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January 2000

Jan 2 - Jan 5 - Jan 6 - Jan 8 - Jan 12 - Jan 14 - Jan 19 - Jan 21 - Jan 30

January 2, 2000

I was in a Safeway or other grocery store walking along the aisles. The aisles were waist or chest high so I could easily see over the tops of them. I reached the end of one aisle and when I started to round the end to walk down another aisle, a black woman that looks like that gospel singer on Ally McBeal approached me from the aisle behind me. I stopped my stride as she approached. She was smiling and apparently I knew her, although it took a second for that to register. I had the feeling that she was someone I worked with and I didn't realize it until she started speaking to me. She asked something like, "So when are you going to come over?" I hesitated and then said slowly, "For what?" She then said that I was supposed to come over to her house to give her friend, or husband, or boyfriend, or whatever, a copy of my book. Apparently I told her at some earlier time that I would do such a thing but I had forgotten all about it until she reminded me. We talked about it and she indicated she wanted me to sign the book. She was being very giddy, acting as if I was someone she admired and looked up to and it was a pleasure talking to me. She told me to write something in the book to the person she wanted me to give it to. I said that I would and I started walking away. Before I took anymore steps, however, the woman returned back to me, which made me turn around to acknowledge her again. She was smiling real big, almost laughing, and she almost reminded me of Maxine Barth at that moment. She then indicated what she wanted me to write in my autograph and it was strange when she told me. She said some thing like, "Tell him . . ." and then with her next words, which I can't recall, she started singing and music suddenly started up and she sang the words in perfect timing to the suddenly-appearing music. A few seconds later I woke up and realized the music I was hearing was coming from my alarm clock. The song is one I've never heard before and I couldn't tell you what it was.

January 5, 2000

I was with Plato and we had an urge to go to the mountain. There were some people around, Cindy Breck being one of them, and I was telling everyone how Plato could beat up other cats I owned. As I traveled around I had the feeling that I was regarded as some type of handyman. I walked to a place where there was a strange contraption that was made out of flimsy metal bars or tubes that interlocked together. This was supposed to be a garage and it needed to be fixed. The thing was about as tall as me and was kind of dome-shaped, and in real life it would have been too small to be a garage nor would it have worked as one because there was no roof, just metal bars like a monkey-bar set on a playground. I approached the garage and someone showed me what was wrong with it. Apparently the door on this thing wouldn't shut. I looked and saw that one set of interlocked bars met with another. The set that hung down in front of me was the door and at the end where it met the back of the garage were some small wheels or rollers that were off its track and this was why the garage was broken. The wheels from the door had to be threaded back into the metal tracks of the back of the garage so the door would slide open and close like it was supposed to. I guess no one else could figure out how to get the wheels back into its track so I decided to give it a shot. The first thing I did was stick a screwdriver into the trunk of a tree way up high into the air, higher than anyone in the dream or myself in real life could reach, but this was a dream. I'm not sure what significance this screwdriver had but I got the feeling that sticking it into a tree was the first step in fixing the garage. Then I worked with the door. After a minute or two I managed to snap the rollers back into the track and the garage was then fixed.

