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December 1994

Dec 1 - Dec 19 - Dec 27 - Dec 31

December 1, 1994

I was singing in a band that was playing in front of an audience of about one hundred people. I don't know what building I was in, but it was pretty big. I can't remember anyone else in the band, all I can remember is singing into a microphone that I carried around with me as I walked around the stage. The song sounded familiar but I can't remember what it was. It wan A-D-E progression type song, like Johnny B. Good or Rock And Roll. My voice was coming out sounding pretty good. In the part of the song where the E chord comes in, I went an octave higher and just managed to hit that note. I didn't hit it as solid as I could when I was younger. I had my mouth wide open trying to hit the note. It kind of came out just a half step lower than the note and my voice was kind of raspy, but I did manage to hit the note and although it could have been better, it did sound pretty good. I recall singing this part of the song several times. I remember the general feeling of mine and the band's performance was that we were pretty good, and everyone enjoyed the show.

December 19, 1994

I was on a motorcycle driving real fast on a freeway. The highway I was on reminded me, for some reason, of 405 North. There was another guy on a motorcycle as well and we were racing, so we were going pretty fast. I get the feeling that we were together initially as we drove, but then I took an alternate route because I wanted to get ahead of him. He was ahead of me until I was on an off ramp that went around to the right. I was really booking as I rounded the off (or on) ramp and, like a slingshot, the ramp shot me out onto the main highway again. As I was doing this, I saw the other guy on the motorcycle on the highway right where I would be when I got off the on (or off) ramp. When I came off the ramp, I either passed him or we were tied. Suddenly I was driving along a dirt road in the woods somewhere. I think it was the same road as the highway, it's just that it eventually turned into a dirt road. I can't remember if the other guy on his motorcycle was still around but if he was, he was ahead of me. We (I) were going pretty fast, too fast in fact, for the road we were on and I don't know why I didn't slow down. I drove around sharp corners and over bumps and jumps way too fast and I should have flew off the road, but I didn't. Eventually I started hearing some music coming from somewhere and I somehow knew that it was my stereo that was playing this music. I distinctly remember hearing parts of Ballroom Blitz (Sweet) and Loveless (Metallica) coming from the stereo. I went off in search for my stereo, trying to pinpoint its location. I can't remember if I was still on my motorcycle as I did this searching. I located my stereo finally. It was sitting in front of a patch of trees overlooking a meadow-type setting, like the kind I saw when I went hiking with Ron last summer. It was a lush, dewy setting and looked really cool. There wasn't really a meadow, but more like an area where there was a lack of trees for about forty yards, then the forest started up again. The area where there were no trees still had tall, almost waist high grass and there may have been a slight mist covering the vegetation there. I think my stereo may have been plugged in somewhere, but I'm not sure where that could have been since it was out in the middle of the woods and obviously there are no outlets out there. For some reason I wanted the music to stop, so I unhooked the speakers from the back of the stereo, but even after I did this I think the music still played, although it may have been quieter, or muffled, or something. After I had done this, I believe I continued on my way, with or without the motorcycle, through the woods.
I was in the house that I grew up in on the top of South Hill. I was in the bedroom on the top floor that was across the hallway from mom and dad's bedroom, the one I used to share with Charles. I looked out into the hallway and I saw Gerry there. He was telling me that he got fired from the Air Force. Apparently he was in the Air Force in this dream and they fired him. I guess that meant he was kicked out, but I had the feeling that maybe he was AWOL and hiding out. There was a pint of gin sitting on a counter somewhere, maybe on a dresser in the bedroom where I was. Next to it was a bottle of mixer, probably a 2 liter bottle of 7-up or Coke. Both containers had about a half inch of their contents gone, as if someone had made a drink and this was how much they had taken. I discovered it was Gerry who had made the drink and I guess he was partying, taking it easy while he could because he couldn't stay fired forever because he would have to go job hunting soon, so he was partying while he could. I had the feeling that for some reason he only had two days to not look for a job, then after that he had to. There was someone else in the house with us, some guy, but I can't remember what he looked like nor do I know who he was. He was telling Gerry that the people who lived in the house we were all in probably wouldn't allow him to party for very long in their house so he should enjoy it while he could. I think at this point, Gerry started to show worry in his face, like he was starting to wonder what the hell he was going to do with his life. I also had the feeling that perhaps the Air Force was looking for him so they could bust him for going AWOL, but he didn't tell me that.
I was standing in front of a mirror, or maybe I just saw myself from the front view, as dreams sometimes let you do. It was really weird, but the ingrown hair lump in my neck (pustule) shot out of my neck. It was still inside the skin, but it stretched my skin out in a pencil-thick section of skin about four or five inches long. When I flexed my lower jaw and moved my lower lip down while tilting my head upward, this lump would shoot out. The harder I flexed, the farther out this lump would shoot from my neck. When I relaxed, the lump settled back in my neck. The last time I flexed, I did it really hard, and this shot the lump out real far, about six inches. The lump was like something stretching against Saran wrap, almost bursting to get out of my skin, that's the best way to describe it. When I flexed real hard this one time, the shape of the lump at the end of the stretched skin was more definite since it was stretched tightly against the skin. It looked like a starfish sort of, with about five circular, warped appendages about an inch long sprouting from a solid center. It was odd, this star-shaped patch of skin on the end of a rod of skin protruding from my neck, but you know how dreams are.

