December 1991

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December 5, 1991

I was at a lake or other similar body of water by the mountains somewhere. I was sitting on a bench next to Amanda Makenpeace. The bench was on a lawn that was near the water. We sat there and talked about different things and I remember looking into Amanda's eyes and seeing how blue or green (I can't remember which) they were, although I'm sure her eyes aren't really that color. Off to our left was a big house, maybe a hundred feet away. It was down a hill a little bit, for the lawn sloped slightly downward. The house was dark, grayish, and had many windows or areas that resembled windows or doorways. I told Amanda how the house reminded me of an abandoned insane asylum in a city not far from where I live. Seeing conversation in this, I told her how I got caught in the asylum once by police and was chased out, although that never happened in real life, but I'm sure in the dream I thought it did. That's when I realized that the house also very much reminded me of the house that I know of in real life that I believe to be haunted. I don't think I mentioned that to Amanda but I had the same, eerie feeling all of a sudden that I always get when I think about that house. I'm sure that I never entered the house, but I had the same feeling I get when I do enter it and try to climb up its many stairways, getting higher and higher until the stairways become too cramped and dark, forcing me to abandon the task and leave the house in fear. Amanda and I continued to sit there and we felt a bit awkward, not able to hold a steady conversation and looking for things to comment on. I mentioned how nice the view was from here and it certainly was a great view, with the mountains and lake in front of us. It was broad daylight. I remember curling up on the bench and pulling a blanket around me as we sat there. Then I saw a weird object in the water, about fifty feet off shore. It was some type of weird submersible contraption that I guess people got in and floated about in the water. It was strange because the top of it resembled a football-shaped head, like a muppet like Kermit the Frog or Grover. It even had eyes and a mouth like one of the muppets. But there was no body, just two spindly black legs that bent at the knees then disappeared into the water. Somehow these legs kept the thing afloat. The thing also had a snout on it, like a warthog or pig. I mentioned it to Amanda, saying something like "Hey check out that thing with the snout" or something like that. When she turned to look, the snout curled up, like a snout does on a pig whenever it snorts. Then the thing turned and went across the water to our right, getting lower and lower into the water as it went, apparently intent on submerging. I guess it was some type of submarine. Before it actually submerged out of sight, however, our view of it was blocked by the haunted house which hid part of the lake from our sight.

December 6, 1991

I was at a place somewhere where there were buildings you could walk in and out of but not actually be in, like being under the Grandstand at a fair. A lot of stuff happened but all I can remember is being chased by some bad guys and they were shooting at me and whoever I was with. I'm not sure who I was with, but there were at least one or two other people with me. One of the bad guys caught up to us as we were running away, but something happened to him, like perhaps he tripped or lost his gun or something, and he was in front of us on the floor. All the bad guys wore black suits. There was another guy standing on the steps up and to our left and they kind of reminded me of steps in a high school combined with the stairs at the Grandstand. The steps went up and curved out of sight, but this guy that was on these steps was looking down at us. I don't know if he was a good guy or a bad guy, but I knew that the bad guy in front of me was scared of him. Suddenly I said something like "Get going" to the guy on the floor, like I was really on his side after all. It made me feel like I was a secret agent or something and I think the people with me were surprised. I think I was going to try to distract the guy on the steps so the guy on the floor could escape.

