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February 2004

February 10, 2004

I was at a place that was probably a railroad station. I canít specifically recall any railroad cars but that was the idea I got. I was walking off the depot area where passengers board and load, and there could have been a barn in this part of the train station. It was like when I exited the train area, I was then inside of a barn-like structure. There were some other people with me but I couldnít tell you who they were. On the opposite end of this barn was a large opening where the huge sliding door (much like the one we had on the barn dad built on the property on top of south hill where I grew up) was open and I could see the bright sunshiny day out there. The topic of how much money some movie stars had was what we were discussing, and we debated on who had how much and who had more than the other. Then we started discussing how much money Roseanne Barr, or Arnold, or whatever her last name is, has. For an answer, as we exited the barn and stepped outside, we saw an enormous black horse standing just on the other side of a small fence that was probably just a few strands of horizontal barbed wire crisscrossing this way and that. This horse was around 15 feet tall and its legs were something else. Because of its enormous size, the horseís legs took on the shape and form of huge crab legs. The horse had four legs, just like most horses do, but the legs were sleek and even looked like they were exoskeleton-like crab shells instead of the hair-covered horse legs you would imagine a regular steed to have. Apparently, the larger a horse gets, the more its legs resemble these huge segmented monstrous appendages. The horseís body seemed regular sized, but its legs were humongous. The horse was all black and I was in awe of its size and height. Then it walked to the left and when it did the tips of its legs, where there should have been hooves, there were actually pointed tips just like crabs legs, stepped onto the ground, one after the other as the horse slowly, awkwardly strolled by. Apparently this horse belonged to Roseanne and because the horse was so huge then that meant she had a lot of money. Although we didnít see it, there was another horse somewhere that was even bigger than this one with even larger, taller, mutated crab legs than this one. We both knew that Roseanneís horse would win any race because the strides those legs could produce would devastate any other steed, except for the one we knew that was larger that we never did actually see. That larger horse probably belonged to another actor who had even more money.

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