truck when I saw that girl again, lying in the back of the truck which was covered by a canopy. I saw her through the canopy window. She saw me and said something like, "Hey are you smoking cigarettes? Did I see you smoking a cigarette?" I said I didn't smoke. I can't remember if I was glad to see her or not.

December 15th, 1989

I was at a restaurant somewhere. I remember being out in the parking lot. I was sitting on the front steps leading into the restaurant when I looked down to my left and saw a very small bird sitting there. As I reached out to touch it, the bird took off and flew away slowly and I probably could have caught it, but then I saw a police officer walking towards me. I nonchalantly turned around and started to walk back towards the restaurant as if I wasn't doing anything. The policeman had a list of priorities, and on the top of that list was something like "Arrest Max Poppit" or "Bust Max Poppit." He didn't arrest me, but I was worried about it throughout the dream.
I was in the woods somewhere, maybe jogging along a path. I was with a girl whose name was Vicki Vale, the same name as the woman on Batman, but I cannot remember what she looked like. I was also with a guy and he was Donald Notches. As I stood on the outside of the forest looking in, there was a football (probably Nerf) stuck in the Y of a tree branch, about fifteen feet above the ground. We took turns trying to throw stuff at the football to loosen it so it would fall down. I can recall throwing several different things at it, one of them being a football. I think the football eventually came loose and fell to the ground but I'm not sure. Later, the three of us (myself, Vicki, Donald) were in a mobile home type of place. I think we were hiding from other people, but I don't know who. In case we were found, there was a window in the front of the mobile home up on the wall in a room. If needed, Vicki would open the window and we all could escape through it. We were sort of worried that Donald wouldn't fit through it. Then some people came (I don't know who) and were in the front part of the mobile home. Vicki and I couldn't see who it was because we were in the back room, hiding behind a wall by the window. Donald was sitting down on the threshold to the room, looking out. He could see who these people were and he occasionally looked at us, but Vicki and I never saw who it was. Then Vicki began to slowly turn the little metal handle that opened the window. When it opened, I saw that it was plenty big enough for us all to fit through, even Donald. There was a small metal knob that would stick up from the base of the window if she turned the knob too far and that would have prevented us from escaping, so she turned it to where the knob wasn't exposed but we could still escape. Outside was the forest and I think right outside the window was a tree, maybe the same one the football was in.

December 20th, 1989

I was looking over a cliff, or maybe it was the upstairs window in the extra bedroom in the townhouse Lisa and I used to live in. Vernon and Tina Spanks walked on the pavement below. Tina was smiling and had blonde hair. A lot happened that I can't remember. There was a scene when I was walking behind Vernon and Tina on some grass somewhere. It was a sunny, picknicky kind of day. Tina put her hand back and grabbed for my hand. She must have thought I was Vernon and I think she finally realized that. There was also a scene where I can remember some kind of liquid being spilled all over the carpet in my house and I was upset because my house looked like a dump and I was careless and should have been more considerate towards the house.

December 21st, 1989

I was at the house I grew up in on the top of South Hill. I was with my sisters Hannah and Fawn. I can't remember being inside the house, but I know I was. I ended up going outside into the driveway with Fawn. I followed her out because something happened inside the house and she was depressed. Therefore, I walked with her and we sat among the trees that lined the edge of the driveway by Mr. Horse’s chain link fence. We sat there and talked and I held her hand to comfort her. I looked up towards the house and saw that Hannah was looking out at us and she was smiling when she saw that I was trying to make Fawn feel better. When I saw Hannah in the window, her face was way too large for how far away she was. It took up the whole window and it was as large as if she was standing right next to us instead of 75 feet away. And of course, like other dreams, mass more stuff happened but I can't remember what.
I remember reading a story and one of the characters in the story was named Human. It upset me to see that somebody else had thought of that name for a character before I had a chance to show the world it was my idea first.