December 7, 1991

I was with Lisa and we were on vacation at a lake somewhere. It was a big lake. I was able to travel through the air by wearing some kind of motorized seat, it was like a small helicopter or something, although I don't remember blades. There were handles that protruded out from the front of this thing I was sitting in and they had black rubber grips on them. When I tried prying them up, I went higher into the air. I think I had to keep pressure on them or I would descend. I don't know if Lisa was riding with me, but I do remember zooming across the lake just feet above the water. It was like we had flown back and forth across the lake several times but I only recall the last time. I looked down at the water as I skimmed over the top of it at about fifty miles an hour and thought of what a bummer it was that this was the last time I would fly over the lake because the vacation was over. I remember getting real close to the water and one of my feet (I think I was wearing tennis-shoes) dipped into the water. Feeling I was getting too close, I pushed up on the handles and I ascended higher above the water. At one point, I pushed up hard and tilted almost straight up towards the sky, but I did not want to get too high in the air, choosing to stay close to the water instead. I remember seeing the white sky above and feeling the slightest tinge of fear, feeling I would zoom uncontrollably straight into the atmosphere and unable to ever come down, so I leveled the machine out and kept flying. There were hills, perhaps mountains, on the left and right of me and it was a huge lake, many miles long and across. Finally I came to a stop at a small gas station-grocery store by a dry dirt road. There were people there, maybe old men and other locals - it was a very small town. I took off the contraption that I was wearing and it turned out just to be a collapsible yellow seat that fit around my waist with some black straps with buckles to hold me in while I flew. I took it off of me then flipped it and grabbed tightly to it as one would a skateboard when done riding. I think this amazed the people by the store to see me handle this contraption with such cool and calm. Then I started walking towards the store like I was going to enter it and I had a feeling that I was forbidden to enter the store with this thing now tucked under my right arm, as if it meant I was going to try to steal it. I felt the tension in the air as I wondered if I would make it inside the store before someone stopped me, because I knew they wanted to. I know I made it inside the store and I don't think anyone stopped me, but I can't remember either one happening.

December 9, 1991

I was at a place, like an apartment complex, and Charles was there. I remember a woman, who doesn't really look like anyone I know, and I guess she was supposed to be my wife but she was also some other guy's wife. Who this other guy was, I don't think I ever met. The girl's name was Gloria, although I donít know anyone in real life by that name. I remember walking into the apartment once and she was sitting on a couch with another guy. The guy had himself wrapped around Gloria, like he was sitting behind her and his legs were around her as she sat in front of him. They didn't act like anything was weird and didn't care if I saw them. I think they were watching TV or something. I said something like "Hi there, I'm Gloria's husband, how do you do?" or something like that, like I was trying to say that these two on the couch should realize that Gloria was my wife and snap out of it. Actually I didn't really care for Gloria that much and it didn't really feel as if we were married, but I just knew that we were. Later on I was still in the apartment with Charles, watching a ball game of some kind. Then an older, smaller guy, perhaps forty-five or fifty, walked in with another guy whose features I can't remember. The older guy, a dirty man, said something about how there were four hundred and fifty face plates on the roof and we needed to get them down. He explained that they belonged to a neighbor. Charles and I strangely felt obligated to get these metal plates or whatever they were down from the roof for the neighbor (whom we never met). I don't know what these guys had to do with these metal plates, but they said Charles and I needed to get them down from the roof. We asked him how long it would take to get them down and the man said, "One hundred minutes." Charles mentioned that he was watching the ball game and the grubby man said something like, "He's not going to do it for some damned one-point game", and he smiled sarcastically. What he meant was that it was dumb to watch the game when it was so close and not worth watching and that Charles should be outside getting the plates off the roof. Being the guilty conscience type of person that Charles is, he stormed out of the apartment and went in search of the roof with the metal plates on it. I remember seeing Charles standing out on the sidewalk that ran in front of the apartment, folding his arms and looking pissed off because he had to get these stupid metal plates down. That's when I started to realize that it wasn't necessary for us to do it, that the neighbor could get his own stuff down from the roof. As I started to explain this to Charles, we both began to feel less guilty, realizing that we weren't responsible for getting the job done. I think that the older man and his friend walked away, expecting us to do the job, but we didn't.

December 13, 1991

There's so much to this dream but I can only remember a little bit of it, which really pisses me off. I was somewhere and I remember seeing Madonna. She was stroking then underside of her chin with her fingers. I remember an image of Lisa being in the picture and she was somewhere inside this place doing something like Madonna had done, but that part of this dream, which was a major portion of it, I can't remember at all. I remember a place at the bottom of a mountain somewhere. I was looking up into the beginning of the tree line and there was a crowd of people there, almost out of sight because the light from where I was, was only strong enough to illuminate them faintly. It was like they had tried to just get out of the reach of the light, but they were just a bit too close. It was weird. The people just out of sight from detail but still visible nonetheless consisted of, I think, Brendle Foamith, Charles, and some other friends. For some reason I felt the threat of a bear nearby but I'm not sure if I ever saw one. I looked up at the tree line in the near dark and Charles started saying things like "...carrot, jacket, blah blah de blah..." and other stuff, as if he was playing on the $25,000 Pyramid game show. That's how he was reciting the words he was saying. I was standing next to a shack, which was to the right of me, or some other dwelling I think and this had something to do with the dream, but I can't remember any other details. I wish I could remember more.

