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February 1990

Feb 3 - Feb 6 - Feb 11 - Feb 28

February 3rd, 1990

I was down at the barn we owned on the property where I used to live on the top of South Hill. It was strange, but there were a bunch of cows there and they were intelligent. They chewed their cuds and spit or regurgitated whatever it was in their mouths onto the walls inside the barn. I remember they did this in the area where dad's workshop used to be on the lower floor, but his workbench wasn't there, just walls and support beams. After the cows spit this stuff onto the walls, it then hardened. I remember somebody saying that it turned to marble. There was one beam standing on the floor that was surrounded in this stuff. Soon the entire wall was covered with this gunk and you couldn't see the wall any more. The stuff outlined the boards and I went up to it and touched it. It had designs all over it like a Michelangelo painting. When I touched the hardened stuff, it felt like stiff paper and moved easily. I was able to slide the whole conglomeration of hardened cow cud/spit/chew easily with a simple push and pull of my hand. The whole thing slid back and forth alongside the wall, a replica of the wall itself. Then one of the cows (I think it was black and white) covered a whole wall with its spit. It stood up on its hind legs and fell backwards once but got back up to reach the high places on the wall. When the stuff hardened, a message appeared in the milky white stuff, large letters that appeared to have been scrawled by someone with a shaking hand. It said something like "...my mother's name is Bessie and she lives in this field somewhere..." and there was more but the point got across. The cow wanted to show us that they were indeed intelligent and could communicate with human beings. It was awesome.

February 6th, 1990

Jethro was in the hospital. Then whatever had happened to him to get him in the hospital, happened to me. I was somewhere, then I remember crawling to a bed which was in a place which may have been a hospital, but it was only a two-room house. I reached the bed. As I laid in this bed, there was a window that allowed me to look into the other room. Jethro was lying there in his bed and his mother Victoria was there beside him. Then she came and talked to me. My head hurt incredibly bad, the worst fucking headache I have ever experienced. I don't know what caused it. I looked up to my right and saw a cabinet, almost like a headboard, also with a window for which to look through. In it was a bandaged brain and I guess it was my brain. Apparently my brain inside my head had a bandage wrapped around it and this was why it hurt so much. There was a note on the cabinet that said something like: "Yeah fuck you - there's one in here too." I guess it was written by Jethro and it meant that there was also a bandage inside his head as well as around it. My head hurt and throbbed so much that when Jethro's mom talked to me, I was not able to speak clearly to respond. My words came out like gibberish, hurting my head even more when I tried to speak. I asked Jethro's mom how long I would be in here and she said for just a day. I then wondered why Jethro was still here for he had been there for several days and we had the same thing wrong with us.

February 11th, 1990

This was a strange dream that had parts that seemed like they related, but didn't. Me and someone else wanted to break into a building but the door to get in was off the ground. I don't know if the building was floating or what, but we didn't have a ladder. I don't know who was with me, maybe Charles. There may have been a few steps dangling from the door but not enough for us to grab on to. There was a wooden frame around the door so I grabbed onto one of the wooden beams and pulled myself up. I swung my legs up and sort of twisted around to get to the door. I think the door was unlocked when I got to it and maybe there was a scene with some bizarre character in dimly lit high school hallways. Lots of other neat stuff happened but I can't remember any of it.

February 28th, 1990

I was going to play tennis with someone. I remember being handed a tennis racquet that still had the cover on it. It was a black cover that had some lettering on it. When I received the racquet, I explained that I thought we were playing racquetball and I wasn't very good at tennis. I said how I had only played one timebut then the other person (some guy) said that he had only played once before also, or maybe not at all. I don't remember playing tennis, but later I was talking with some guys and I think I still had the tennis racquet in my hand. They were trying to sell me something, like they were salesmen. I remember pulling out my wallet and putting it on a table, and I was thinking that maybe these guys weren't trustworthy and would try to steal my wallet (there were two guys), but they didn't. I was trying to get away to leave the place with someone, who was ahead of me waiting, but these guys held me up.

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