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February 1995

Feb 7 - Feb 9 - Feb 11 - Feb 12 - Feb 15 - Feb 22 - Feb 25 - Feb 28

February 7, 1995

I was with either Charles or Ron (probably Charles) and we were in my MPV and driving to Crystal Mountain to go skiing. When we first got there, I parked in a space that was close by the lifts and the main building where you get your lift tickets and can get food and such. Although the dream told me I was at Crystal, this building resembled the main building at Ski Acres. I think there were a few other vehicles in this area and some empty slots between me and them, like it was an actual parking lot with designated spaces for autos to park. I can't recall what we actually did in this particular area, but I think we got our skis and other equipment we needed to hit the slopes. I remember seeing some people walking away from us, like they were on their way to a ski lift or maybe they were entering the main building there. I don't remember any of them except for one, and that one was Tina Spanks. She was walking away from us and I think she may have turned around to look at us because someone near me may have called her name. Anyway, Charles and I felt the need to not park where we were, as if parking there wasn't allowed, or it was for employees only, or we just wanted to park on one of the upper lots instead which doesn't make sense, because where I was parked now was a great spot and close to everything, but whatever. The next thing I recall is driving again in my mini-van and driving along a road, but I had no idea where to go to get to the upper parking lot. There was a pickup truck behind me and I think it was following me, or at least it was going to the upper parking lot as well. That being the case, I wished it was in front of me so I could follow it because I didn't know where I was going. I came to a fork in the road and since I didn't know which way to go, I took the left hand road instead of the right. The truck behind me kept following me so this made me feel like I had chosen the correct road. I think the truck behind me had its lights on and may have been tailgating me the entire time, which only made me more nervous. The next thing I recall is parking the mini-van in front of a restaurant. I parked on a dark asphalt sidewalk-like space between the restaurant front door and the street, the street being on the left. Charles and I were in the restaurant, but I don't know why we were in there - it wasn't because we wanted to eat anything. We were roaming around like we were looking for something, maybe the upper parking lot that we were searching for. The restaurant building was a couple stories high. I recall walking towards a skinny, steep staircase or ladder in the left hand corner of a room in the restaurant that could have been the kitchen. Charles and I ascended these steps and then began roaming around the upper story. There was a lot of activity going on around us but I don't remember anyone or what was happening, probably just a lot of employees rushing this way and that and serving customers. After a while, Charles and I wanted to go back down to the first floor but we couldn't find the steps leading down. Finally we found them and realized we walked past them a few times while looking for them. They were kind of out of the way and not easily visible. At the top, the steps appeared to wind around and spiral downward, and even though I know we did descend them, I can't remember doing it. Finally we were outside again, trying to figure out where the upper parking lot to Ski Acres was. Either Charles or myself ended up asking this young boy who was about eight or nine years old. He was standing by the side of the road in an area that looked like the fork in the road I had driven on earlier. The boy had short, crewcut black hair and was wearing a striped shirt that looked too tight on him, the bottom of it showing the part of his belly above the waistband of the shorts he was wearing. He was kind of pudgy also, and sort of reminded me of my neighbor, Zeke, when he was younger. Anyway, we asked him where Crystal was because apparently we had become so lost that we no longer even knew where Crystal Mountain was. The boy said that we needed to go down the road to our right and take a right on the first street we came to. I looked down that way and saw the street he was referring to, which was seventy feet away. It seemed really easy and I wondered why I couldn't have figured it out myself.

February 9, 1995

I remember having to find a place to try on a pair of pants or shorts. I may have been at a clothing store but I don't know which one. I was walking around and one time I remember seeing some restrooms. There were two doors, one with the woman figurine on it that you always see on women bathroom doors, and the other door had the man figurine. I walked into one of the bathrooms and I noticed nothing but women in there, so I left. I don't think I was really noticed. I continued walking around and came to an area that kind of looked like the lobby of a fancy hotel or theater. The colors kind of reminded me of the Tacoma Mall Theater lobby. I remember seeing dark orangeish-brown or red plush carpet and several men standing around. There was an extravagant wall that may have had a mirror on it directly in front of me as I walked into this place. There may have been doors on this wall leading into other rooms. The men were dressed up in tuxedos. There was a railing, the kind that rope you off in bank lines or theater lines, separating this area from the place where I had just came from, wherever the hell that was. I don't know why I thought that this was where I should change and try on the pants or shorts I was carrying, but I did. I started taking my pants off and soon I was naked from the waist down. I remember thinking that I couldn't believe I was actually naked like this around these people and I wasn't even dreaming (when actually I was!). The next thing I recall is wearing a pair of shorts that seemed too tight. They were probably the shorts I had been carrying all along and had been wanting to try on. They were made out of a silky material and were probably yellow or some other light color. As I tried them on and wore them for a little while, they began to rip at the seam along the waistband. They ripped when I reached back to either put something in a back pocket there or to just touch that part of the shorts.

