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February 1993

Feb 5 - Feb 8 - Feb 15 - Feb 18 - Feb 23 - Feb 25

February 5, 1993

I was in a house somewhere with a bunch of other people but I can't remember who they were. I was sitting at a large dining room table with about a dozen other people and we were all eating dinner, or were about to eat dinner. A lot happened but of course, I can remember only a little bit. I was sitting at the end of the table, at the right hand corner as you looked at it. The far end had a wall by it, perhaps a fire place and a big painting on the wall, but I can't remember for sure. The room wasn't that dark, as if lit by candles. I looked up to my right and saw a guy walk in who reminded me of the actor Matthew Bodine. I think he was wearing a Charlie Chaplin hat and he had short hair, almost a crew cut. He walked in, waddling like Charlie Chaplin as a wook-wook sound accompanied him, kind of like the sound made by the game Digdug. For some reason, I didn't like this guy. I hated him actually, and I wished that he would just go away. Apparently, everyone else thought he was cute or amusing or something. He walked up to me, picked me up, then thrust me back down onto the table. When he did this, my elbows collided with some full cups of coffee and coffee spilled out onto the table. Some other stuff happened and then our salads were brought to us. I remember eating the salad which had lettuce and some other solid type of vegetable in it, when the Charlie Chaplain guy came back. Something transpired between us again and I was pretty mad this time. Someone walked up to the left of me, maybe the butler or something like that, and I said to him to him, "Yeah, go ahead and throw him out", referring to the Charlie Chaplin/Matthew Bodine guy but talking to the butler. Apparently, the feeling I had was that I had done something wrong, not Matthew, and I was the one that was going to be escorted out. The scene changed and, although I'm sure I was in the same house, I was now with Ming Dudley. I remember seeing several layouts of the house, as if I were looking down at a blueprint of the house. There were several long wings of the house, kind of four-sided window-paned long rooms that joined with other similar-looking rooms at their entrances. I remember seeing such drawings in brown, and maybe blue. Anyway, Ming wanted to show me something but she didn't want us to walk through the house together so I traveled through the house one way and she traveled through another way. I passed a woman servant who was working in the kitchen and she eyed me curiously as if wondering what I was up to. I continued walking through the house and came upon a room in the back where Ming wanted me to meet her at. I went in there and saw it was a small room. Ming may have been in it, but I don't know for sure. I didn't really get a good look at the room because I noticed a screen door on the wall I faced as soon as I walked in through the ajar door. I think Ming, or someone else, was on the other side of that screen door. There was also a window to the left of the screen door, and maybe a chest of drawers below the window. The day outside seemed mid-afternoon, but I didn't really get any details of the outside world except for that.

February 8, 1993

I was down in the field by the freeway fence on the property where I grew up at on the top of South Hill. I was with someone, I can't remember who, and I think we were riding horses. We were at the spot by the freeway fence that intersected with the neighbor's fence as well, and we were heading to our left. On the right, nearer the neighbor's fence, was the actor Bruce Dern and another actor, some old white-whiskered, heavy glasses old man. He looked familiar but I can't recall which movie I had seen the guy in. He also wore a thin, brown leather hat with a three-inch brim and a hanky tied around the base of the brim on the outside of the hat. I remember seeing his face as he looked up to me and I knew that he and Bruce Dern wanted to kill us. I don't know why but they did, so we tried to get away. In the neighbor's field there were two Indians on their horses looking at us, and I tried to use this as a way to help me out. I yelled some stuff at the Indians, stuff about Bruce and the old man were real evil and had done bad things, hoping this would make them shoot their arrows to try to kill the men. They were intimidated but didn't move, so I shouted that the men had defied or done something bad against "...Yahweh," thinking for some reason that Yahweh was the name of their God. This made the Indians angry. They then shot some arrows or threw some spears and I remember seeing them flick into the air and fly at Bruce and the old man. One of the Indians had a long headdress on, lots of dark feathers reaching to his feet. Myself and the person I was with ran up the slope up along to the left, where there used to be thick briars leading to the dirt road by the tree house Charles and I had built when we were kids, and Bruce Dern was right after us. I guess the old man died from an arrow or something. I remember seeing Bruce's face as he started walking up the slope towards us. He was wearing glasses and an Indiana Jones hat. The slope resembled the slope that led down to a canyon that I sometimes hike down to.

