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February 1989

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February 3rd, 1989

There were about six of us or so and we were lying on the floor in the living room of a house. We were watching TV. I know that my friends Susan and Henry were there, but I don't know who else was. Later we were all in a house that I believe, in real life, is very haunted. While everyone else was in the kitchen or somewhere else, Susan came out to the room I was in. We talked about something, but I don't know what.
I was in the town house apartment where I live now. My wife Lisa and I were watching TV when suddenly the front door opened up and a man walked in without even knocking (I think he was the owner of the town house). He immediately began to search the place because he said he caught the next door neighbors with drugs and he wanted to see if we had any. There was a woman with him and she commented on how clean we kept the place.
I was at the beach. There were lots of key chains in the sand with keys on them that people had lost. I found Lisa's set and asked people that were there if they were missing keys also. Plato romped about and people commented on what a nice kitty he is.

February 5th, 1989

I was at a place, I'm not sure where it was, but it might have been a resort at a lake or something like that. I was some kind of authority figure. What I remember next is being in a house where I was in a play and I was supposed to cry in my role so I tried to cry for the director and all others who were there. I kept cracking up and I could not cry. Suddenly a phone rang and I answered it. It was a woman, but I can't remember who it might have been. Before she could say anything I asked her to say something that would make me cry. The first thing she mentioned, I could not remember, but then she said, "John Smith...Smith..." As if this was what could make me cry, I said, "Thanks!" then rudely hung up. Later on I was with the woman who was on the phone and she was upset with me for hanging up on her, but I tried to convince her that it wasn't me she had spoken to on the phone. I finally convinced her it wasn't me. Some guy standing nearby said he thought it was Hank Mare, a guy I knew in Junior High School, who hung up on her. She seemed to believe that and I was relieved I was off the hook. Somehow, a picture of strawberries on a car, a Volkswagen Beetle, was drawn by the person who hung up on her and they searched for that picture because whoever drew it signed the picture. I drew a picture with strawberries covering a Volkswagen and signed it, but I told them that I had just drawn it and it was not the picture they were looking for. I remember how red the strawberries were, so I am convinced that I can dream in color. This house where I was acting in belonged to a man who had numerous sporting supplies and as I walked to him and began to talk to him about something or other, he was playing ping pong and was surrounded by other sporting things readily available for him to play with. I walked out some sliding glass doors and met the woman who I had a crush on, only this time she was Susan. She was with the same guy she was with earlier. Susan unexpectedly bent over and put her hands behind her back. The position she was in is very hard to do unless you're a gymnast or a contortionist or something along those lines. Later, all of us went hiking up a stream that I think was in Hidden Valley campground, a park I used to work at about ten or eleven years ago. We were going to go fishing and I showed these people good spots to fish which were right by some buildings at the end of the woods. Maybe we caught a small fish, but I'm not sure.

February 6th, 1989

I was hunting birds at the property on top of South Hill where I grew up. The actor Danny Glover was with me and I guess in this dream, he was my dad or something. I saw a bird flying in the air that was big and silver and gray. I only wanted to shoot a big enough bird to eat and this one certainly was. I had him in my sights of the pistol I held as he flew around then it finally landed on a treetop in front of me. I was going to pull the trigger then it took off again. I kept it in my sights and shot it in midair. It fell to the ground out in the bushes somewhere. Danny told me to stay put and watch the baby that was with us as he and his friend went to retrieve the fallen bird.

February 7th, 1989

The compressed work week hours for my job switched from 9 P.M. to 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. to 3 A.M. I was filling out my timecard then Arnold my boss came by and sat down and started to add mass hours onto my timecard. He was penciling in fourteen hour days and I tried to explain to him that I was going to college and couldn't work those hours. Then he asked what time I showed up for work that day and I told him seven o'clock, although I usually come in at six (which is a lie). At my work area, I was running some hot product and I processed it wrong. Johnny Vance, one of the main engineers, explained to me the correct way to process the material. I was looking at the work through a microscope and remember seeing some images that weren't exactly right, but then I remembered this was, for some reason, an exception to the rule, so it was okay for them to look the way they did. On my way out of my work area, Steve Bea approached me and said that Chong was having problems with one of his machines and needed my help. He said a battery died in a piece of equipment or something, then he laughed because he knew I was being asked to do everything else and was real busy. Steve had a moustache that was real long and thin.

