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February 1994

Feb 2 - Feb 5 - Feb 12 - Feb 19 - Feb 20 - Feb 27

February 2, 1994

I was in a place, probably a school. I was there with some people, four including myself, but the only one of them I can remember is the female that was with us. It was Cindy Crawford and throughout this dream, sometimes she reminded me of Cynthia Notches. We were in the gymnasium of the school and we were the only people in the whole place. It was like we had broke into the place and decided to have some fun. I remember taking shots with a basketball. I was shooting some free throws but I was missing the shots. I mentioned something to the people there about how it sucked trying to make outside shots. After missing a few from the free throw line, I tried some from the side of the basket, about fifteen feet away, but I missed again. Finally I made a free throw, a swish, but when the ball went through the net I was surprised because I was sure the shot was going to be way short. Then I made another and again I felt like the shot was way off but the ball went in the basket anyway. The other people with me were on the court doing some stuff but I can't remember what specifically. Then I was at the edge of the court, looking out onto the court at the others playing as I stood behind Cindy Crawford, who was sitting down in one of those folding beige metal chairs. Suddenly we all decided that it was time to go to sleep and I guess we planned on spending the night in this school. When we left the gym, we turned off all the lights, not just in the gym but in all the areas outside the gym as well. I guess by doing this we figured that nobody from the outside could tell that there was anybody on the inside. I don't remember the area outside the gym too well, but I do remember walking up some steps which led to another floor where apparently our beds were that we were going to crash out in.

February 5th, 1994

I was with Bob and Charles at a McDonald's somewhere. I'm sure it was a McDonald's I have never been at because I remember being in the parking lot by my truck and looking towards the McDonald's, and the parking lot looked unfamiliar to me. It was at an angle to the building, and I think there may have been trees or shrubbery along the edge of the parking lot itself. When we were in the McDonald's, the line at the front of the counter seemed real small and cramped, like the lobby funneled down to a space where only a few people could stand. Off the to left, I get the feeling, was the kitchen with a counter running along a wall where you could look in and see the cooks like at Denny's. In front of us was another area where you could see through an opening in the wall where people cooked the food. There was a chubby guy that I saw most of the time and someone to the left of him whom I couldn't really see because he/she was blocked partially by the wall there, or maybe her/his face was just vague in this dream. The chubby guy I can remember clearly, although he was not someone I recognized. Bob, Charles and I ordered a lot of food because we were so hungry so it took the cooks a long time to prepare it. Other people came up and ordered after us and got their meals before we did and it started to piss me off. Part of our meal was a cheeseburger, which the cook sat up under the heat lamps until the rest of the food was ready. There was also some other part of our meal that was next to the cheeseburger but I can't remember what it was. The food was on plates, like in a restaurant, instead of the usual McDonald's paper wrapping. At one point the chubby cook lifted the top bun on the cheeseburger as if looking to make sure that it was what he thought he was, like he was checking to make sure he was getting our order right. He then placed the bun back down on the burger upside down, so the top part of the bun sat in the ketchup that was on top of the meat. He made an expression like "Hoo boy" as if he was busy and was stressing out as he looked up to the left at what appeared to be one of those metal wheels that waitresses attach their tickets to and twirl around. There were these two guys that came in and stood in the lobby and they seemed like rough redneck type of fellows. I can't remember their faces, but they were dressed in grubby clothes and probably had beards or rough faces. They were looking for trouble and one of them made a comment about their truck outside. I don't know what the comment was, but it was fight-provoking. Charles, being the peace-making guy that he is, approached the two guys and suddenly Charles had Cory and Derick with him. He started talking to one of the guys, asking him something about his truck, I guess to make it look like he was interested and therefore, there was no reason to fight.
"You've got a new truck?" he asks one of the guys and they tell him yes.
"Can we see it?" Charles asks and they tell him yes. Charles then looks down at his kids and says something like, "You want to go see a truck?" It was weird, the kind of thing Charles might do, but I doubt it. When these guys talked, there was something about their voices that was different, like they had a southern accent or acted strangely when they talked. Bob made a comment about it to me (out of earshot of them of course), saying something like, "Did you hear those guys voices?" or some derogatory remark about their voices, or the way they were in general.
I was driving in a car with Miranda Wall. I was driving and she was in the passenger seat. We were on Interstate 5, going North by the Tacoma Dome. She told me that if I looked behind me I could see the house where someone lived, I think the house of Megan that works at where I do now. I turned around and saw a house about a mile away sitting on the opposite shore of a body of water, probably Puget Sound. There were other things in the way of the view of the house like freeway overpasses and construction cranes. The house was large, a two story house with large square windows in the front and a flat roof. The house was white and was probably about three thousand square feet. I think I mentioned to Miranda that I had never seen the house before and she made some comment like, "Oh yeah you're not up during the day" or "Oh yeah I forgot you're a night person", meaning that I work graveyard shift and don't get to see as much of what is going on because I'm asleep during the day.

