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February 2001

Feb 5 - Feb 10

February 5, 2001

I was on the top floor of the barn that my dad built on the property we lived on, on the top of South Hill. I was doing something up there but I canít remember what. I heard some commotion below me and it was the group of Sarahís friends that she had spend the night at her birthday slumber party last December, you know, Frankie, Cruzio and all her friends that were there. Apparently they were coming up to the top floor of the barn and I was worried about them coming up there for some reason but Iím not sure why. I canít recall all them pubescent girls actually coming up to the top of the barn but I think they did. I remember seeing the 2 x 3 feet trap door that I had installed on the top part of the stairs there when I was a younginí and standing beside it and looking down at it while I heard the people below approaching.
I was outside walking along a sidewalk. There were a line of people trudging along the sidewalk and I was part of the line. I had obtained a case of Olde English 16-ouncers and was trying to carry them as I walked along. I was having a hell of a time doing this because that was a lot of beer. The cans were the usual gold-colored ones I always buy with the plastic thingy connecting the tops of the cans together so you can carry it around. Because it was so hard to carry this much booze I started dropping them onto the sidewalk all around me and as they fell the cans snapped out of their plastic connections at the top. Some of the cans fell pretty hard and completely ripped in two, a slightly jagged edge defining a tear right at their halfway point of the height. I recall seeing several of these halves of beer cans roll around and the ones I looked at still had beer in their perspective halves. Some of the can halves had dirt and other stuff embedded inside them because they rolled around on the ground and accumulated stuff inside them that was on the ground. I was really having a hard time keeping track of all my beer cans and soon I only had about a six-pack left in my hands. Horatio Nebin, the guy from work, approached me from my left and handed me a can or two that had fallen, assisting me in gathering up my beer. To the right of me, as I walked along this sidewalk type place, was a pale, almost white, hill that sloped downward at a 45-degree angle. On this hill were ridges, like steps, that stuck out every several feet going down the hill and they reminded me of the large steps on that one hill in downtown Puyallup right at the bottom of North Hill off to the left hand side as you start driving up that I sat atop one day after work in 1981 as I contemplated life. These steps werenít as large as that one hillís were, they were actually regular-sized steps. This hill with its steps was covered with something that was probably snow, covering half of the hill and steps that jutted out from underneath the white blanketing. I think I walked down this hill and onto another sidewalk in another part of this town I was walking around in. I reached the bottom of this hill, which was 15 feet or so tall, and looked across the street and saw two people walking on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. The next thing I recall is being with these two people, who I can remember nothing about other than they looked like your average dream humans. The three of us were underneath the shade of a large tree on the edge of the sidewalk and were confronted by a police officer. The cop had his car parked right there next to the sidewalk and was talking to us. He reminded me of Rashard Lewis of the Seattle Supersonics. Apparently the cop wanted to arrest me, or all three of us, for taking a bath in a pool of some sort that was out in the open in the middle of this town somewhere. I donít remember doing this, but I guess I may have done such a thing: Skinny-dipping in a public pool somewhere and using it for a bath, thus violating the law for being naked in public.

February 10th, 2001

I was walking through a forest. The place I was in reminded me of the top of a slight hill that overlooked the swamp along the chain link fence by the tree house Charles and I built as kids. The area was the same place I met Gerry that one day when I had stolen a 7-up from the garage, was drinking it and was walking along in the woods and came across him as he sat against a log and was also drinking a 7-up, which was fine because he had also stolen this beverage from the garage Ė this happened when I was also a younginí. I hiked to this area and there was a log on the ground. On the other side of it I could see the body of a gray cat lying there and sleeping. The cat was huge, bobcat-sized actually, and when I walked to the other side of the log to get a better look at it I saw two other cats also lying there snoozing away. They were all large but, it was strange, although they were large they didnít come across as large and I regarded them as regular-sized cats.

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