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December 1996

December 14, 1996

I remember being on a bus, like a Metro bus, and I had with me some kind of object of transportation that was like a scooter that looked like the orange/yellow plastic Playskool car that Sarah and William ride along the cement walkway in along our house. A lot of interesting stuff happened before this bus ride, but of course I can't remember any of it because I waited too long to write this dream down, being the brainless schmuck that I am. I got off the bus and I think I may have tried to drive along in this Playskool car I had. It was actually larger than the actualPlayskool car, but it still resembled it. I donít know if I actually did ride in the car or if I just got off the bus and stood right there, but eventually I came across some steps along the sidewalk that led down to an apartment, you know, like the steps I always imagine but have trouble explaining. Something, like a part of my scooter or the actual scooter itself, was down at the bottom of these steps. There was a man down at the bottom of the steps, a street bum I suppose. He had shoulder length dirty blonde hair and seemed real friendly. He reminded me of someone but I can't remember who now, maybe that guy on the sitcom Thirty Something. Anyway, I had to go do something so I asked this bum or whoever he was if he could watch my scooter, and he smiled at me and indicated he certainly would, no problem. I donít know what it was I had to do, but the next thing I recall is going down those steps to where my scooter was. The steps led to a large underground dwelling, like a cavern. I was the only one in this place. It was some type of room, with different levels made of stone perhaps, or maybe not. It's kind of vague, well OK, it's really vague as to what happened next. Suddenly I was in this room and there were other people there besides myself. I suddenly felt like this place was a prison and I had to live there among these unknown people. As I continued to stay there, the place began to fill up with more and more people. Pretty soon I found it hard to find a place to sit down. I remember walking along the room, traversing among the different levels and looking for my one spot that I had become accustomed to, and I found that that particular area was still vacant, although there were people on all sides of it. Once, when I was sitting there, in my little spot, I looked towards the steps leading up to the outside world where I had first met that friendly street bum, and a pair of guys walked down into the prison. There were two of them, but my attention was focused on only one of them. The first guy walking down the stairs looked at the environment below as he descended, and the person behind him was someone much larger, although I donít remember anything about him other than he was extremely large. There was some reference to him about being around seven feet tall and four hundred and forty pounds. Then the first guy who came down the stairs, although he wasnít as large as seven feet and four hundred and forty pounds, was suddenly the large seven foot guy although he didnít look that big. Anyway, he walked around the room and indicated he was looking for someone who had a name like Snoop Scabby or something like that. This Snoop person was supposed to have lit some matches and this is what the big guy was looking for. I was scared as this huge guy walked my way, checking out everyone on the way, so I crawled into my sleeping bag further and further, only letting a slit opening for any light to get in. As the big guy approached me he noticed that there were some burnt matches outside my sleeping bag and on the inside of my sleeping bag there were also some burnt match heads. I opened up my sleeping bag a little bit to confront the outside world and acted surprised that there were burnt matches alongside me. I know I had lit matches earlier in the dream but I forget how or when that happened. Anyway, I was sitting there, gaping my mouth open and acting surprised, when suddenly I noticed the guy to my right, who may also have been poking his torso out of his own sleeping bag. He had hair cut like my daughter Sarah but shorter, like to the bottom of his ears. He was wearing a hat and a shirt he wore had his name on it, which was something about Scabby or Snoopy or something. That was when I realized that I was off the hook as far as this huge seven foot guy was concerned. The next thing I recall is being at my spot, sitting down, and there was something going on, maybe the huge guy was confronting more people, but I noticed a phone being passed around the room. It was a cordless phone just like the kind I have here at home. I saw some woman talking into it, then she would pass it to someone else, then finally it was handed to me and whoever handed it to me said, "It's for you." I took the phone call but to do it, I had to walk up the steps that led to the outside world. I stood up there, at a level higher than the prison population, and talked on the phone. It was Jethroís mom on the phone and I get the feeling that I may have been in Arkansas, or maybe just she was. She was telling me that she had sent some food to the prison and I think it was cookies. I donít think I ever saw the cookies. Mom never did mention that I was in prison, although she knew I was. She sounded real upbeat like everything was just fine. She mentioned about how I should talk to Jethro about me getting in prison and I answered by saying something like, "Oh you bet I'm gonna talk to him when I get out." It was as if the reason I was in jail was because of something Jethro did. Then Sarah got on the phone and she sounded real upbeat as well as if me being in jail didnít have that much of an affect on her. I heard a song coming from the phone and it was being played on a piano. I can't recall how the song went but I'm pretty sure it's one I've never heard before. It was as though Sarah was playing this song for me on the piano, or she was singing along with the sound of the piano. After she was done singing she said, "Good-by daddy, I love you" just like she always does when we're through talking on the phone. It was tear-jerking. It ripped my heart out. I donít know what I'd do if I was ever in that situation, only being able to communicate with my daughter over the phone. I would lose my fucking mind.

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