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December 1999

December 19, 1999

I was at a campground. There were various sites dotting the campground area and lots of woods around. I was walking down an asphalt road just like the one at Mountain Rainier campgrounds for cars to drive around when looping through the camp area. Somewhere on the road a jeep pulled out and sped towards me. It showed no signs of stopping so I had to leap out of the way off the road and into the bushes to escape getting hit. I watched as the jeep sped past me then rounded a corner and screeched to halt, maybe because it realized it almost hit me or because it was now at its campsite. I recall standing at my campsite with some other people that I can’t remember. The area of our site was around 50 feet in diameter and there may have been a fire pit of some sort in the middle and our vehicle behind me as I looked at the other people standing around. We heard noises in the woods that were from animals but I can’t remember what kinds of animals they sounded like—probably just your regular growling and squealing stuff. Suddenly it felt like I was standing in a grassy area and I was looking to a grassy ridge 40 feet away and that’s where the noises were coming from. A man wearing a pith hat and khaki attire came walking up over the six-foot-high ridge. He looked like a safari dude, and following behind him was a procession of many natives, around 20. They seemed to be walking in rows of two or three. I got the feeling that this safari guy was giving them a tour of the campground place. They marched up over this hill and in my (our) direction. All the natives were very dark-skinned, just like you picture natives in Africa to appear, and all were wearing the usual hay-skirts and bizarre bone-adorned headdresses and necklaces except for one female native in the front: she was wearing a white bridal gown. I got the impression that this gathering was for the female native’s wedding and now the wedding was over they were just out walking around, following this safari guy on a tour. My first feeling was that this group was going to harm me in some way, like they were cannibals looking for a meal, but the pith-hat man and the rest of the natives only regarded me nonchalantly and apparently weren’t interested in me.
I was in a crowded room and someone asked me where William was. I explained to whoever asked me this that Sarah was in her bedroom and William was in Honda and Lola’s bedroom. The place I was at was a workplace and apparently I was employed by this place. I was carrying around a sheet of paper, a document of some kind, and I needed to get some signatures on it or I already had some signatures on it. When I saw my boss he made a comment like, “When you get more signatures in that I’ll laminate it for you,”—whatever the hell that means.

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