February 15, 1993

I was looking at Kirk Hammet from the band Metallica. I knew it was Kirk Hammet, but he really looked like Yahoo Serious from the movie Young Einstein. His hair was sticking out all over the place like Yahoo's but I think his face might have resembled Kirk's. Anyway, Kirk was playing the guitar and he was writing a song. The song he was trying to write was Metal Militia. I think he may have been trying out some other song first, but then he ended up playing the lick that starts out Metal Militia. It was like the song hadn't been written yet and I was witnessing the actual writing of the song.

February 18, 1993

I was dreaming that I was lying in bed. It was dark and I'm pretty sure Lisa was lying next to me. I opened my eyes and I saw an array of green dots before my eyes. They reminded me of the blue and red dots that I see when I close my eyes sometimes. These dots were fluorescent and were bright. I turned to my right and saw, staring at me from the edge of the bed, an alien being of some kind. It looked like your typical alien; ET-shaped head and it had dark, brown skin. It scared the crap out of me. The feeling I got from this being was a bad, evil one, not one like "I am a friendly creature, don't be afraid" type of sensation. I had the feeling that it wanted to abduct me or something. I don't know if it was actually on the bed or if it was standing on the floor by the bed.

February 23, 1993

I was in a school doing something. I think it was either the elementary school I attended, or the one I attended in first and second grades. I was with other people but I can't remember who, maybe Brendle Foamith from work was there. I'm not sure what I was doing there, maybe attending a concert or something. Anyway, I went into the bathroom and it looked just like the bathroom at the school I attended in first and second grades. A short man with short blonde hair who was wearing some type of uniform walked in after me. The uniform signified he was an officer of some type, maybe a hall monitor or security guard employed by the school, or an actual police officer. He reminded me of a man I saw in an illustration once, showing a midget detective. This guy was some perverted type of individual. Someone else was going to come in the bathroom with me but when they saw this guy, they didn't come in. I remember seeing the bathroom door swing shut as the person decided against coming in. I don't know who it was, maybe Brendle. Anyway, this guy walked towards me as I stood in the middle of the bathroom. He was kind of smiling pervertedly and advanced like he was going to try something weird and I instantly got the feeling that he wanted to rape me or something. That's when I started screaming, "Rape! Rape!" He stopped his advance and I kind of wondered why I was yelling for help when this guy was smaller than me and I could have easily defended myself against him. I wasn't really scared, I just wanted this guy to get away from me.

February 25, 1993

I was on 112th Street by where I used to live in a townhouse with Lisa. I was with someone, I think it was Charles, or maybe Ulmann, Stuart's friend. Somehow we had gotten inside of a UFO type of spacecraft. It resembled a space ship that you see on Star Trek, not the Enterprise but rather, a Romulan vessel or like the shuttle craft of the Enterprise. We were driving it from the entrance of the driveway leading to the townhouses to the shopping center about half a mile away. We were comparing it to another craft that flew in the air, only the other craft was an Earth vessel. I don't know if it was a helicopter or what, but it flew through the air like a UFO, although it wasn't. I remember racing both crafts through the air and then stopping suddenly at the intersection by the shopping center. The two of us remarked at how amazing it was that when you drove the alien craft and came to an instant stop, you didn't feel any momentum thrusting you forward. We were able to come to a complete halt, but it felt as if we hadn't moved at all, like we were at a complete stop the entire time, but with the Earth-made vessels, coming to a sudden stop would thrust your body forward, as when you're in a car or on a school bus. I don't remember anything about the insides of these crafts, just the sensation of being inside them and comparing the stops of each. Then we were on the ground again, across the street from the townhouse, by where the dentistís office is across the street. There was a garden hose lying on the side of the road. I don't know where it started, but the end stretched down the road towards the direction of the shopping center. It went for about twenty or thirty feet. On the end of the hose was some type of spray nozzle. This nozzle, or whatever it was, somehow had something to do with the operation of the alien spacecraft, like it could not operate without it. The nozzle was black and was shaped weird. It had three-inch round loops on the end of it where the water usually came out at. Ulmann (or Charles) and I were thinking about detaching the nozzle and keeping it, but then we realized that if we did, then the UFO would be unable to leave because we had the nozzle that made it operate. We somehow felt sorry for the aliens if we indeed were going to do this, like we didn't want to keep them trapped here and we should let them go, but then we surmised that since it was already flying and on its way that it would be okay to keep the nozzle. I don't remember unscrewing the nozzle, but I think we may have. I believe the UFO was at the far end of the street, by the shopping center at this point.

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