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February 1996

Feb 3 - Feb 6 - Feb 9 - Feb 28

February 3, 1996

I was with a guy, and I can't remember exactly what we were doing, but it involved being with a bad guy, like a criminal of some kind. I had the feeling that we were supposed to be watching over him and taking him into custody. The three of us were at a place, which I think was a parking lot or something similar. The partner I had was alone with the criminal. My partner had fallen asleep by a van that was parked against a tall chain link fence, its back fender against the fence. The criminal saw this as a chance to get away. He grabbed a pair of pliers and clamped them open and close to assure they worked, then he reached under the sleeping bag or blanket that was covering my partner. He then did something to my partner with the pliers, but since it was under the covers, I couldnít tell exactly what, but I know it was something like cut him open or tear a hole in him or something. After this, the criminal ran away. My partner was awake now, having been attacked. Blood started flowing out from underneath the sleeping bag, and soon some of his guts flowed out as well. The guts that came out initially were chunky, baseball-sized globs of dark bluish things, like kidneys or gall-bladders or something like that. My partner was horrified as to what had happened to him. He grabbed the globs of things in his hand and put them up to his face as if to inspect them to convince himself that yes, these really are my guts. The body parts were steaming, having just exited the warmth of a body. He put them to his lips and took one small lick of one of the pieces. I had the feeling that the piece tasted salty, and apparently this was the proof he needed to convince himself that these really were his guts. After licking the steaming guts, my partner started screaming in horror again, closing his eyes in disbelief. He got up and started running around, apparently trying to get somewhere where he could get some help or something. As he ran, his intestines started coming out and I had the feeling that if he could keep those in, then he would be OK, but they seemed to be coming out more rapidly and I wasn't sure he would make it. He ran to a different area of the parking lot where there were no vehicles parked. He was scrambling around in front of the tall chain link fence and as he twisted about, a large piece of his insides came out. It was yellow and had black stripes on it, and it resembled a giraffe. It slid out of his body and became completely unattached from his insides. This wasn't his intestines so I though that even though it was a large piece of his guts, he would still be able to survive as long as he held his intestines in. He ran away from this area, leaving the large yellow and black slimy, glistening piece of his innards behind. The body part, whatever it was, had a life of its own, like a chicken with its head cut off that still flopped around and refused to lie still. The organ took on the shape and size of a large pig, about three feet tall and five feet long, and started crashing against the fence while making grunting, squealing noises just like a pig would. There were parts of it that looked like legs and these pushed itself again and again into the fence.

February 6, 1996

I was doing something with a cat or maybe two cats, but I donít know what. One of them was Plato. At the end of the dream , I was driving along a road somewhere, next to a wooded area like on a road on Mountain Rainier perhaps, and I passed two cats lying on the side of the road. One of them was a light-colored cat, but the other one was Plato. I was glad to see that he was solid and healthy and big. He was stretching out alongside the road and I may have picked him up and cradled him in my arms like I always used to do.

February 9, 1996

I was in my bedroom looking out the glass doors at the lawn. Someone else may have been with me, like Sarah or Lisa, but I can't say for sure. It was night time or at dusk when it wasn't really dark, but damned close. I saw some type of animals walking around the back yard. At first I thought they were deer, but then I got a better look at them and I realized they were wolves, or coyotes. There were three of them total and they were about two feet tall and three feet long. One of them was fifteen feet off into the yard and was walking to the right in the darkness. It was hard to make out their features, that's why I thought they might be deer at first. One of the wolves came up onto the deck and I was concerned that it might try to get inside the house because the glass door was open. I pushed shut the glass door but the wolf was able to stick its snout and part of its face between the glass door and the door jam, preventing me from shutting the door. It snarled at me, baring its teeth, and I knew that if I let it in then it would probably attack me. To the left of the yard, about fifteen feet out along the fence, was a tree, like the kind that's on the right side of the yard, only in this dream it was on the left side. There were three animals lying underneath the tree and although it was dark, I could make out their shapes. They were larger sized than the wolves and I realized that these were indeed deer. One of them had antlers on its head, about four points per antler.