January 6, 2000

I was with Langley Morph and some other people on the ski slopes and we were skiing. I looked behind Langley and the others, and some racing cars or motocross-cross-type bicycles racing along the snow. I guess it was some kind of a race and I mentioned to everyone to look at the racing cars (or bikes) that were whizzing by in the snow. The next thing I recall is being in some woods in an area that reminded of me the waterfall area just outside of Eatonville. I was at the place that was halfway down the hill from where you hiked to the top of the falls. The woods felt like that but I must have been further down because when I looked up to my left I saw the top of the waterfall, only it didn't resemble a waterfall anymore-it was now a long plywood ramp for the motocross bikes to jump off that I saw earlier in the snow. The ramp was very wide, 70 feet across, and I had the feeling that all the bikes were going to jump off the top of this ramp at once and fall to the area below. When I looked to my right through the trees to the area where the bikes would be falling to I saw people walking along the shore down there. There were white, square, cement shapes in the ground, like the defined cement squares in your basic sidewalk. There were people walking by the cement squares and the people had little round plastic tubular objects in their hands, like small hula hoops one foot in diameter. Each person or group of people would put their small plastic loops into a cement square of their choice. I saw a Japanese man who may have been with a Japanese woman and they chose one cement square that had an object protruding from the center of it and from the corner of it. These things protruding could have been rebar, you know, those solid ridged bars of metal or iron put into cement to secure it in place while it settled. The bars stuck out of the cement about half a foot and the Japanese guy placed one of his rings exactly centered over the center rebar, and directly centered over the rebar in the corner. There were circular indentations in the cement around each rebar that was made for the plastic hoops to sit onto. He was the only one to place his hoops in this way onto any of the cement squares and by doing so it meant that whatever result he was going to get by placing his loops on the square was going to be divided by 2 (squared) or 3 (cubed). I think I thought this because one loop was up and at an angle from the center loop, emulating the placement of a squared 2 or cubed 3 as it would be placed when next to a number. My attention was again drawn to the ramp up above and when I explained to Langley that I was under the impression that the ramp was for all the bikes to jump off at once, he started laughing extremely hard. He began to guffaw as his nostrils flared and wild laughter spilled from his gullet. Apparently he thought it was funny that I thought that all the bikes were going to go off the ramp at once. I got from his laughing that I was wrong, that they weren't all going to go off the ramp at once, just one at a time. Whatever the case, Langley thought this was hilarious so he continued laughing out of control. He told the other people that were with us what I thought the ramp was for and they all laughed, too. Langley's laughing was somewhat contagious so I started laughing as well. I laughed hard, not as hard as Langley, but I laughed anyway. My laughing was partially faked because I tried to laugh as hard as Langley did; I didn't feel like it but I tried to anyway. When I woke up I wondered if I had really been laughing out loud but Lisa didn't say anything so I figured I wasn't.

January 8, 2000

I was on the top floor of the tree house Charles and I had built when we in our early teens. There were some people roaming around down below on the ground and I had the feeling they were after me for some reason. There was someone with me, I'm not sure who it was but this person was someone smaller than me who I felt the need to protect from the people below (mysterious men in overcoats), so I enveloped the person's body that was with me with my own body, covering them up and practically lying on top of them as if to conceal or protect them from the men below. This is very vague, but I get the feeling that I finally confronted the people down below and the cops were present. I think I had somehow been blamed for something and the police were in the process of escorting me away.
I was with Bob Costerfenin on some very mossy, swampy ground. We may have been in a boat for the purpose of fishing in this swampy place. There were metal-wire grids on the ground about 4 feet by 4 feet square. The grids had solid half-inch-round bars lining their outer edges but thin wire, the thickness of G or B strings on a guitar, crisscrossed from side to side in three-inch intervals. These grids covered the moss and made it possible to walk across the ground. It seemed ludicrous to fish in such a place as this because although it was very wet and swampy, a lure or hook would simply rest atop the ground-there were no areas where there was just water and no moss. There were one or two areas where the square grids weren't present and I was able to walk onto the moss directly. My feet sank into the ground but only a few inches, and this was probably why the girds were there-so people could walk along the top of the moss without sinking into it, which made fishing there seem even more like a strange thing to do. When I came across the ground with no grids, Bob was behind a small tree or some thinning stick-like brush to the left of me. I looked up to him as I came across the open ground and this prompted him to come on out from behind the tree/bush he was standing behind and walk to me to see the open ground as well.

January 12, 2000

I was in a restaurant with my kids and Lisa may have been there as well. There was a waitress station beyond a counter and there was a waitress standing there that reminded me of Mainey, the cocktail waitress that used to work at mom and dad's bar downtown in the 70s. Her back was to me as she stood at this station and she was looking over her meal tickets or something. William or Sarah was standing there next to the waitress station and when Mainey (or whoever she was) stepped into the station, she gave William (or Sarah) a rough bump with her left hip, which sent William sprawling to the left. It was a harsh bump and toppled William over and it made him cry. It wasn't an accident; it appeared the waitress was perturbed there was a kid at her station so she just bumped him out of the way. I went to pick William up as he cried and then I turned to the waitress and started yelling at her, bitching at her for what she had done to my kid and just who the hell did she think she was?