December 27th, 1989

I was with some people somewhere in a strange predicament. There was a strange, powerful force or person chasing after us. I never saw what/who this thing was, but when we looked behind us as we scrambled to get away, great gusts of wind swirled at us as if announcing the arrival of the force/person. The group of us ran into an odd-looking building, or maybe it was a bus. We came across compartments or small room-type dwellings that we could have hidden in to hide from this thing that was after us. Although there seemed to be plenty of places to hide, it was apparent that if we were to successfully escape this thing, then we had to pick just the right place or it would find us. I particularly remember one compact area at the front of the bus/building but we somehow knew that it would find us there. Traveling through this contraption, we eventually came out into a clearing. It was a forest and we continued to check for hiding places as we constantly checked behind us for whatever it was that was chasing us. I remember being down in a shallow gully and looking up onto the top of the ridge. The rest of the group walked along the ridge and some were down with me. It vaguely reminded me of a dump that Jethro, Zeta and myself hiked to during our tree planting days. There were various paths from which to choose. I think there was snow on the ground and I can faintly remember seeing it dusted along one of the paths. I followed along one of the paths as I went deeper into the woods, and I'm not sure but I think I may have been in a car or truck.
I was wearing a white smock and walking along a hallway in a building. I thought I was at work, but when I reached a certain section of the building, I realized I was at the elementary school I attended. There were a couple of other people in smocks so I didn't feel like a total moron, but it was strange we were in smocks anyway. Soon I was outside the building and I don't think I had a smock on anymore. I was suddenly aware that I couldn't remember how I had gotten to this school, where I had parked my car, or even what I was doing there. I wandered around the huge odd-shaped parking lot looking for my car, which was the white VW Beetle I used to own. I continued to walk up and down the many aisles and rows of parked cars but I couldn't find my car. Then I started thinking that maybe Lisa had driven me there and I should wait for her to pick me up. There was a vague scene where I was in a classroom, maybe an electronics class in college, then the next thing I knew, I was out in the parking lot again with Niles Needle. He was telling me how he was in a Digital class and he wanted help with his lab assignment, which was designing a vending machine that distributed pencils. I explained to him that I had done that one before and as I prepared to show him how to design the thing, I asked him questions like " you know what an AND gate does? An OR gate? NOR? NAND? XOR?" He answered "Yes" to some, but no to the XOR. As we were in the parking lot and people were all over the place, probably getting in their cars and going home, I started to explain to Niles how the pencil machine works. He handed me a piece of paper and I started writing down equations which dealt with how much change you would get if you deposited certain coins. I remember writing down "10 cents" then crossing it out and writing additional equations. Soon I had an entire page of possible combinations of equations. Niles was under the impression that this was the solution to his assignment, but I explained that this was just the beginning and the circuitry still had to be drawn up. He said that it was 3 o'clock and we didn't have time to continue because we were supposed to be somewhere at 3 o'clock. As he drove away, I knew that we would still have to continue his homework. I then realized that I couldn't find my car and that I should have asked Niles for a ride home.

