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December 1998

Dec 4 - Dec 8 - Dec 10 - Dec 12 - Dec 21

December 4, 1998

I was in Arkansas. I was with either Jethro or the guy who plays Chandler on the sitcom Friends. We were on the side of a road, a street that doesnít look familiar. I am viewing this from the other side of the street, not from where I actually am. Jethro (or Chandler) and I were being held hostage by a maniac. We are standing at the back side of a van, which is to the left of me as I view it. It is night time, but I am able to see all that is going on around me. There are other people gathered around this scene, like a news crew. The person who was holding us hostage had some type of gun but it didnít look threatening - it was a dinky handgun, although a dinky handgun could still blow our brains out. The guy who was being held hostage with me suddenly had a great idea to escape. The bad guy turned to look at the back of the van for some reason and when he did, Chandler and I made our escape. I walked in front and Chandler was behind me. For some reason he put his arms around me from behind as we walked across the street and I get the idea that he did this because he wanted to protect me in case the maniac saw we were escaping and decided to shoot us. Walking in this strange manner, Chandler and I scooted across the street and seemed to make it over without the bad guy stopping us, although as we were crossing I did hear him exclaim things like, "Hey!" and "Wait!" as if surprised that we actually had the gall to get away so easily. When we got to the other side, there were news crews and all sorts of people there cheering us on and Chandler and I were whooping and hollering and were just excited as hell to be free. Chandler jump on me and put his legs around me because we were in such an ecstatic frenzy of joy. We hugged each other and laughed. As I looked around, I realized we were now in a gymnasium, like the kind in a high school. Apparently this is where a celebration was being conducted in mine and Chandlerís honor for having escaped the bad guy. There were lots of people crammed into this gym joining in the celebration. Also in this crowd was the bad guy who had held Chandler and I captive. I saw his face close up and he resembles no one I know. The next thing I recall is sitting on some steps that were leading down into the auditorium/gymnasium. Debra Fontineu came walking by and her and I chatted for a second. She mentioned to me how she had been by my house and had noticed how nicely my lawn was looking, that it had grown beautifully. Someone sitting on the steps up to the left of me, someone I canít recall right now, agreed with Debra, saying something like, "Yeah it has gotten really nice." As I sat there on the steps, I realized that the celebration going on in the gymnasium before me was actually for me and I should get off my ass and go join in the party, but I decided to lay low.
I was lying in bed in the bedroom in the house I used to live in with Jethro, Patricia, Victoria and Jansen Bundy in Arkansas. Victoria walked into the room and she informed that she wasnít going to get me up and that I could sleep in for as long as I wanted. Thatís all I remember about that.