January 14, 2000

I was on Mountain Rainier with someone else but I can't remember who that might be. Apparently we were murderers and we were trying to find someone to kill. We were hitchhiking along the road that traverses the backside of the mountain and goes down towards Ohanapecosh. Our plan to was to hitchhike until someone picked us up then we were going to murder whoever picked us up. I recall standing at an area that reminded me of the turnoff road partially down a few miles from Paradise that you turn onto when wanting to go down to Ohanapecosh, the road that you come across at the halfway point when hiking from Narada Falls to Paradise. I was standing on the side of the road after crossing and where the trail starts up again. I encountered two or three people, probably men, on bikes and I may have been on a bicycle as well. We talked about this and that and they asked who I was. I gave them a fictitious name; one I can't recall now, probably so they wouldn't figure out I was a murderer. One of the guys mentioned that he knew that person and that that person was a cop. To try to convince them that I was that person I said something like, "Yeah from the old 189," meaning that I was from the 189 Precinct. I was hoping this would show them that since I mentioned a precinct number like I knew what I was talking about then that would convince these cyclists that I was indeed the cop. After this I mentioned that I had been attacked by a cougar and I then proceeded to lift my pant leg up to show them a scar on my knee from that cougar attack. A cougar hadn't really attacked me but by saying that I was I somehow figured that this would further prove that I was the cop they thought I was. I had a scar on my knee (left knee I think) but it was caused by something other than a cougar attack. The scar was an inch round and dark and thickly well healed. When I went to lift my pant leg up, my clothes suddenly became real baggy, like an oversized Arabian outfit. I recall seeing the puffed plumes of dull orange clothing wrapped around my legs and I realized that these were actually bed sheets, not clothing. Apparently I was wearing loose bed sheets and the front of this bed sheet costume thing I was wearing was wide open so my naked body was exposed. I turned to the right, which faced me to the road, to hide my nakedness from these men. One of the guys, maybe the one that was with me, helped me to conceal myself up. I tried desperately to wrap the baggy, loose sheets around me.

January 19, 2000

The actress Ellen Degeneres was having a baby. She was packed in a box for some reason, I think because she needed to be transported somewhere and in order to do it she needed to be packed in a box instead of just traveling in a car or some other way. This is kind of vague, but when she reached the destination I opened the rectangular cardboard box she was in that was just barely large enough to hold her body. Me, as well as some other people that were with me, bent down to look inside the box and saw that the baby was now outside of her body down by her crotch where it had come out. It was partially wrapped in a blanket or sheet and we were all thinking that it was probably dead because it came out during shipping and wasn't cared for right away. However, when we checked it out we saw that it was barely alive. We took the baby out of the box and started rubbing it and cleaning it to try to revive it. The baby was actually rather large for just having come out of a body. It was twice the size of a regular newborn and was kind of bluish all over because of its sickly condition and because of the crap on it that all babies are covered in when they first come out of a vagina and into the real world. I remember seeing its bald head, which was slightly flattened vertically because of being cramped in a box.