February 11, 1995

I was a police officer, and was a pretty cool one. I did a lot of stuff, but I can only remember speaking with some people in a trailer that was at the trailer zone area on top of South Hill where I used to live with Charles and Prater. I can't remember who the people were, but it was a woman (who kind of reminded me of Rosanna Arquette as she looked in the movie Pulp Fiction) and some guy who I can't remember at all. I had been summoned to their place, but I can't remember what I was there for. I remember asking the man and woman some questions. One of the answers they gave me had to do with them getting the munchies so I asked them if they had been smoking marijuana. The woman smiled kind of sheepishly, but she did say that she had. Being the cool cop that I was, I acted like it was okay because them smoking pot was not the reason I was there. I also remember being outside, as if I was walking towards my car in the parking lot (which resembled the parking lot at the trailer zone). I don't know exactly what type of car it was, but it resembled an Olds Cutlass and was maybe burgundy. It was facing away from me as I approached it and I was about fifteen feet away. I don't remember reaching it.

February 12, 1995

I was an astronaut in space. I think I was wearing an astronaut suit. I was with someone else, but I don't know who that was. We were crawling around a big cage-like thing, and were hanging on like if we let go, then we would go flying off into space. This thing we were on kept rotating, so we had to adjust our grip in different places to keep hanging on. There were sections of this cage thing that reminded me of the clothes thing that Lisa lays her no-dryable laundry on in the bathtub to dry. These sections of this space box thing were made of metal and had carpet covering most of them. One time we were just hanging out when suddenly the cage shifted unexpectedly and I had to grab hold of something quick. I grabbed hold of a piece of carpet on the end of one of the sections and managed to keep myself in place, but it felt scary for a second, feeling like I was losing my grip and could have been sent sailing off into space. After that, I realized the importance of keeping a good grip at all times, and I made it a point to keep a hold of the actual metal bars on the different sections instead of just the carpet. I noticed the ends of two of these metal bars. They had connectors on them that would connect to the end of two other metal bars. The connectors reminded me of the kind that connect the metal rods together on the awning I have in my shed, only the ones in my dream seemed smaller and were hinged, moving up and down when I moved them. The whole time I(we) were in space, I felt like I wasn't able to talk, as if because there was no gravity then I was not capable of speech. Then, the guy I was with and myself heard noises coming from behind a wall of some type to my right. We peeked over the edge of the wall and saw several children swinging on some swings. I don't remember seeing the actual swingset, but I do recall a girl swinging back and forth next to the wall on a swing with a long chain, about twenty feet long. The child, a girl, was laughing and may have also been talking with another child who was also playing, but I don't know what the other child was doing exactly. Seeing them made my friend and I wonder why we thought we couldn't talk when here were these kids talking and laughing. It made us think that we could have talked the whole time but we just never tried.