February 12, 1994

I was in a forest, late at night. I think I may have parachuted down into the forest, although I don't specifically remember jumping out of an airplane. I do remember seeing the parachute as it dangled from a tree after it landed. I may have been in the parachute when I was looking at it, but I'm not sure. There was also something else, perhaps another parachute dangling from another tree, to the left and a little higher than the one I was in. I stared at these parachutes and it was strange because my eyes were focused on the parachutes, and everything behind them; the woods and forest, was out of focus, but the two dangling parachutes were crystal clear. It looked like something you would see on TV when they wanted you to see one thing but not the other. The next thing I remember is being at the bottom of a gully in this forest and looking up at some light that was coming from something that was up above on the hill, but I couldn't tell what it was. It was white light and it reminded me of something that was attached to a vehicle, a flying saucer, or some other piece of machinery. I may have been with someone else and had some conversation with them, something about how if the light got closer then I would have to hide because I didn't want to be seen. However, the light that did filter down into the gully where I was already illuminated the woods up pretty well, making me visible to anyone that looked my way. Suddenly the light, or a different light, appeared over the hill and was coming in my direction. I couldn't really tell what the light was attached to but I could see, as I was running away deeper into the woods to get away, that it looked like at least one big flood light. It was attached to some type of moving vehicle. I don't know what the vehicle was or who could have been driving it or why I had to get away, I knew that I only had to hide from this thing. The light made the woods brighter and brighter and as the lights were on the top of the hill and in plain view, the forest was lit up immensely, making it impossible for me to hide I tried ducking behind trees every now and then as I ran deeper into the woods, but I was still visible, clear as day. I wished that I would have tried to get away sooner and I guess I was surprised at how quickly the light illuminated the woods and made it impossible for me to hide.

February 19, 1994

I dreamt that William could talk, not like an adult, but like a baby does when first making whole words and being able to be understood. I can't remember the first phrases he was trying to say, something like "How are you" or "Hi" or something like that. I'm pretty sure Lisa was there with me. Lisa and I would say something to William like, "Can you say How are you?" and he would say back (sounding like a baby) "How are you?" His voice sounded so much like a little kids voice that I said, "Can you say 'There's an airplane up in the sky'?", wondering how close he would sound to the Pink Floyd song Blue Sky. I think this phrase was a little too long for him so I said it in two parts. First I said "Can you say 'There's an airplane'?" and William would repeat back "There's an airplane" and then I finished "Up in the sky" and William replied "Up in the sky". It was pretty cool.

