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February 2003

Feb 5 - Feb 7 - Feb 12 - Feb 15 - Feb 20

February 5, 2003

There was a lot of activity in this dream but I can only remember a part that starts with me being with mom and some other people. I had the feeling I was only 10 or 12 years old instead of a grown up. What we were doing, I’m not quite sure, nor can I remember anyone else clearly except mom. There were about two other people sitting with mom, one on either side of her. I remember walking by mom and maybe whoever else was with her, me walking from left to right and them to my left as I walked. I viewed this scene from 10 feet away. I walked by mom and made a comment like: “Haven’t you ever been beat up before?” Apparently I had just been beat up and because of this, I made the comment to mom. I had made some earlier comment to mom in this dream that was similar to that one, although I don’t think it had to do with being beat up, but it was a comment made, probably asking her if she has ever been part of something that had just happened to me, whatever that may have been at the time. This time, the thing that had happened to me was that I had been beat up and I was in a crappy mood because of it. I felt angry with mom for some reason, as if she knew about the beating and was nonchalant about it, acting disinterested that her son had just been beaten up. What made it worse was that the people that had beaten me were a small group of girls, perhaps two or three teenagers. I imagine one of them to be a black girl with curly ponytails dangling from her head. Yeah, it kind of makes me look like a wuss, being beat up by a couple of young teenage girls, but this is a dream, man, so cut me some slack. I walked by mom and made the above-mentioned comment, and then I continued walking away from her and whoever else that may have been with her. I recall looking in a 1- by 2-feet head-level mirror shortly after and seeing some light rose-colored welts around one of my eyes and maybe some bruises on another part of my face. The damage didn’t look as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I don’t think the magnitude of the beating showed properly on my face. After looking at my face, I continued to walk away from mom and out of her sight. I then sat down somewhere and put my head into my hands and started sobbing loudly because of the trauma of the beating I had just received. I woke up und this part and wondered if anyone in the awake world had heard me crying because it was pretty loud in my dream. Apparently not because no one said anything.

February 7, 2003

I was in some type of school and I was student, around 13 years old. It felt like it was a school like Hogwarts in one of those Harry Potter movies. I remember walking down a hallway in the school among a crowd of other students. There were quite a few of us and I viewed this from in front of the walking crowd instead of from where I was actually walking with the others. We were all the 12 to 13-year-old child height except for one or two adult teachers who stood taller than the rest of us. One of the teachers looked like that one with the sleek, black shoulder-length hair in the Harry Potter movie, the one played by that actor who was also in Die Hard and Galaxy Quest. I think we were all on our way to the same classroom. The scene cut to me being in another group of students, perhaps the same one, and we were walking down another hallway that was around a corner of the previous hallway. It was like this scene was revisited in this dream to show a different perspective of where we could have been walking to a classroom. Although it was a different hallway in the same building with the same students, the scene was intended to denote the same time and us walking toward the same classroom. As I walked into the classroom I remember thinking that I should have gotten there earlier because the classroom was packed and I was concerned about getting a good seat. There were about 60 seats, and close to that many students filled the room. Apparently we didn’t have designated seats or it wouldn’t have been a problem with me getting there when I did because I could have just gone to my assigned seat instead of arriving to the scene and having to pick a seat on a first come, first serve basis. The students all seemed to be wearing the same, dark-colored clothing as the students at Hogwarts wore and I think I could make out that one girl that Harry always hung out with in the movie, Marny or whatever her name was, in the middle of the room clamoring about with the other students. The students weren’t all sitting in their seats and behaving themselves—on the contrary, they were romping around and running to and fro, which gave me the impression that class wasn’t about to start very soon or they should have been seated and anticipating the start of the session. Although I don’t remember hearing a page or anything to signify this, I knew that I had been called to the principal’s office. The teacher, who may have been that sleek black-haired guy, told me that before I was to go to the principal’s office that I needed to get a shirt out of the damper and put it on. I was pretty sure that I was wearing a shirt already but for some reason the teacher wanted me to get a new one instead. The “damper” was apparently a large oven type thing that lined the right hand side of the room. This side of the room was around 40 feet wide and on the wall, about chest high, were three large metal doors with large horizontal rod-like handles on them in their middles. The doors reminded me of pizza oven doors that you see in those pizza restaurants; long thin doors that opened to reveal the thin Italian baking pies inside. Around here is when I caught a glimpse of some of the details of the front of the room to the left of me, where the teacher stood in his black-cloaked mystery and stared at me as I approached the damper doors. I pictured some candles or some other type of fire source burning with a bright yellow glow toward the front of the room, like there was an altar there and these fire sources burned at designated spots up around it. It kind of reminded me of the area in the start of that level in Tomb Raider III called Lud’s Gate. I opened the first damper door and peered inside. Inside was where the coals of a hot fire smoldered in intense waves of heat. Apparently this was where clothes were put to dry after being washed, inside of these “dampers” so they could dry in the heat. In the first drawer I opened I peered inside and couldn’t see any clothes in there, just the gray and red ashes and coals of the fire that nestled 10 feet deep in the back of these large oven type things. I opened the second door and I may have seen some clothes, but if I did there weren’t many and I got the feeling that the laundry had already been taken out of here and what I was seeing were the few pieces that got left behind. Finally, when I opened the third door, I saw a light-colored shirt inside the damper that was lying in a heap. I somehow reached in and pulled the shirt out. I think the shirt was still damp. It was a long sleeved sweater type of garment that reminds me of a sweater that Lisa bought me not too long ago. I remember pulling it out and hanging it on some kind of hook that was protruding from the wall right there. My hands were covered in gray and black soot from having them in the oven and I was kind of concerned about getting this stuff on the shirt. I let the shirt hang on the hook and instead of putting it on I walked out of the classroom without changing a thing. During this dream, Cindy Breck was with me, walking around and doing stuff with me like going to different classrooms and such.