December 14, 1991

I was with Charles and Ron and we were traveling along a road somewhere. All the details are foggy but I'll write what I can recall. There was a house and I guess I got into it somehow. There was nobody in it so I took the run of the place, taking showers and eating the food and so on. It was a small place, almost like a mobile home, but I'm sure it was an actual house. I don't remember Charles and Ron being with me when I was in the house, but I knew they were there someplace. I entered this house two times and then the third time I found that the residents had returned home and I almost got caught. The person who lived there was a woman, but I don't remember anything about her other than she was a woman. I was trying to hide when I discovered she was inside the house so I hid around to the back of the house. The woman would go to one side of the house and to avoid being spotted by her, I went to the other side of the house. That's when I noticed a man, a friend of the woman, at the front end of the house and also outside. Whenever I went to one end of the house to avoid being seen by the woman, the man in the front yard would go to the other side and he would see me. This happened twice; me going to one side and the man going to that same side. It was weird because although I know they both saw me, they never looked right at me and acknowledged my presence. Finally, the woman talked to me and she said that she knew I had been in her house several times. She mentioned that she saw me take showers and maybe she mentioned seeing me doing other things. I felt degraded and ashamed, asking myself what the hell I was doing there anyway. Then I walked towards the road that Ron and Charles had walked down. Apparently I stayed at the house and let them go on for some reason. The house I was by had a yard about one hundred feet square, with damp brown woods surrounding it on the back and sides of the property. It looked like a typical Washington scene. I looked at the road and wondered just which way Ron and Charles could have gone. I looked to the left and saw an intersection with a traffic light about fifty yards away. I knew that we were trying to reach the city of Morton somehow, but for what reason I'm not sure. I figured that Charles and Ron must have gone that way, towards the traffic light and I was going to go that way but then I thought that it would take too long, that I could be walking for hours before I knew where the hell I was going. There was an image of a town down there by the intersection and I guess I could've asked where I was from some townsfolk there, but I didn't have the motivation to do any of that. The road resembled the one going down to Alder Lake when traveling to Mountain Rainier from Eatonville, and on the other side of the road were thick, dark brown woods, like spindly trees that had lost their leaves because it was late fall. Later I remember talking to Ron and Charles and asking them where they had went. They explained that they had indeed gone left on the road and down into the town, which I guess was Morton. I asked them how long it took to get to where we had planned on going and they said forty, forty-five, fifty, sixty minutes. This made me upset because I knew that if I just would have gone on out to the road when I first wanted to, then I would have been able to join them in their (our) travels.