February 20, 1994

I was at the place where I used to work and I was thirstier than shit. The layout of the building was different than what I remember and there were rooms that were not there before, but it was still work. I spent the entire dream trying to quench my thirst but no matter how much I drank, the thirst wouldn't go away. I remember being at a drinking fountain by an area that was totally unfamiliar to me. It was by what I guess was the end of the hallway and near some type of work area. I put water into my hand by cupping it and holding the water in it like that, then drinking from it that way. I drank handful after handful but my thirst was as strong as it ever had been. I contributed this to the fact that I couldn't get enough water in my hand to quench my thirst. There was a moment when I sat down at a counter or work area by the wall to the right of the fountain, and I guess this is where I worked at, like it was my area or desk or whatever. There was some newspaper on the ground next to the wall by my left foot. Jake Badforen was there talking to me and I think he may have wanted the newspaper or something like that. Something happened, I'm not sure what, but Jake hurt his left foot real bad. I think I may have hit it or scraped it maybe when reaching for the newspaper, but I do know that it was a soft hit, like it shouldn't have hurt as much as it appeared to hurt him. I think I expressed my apologies for having hurt him. He reached down, grimacing between his teeth, and clutched his left ankle, just above his heel. I remember seeing his gray-socked foot protruding out beyond the heel of his brown loafers as he grabbed his ankle. There was another time when I was trying to quench my thirst, up by the front office area which looked more familiar. I think I had a cup and was going to use it to put water in from the bathroom to drink from, feeling that this would surely quench my thirst. I don't remember ever going in the bathroom and drinking, but I'm sure I did drink some more water and my thirst still wasn't quenched. I remember a room that was a bathroom, maybe in the front office area, but I hadn't noticed it when I used to work there. It was in an area where the upstairs bathroom was, by engineering.
When I woke from this dream, I felt very thirsty. I went to the kitchen and drank a lot of water. It was more water than I actually needed and I bloated myself, but it was hard to shake the feeling of still being thirsty no matter how much water I drank.

February 27, 1994

I was at a place, I'm not sure where it was or what I was doing there, but I was with Lisa. A lot of stuff happened but all I recall is the last part of this dream. We were walking along a driveway that reminded me of the driveway out at Tanwax Lake where mom and dad used to live. I was walking along down the driveway and got to the part where the bedroom for Dexter, Ron and Stephan was, but it was sunken in the ground and we were suddenly walking on or near the roof, which was level with the ground. Lisa and I had to leave this place for some reason, but I don't know why. We were thinking of walking up the driveway but off to our left, kind of where the basketball hoop used to be. Standing there was a group of guys in their late twenties that looked like hippies. I was thinking for some reason that they would cause some sort of trouble so I told Lisa we should go the other way, down the driveway away from them instead of up. I think we encountered this group of people earlier and they were friendly, but I didn't want to take any chances this time so we went the other way. We walked on/around the roof and started going down to the left which descended onto another area. This reminded me of the deck at Prognor and Delores Hangarís place. Suddenly we were walking along some boulders that overlooked a cliff and then Lisa suddenly wasn't Lisa anymore - she was now Sarah These boulders were among some posts that supported some type of huge structure, maybe a power line supporter or something, but I never really looked up to see what huge structure, if any, these giant, square dark-wood posts belonged to. Sarah was climbing out on to the rocks ahead of me, and I was starting to get worried, terrified actually. She was only feet away from falling off the rocks and to about a three hundred foot drop beyond. I was extremely terrified, wondering if Sarah was going to slip and fall. The feeling I had of what it would be like to lose my little girl was incredibly horrible. I yelled at her to come back towards me and to get away from the edge. She giggled, thinking she was being cute by keeping out of my reach and I was sure I was going to lose her. Then she realized I meant business and I managed to grab a hold of her. I lifted her to a post that protruded from the boulders farther away from the cliff and told her to hang on. She clung tightly to it until I got to her and then I grabbed her and, realizing we were a safe distance away from the edge, I spanked her butt real good, yelling at her not to ever do that again, that she could have been killed. We finally made it off the boulders and onto steady ground.
I then woke up because Sarah had come into my bedroom to wake me up. I grabbed hold of her and told her about my dream and how bad it made me feel and how much I love her and how I never wanted anything to happen to her. She held me and said, "But I didn't do that daddy" and I told I knew she didn't, that it was just a dream, but that I really love her and would be devastated if she left me.

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