February 12, 2003

I was sleeping in William’s tent that I made for him in the front room of our house when I had this weird dream. The tent had the futon on one end and William’s foosball/pool table on the other, and a blanket hung between the two to make the roof of the tent. As I was sleeping in this and was waking up, I was still in a dreamy state, although I also felt very much awake. During this time I heard the phone ring. It may have rung once or twice and then an answering machine came on. The voice that left a message was the voice of that one bully in The Simpson’s, the one that laughs with a cocky “Ha ha!” The voice on the answering machine had this tone as it said something like: “Yay! He scored a touchdown! He scored a touchdown!” After this, as I laid there awake but apparently still dreaming, I could feel the weight of someone stepping on the sleeping bag I was curled up in. At this point I really felt awake and thought someone was really stepping on my sleeping bag. I got the feeling it was Lisa who had come home from work and was just messing with me, stepping on the outer lip of the sleeping bag as it encircled me to try to wake me up or something. I could feel the weight of the body as it stepped in several different spots by the side of me and by my head. This actually forced me fully awake and drove any sleepiness from me. Even then, although the sensation of someone stepping on my sleeping bag had stopped, I felt that it had actually happened. However, I knew that no one could have done it because I was under the cover of a blanket draped between the futon and the pool table, and no one could have stepped on the sleeping bag like that without destroying the tent and bringing the blanket down. Still, it was a creepy sensation and still makes me wonder if someone, in some kind of spirit form, had actually been there and was trying to get my attention.

