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December 1993

Dec 8 - Dec 10 - Dec 30

December 8, 1993

I was in a house or office or something, and there was a woman there who I think was some type of secretary. The details are very vague but let's see if I can make any sense out of them. This woman, I think, was dressed in a dress and wearing glasses and had her hair up and was dancing. I remember her doing the dance, maybe later in the dream or perhaps right then and there, and she was kind of talking with someone as she did it, but I don't know who. Apparently she had done the dance so much that she was getting tired and was unable to bend all the way down to the floor, so she just slightly bent downward, smiling slightly to the person she was talking to as if to say "Hey I'm doing what I can at this point." I also remember as doorway maybe led into another room from the room this woman was in, and beyond it was office type shit, I think. That's all I can remember of that.
I was playing on a computer, using a mouse. I'm not sure exactly what I was doing, but I was playing a game like a race car game. I remember using the mouse to stir up a scene, blurry at first, but as I used the mouse the image got better and soon whatever it was I was looking at became crystal clear. I get the feeling it was a race car track, but I can't recall the specific image.
I was at a place where a group of people were gathered. I was walking back to the vehicle (car, truck or whatever) in which I and some other person drove in to get to this place. I looked back to the group of people and the person that drove there with me was standing by the group of people, up a small gravel driveway-like slope and to the right by some other parked vehicles, and he motioned for me to come over and join them, and I did but reluctantly because these people were rough-looking, like a bunch of serial killers or something. The next thing I remember is standing/sitting among this group and I guess it was like a support group of some type for people who look tough or are into devil worship but are treated bad by others in society because of what they look like or what they are involved in. I remember talking to one guy in particular, a man who looks like the actor that was on the subway in Full House when Jesse was on his way to his graduation, the guy that was mean looking and had an El Bloto sandwich. He mentioned something about how people would look at him and act scared because he looked so mean and I said something like, "Yeah I know what you mean."
I was back in an office-type place again, probably the one that the dancing woman was in before. There was a desk or tabletop or something like that and on top of it was the head of Leslie Nielsen, the actor, and his hands, but he was alive and I'm sure it wasn't just his hands and head but it appeared that way. His hands were shuffling cards and it looked like he was playing solitaire. His face had that smirk that he always makes in those Dollar Rent-A-Car commercials. Anyway, I was there with a woman who was a secretary for this office place, and it was probably the dancing woman from before but now she had her glasses on and her hair up and didn't look nearly as attractive as she was before. Leslie Neilsen was the boss or something like that, and he was confronting us about something but I'm not really sure what that was. Whatever it was had to do with the secretary and what she had done on Sunday, which I guess was the previous day. She was leaning over a desk and had her chin in her right hand and her elbow resting on the table and she had this young-girl-with-chewing-gum look on her face, like Marty in the movie Grease. Leslie said something about us working the weekend, but the secretary said something about how we couldn't because she lost the accounting records. That's when Leslie strolled to our right with his hands behind his back and said accusingly, something like, "Ah-ha! But I talked with the Sheriff and he said that everybody works on Sundays!" What he meant by that was that the secretary was with the sheriff on Sunday (whom I envision as Sheriff Pangborn from those Stephen King novels), and she really wasn't doing anything with the accounting records because she was with the sheriff. I wondered why Leslie didn't mention that he knew the secretary was with the sheriff, just what the sheriff had said about working Sundays, but there's a lot of things about this damned dream I don't understand.