January 21, 2000

I was in a large warehouse-type of building that was an office building of some sort. There were cubicles filling the large floor of this place and the ceiling was very high-50 feet or so up there, that's what gave this place that warehouse-type feeling. There were lights up on the ceiling that were the kind that had dual 40-inch long fluorescent bulbs in them encased in a metal frame. In one area beyond the offices behind some type of barrier was an area where a bunch of us were playing a game of baseball. Susan Medic was there and she was really the only person I can recall clearly in this dream, although there were a lot of other people. I don't know if any of the people there or I were employees that worked in this office space. The area where we played baseball was pretty small for a baseball game, 50 feet from home plate to the back of center field, which was against a wall to the right as I viewed this scene. There was no outfield, the barrier beyond second base separating us from the many cubicles and office type spaces beyond. The team I wasn't on was up to bat and they had a home plate different than the team I was on did. Their home plate was further away from me and it was an average distance from the pitcher's mound to home plate. I remember seeing a batter or two take swings at pitches thrown to them. When it was my team's turn to be up to bat our home plate was 15 feet closer to me as I viewed the action in this dream. Because of this, the distance between the pitcher's mound and home plate was just a few feet. It was so close that when the pitcher, who was Susan, pitched the ball, her hand let go of the ball right at home plate and this really didn't give the batter a chance to hit the ball and even when they did swing they would hit the pitcher because she was right there, so we had to hold back on our swings so we wouldn't hurt Susan. I was approaching the batter's box to take my turn at bat but then it was discovered that it wasn't really my turn to bat. Either I wasn't aware that it was my turn or I tried to sneak in a turn before the guy whose turn it really was. I may have done that because I was a better hitter and I wanted to get our team a better chance at winning, much like when I was in sixth grade and tried to sneak up to bat when it was Jordan Brighton's turn but Bundt Franz caught us trying to cheat and pointed it out to Mr. Jaundice, my fourth grade teacher and also the school softball coach. Before it was my turn I looked at the supply of bats that were propped there on the wall behind home plate to determine which one I was going to use. Two of them reminded me of the Nerf bat that William has; the blue, cushiony one. The two bats propped in the bat area in the dream were blue and light pink. I handled both of them and was initially thinking about using the pink one but I didn't want to look like a sissy so I didn't. When it was my turn to bat I actually ended up using a wooden bat, one that I think I may have actually used sometime in real life. It had a brown wood-grained appearance and looked like it had a coat of varnish on it. The handle was such that there was an area for my hands to fit when gripping the bat. The round ridge on the skinny end of the bat and a similar round ridge a few inches further along the neck defined this area. However, just a few inches wasn't enough space for me to fit both my hands in to get a good grip on the bat so I found myself barely able to hold onto the bat as my hands squeezed onto this area with only a few fingers. The bat felt limp in my hands and I may have switched to the blue Nerf-like bat, but I can't say for sure. I went to the batter's box and when Susan pitched me the ball I had to compromise my swing because she was so close to me and if I did an actual full swing then I would have nailed her. This, and the fact that I couldn't even get a proper grip on the bat, started getting on my nerves. It got to the point that I didn't even swing at a few pitches because I couldn't really get a good swing. I had a couple strikes on me and when the last pitch went by me, which I thought was high and away, the catcher to the right of me, who could have been that black umpire who coached one of the softball games I played in either with Tod's team or with Heart Interface, the one that said, "Midget on the field!" when he stopped the game as a kid ran onto the field, called the pitch a strike. I didn't question the call but I was pissed because the batting conditions were horrible and if they were better then I knew I would have gotten off a hell of a hit like I usually do. After being called out I walked away from the home plate area and complained about the conditions of the batter's box, saying stuff about how it was nearly impossible to get a good swing because the pitcher was too close. As I complained about this, everyone on both sides watched me and heard me and I kind of felt like everyone considered me a whining wimp, so I figured I would just stop bitching and walk away. There was a time later when I felt like I actually did get a hit because I remember running to what was supposed to be second base. The bases weren't really in a diamond shape; they were more like in a straight line. I ran to second base, which was a small lump of something on the floor, and when I got near that base someone threw the ball to the second baseman but the ball hit his mitt and bounced off so I ran to third base. These bases were along a wall in the warehouse-office space like the one where Deidre Sotcheck and myself sat. I remember seeing the cement floor and the vague representation of inventory materials or more cubicles to the left of me, once again giving the feeling of what a lousy place this was to play a baseball or softball game. I may have had to run around through the different aisles that were like the kind in a Safeway store when I was running to the bases. When I got to third base I ran into the third baseman there pretty hard so when the ball came to him he wasn't able to hold on to it because I slammed into him pretty hard. I think he was Barry Whipen. I'm sure that I finally did make it in home for a homerun. The next thing I recall is sitting at a table that was in the back of a pickup truck or some other vehicle with a long bed on it. Sitting to my immediate left was Susan and to the left of her was the head of the table where a woman with long dirty blonde hair sat. I didn't know who she was. Across from Susan on the other side of the table sat a man who I didn't know either. He had semi-short hair and looked kind of wacky, maybe he had orange hair and a red nose. The woman at the head of the table asked me if I would ever work at a Burger King restaurant and I told her that I would do whatever it took to pay my bills. This impressed the woman as well as Susan, and these two women looked to the guy on the other side of the table with expressions that said, "See? He would do it so why don't you?" Apparently the woman had been talking to the guy earlier and he had indicated that he would not work at a place like a Burger King. Me telling her that I would showed the woman that I wasn't too proud to make a buck anywhere I could. The guy kind of smiled sheepishly as we all looked at him, and I could tell he felt awkward by my reply as he was put on the spot. Then we were in a mall or shopping center like the B&I. We were still in the back of this vehicle and were just driving around through the store. The vehicle seemed like a cart of some kind that would be used for businesses to transport stuff from point A to point B instead of a pickup truck. The back end of this vehicle had a metal grate 10 feet long that slid along the floor behind us. The grate was like the kind on the back of semi trucks; the kind of grate that was lowered so things could be loaded on and off the truck. I don't know who was driving this thing but we went through the store and we eventually came across a large pond inside the store. It was to our left and it was at least 100 feet long. I could see down into its depths and it reminded me of the large round aquarium at the Point Defiance Zoo, although this aquarium was rectangular shaped. There were large two-foot-thick square pillars every 20 feet or so along the railing that lined this body of water. I could see the dark green rocks and other stuff under the water's surface but I can't recall seeing any fish. We drove along the length of this aquarium and then went to the left around a corner. We took a wide turn and the metal grate, which also had those small angled, raised, hash marks on its metallic surface, slid along behind us, at an angle initially as it rounded the corner, then again straight behind us as we straightened out. As we rounded the corner the metal grid almost came in contact with a woman and a child she was walking with. I don't know who the woman was but she had short dark hair and was wearing a snug reddish dress that was cut off at the thigh. She may have been wearing a hat. The child with her was a boy about six years old. They kind of stopped their walking and waited for the metal grate to pass so they wouldn't walk into it as it slid behind us then finally distanced itself from the woman and her child. The next thing I recall is still being in this vehicle but now we were out on the road. We were on Meridian Avenue by 176th on the hill leading down to where the dump is. We were all still sitting in our same places at the table. I asked Susan about her job and how it was going. I noticed she was wearing a pager on her waist, a square black one just like the one I had at MASCA. Apparently that pager was used for when Susan needed to be called to do something for her job. I asked her what the job was and what the pager was for but Susan didn't want to tell me because she was concerned that if she told me what she did for a living then I wouldn't like her anymore. So she never did tell me.