December 8, 1998

Trent, Charles, Bob and myself had a gig to jam at a wedding reception or some other social gathering where they needed a band. The four of us sat in a room somewhere, discussing the music we were going to play. We were all wearing tuxedos. Talk came up about us going over the song Born to be Wild and some other song but Trent, Charles and Bob acted like we really didnít need to practice because we knew the music already. However, I wanted to practice the songs anyway just to be sure. The next thing I remember is being at the place where the reception was going to be. It was a big place, much like the place where Edna and Spanky had their wedding reception. There were rows of chairs lined up along the wall on either side of the place, just like they were at that Sea Cadet party I went to when I was twelve years old. I sat in one of those chairs, and sitting next to me was Treaul Adams. I donít think we talked or anything, I just knew she was there beside me. Suddenly, Chong Tui appeared in front of me and he told me that I was sitting in his chair. He had that little wry grin on his face that really just gets to me, but without hesitation, I stood up and walked away - but I was going to anyway because I had to go the bathroom or something like that. I noticed that I was carrying something like several pairs of black shirts in my arms and before I walked away, Chong handed me a similar shirt that apparently I had left in the chair but since I was departing, I needed to take it with me. I then trotted away. I looked around and saw that dad had walked into the room. He looked healthy and was walking OK and you couldnít tell he had had a stroke. He was also wearing a tuxedo and was looking around, just checking the place out. I walked out of the reception area and up to a room that I was staying in at this hotel or wherever it was we were at. It was on a floor that was higher up than where the reception was being held in. As I walked towards the room, I realized that Barton Lowly was walking behind me. I wasnít sure if he was planning on entering the hotel room also so, after I entered the room, I shut the door. Inside the hotel room, standing at a mirror just to the right of the door as I walked in, was Bartonís wife. I have never seen her before nor do I recall what this Barton-Lowly-wife person in this dream looked like. She was looking in the mirror and putting on make-up. After I had closed the door, there immediately came some knocks on the door. I opened the door and there Barton stood and I wondered if I had shut the door in his face. Whatever the case, Barton walked into the room and he was obviously stressed out about something, which was typical for Barton in any situation. He conferred with his wife about something, and I think the reason for the stress was because they were late for something and Barton wanted to get going. They did leave to go to wherever it was they were planning on going. As they left, I saw Ramos Heinz walk by with a girl who I donít remember anything about. I shut the door then walked to the back part of the hotel room where there was a bathroom. I went into the bathroom, I think to change my clothes. I walked into the bathroom, as far back into it as I could go because I didnít want Ramos to see me. I know the door was shut, but there was a half moon shape of glass in the top part of the hotel room door and I didnít want Ramos to see through that in case he decided to peek in and have a look-see. I looked down at what I was wearing and saw I had tennis shoes on instead of the black polished dress shoes I had on earlier. I guess I changed into the tennis shoes because they would be more comfortable to jam in while doing the gig.

December 10, 1998

Mrs. Heimlick, the pre-school teacher at the school where Sarah and William go to school, was my dentist. She and another woman worked together as dentists and they informed me that I had two wisdom teeth that needed to come out. I explained to them that I had already had all my wisdom teeth taken out, but they told me that what I had was known as "baby wisdom teeth," which I guess was their justification for me having more wisdom teeth than I figured I should. Yes, they were going to rip those suckers outta there so I talked to them and emphatically explained that when they go about doing this, that they need to make sure they pump me full of as much Novocain as possible because I have had bad experiences with dentists, with my teeth not being numbed enough and I have ended up actually feeling the drill as it hit the nerves. I used the tip of my tongue and ran it along the back bottom of my mouth on either side and I could feel the lump of flesh there and maybe the tops of the wisdom teeth as they broke through the surface of the gums. I vaguely remember Mrs. Heimlick and her associateís dentist office, which seemed to be a combination of many doctorís and dentistís offices I have been to in my life. I sat in a dentist chair and Mrs. Heimlick, or her associate (a woman I remember nothing about), or both, shot me up with Novocain pretty good. I did feel numbness and although they thought it was enough, I told them I wasnít near numb enough so they gave me some more. I recall being in the back seat of a car that Mrs. Heimlick was driving while I was numbed up. Mrs. Heimlickís associate was in the passenger seat. I wasnít sure why we were in the car, probably because the two women were driving me someplace to do the drilling, as though the numbing was done at one location, but the drilling was done at another. Something like that.

December 12, 1998

The ceiling in my house was leaking. It was raining really hard outside and the rain was getting in. I looked up at the ceiling where it interfaces with the wall and I saw water running down in small little rivers from the cracks to the floor. I think this water was also turning the white-painted walls into a slight yellowish color. I was curious as to how this was affecting my walls and ceiling so I stuck my finger up into the ceiling right there by where the water was coming out and a rush of water came shooting down in a stream about the diameter of a garden hose in size. It was as though water had been pooling in the space above the ceiling plaster and was released when I poked my finger through. I walked into the hallway between the living room and my bedroom and the ceiling was as high as it is in most homes, around seven and a half feet high, but that was weird because that hallway has a cathedral ceiling. I could see water also leaking in from the cracks where the wall and ceiling meet. The ceiling was deteriorating so bad from the water that I could see the sheet rock and boards underneath where the original plaster and paint had been. Water was just leaking everywhere.