December 10, 1993

I was trying to get a job doing something on Mountain Rainier, like being a guide or working in the wilderness doing something, I'm not sure exactly what, for $13.50 an hour, which is less than I make now, but I wanted the job really bad anyway because it was in the woods and that's what I really love. There was a guy I was supposed to talk to about the job, only I don't think I was even being considered for the position because I think they just wanted people with degrees or something like that, but I thought I would talk to the man in charge anyway. The man didn't look familiar but he had short black hair and he may have been slightly Oriental. I remember standing in front of him, thinking of what I should say to convince him that he should give me a crack at the job. It was weird, but I remained silent, thinking that I would just come into the conversation after I had already explained why I should be considered. I just stood there in front of this guy, in silence as if some other part of me was doing the talking, like I was in a dream or maybe there was a subconscious level I was sinking into and I would remain there until after I had given my pitch. It was like I didn't want to be a part of it although I knew I would give a good reason, but I didn't want to have to go through the pressure of having to actually say it - I was going to leave that up to my aware, conscious body. After about ten or so seconds, I snapped back into consciousness and when I came to and was looking at this guy, apparently I had said something pretty convincing because he was considering me for the job. It was weird, as most dreams seem to be. The next thing I remember is being with some other guy, who I don't think was the oriental guy, but someone else who had to decide if I was right for the job or not. I remember being a this small cabin and maybe we were standing at a table. This guy was to my right on one side of the table and behind him was an opening in the cabin that I don't think had a door, and beyond that I could see the wilderness outside. There were a few hilly mountains, trees and such. I think this is where the wage of $13.50 came up. Then I recall walking along a path in the woods with this same guy and we came to an embankment that was about four or five feet high. Up this slope there was a tree, about thirty feet high, that looked dead, and I could tell it was very old. It had some branches here and there and among the branches were two bears. One of the bears had a long coat of hair, like an afghan dog, but I can't remember what the other bear looked like, although I knew it was smaller than the first bear. The guy and I were standing by this tree-stump-kind-of-thing and on it was a spot that looked like it was made for someone to sit on. It was kind of shiny and was sort of leveled out so someone could sit there. The guy told me that if I could go to the tree where the two bears were, shoo them off the tree and send them away into the woods then run back to him and sit on that certain spot that was leveled out within forty-one seconds, then he would either give me the job or highly recommend me for it. The conditions were such that the bears, once off the tree, had to go away into the woods and not come back, meaning they couldn't turn around and reconsider climbing the tree - they had to be gone for good. Well, I climbed up the embankment and went to the tree and climbed it. I can't exactly remember how I did it, but I managed to get the bears off the tree and shoo them away within seconds. The long-haired one, for some reason, made me think of a sun bear, which it did not look anything like. Anyway, I did it in such a quick time that I sat on the tree that the bears were in for a few seconds instead of climbing back to the guy and the stump he told me to sit on. After a few seconds, though, I realized that I should get my butt back down there. I looked at the bears and they were indeed walking away into the woods and not showing any signs of returning to the tree I shooed them out of. I ran back to the guy and sat on the spot on the stump he had specified. This impressed the guy very much and he laughed and said something like, "You are so cool!" It was obvious that I was doing very well and was probably going to get the job. The two of us may have gone into the wilderness by some rock cliffs and done something there, but I don't remember any details, but I'm sure I was up on a huge boulder, climbing or something.

December 30, 1993

I can only remember specific parts of this dream, although a lot happened, which is nothing new. I remember either seeing or being with Penelope and Hector Ford. They seemed their normal happy selves but later, I don't know if I was with someone or if I was by myself, but I was in what I guess what was Penelope and Hector's house. As I was walking towards the kitchen, which reminded me of walking into the kitchen in Euless and Lavisha's house when they lived on that lake, I heard someone crying. As I came into the kitchen, there was the refrigerator to my left and then I saw Hector. He had the refrigerator door open and he was the one who was crying. He explained himself by saying that Penelope and he were getting separated, or divorced, I couldn't remember which one. I think I had seen Hector and Penelope together before this scene, and they seemed real happy, Penelope, with long straight hair, smiling her traditional grin and Hector being his usual Hector self. Apparently this was just a front for how they really felt.
I was in a big theater. There was a balcony up top full of seats and I remember being about ten rows up in the balcony and looking down and seeing the back of Lisa's and maybe Sarah's heads as they sat in some front row balcony seats. There were other people in this dream and we were doing a lot of stuff, but of course I can't remember shit.

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