February 28, 1996

I was at a theater, like the old one downtown. Bob, Charles and some other band members were on the stage, ready to play for the audience. As they started their first song, it started kind of sloppily - I think that Charles started singing before everyone else, but then the entire band kicked in and the song actually sounded pretty good, although I can't remember the song or if I even knew it at all. I think Holly was singing with them too. About a third of the way into the song, some guy appeared and told the band to stop playing for some reason. Charles and Bob's band stopped playing, right after a part when someone sang a part that echoed over and over, I donít think they were actual words, but they echoed over and over. After the band stopped playing, the man that stopped them, who was probably the owner of the building or someone in charge of the place, introduced the singer Meat Loaf to sing a song instead. Meat Loaf appeared from the left hand side of the stage by some curtains, and he held a guitar. Because Meat Loaf was a celebrity and Bob and Charles's band weren't, the man felt a need to stop the music to let this star sing his stuff. I thought it was kind of rude and I'm sure everyone else did, too. I remember Meat Loaf approaching a chair which he was going to sit down in and sing for everyone, but I donít remember him actually sitting or singing. The next thing I recall is playing the bass with Bob and Charles's band. Riley, their other bass player, played the bass also. He was behind me on the stage. I think I was playing that Ovation bass that I used to have. When the song was over, I took off the bass and said something to Riley about thanks for letting me play, and what a nice guitar he has, or something like that. I then walked away and I guess I had to go to the bathroom. Outside in the lobby, on the right hand side as you walk in, there was a rickety wooden ladder type of thing that had to be climbed to get to the bathrooms. The rungs were made of wood, were about four inches wide, a half inch thick, and were spaced about a foot and a half apart. One of the rungs, about the second or third from the top, wasn't nailed in very well and the left hand side of it came loose and hung there as I tried to climb. At the top of this ladder was the bathroom. The door was short and you could look over the top of it. I did that and saw two women in the bathroom. The bathroom was small, about the size of an outhouse, and I saw no sign of toilets, sinks, or anything else you would find in a bathroom. There was just the floor, and these two women were lying on it. The first woman, sitting against the wall to the left, looked about fifty years old and had made-up grayish hair that hung down around her shoulders. The other woman was sitting near the wall to the right. She was younger, about twenty-five, and had long straight brown hair. I think she was wearing a light-colored dress. Not knowing I was looking at them, the two women were talking, but I donít know about what. The next thing I recall is going back down the ladder and was about to go back into the theater when suddenly Molva Tucker walked out of the curtains that were drawn there. She may have been holding some popcorn or some other theater snack. Her head was turned like she was talking to someone that was inside the theater and was laughing, just finishing up a sentence. She said something like, "Yeah I hope he gets it!" She was referring to me when she said this. Apparently she wanted me to get in trouble for something but I donít know what. Molva looked at me and stopped laughing right away, just how people always do when they make sudden, unexpected eye contact. I walked into the theater. The back row or two was where the people sat that I was with, but there didnít seem to be any seats available in these rows. Lisa sat at the end of one row. I said something like, "Boy that woman at the counter was pretty rude," referring to the woman at the snack bar, although I donít recall getting anything from the snack bar. I had a large tub of popcorn in my hands but I don't know where or when I got it. Not finding a seat next to Lisa, I walked to the other side of the rows and sat at the edge, away from everyone else. For some reason I pretended to be distant, like something was wrong, and that was why I sat away from everyone else. I think that someone was trying to tell me that there was a seat open next to Lisa and to come over there, but instead I looked for a seat elsewhere, still pretending that I was secretly mad at my friends (why, I donít know). I looked to the left side of the theater and there were a couple seats open by some guys who looked like they were gang members, dressed in dark or black clothes and they had black, greasy hair. I walked over to them. One of the guys was sitting in front of the row I picked to sit in and the other was sitting in the row behind. The one in the behind row had his legs up over the seats so I had to maneuver myself around his legs so I could sit against the wall. As I sat there, I think I may have offered some of my popcorn to these guys and we eventually ate it down to less than half a tub. The one guy that sat in front of me was talking about a handgun he hand, a .25 caliber I think. He was saying something about how he could hit a bullís-eye with it, but only if he held it at close range to something. I pictured a circle about the diameter of a pencil drawn on somebody's forehead, and how the guy would be able to shoot inside that circle consistently if his gun was right up against the forehead.

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