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February 1991

Feb 5 - Feb 10 - Feb 16 - Feb 24 - Feb 28

February 5th, 1991

I was with Lisa somewhere, like a party or something. We were outside and it was a sunny day. We were surrounded by people but I don't really know what we were doing there. The whole gathering took place inside a fenced area. There was a dark, blue grass lawn. Two men were after us, perhaps Russian spies, but they couldn't get to us because they were on the outside of the fenced area and there were so many people that it would have taken a long time to get to us anyway. They had really strange faces, like they were actually wearing peel-off skin masks instead. The edges of the masks lapped over onto the top of their collars of their shirts. The skin on these masks was a sunburned, almost orange color. The men wore black suits with black ties and black hats. They kind of reminded me of Dick Tracy. They eyed us over and were waiting for an opportunity to grab us. Lisa and I looked for a way out, but the whole area was fenced in. I remember seeing one part of the fence (chain-link, four and a half feet high) that had what looked like a tangle of blackberry briars, or dense green shrubbery growing into it, overlapping it, from the other side. We couldn't get out that way. The only way out was to go through a turret where admissions and exits were allowed. I can't remember what happened next but I do know that the men continued to stare at us and may have even gotten to us.

February 10th, 1991

All I remember of this dream is a series of visions where fish swam about in a non-existent sea. I remember seeing a fish with dark maroon skin. It looked like a fish in the drawing by M.C. Escher called "Mosaic." The fish had a pointy nose and was rather large. Suddenly, the fish stopped swimming and its skin peeled away. Inside the skin were three smaller fishes, all resembling the larger one. They were close to each other and they all had the same strange smirk on their face as in M.C. Escher's drawing. As soon as they were revealed, they turned away from me and swam away into the sea. This process of fish shedding their skin to reveal inner fish may have happened a couple of times, but I only remember this one incident.

February 16th, 1991

There was a guy after me and some other people I was with. The guy had a weapon that would shoot out thin, fluorescent green pitchfork-shaped bullets or lasers. I can't remember what happened if they hit you, but some of the people I was with got shot. Maybe they died, but I can't remember. I recall he hit someone with every shot, but at the end of the dream he started becoming less efficient. We were in a house and I remember looking outside in the driveway, which was gravel and sloped downward gradually. The man's car was parked there, a brown Mazda RX7. I snuck outside and went to the car and managed to push it off the driveway and into a ditch. For some reason, I thought this would help us escape the man. I didn't want the man to see me, so I snuck off the driveway and behind a row of trees on the side of the driveway. I think the guy saw me anyway and I can't remember if I ever made it back to the house.

February 24th, 1991

I was at home and I think it was Saturday. There was a knock on the door and I was thinking it was some Jehovah Witnesses, but it wasn't. When I first opened the door, I saw a man standing on the deck by the top of the stairs. He looked out into the street and since his back was facing me, I couldn't really tell what he looked like. He was large and wore a gray hat which matched his gray suit. Then suddenly a girl, about twelve years old, stepped in front of the doorway. She may have had a pony-tail and she was wearing a dress. She said, "Is your daddy home?" as if my dad owned the house and I was just the son that lived there. Nevertheless I answered, "No" anyway. I wondered why I said that and I wished I would have said something like, "I don't know, he doesn't live here; but I can give him a call if you want." The girl seemed real jittery and looked a little insane and she began entering my house. She scared me. I saw the man casually glance around and it was like he and this girl were a team. The girl would get her foot in the door and the man would then follow and enter as well. I vaguely remember trying to get the girl out of my house and she never did quite make it in. Then the man turned around and I had to try to keep him out, too. I kept trying to shut the door, but the man was too strong and he forced his way in. Somehow I managed to cut the man's right arm off, although I don't remember having a knife or anything like that. I lost track of the girl and the man was inside. We bopped around the house while I tried to hit him with his own arm. He didn't seem to mind the missing arm and he actually laughed and spurred me on with every missed swing. I would swing the arm, but he would always manage to dodge the shots. Then I started to get his rhythm down and I was sure I could hit him, but I don't think I ever did. There was something else, about a knife or something, but I can't remember getting a hold of one. There was also the feeling of wanting to get to the kitchen, as if it would be to my advantage if I did.

February 28th, 1991

A lot of stuff happened in this dream but of course I can only remember part of it. I was with some people and we were playing with some monkeys, which resembled the geblings on the front cover of the book "Wyrms." We were playfully touching them and having fun, but one person with us grabbed one of the monkeys by the neck too hard and threw it to the ground. This killed it, I'm pretty sure, and the rest of us were angry at this person for having done something so stupid.
I was in a town in the western days when there were sheriffs and bad guys and good guys. The sheriff looked like the guy who played Matt Houston on TV He had a cowboy hat on and had a rough beard, just like you picture all cowboys. There were a bunch of bad guys in town and the sheriff was determined to kill them all. I can only remember two of the bad guys. One was at the end of a dusty street, in front of an old western-style-type building, like a saloon. He knew the sheriff was after him and he was scared. He was on his hands and knees and the sheriff said something which indicated the guy was going to get shot. Instead of getting shot however, several young boys ran up to the guy and spray-painted his head and shoulders red, as if the red indicated blood. Then I remember the sheriff putting a gun to the man's head and blowing his brains out. This was a bloody dream. The sheriff, determined on terrifying any bad guy he could get a hold of, grabbed the next guy, who was in a wheel-chair, and wheeled him across the street towards where the first man was killed. He said to the guy in the wheel-chair, "You're going to get your head blown off" or something like that, as if trying to scare the man as much as he could. I barely remember the sheriff sticking a gun to this man's head and blowing his brains out as well. After this, the sheriff turned to look back across the street towards my direction, but he wasn't looking at me. There was a young woman shouting at the sheriff, demanding to know why the sheriff was shooting people. The sheriff then explained that he only shot a certain type of person, but I wasn't sure. The woman was standing on a large wooden bench that was seated on a wooden walkway alongside a building. I was standing right beside her, but off to the side between two buildings. The woman then pulled out a shotgun and started pointing out people to the sheriff that were near her, either on the bench or standing nearby. "This one?" she'd ask as she pointed someone out, "How about his one?" The sheriff then started walking across the street towards the woman, a mean, determined look in his face as though he was getting ready to draw and shoot her. He walked to within a few feet of the woman, but then she shot him in the face with her shotgun. I remember seeing the top part of the sheriff's head getting sprayed back; some of his hair blew off and spots of blood dotted his forehead and face. I was shocked because I was certain there was no way the sheriff could die because he was the main character in my dream, but he did. The woman, a tom-boy of a wench, shouted out her glee in shooting the sheriff by turning around and shooting into the chest of a wooden mannequin sitting on the bench, a woman dressed just like the wooden bar-girls on the benches at Knott's Berry Farm. I, for some reason, felt the need to hide, as if the death of the sheriff meant I needed to protect myself. Celtic Mays from work was with me. We burrowed ourselves into the dark corners between the buildings where we were, next to the bench. There was a roof over us. The next thing I remember is being inside the building we were outside of. It was like a variety store of some type. Celtic and I clawed away at some items that were stowed away underneath a large wooden desk there, as if these items were going to protect us somehow.

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