February 15, 2003

I was in a room that had several rows of seats. The seats were in pairs or in threes and were situated like those on an airplane would be. It looked like this place actually was the inside of an airplane and although I discovered that it really was just that, I did not know that at the beginning of this dream—I guess I thought I was on a bus or something. I didn’t know all the people here but most of them, I think, were people I had worked with at my last job. I remember seeing one short young woman from behind as she walked away from me who had long dirty blonde hair. She kind of resembled Lorilee Stomp, but I don’t think it was her. The people were getting out of their seats and started walking toward the front of this room to an opening. As the people approached this opening I saw that some of them were wearing small backpack-like things on their backs. It became apparent to me soon that these people were walking to and out an opening that led to what I thought was just a hallway, but as the people went through the threshold I saw them drop into the sky beyond, and that was when I realized we were in an airplane. The backpacks these people had strapped to them actually had parachutes inside. They didn’t wear the parachute-type harness you’re supposed to officially wear when parachuting, and the backpacks were actually too small to hold a parachute (they were the medium-sized backpack type of thing I wear when I go camping). I remember looking beyond the door and seeing the lightened sky and the dark green and brown ground beyond and below. It looked like we were only several hundred feet above the Earth. As I also started walking toward the door I realized that I was going to be jumping out as well. Realizing this, I noticed that I didn’t have a backpack/parachute on, so I got out of line and went back to my seat. Apparently, everyone had a back pack at their seat and was supposed to put it on before they got in line, but I didn’t know about this until I actually got in line and realized what was going on. I returned to my seat and grabbed a purplish-colored back pack, just like one I used to have and may even have in my shed somewhere, and strapped it onto my back. I then approached the doorway again and jumped out of the plane—none of us seemed scared in the least about doing this. When I jumped I realized how close I was to the ground and, only 50 feet or so now, so I immediately pulled my rip cord to deploy my chute. I pulled the metal handle on the end of the thin white cord but nothing seemed to happen. I then continued pulling the rip cord, first on a line on the right hand side of my chest then on a line on the left hand side of my chest, then back and forth, and still my parachute would not come out. I was getting worried as the ground quickly came whizzing toward me. However, I started to think that since I had only jumped about 50 feet out of a plane that even if the parachute did deploy that it would be too late anyway. Thinking about this, I kind of thought that it really wouldn’t matter because I figured that although the fall would probably hurt, I just might survive the fall, although in real life I’m sure I’d be toast. Anyway, I don’t actually remember landing but I do recall seeing the ground get closer and closer until I knew I had to have landed. The next thing I remember is standing on the ground. I looked up and saw that my parachute actually did come out but it had gotten tangled up in some power lines 40 feet off the ground. There were numerous thin strands of the white string/cord that attached my parachute to me, coming from my backside then curving up to the power lines. The strings draped over one or two of the lines up there and my white, billowy parachute draped over the remaining power lines. As I walked around the place and may have even chatted with some of the other folks down there on the ground, my parachute dangling in the power lines apparently no longer being attached to me, I looked up into the sky and saw a dark, rounded shape up there, maybe a mile high. I realized that, although it didn’t resemble one, this dark, wispy shape was an airplane. Then, from out of the back of this shape shot another, smaller dark object shaped much like the odd-looking airplane. This blackened object apparently was Salvador Wig, the foreman at my last job, jettisoning from the plane to join the rest of us there on the ground. There may have been some talk about Salvador and just where the heck he was, and that’s when we noticed he was on his way. As I stood there on the ground, up in the sky to my left was Salvador Wig as he got closer and closer to earth. We all heard someone shout in a loud glee: “Yahoo!” This yahoo-shouting individual was Salvador and he was starting to zoom closer and closer to the ground but not like he was in a parachute. He actually zoomed downward at an angle at a great speed like he was in some kind of flying Jet Ski or something. He approached the ground at a quick speed where I stood at and instead of landing, he whizzed right by then arced back up into the air and to my right, traveling higher and higher into the sky. He was on some kind of hovercraft thing—I never really got a good look at the thing. I don’t remember him landing but he eventually did. He and I stood on a small bluff or raised piece of ground as we talked about life and stuff like that. I go the feeling that we were actually on some kind of jb and us parachuting to the site was required. The contraption that Salvador whizzed to Earth in was standing next to us, to my left and to his right, but again, I really didn’t get a good look at the thing. I do know that it stood about 6 feet high or more and had metal handles on it that swayed about horizontally on the top of this device, like they were propellers or something like that. There were two or three of these handlebar-type things, horizontally straight on the top then the ends curved slightly downward at 30 degrees two feet from the end. The ends were topped with dirty white rubber grips with finger grooves in them, just like some bicycles handlebars have. As Salvador talked he casually slapped them once or twice, sending them slowly twirling about. We were discussing life in general, mainly about the work we had with this company was only temporary and how we needed to find work after this job was done. Salvador made some comment about he only made $8.00 an hour doing what he was doing now, which really wasn’t his hourly wage—he was just making some suggestion that after all the deductions and bills he had then only 8 dollars of the hourly wage actually went to him.

February 20, 2003

I was on a four wheel ATV-type vehicle that was just like the kind that Sarah, William, and myself drove at Ocean Shores last weekend. I was driving it around a place that was the facility where my last job was at, although the place didn’t look exactly like it, just damned close. I think I was at an area that was like the north dock and I was trying to drive around to the place that was like the southern most part of the plant, like where you first drive into when you arrive in the parking lot. I was driving around inside of the gate, though, not out in the parking lot area. I vaguely remember cutting through areas that were between light-colored sides of tall buildings. There was one area in particular that I drove across where there was a gap in the pavement. It was like a fissure that an earthquake will leave after cracking its wrath into foolish man made surfaces. This particular gap wasn’t made by an earthquake; I had the feeling it was put there when this area was constructed. The gap was approximately 2 feet wide and ran a length of 50 feet between several buildings. Obviously, nothing was meant to drive across this gap or else why would it be there? Hm? Wanna answer that one Smarty Pants? I ran over this gap earlier in this dream but I can’t recall clearly what had happened at that point; got stuck, bumped and grinded over the gap, wrecked the bike and killed myself—I can’t remember. But I do know that this time around, the gap had a few 3 x 2 plywood boards draped over the gap so as to make it appropriate for a vehicle to travel across. I was able to drive the ATV thing across the gap but the boards kind of flopped as I ran over them and they weren’t really strong enough, but they managed to hold. Around here at some point I was talking with Gradinad Blecks and he and I were walking along, or he was walking along and I was putt-putting along on the ATV thing. We were talking and laughing about stuff that was going on at the plant, although I can’t recall the specifics. The place where we were, I think, was by where that gap in the pavement was.

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