December 16, 1991

A lot of stuff happened in this dream but it's hard to tell it in the order in which it happened. I'll do my best. I was at a place, a house or apartment complex or something like that. I was with Lisa and I can't remember if Sarah was there or not, but I think she might have been. There were also members of my family there, but I can only remember Dexter. Lisa and I were on vacation or something and we had this room, actually maybe a condo or the upper level of a house, as our place to stay. There were all these people partying at the lower level of this house or whatever it was. When you went outside there was a sidewalk that sloped downward, and the further down the sidewalk you got, the rowdier the people became. Somehow I knew that we were in California, in the southern part somewhere. These people that were at this party all seemed real strange, like they were homicidal maniacs, and I trusted no one. They all actually looked normal enough, but they acted insane in one way or the other. I really felt intimidated by these people. There was a younger blonde-haired guy who was with some other guys and he was asking me about myself. To show them that I was as tough as they thought they were, I explained to them that I had spent the last twelve years in prison for murder. I said I killed someone when I was eighteen and now that I am thirty, that equals twelve years. The one blonde-haired guy thought this was really cool and asked if I was at "Brown's", meaning that there was a prison named Brown's nearby and that was where all the criminals went in this area. I think I told him I preferred not to say where I went to prison and I wondered if these guys would find out that I was lying. They never did, but I don't think I told Lisa what I told them and I was wondering if she would blow my cover, but she didn't. I remember being at the lower part of this sidewalk inside a house or apartment where the real strange guys were. There was a guy with dark hair sitting to the right of me and another guy to the right, but I can't remember what he looked like. In front of them and me was Plato, my cat, and when he saw me he jumped into my arms. He was shaking terribly, like he was scared shitless but I didn't know why. That's when the guy on my left put this small twig with leaves on it on the floor by another, much larger black cat, and the cat immediately started rubbing its face on the leaves like it was catnip. Plato stared at this in fascination, obviously wanting some of that twig as well. He jumped out of my arms and onto the floor near the other black cat, but that was a mistake. The large black cat, which was nearly twice as large as Plato, started biting and scratching Plato all over, torturing him as if he were a mouse. Plato could not fight back and this was why he was so scared in the first place. The two guys in front of me stared at this in amusement, as if the large black cat was theirs and they enjoyed watching it slowly kill Plato. Plato tried to run away and suddenly there was another, smaller cat, maybe a calico as large as Plato, that attacked Plato from the rear as he tried to escape. Although small, this cat was ferocious and Plato didn't stand a chance. I tried to watch like I was one of the guys, but I couldn't stand it any longer so I grabbed Plato and cradled him in my arms again. That's when I noticed that he was bleeding severely from bite wounds all over his body. I remember seeing the red blood streak the floor as I pulled him near me. I can't remember what I said to these guys, if anything, but I immediately left the place with Plato. I went to the upper level of the sidewalk, where the sane people were, and met Dexter. I explained to him what the guys had done to Plato and he was real upset. He said that he hoped I yelled at them for what they did, but I can't remember what my reply was to that. I showed Dexter how badly Plato was bleeding and although he wasn't bleeding as bad as he had been, there was still a lot of blood. I pulled Plato along the floor and when his tail was dragged across a certain point on the floor, there was a lot of blood that came from it, soaked from the other wounds. I remember seeing little bite holes in Plato's fur as I held him up. Dexter agreed to watch Plato for me as I went back to the party. Dexter put a black harness on Plato, similar to the one that Amanda Makenpeace has for her cat she owns. Dexter then walked around with Plato on this leash and I remember later that I was worried that maybe Dexter forgot where Plato was, but he still had him. Suddenly I was back partying with these weird guys and they all talked slow, like they were retarded or something. They handed me a corn dog and indicated that I was supposed to suck through a hole in the end of it. Apparently this was some way of getting high, but I was real skeptical, feeling that they were trying to poison me. But then I saw them take tokes off similar paraphernalia so I think I might have toked on the corn dog and gotten a little high. Later I was back in the room or condo that Lisa and I had rented for our vacation. I told her that I wanted to leave this place and go home because it was just too weird here and the people really freaked me out. She agreed and so we began to gather our stuff. I recall seeing the bed on which we slept and there were all kinds of clothes and stuff scattered on it. I started to pick up some socks and realized what a drag it would be to pack all this stuff up, but I knew that we just had to take the time to do it because we had to leave. I vaguely remember Trent in the same room, getting out of a bed that he had slept in. Also there was a room beyond the bedroom that I guess was the living room. It was dimly lit. I think I also remember a car we had driven parked by the sidewalk outside. The trip gave me the same feeling of dread that I had when Lisa and I went to San Diego last year.

December 25, 1991

I was at a house somewhere and it was night. A lot of shit happened, but all I remember is it being real windy and rainy outside. I don't know if I've ever been at this house before. It was a one-level rambler dwelling. I remember looking out into the yard and there may have been a flood light or two illuminating some of the yard. That's when I realized that Sarah was outside, sleeping in a cot or something beneath some trees. I don't know why I just then realized it, but when I did, I felt a sense of urgency to go out there and make sure that Sarah was all right. I remember reaching the edge of the mattress she was sleeping on and touching it. It was nearly dry, and I felt better, thinking that she was probably all right out here in the rain and stuff. I never did see Sarah, but I did see that the rest of the bed where she lay was covered and protected by a thick overhang of tree branches. Therefore, I assumed, she was keeping dry and the storm didn't bother her.

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