February 15, 1995

I was at the day care my kids go to and was looking at a calendar that Fran had laid out for parents to look at. On the calendar was payment information. The calendar was a single sheet of paper and the days were handwritten, like someone had taken a ruler and divided up the days of the week and such. The calendar looked like it could have been a photocopy instead of the original. There was writing on some of the days that corresponded to when I needed to make my payments. The month was February and Fran indicated that I needed to make five payments instead of just the regular four weekly payments. I asked her why I had to make five because that didn't make any sense. Her reasoning had something to do with because it was a short month and that was why. I never did get a satisfactory answer for why I had to pay a fifth payment.
I was at home. I was in the living room and I think Lisa was there somewhere as well. The drapes were shut but we could tell that someone was walking up to the front door. I'm not sure how I could see her, maybe there were cracks between the blinds and the windows, I don't know. The person was a woman in her early forties. She reminded me of the Jehovah Witness who came to my door a couple weeks ago. She had almost shoulder length blonde hair and glasses and wore a dress. I was by the couch in the living room and had reached over to the blinds and pulled a few of them back so I could get a look outside. The woman was on the deck outside and was walking over to that side of the deck but before she got to the blinds, I let go so she couldn't see inside the house. She then turned around and started walking back along the deck towards the front door. I had my hand on the light switch and as soon as she rounded the corner on the deck by the front of the house and faced north towards Peewee's house, I flipped the switch so the light by the barbecue went on. Apparently I didn't want her to see the light turn on because if she did then she would know I was in the house. I remember seeing the light come on outside. When the woman approached the front door, I could see a crack between the door and the door jam so I could barely see outside. That meant that the woman might possibly be able to see inside so I crouched behind Sarah’s Minnie Mouse chair in the hallway by the bathroom like I was trying to hide or something. The woman knocked on the door, just two short, weak raps. Neither Lisa or I wanted to answer the door so we didn't. The woman didn't knock again and I kept waiting for her to walk off the porch and leave, but I didn't hear any footsteps doing that. Occasionally I would hear one or two steps, like the woman stepped to one side or the other, but never a succession of steps that would suggest she was walking away. The next thing I recall is being outside, standing on the deck. I was standing on the area by the barbecue. My deck was different. It ended right there by the barbecue and didn't go further to the front of the house like it does now. I was standing there smoking a cigarette when a pretty young woman with long blonde hair walked up to me. She kind of reminded me of Petunia Synth. She was on the lawn so I had to look down at her to talk to her. She was asking about her friend who may have been at my house earlier, and I think she was referring to the Jehovah Witness woman that had been at my front door earlier in this dream. I can't remember how our conversation went, but I think this girl I was speaking to now wanted to sell something or she was also a religious freak or something. I gave her some information and she thanked me, or said she was sorry about something, to which I replied, "No problem at all" or something like that. When I said those words, I felt like I had trouble speaking. The word "problem" came out stuttered, like it was jumbled, and I thought she was going to ask what I said, but she didn't. Apparently done with our conversation, the Petunia-like woman began walking away. I stood there, continuing to smoke my cigarette because I wanted her and I to catch eye contact again. She walked to the left around the front of the house and out of sight, only to come walking back out into view again just seconds later. With her was another young woman who had long brown hair. I didn't recognize her at all, but I never did get a good look at her face. Apparently she had been waiting for the blonde girl at the front of the house and now that we had finished talking, the two could walk away, like on to the next house or something. I had the feeling that maybe this brunette was who the blond was asking about, or maybe she was the blonde Jehovah Witness woman at the beginning of the dream. It was something like that. The blonde Petunia-like woman and the brunette never did turn around to look at me again, although I continued to stare at them as they walked away. The fence in my front yard was different as well. It went to the right hand corner to where that dogwood or whatever it is is planted, then it stopped - there was no fence to the right of my yard. The two woman walked from left to right so they could walk around the end of the fence and out on to the street. Once there, they walked to the left, down the street towards Peewee’s place. They were talking about stuff as they walked, but I don't know what. As they walked away, the blonde reached behind her and grabbed her hair with both her hands and made a pony tail with it and continued holding it that way until her and her friend were both out of sight.

February 22, 1995

I was in a department store of some kind with Cindy Breck. The store didn't look familiar, but it was a K-Mart type store. For some reason, I had to buy dog food (for what dog I have no idea). We walked around the store and I had grabbed hold of some dog food, although I don't remember actually carrying any dog food. The next thing I remember is standing up at the front of the store and going through a checkout line. The checkout line was like the kind in a small corner store - just a glass counter by the cash register - not the kind where people filed single file through a check stand aisle. There was a checker there, which I think was a woman, then there was a box boy who was young, early twenties or late teens. The dog food I had gotten was in a large fifty pound bag and when they rang it up at the checkout, I realized that they had rung it up among a bunch of other groceries, which I wasn't paying for. Maybe they were Cindy's, but whatever the case, I had to tell the checker and box boy that the dog food was separate from the rest of the groceries. I asked how much the dog food costs so I could pay for it separately, and the box boy got all bent out of shape. He made a comment like, "Oh no! I'm not going to reveal to you the price of any of our groceries..." or something like that. Apparently he considered the price of the dog food a very big secret and there was no way in hell he was going to tell me. I then walked off to the right of the check stand area to talk to someone about this dilemma, but I don't remember who it was or what was said.

