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February 1999

Feb 18 - Feb 22 - Feb 26

February 18, 1999

I was in some woods on the top of a house which was probably a log cabin. I was planning to build a trough of some kind on the top of the house at the top of the roof to a few feet down the slanted side. This trough was going to be a bathtub and for some reason I felt the need to build this so I could take a bath in it with May Sendal, Barry Whipen's mom. I envisioned how the tub would look after making it; the bottom being V-shaped because of the slope of the roof. The next thing I recall is being on the ground and digging through the dirt with my bare hands for some nails so I could build the tub/trough thing on top of the house and fill it with water to take a bath.
I was with a group of guys who were all vampires, and I guess I was too. There was one guy there whose name was John, who does not resemble anyone I know. Johnís body was in a wooden trough full of some kind of substance, a liquid or something similar. Johnís body was decaying in this trough, which meant that he was dead. This also led me to feel that I, as well as the other guys with me, was wanted for the murder of John. To hide the evidence we all got the great idea to blow the building up, thus concealing anything incriminating. There was another building somewhere where I envisioned some FBI agents walking around and they were assigned to the task of trying to figure out who killed John. I needed to escape this scene, so I found myself on a bus which was going to leave the area. On the bus with me was Chong Tui and he was talking about getting me a job at the place where he works. I was telling Chong that in order for me to take such a position, that I would have to make twice as much money as I was now. I guess this bus I was on was heading towards the place where Chong works in Oregon and because of the FBI running around, I had to get out of the state now and I couldnít say good-by to Lisa or my kids. This depressed me but there was no other way out of this and I couldnít take the chance on getting nabbed, so I just had to go. I vaguely remember a scene where I was crawling underneath a house. I remember the dusty beams close above my head and the dirt underneath me as I scooted along in these cramped quarters. There were UV lights stationed at certain locations in this area under the house. These lights were able to kill me because they were like sunlight and I was a vampire.

February 22, 1999

I was riding on a ten-speed bicycle along Meridian Avenue. There was something wrong with the bike, like the brakes didnít work or there was a flat tire or something like that. William was riding on the back of the bike and I had to keep reminding him to hold tightly on to me so he wouldnít fall off. This kind of upset me because he would continuously let go and I would have to keep reminding him to wrap his arms around me. I was riding along the street, not on the shoulder, and I came to a stop light at the intersection of 144th Street and Meridian. I was traveling north. The light was red and I tried stopping the bike but it was hard, so I think I had to put my feet out and grind my tennis shoes on the ground to prevent the bike from running the light.

February 26, 1999

I was going to interview at L-MASS. I was talking with Bob first in a room that may have been his office and there may have been another employee there with us. I cracked some kind of joke and made Bob and this other person laugh and I felt really relaxed. Bob mentioned to me that I would be able to recognize the guy who was going to interview me because he bit his nails real short. The next thing I recall is seeing this man who was to interview me. He walked into the room and the mood was suddenly more serious, but I could tell that this guy was still cool. He was short and had straight black hair that went down to his shoulders. His face kind of reminded me of Jonathan Smiles. He walked in and asked who had told the joke and I mentioned that I had. He may have commented something like, "Oh youíre a joker are you?" and I was worried if that would hurt my chances of getting employed there. I looked at the nails on one of his hands and they were not the stubby, chewed things that Bob said he would have. They were short, but there was a thin slice of white which showed they werenít chewed on at all. The next part is confusing, but I think I may have still been at L-MASS interviewing. There was something to do with me playing the guitar, maybe with Bob. There were some girls there, one of who reminded me of Lolita Bothel, a girl I knew from high school. I felt like I was actually back in high school at that point. Lolita and this other girl thought I was really cool for being a rock and roller. I remember seeing the school marching band walk about twenty feet in front of me from right to left across what could have been the sidelines of a football field. I viewed this from inside a room that had bars like prison bars running vertically in front of me. These bars were three quarters of an inch round and were rusty and were half a foot apart. I was in the room where I had been playing my guitar. I think I was wearing one of those waist belt things that help you hold in your gut to not make you look so fat. The band stopped marching to perform some maneuver. The students all turned and faced my way. They werenít looking at me, but in my direction. The drums may have been beating out a beat and to this Lolita and the girl she stood next to (the girl who was with her earlier) shouted out something in time to the drum cadence. The girl with Lolita, who was to her right (my left) said something like, "We got power in our soul" and then Lolita, not skipping a beat, said, "We got power to rock and roll." Lolita said this without looking at me but both girls knew I heard them. This wasnít part of their band script, but they said it to show me that they were really into the jamming I had done and wanted to me to know it. Lolitaís expression was kind of excited as she spit the words out. She looked just slightly down and to my left (her right) and we never made eye contact, although she knew I could see her.

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