February 9th, 1989

I traded my truck for a baby blue car that was an old type coupe or something like that. It also cost me $1000. Somehow I later discovered it came out that I was paid $1000 plus the car for my truck. Whatever the case, it was a bad deal. I don't know who I bought the car from but it was a woman who was representing Boris, a smart-ass who no one liked. The car ran all right at first but then I had problems getting it started. I was driving it and an elderly couple driving a vehicle I cannot recall, sideswiped me. We pulled over to check out the damage and although there was a dent from a previous mishap, it was clear they dented it (right front fender) even worse. I got their names and all that, then was on my way. Later I was with Boris and he said that even though the car had problems starting, it wasn't a bad deal for $750. I then realized that the woman who sold it to me ripped me off and made $250 because Boris intended to sell it for $750, not $1000. I didn't say anything for fear of being ridiculed, but I knew I should have negotiated. As if an example was appropriate, I suddenly saw two woman were trying to sell a Vega to some guy. He offered $500 but they were firm on their price of around $1700. After much negotiating they agreed on around $1250. We searched for the Vega he just bought and had problems finding it, but did finally find it on the side of a road on a wooded highway. Otis Means and Joan Poodles, two people I work with, were there. The car didn't look bad and I couldn't help but think the guy who bought the Vega got a better deal than I did. As we romped around the area, Otis lit a strange sort of huge incense that made cloud-like formations in the sky.
My brother Charles and I were on a plot of land that was at Paradise or Longmire on Mountain Rainier that we were going to buy for a great price. The public had access to the land but we were going to buy it anyway. There was shack on a hill that overlooked mass woods and a swampy-like area at the base of Mountain Rainier. Beth Ringer, also someone I work with, exclaimed that she was going to buy it, but we were convinced we would get it instead.

February 15th, 1989

A house that I strongly believe is haunted was in this dream, but the inside had been gutted out. There were no more walls, no floors, stairs or anything. All there was, was the outer shell of the building and when you went inside there was only the floor below you and the ceiling many floors above. Scraps of wood, plaster and other house guts lay scattered about everywhere.
Charles and I were driving along in his car, or maybe it was a pickup. We were driving somewhere to get a part for his truck because it wasn't running right. When I asked him what was wrong with it he said he needed a new gate valve, whatever the hell that is. We were driving towards a body of water, perhaps a lake or bay, and it could have been some property that our mom and dad had bought a long time ago and sold. The part he needed for his vehicle was at this place. We were driving on a dirt road at a slow pace because his truck was not running well and could not go very fast. Before we got too much further, there was a fork in the road and I told him to turn to the right because there was a house Lisa and I were buying that was nearby and I wanted to show him. He turned to go up a hill which was on a dirt road also. When we got to this place where the house was I wanted to buy, we were pulling along a vacuum cleaner that was the same type as the kind the janitors use at where I work. At this place, there was a recreation area and lots of people as though it was a private housing community. The vacuum cleaner made it hard for us to walk around casually. We went into a gift shop or something like that and we met Debra Fontineu, Charles’ ex-girlfriend, with one of her friends. I think Charles and I finally reached the house I wanted to buy, but I can't remember.