February 25, 1995

I was at a trailer park of some sort. I was with a group of guys, about five of us total, but I don't remember who any of them were. This is all very vague, but what sticks out is that our little group of guys murdered some people in a different RV. We had our own RV, but we went into this other one that was about ten or so spots away, and killed all the people inside. I don't remember the people or the actual killing we did, but I remember someone having a shotgun and I know all the murders were done with guns. I remember a lot of blood splattered all over the place. I think we just shot the people for the hell of it. We didn't know them and had no motives. I felt I was pretty involved in this murder, meaning that I had actually shot someone. There was a lapse of time and then we decided to kill some people in another RV. At this point I was starting to realize what a bad thing this was, so I tried not to get involved with the second killing. As the others went about killing and shooting the people in a second RV, one that was just a few spots away from our own RV, I distanced myself from the action. I think I may have still been inside the RV when the people in it were killed, but I stood off to one side and did not shoot anyone, although I realized that if the cops ever did catch us that I would still be as guilty as the rest of the gang. Of the gang, I really only remember one member. He was a guy about my age, but that was about all I can remember of him. He may have been the one carrying the shotgun and he was gung-ho as hell about doing all this killing. We didn't kill anyone else after the second RV, and we realized that it was time to get the hell away from this place before we got caught. I was concerned that people would be reporting gunshots when we were killing, but we really didn't seem too concerned about anything, not being careful and just being loud. As we were back in our own RV and were getting ready to go, we realized the cops had been called. There was some preparation we had to do before we could take off, such as to get things in order inside the van, and I was afraid we would get caught because the cops had arrived at the trailer park. I looked out the back of our RV and saw some police congregating by the second RV we shot up. This told me that they had already been to the first RV and were now closer to us, at the second RV. There was something about putting down a type of barrier inside our RV in front of the driver's area by the front window. This barrier looked like a couch and was put into position over someone sitting there like a bar on a ski lift. I didn't see who the someone was that was sitting there, but from the back he looked like Mah Fortinchi. I could just see the back of his head as he was sitting down in an area like a cockpit or something by the front window, in front of the driver's seat. Someone asked if he was situated okay and he indicated that it was all right how the couch barrier was, that we could drive away despite it being like that. We started to drive off and I was surprised that the cops were letting anyone drive away from this trailer park. It was a close call and I felt we would definitely get away. We pulled out of the RV park and started to merge onto the highway. It was pretty crowded and I remember looking at the traffic to our left as we drove closer to the highway while on the on-ramp. The road, as well as where we were, was a wooded area, looking kind of like the roads as you drive up Mountain Rainier.

February 28, 1995

I was with Jethro and a group of other people who were probably all men. We were going to go bungee jumping, at least Jethro and I were. We all walked across a field and I think there was a guide with us, some man whom I don't recognize. He was in charge of setting up the bungee event. Finally we reached an area in the field where there was a small mountain or cliff to the left of me. Above us here was a network of wires of some sort that crisscrossed in the sky, at least a quarter of a mile up, and this was where we were supposed to jump from when we bungied. The wires were black and ran along in groups of about four that were close together. These intersected with other avenues of similar groups of wires at about every one hundred feet or so. I'm not sure what they were connected to, probably the mountain (or cliff). It looked really high in the air and I remember being scared to death to think that I was actually going to jump off something that high. There were some harnesses that Jethro and I had to put on, kind of like parachute vests. These vests connected us to the wires that we would dangle from as we jumped. The vests consisted of white, vinyl-like straps that slung over our shoulders like suspenders. As I was trying on these straps, I noticed a long slide of some sort to the right of me. I think it was made of wood and was about six feet wide and had sides on it like a trough. The slide came from the cliff to the left and suddenly someone came sliding down it on their stomach. The slide was fifty to a hundred feet long and had water cascading down it as well, probably to act as a lubricant so a person could whip along faster. The person on the slide, some guy I don't know, slid down on his stomach and flew off the end at a great speed. He looked like Superman as he flew past us and to the right, where he eventually ended up in a small lake or pond, about twenty feet from shore. I didn't notice the water until then. The guy landed with a splash but I was more interested in the body of water itself. It was surrounded by tall grass, making it look like a swamp, and the water was very clear. As I walked towards it, I could see shapes of stuff below the surface that were probably rocks and stuff on the bottom. The water looked waist deep. The feeling was that this area where we all were was a recreation type area where people go to bungee jump, and slide off these water slides, and maybe do other things. I looked at the cliff and saw Jethro was on the side of it, on a landing of some sort. Apparently he had volunteered to bungee jump first, which was fine because I was still apprehensive about going at all. Jethro was messing with a wooden bridge of some sort. It was three feet wide and had edges on it two feet high. It was made of dark wood, not real dark, but darker than average. This bridge was where Jethro was going to jump from (I don't know what happened to the wires in the sky). The bridge was in sections that were hinged together, each section about six feet long, and Jethro had to unfold the bridge as he walked along it so he could get out to a spot that was okay to jump from. The bridge was very uneven, curving up and down like waves on an ocean, the peak of each wave about four feet apart. The bridge was thirty feet in the air.

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