December 27, 1994

I had a vision of seeing a strong wind whipping at my Mazda MPV. Inside the van were Sarah and William. I can't recall if they were buckled in or what, only that they were inside the van. The wind blew so hard that the van began rocking back and forth and eventually, the wind blew the van over on its side. It was dark and may have been raining as well.
Iím fishing on a lake or other similar body of water. I was in a boat like the twelve foot aluminum boat my dad used to own. I'm sure there were other people with me but I can't recall who. There may have been another boat, similar to the one I was in, about fifty feet or more away from us on the lake also, but I don't know who was in that one. The water was smooth, like glass in spots. I was fishing and was using a large herring for bait, so I had to be fishing in salt water. I remember a large hook, about three inches long, hooking through the middle of the herring, which was also large, about eight or nine inches long. The hook was just stabbed through the side, not how you would really put a hook into a herring if you didn't want to lose it. There was some kind of animal in the water, either a frog or a turtle, that was eyeing my bait. The turtle (or frog) could talk. I think I asked it if it could take my bait and it said something like, "Sure, I can take that bait", as if taking it would not hurt it, but rather, help me out in seeing if the bait was any good. The turtle was ten feet away in the water when we spoke to each other. I can't remember the turtle biting into the herring, if it did at all. There was another fishing line crossing over mine, and I think this one came from the other boat. I remember looking at the two lines as one crossed over the other, thus changing directions of both lines as they twisted and trailed off into the depths. The next thing I remember is coming across a swirling waterfall. I can't remember if this was some part of the lake or bay I was on or if this was another dream altogether. The waterfall had several swirling pools that looked like they would suck you under if you got stuck in them. I was heading straight for these swirling tops of the waterfall and I don't think I was in a boat - I think I was just treading water. On the right side of the top of the waterfall was a stump or a rock about three feet high and thick. I managed to grab a hold of that which prevented me from falling over the top and down about a thirty foot drop. I climbed up onto a landing and looked back in the water. In the water was Lisa and Lisa's mom, right where I was just seconds earlier, and they were also heading for the waterfall. I think I may have reached out to try to grab ahold of Lisa's mom, who was closest, but she wasn't strong enough to swim against the current and get to the rock or stump on which I had climbed upon. She ended up going over the top of the waterfall and I thought she was a goner, but then I saw that where she landed was a grassy area lower down along the waterfall. Either the water stopped and gave way to this grassy landing, or the water swept around the area and just continued off to the side and Lisa's mom was just lucky enough to land on the grass instead of continuing on with the waterfall.

December 31, 1994

I was at a house or cabin with mom. I remember her cooking some corn on the cob. There were several ears in a pot of hot water, but I don't know if the water was boiling or not. The pot was like the big one I have in my own kitchen. There was something going on between mom and me, like we were in an argument or disagreement or something. I think it was because of the argument that I just didn't feel like eating the corn, but she wanted me to anyway. I remember her placing some ears of cooked corn on the front porch to the cabin. I think she did this because either I was leaving and she wanted me to feel like I had to take the corn, or that I was being bad and so she put my corn outside so I would eat it out there instead of inside the cabin. I remember seeing the cabin surrounded by woods, but not heavy woods.
I was at a place by some water, and I was standing on a dock at the water's edge. Above the dock were woods and when I looked up into them and to my left, I saw an averaged sized brown bear, about fifty feet away, walking away from me and up an embankment. The bear had a cub with it, which was also brown, and it trailed behind the larger bear. It reminded me of the Indian in the story of Where the Legends Lie and how he encountered a bear at the end of the book. Anyway, I saw the bear, or maybe a different bear, walking above me, about ten feet away now, along the ridge of the small ten foot high cliff that bordered the dock on which I was standing. At first I thought the bear only had three legs, the right hind leg missing, but then I noticed the right hind leg wasn't missing but rather, it was smaller, like it was deformed. It was all scrunched up and rested against the bear's waist and was only about six inches long. The foot attached to the leg looked normal enough, but the leg itself was misshapen and deformed. The bear didn't use this leg at all when walking. I was on this dock and along the dock were several tall trees about two feet round. On about two or three of these trees was a telephone, like your standard wall phone, and suddenly they all started ringing. Somehow I knew it was mom on the other end. I answered one of the phones, I think the one on the tree on the farthest edge of the dock overlooking the water. When I answered the phone, I noticed that 2112 by the Rush was playing very loud. I don't know where the music was coming from, how long it had been playing, or what part of the song it was, but it was loud. I put the phone to my ear and indeed it was mom. I didn't say anything so she said, "Hello? Hello?" as if wondering if anyone was there. I didn't answer her or say anything because I was scared to talk to her. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think it had something to do with the corn, like she was calling to see if I had eaten it or to ask why I didn't take it with me, and since I did neither, I didn't want to have to tell her. After a few seconds I hung up, then began walking back and forth along the dock. It was like I worked at this place, on the dock, but I'm not sure what my job was. After a short time the phones began ringing again and I knew that again it would be mom, so I didn't answer any of the phones but continued walking along the dock, trying to appear that I was doing my job, whatever the hell that was. There was a building up above around where I saw the bear walking. This building was like a store where campers or other people in this wooded area could go to to acquire groceries and other small items. I had the feeling that the people that worked in this store were also employees of the same people who I worked for, like what I was doing was an extension of the store and we all worked together. There was a phone in the store and it was ringing as well. However, the people in the store didn't have any qualms about answering the phone so they did. Some guy answered it, I don't know who he was but he was about my age and had medium length black or brown hair. He heard it was mom and she wanted to talk to me so he put the phone down and walked out of the store to come get me. I remember seeing him walking out of the store but I can't quite remember him telling me the phone was for me, but I know that he did.

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