February 21st, 1989

My job was working at a restaurant instead of where I work now. Arnold Tokken was still my boss. It was my break time and I was going to eat so I made myself a couple of messy hamburgers. They were real huge and there was so much stuff on them that the meat and lettuce and tomatoes and other stuff could barely be wrapped between two buns. As I was making these two hamburgers, Cindy Breck was talking to me. I guess she was a waitress or something at this restaurant and she kept talking to me and said that she wanted to work on my shift instead of the other waitress who was. I told her I would talk to our boss about it but I told her that the shift I work (Saturday lunch rush I think) was the busiest shift ever and it got as busy as it ever did. She didn't care. As I was making these hamburgers, Arnold said he wanted to introduce me to someone (a new employee I think). It was a woman. I told him as soon as I was done eating then I would get introduced. I finally finished making my hamburgers but they were very sloppily built and I remember cutting huge chunks of lettuce to put on them. They were falling apart and Cindy said that I better use a fork to eat them. I had already put a fork on my plate though and I ate the burgers with it.
I was hiking along a river with some other people but I don't know who they were. We tried fishing and the worms kept falling off the hooks and sometimes they would curl around the hooks and I didn't need to put the hook through them because they stayed on by themselves. When I cast my pole, the worms fell off so I used salmon eggs, which seemed to work. We all hiked a long ways, even at night. One of the leaders of the group almost fell in a crack in the ice covering the river and into the water because it was dark and it was hard to see. Someone shone a flashlight on the crack and prevented him from falling into it.

February 22nd, 1989

I was in downtown Puyallup with Betty. We were driving in my white VW bug I used to have. We decided to go to the park, and I guess it was the park in the middle of downtown. We wanted to go swimming or at least get wet in the small pool that was there but when we got there we saw that most of the water had dried up and there was nothing but wet mud. Nevertheless, people still wallowed around in it to keep cool. I didn't plan on going in, but Betty didn't seem to mind. She laid down in the mud on her back as if it were the normal thing to do, but I just watched. Later, I think I was with Charles but I was still driving the VW. I drove it up on a ramp that I thought was for cars but as I approached some of the ramps that led down, I realized that they were too crooked and dangerous to drive a car on. I realized that these ramps were for people to walk on, not drive their cars on. Therefore, I picked up the VW by the back bumper and carried it off, thinking of how convenient it was to have a car that you could carry around like that. The engine puttered unpredictably and we ended up at a mechanics shop because there was something wrong with the car. I'm not sure what it was, but it was easily fixed and no new parts were needed. I think it was the transmission linkage or something like that.
I was playing basketball with some guys (two on two). The guy I had to cover was from the Houston Rockets because he wore a shirt that said "Houston" on it. I kept thinking how easy it was to play with these guys and how I could have been a professional basketball player. I slam-dunked it a few times but I also did miss a lot of shots. We ended up playing another game after the first and I did pretty crappy on that one, not making a single basket. I realized that it was Gerry that was my teammate. Suddenly, I was lying on the bottom bed of a bunk bed, then I realized I was in my own waterbed at home. That's when Lisa woke me up and reality sunk in.

February 23rd, 1989

I dreamt that Plato had eight or nine kittens, which is impossible since he's a neutered male. One or two of the kittens looked exactly like he did. I can't recall seeing Plato, but his kittens were all over the place. They hid behind a panel in a wall and came out when they knew food was around.

February 24th, 1989

I was scheduled to fight a professional heavyweight boxer, Frank Bruno I think. I didn't really think I would lose the fight but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I would probably get knocked out. To make things more complicated, I got locked in my apartment (the one I'm living in now) with two other people, a woman and a man but I'm not sure who they were. I think it was Gerry and Lisa but maybe not. A clock on a wall somewhere said it was about twenty till a certain hour and I was scheduled in the ring at a quarter to. The three of us just sat there in that apartment when I realized that if I really wanted to I could just push the windows out and leave that way. That's when I noticed that the front window in the living room was slightly crooked and not really on its track and I went up to it and easily pulled it out, revealing a hole that we could climb through. I started thinking about how people would be mad that I didn't show up and that I would have to eventually reschedule the fight - I couldn't just forget about it. At the arena I remember seeing Dexter, Ron and other members of my family entering the place to watch me.
I was in a room with a bunch of people. Pink smoke started to pour out of a fixture high up on the wall and it was some kind of poisonous gas. We just sat there unconcerned as the gas clouded up the room. It didn't seem to affect us.

February 28th, 1989

Lots of action but very little memory. The world's oceans suddenly began to overflow. I remember seeing a beach where the tide washed away a big amount of the beach and there was a cliff in the sand where a level beach once was. A submarine tossed violently from side to side near the shoreline as a sign of how rough the change in the ocean's water was.

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