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February 1992

Feb 1 - Feb 10 - Feb 24

February 1st, 1992

I was at work in my usual work area. I was working on a piece of equipment that was where a different piece of equipment usually is. I think there was someone else with me, someone sitting at a microscope by the end of the bay. That's where there was a phone. Suddenly a voice came out of the phone and, being used to the intercom phones at where I work now, I spoke back to the phone. It was confusing because I wasn't sure whether I should pick the phone up or just speak into it. I think I may have had to finally pick the phone up, explaining to the person on the other end (I think it was Nadine) that I wasn't used using phones that worked like this. As it turned out, it was Nadine on the phone and I kind of laughed sheepishly as I explained my phone dilemma. I remember talking with Nadine, I guess we talked on the phone but it was also like we talked face to face while we were wearing smocks. She was explaining something about a drug test and how I had to make sure that Helmer Stink had taken one because he was a new employee and he needed to have one. Nadine told me explained to about an aerosol that came in a can and it was used to detect drugs somehow, like you sprayed this on someone and it could diagnose their drug use. Suddenly I was back in the maintenance area carrying a bunch of stuff in my arms and the can of drug spray was among them. I was instructed to take the can somewhere so that it could be used to give a drug test for Helmer. I laughed slightly as I walked away from Nadine but she looked at me with her suspicious grin that she sometimes had, as if that expression said "Yeah well we're going to test you next". I was worried that something like that might actually happen because I knew I would fail. I was kind of curious as to why I hadn't undergone a drug test already. Perhaps it was a new policy.

February 10th, 1992

I was in my backyard playing a strange game where croquet and football were integrated into one sport. It was strange. I was at one end of the yard, back by my tool shed somewhere, and I needed to get to the opposite end of the yard, by the house, in order to get a touchdown, or to score, or whatever. I think Joe Montana may have been there, either that or I was throwing the ball (croquet? football?) and I felt like I was Joe Montana. There was a feeling that there may have been the volleyball net up and I had to get the ball past the net or something like that. I think Bob was on the opposing side, and I was losing the game initially, if I remember correctly. But then I finally managed to hit the croquet ball to the end of the yard by my house. It was like the grass to the right of the house, by the fence separating us from our neighbors, was the end zone and I had to get it past there. I was between the fence and the house and I remember hitting the ball with a croquet mallet. I don't know what Bob was doing, but when he saw that I was close to making a touchdown (or whatever), he ran towards me from the direction of the deck. However, it was too late because the ball made it past the end zone. I remember cheering and feeling very relieved as though I had achieved an incredible feat. I thought I was going to lose for sure, but that wasn't the case in the end.

February 24th, 1992

For some reason, I had to put a weird costume on. I forget who I was with or why I had to put this costume on. The costume consisted of putting on a large, fuzzy brown jacket of some kind. There was someone else with me and I think he also had to put a costume on. I noticed that his arms were larger when the costume was on, like he had a bunch of muscles. Then I discovered how these muscles were made. To make my arms bulge, this guy I was with started stuffing grated cheddar cheese into the arms of my jacket. I protested, exclaiming that it seemed awfully strange to be stuffing grated cheese into my shirt when I could use cotton or something, but it seemed that cheese was required, so I let the stuffing continue. I also had to put a long, hairy wig on that I can barely remember. I'm pretty sure this all took place in the house where I grew up in at the top of South Hill. I remember being in the living room upstairs and seeing the sliding glass doors that led out onto the balcony. Some strange makeover was done to my face as well to make me look like something inhuman. After the costume was complete, I remember looking in a mirror. I had a humongous nose, the nostrils overlapping the ends of my cheeks and I couldn't even see my mouth. Either it was covered up in the makeup job, or the nose hid it. I also had trouble seeing my eyes. I remember having to tilt my head downward to see my eyes. I still have that vision of my piercing dark eyes staring back at me in the mirror, etched into my mind. That was probably the most vivid part of my dream. There was also a big lump in the middle of my forehead, presumably put their by the makeup, but it reminded me of a huge zit and I had the urge to pop it. I roamed around the house in this bizarre costume and later I saw Randy Mulsinth. He was sitting in a padded recliner chair, perhaps by the sliding glass doors upstairs. He was just sitting there casually, making some comments about my costume or the situation (whatever it was) that we were in. I remember him saying "Yeah and..." but after that I can't remember what he said, but his statement seemed to justify me wearing the costume I was.

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