December 21, 1998

I was camping outside in a dome tent, about a four man number, with Charles. It was raining pretty good outside and it was night time. At some point, we saw a light outside the tent through the vinyl/canvas. The light was thirty feet away and it looked like it could have been coming from a lantern that someone was carrying, or perhaps the headlights of a car that was driving by.
I was going to a concert with William. In real life, William is too young to take to a concert, but you know how dreams are. The two of us walked to the entrance of the door leading into a large building where the concert was at and I showed a guy standing at the door leading in the tickets I had. He eyed them over and told me that the tickets were for balcony seats, not for down on the concert floor, which is where I guess this door led. However, the guy seemed like he didnít have time to sort things out right now so he let us go in at that door and he mentioned that he would just get caught up with us later, presumably to correct out the ticket situation and lead us to our correct seats. Yeah right. William and I walked into the arena-type setting and I felt that old concert type of atmosphere immediately. The place was scattered with concert maniacs here and there, but there was still enough time to get a good position, so William and I walked to the front of the stage, right by where that railing is that separates the EVENT STAFF from the rest of the world. There was a woman to the right of me, a good-looking lady in her twenties, and she had long curly dirty blonde hair and was real cute. As my eyes were scanning the atmosphere, our eyes met. She smiled, I smiled, then we looked away. Iíve never seen her before in real life. Eventually the place started filling up and it was getting crowded. As it did, I found myself and William getting pushed further and further out of our primo spots. Soon I was sitting a few rows back and to the left of the stage and sitting next to me was mom, and I think Sarah was there also. It was at this time that I realized that there were chairs on the concert floor when I donít think they were there before. These were the regular beige-colored folding chairs that every convention center in the world has. Sitting in front of William, my mother, and Sarah was a woman who was talking to me about something. I donít know who she was but she had long black curly hair. She would turn around once in a while, placing her right elbow across the back of her chair and looking at me/us and saying stuff. My mom knew this girl also and I think they were friends. Somewhere along here I noticed that in back of our seats was a dirt path that led to a large tree that reminded me of that tree I see in the Keebler Elves commercial, you know, that fat tree where all those little green-suited guys live and cook their tasty little Keebler treats? A sunny, blue, minimal-cloud sky was beaming beyond the tree and the path. There was a door at the base of the tree, an old thick-wood slatted door, and at the top of that door was a sign that had the words The Boilers, the Fishers and the Constables engraved on it. I had the feeling that these Boiler, Fisher and Constable people were rich folks who were going to be watching the concert from the comfort of this tree, the same thing as if the tree were box seats at a basketball game. I commented to my mother, William, Sarah and the woman sitting in front of me how the names Boiler, Fisher and Constable sounded like three occupations. The girl sitting in front of us laughed slightly and said, "Yeah," as if agreeing with what I said.
I saw Rebecca Strongís face on the cover of a magazine. I couldnít see her face clearly, and it could have been anyone if you just went by what I saw, but I just knew it was her. It was a magazine like Cosmopolitan or Redbook or one of those magazines where you see a woman on the front smiling her mug off. On the top of the cover page, where the title of the magazine normally is, were the words Rebecca and then Strong. After seeing this magazine cover, I had a vision of seeing Rebecca in a fictional world as to how she might have looked six years ago. I know she never looked like this but this is a dream, man, so deal with it. I saw Rebecca and she was fat, real fat, kind of like how Praline Corporate looked when I saw in a movie theater about ten years ago. Rebecca had short blonde hair and she was walking along a sidewalk on a warm, sunny day with some other women whom I remember nothing about, but I know they were friends of hers. There was a picnic going on and this was why they were here. This vision I had of how she might have looked six years ago was meant to show that now she might look like she does on the cover of that magazine. I had the feeling that although she had been fat and unappealing, she now looks like she did when I went steady with her in eleventh grade; beautiful and with long, brunette hair.

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