December 28th, 1989

I was in a grassy field somewhere with Bob Costerfenin and a couple of other people, maybe Charles and someone else. We were crouching in some tall grass and a rickety wire fence ran in front of us. There was a tree there also. It sort of reminded me of the pasture fence that divided our land (on top of South Hill) and the neighbor's field which now is the 512 Highway. There was a group of men on the other side of the fence. They were government agents and they were after me for something I did but I can't remember what. They stood by a government-looking car and had rifles with them and were preparing to shoot at us. We ducked and as the first shot rang out, I think I got hit, or somebody else did, in the shoulder. The next shot hit Bob and as I looked at him as the bullet went through his head, it was in slow-motion. I watched as he flew backwards as the bullet flew through his head, splattering fragments of his skull around. I managed to escape and began running, keeping low. I was able to just keep out of reach of the men as they ran after me and I was angry because I wasn't able to run as fast as I wanted to. It was hard for me to comprehend that I could conceivably get caught and then be killed also. I continued running as several different men pursued. I entered a building and looked for a place to hide. I ran down a dark hallway and once I looked to my left and saw a wide, dark stone staircase descending into unknown darkness. I ran past it but later wished I had gone down that way instead of continuing to run straight. I think the descending corridor was sort of a dirty red color. A lot of stuff happened, but of course I can only remember fragments. I eventually came to a place that had numerous swimming holes and it was like a public place for people to gather who wanted to swim and lie in the sun. I was with someone but I don't know who. I recall jumping in several swimming holes and it was like these swimming areas were not man-made, but rather, full of fish and plants, just like swamps and ponds. However, they were perfect for swimming in. One pond that I jumped in wasn't very deep and I remember seeing the bottom, which was white and had strange ridges engraved into it. There was one ride like one called "The Toboggan." It was a steep pillar-shaped contraption that towered seventy feet into the air. There was a track that swirled around and around the pillar tightly. People would get into cars that drove on the rails and spin down the track from the top. It was a pretty daring ride and I don't think I ever did try it. Whoever I was with did try it, however. When he did do the ride, it was necessary to keep the bridge closed that led into this park-like place. The bridge was way above us off the ground and above the Toboggan ride. After he had done the ride, my friend made a point of opening up the bridge so as to ensure that the government men would not be able to drive into the place. He yanked on a lever or something and I watched as the bridge snapped straight up at a 90 degree angle, a part of the bridge on either side of the gully it crossed. However, right before he did this, I saw a car full of those government men cross the bridge in time so I knew they would be able to get me if I didn't get moving. The crowded paradise-like setting of these perfect-looking pools was hard to leave. I can remember standing on the edge of the scene and looking over all the people and the swimming holes and the whole area seemed more white than anything else. After being chased and constantly aware of my pursuers, I finally ended up in a public place, something like a roller rink or bowling alley. I was under the watchful eye of the government men and at times they acted like they weren't really after me, but I kept my distance. Finally, I managed to slip out the back door of this place and was surprised that I wasn't prevented from doing this. I was then outside and was on one of the hills downtown by the several theaters. I was walking down the hill when one of the government men approached me. It was Ted Danson from Cheers and he was smiling. I made no effort to escape. I was tired of it all and I think I said something like, "So you're gonna arrest me right?" He just smiled and I saw he had a document of some kind in his hand. It had a gold star/seal on it like it was really official. I couldn't read it all because it was in a manila envelope, but I did see my name on it and something about how it was my birthday (which it was in the dream). He then pulled it out and showed it to me and it explained how this whole charade was just an April Fools' Day joke and nobody was really after me and I had no reason to be running from anyone. I think Lisa had set it up as a gag birthday gift. I read the document and as the other "government" men walked towards me, I opened my mouth real wide and laughed in surprise and relief. It WAS just a joke and Bob really wasn't dead, and the whole thing was just a trick. I was surprised I wasn't mad. Instead, I felt good and held no hard feelings against anybody. I laughed again and all the people around me laughed also.

December 31st, 1989

I was doing a weird project at work or at school, and it was time to present the results. My partner or assistant in this project was a girl, but I don't know who she was. She had shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and I remember her face, but she looked like nobody I know. I think her name in this dream may have been Debbie. We presented the results to somebody, but I don't know who. The project involved the edge and surface of a wooden table or something like that. Debbie and I looked on rather expectantly as if we knew the project was good, but we didn't want to show it. Our presentation went on and I remember seeing Debbie's face as she looked on. She was proud of our work. The project involved dusting away the dust on a table and its rounded edge. There was a pause as more of the presentation went underway then more of the dust was wiped away as if with Pledge and a dust rag. The first time, just the rounded edge of the wooden thing was wiped clean, revealing a glossy wood finish, then the second time the top was wiped down.

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