January 30, 2000

I was at a large building that was like a sewage plant. I was being given a tour there because I think I was going to be an employee there soon and, therefore, I was checking it out first. Steve Bea worked at this place. I don't remember when or where I saw him but I do remember seeing his mug pop up occasionally from time to time in this dream. This place was pretty big; an unending warehouse with a ceiling at least 100 feet high and no limits to the side-to-side dimensions. The feeling in the air was one of a dank, disgusting place. The walls and surrounding blocks of immense equipment were a light green color, which made the place seem like The Cistern, one of the levels on Tomb Raider I. I was with a group of people that were pretty vague but I kinda remember one guy in particular who was wearing a dark suit and had short hair-I guess he was the one giving the tour. Apparently I was considering employment at this place because my girlfriend in this dream worked there. I don't know who she was but she kind of looked like Cynthia Notches. I saw her once when I was led into a large room that had some tall, also lime-green-colored and scummy, lockers which is where I suppose the employees hung their coats up in and put their lunches in and shit like that, just like at MASCA. I saw my girlfriend in this room. She was wearing a jacket-like thing that was like the kind the women at Heart Interface wore that worked in the circuit board area. My girlfriend and I kind of acknowledged one another as I entered this room with the rest of the tour. She had her arms crossed and she kind of looked my way then strolled slowly about as she went about her duties, whatever the hell they were. This locker room place also kind of reminded me of the locker room at the Puyallup Pool. The tour continued and I was led into another room that was, of course, immense. I think this room was a lunchroom or something like that, although there were some pieces of equipment here and there. I walked about looking at different things. As I walked around, the tour guide explained to me how working at this place was very easy, that there wasn't really anything to do here, that the job was relaxing as hell. After some time we went on to another area. I got the feeling I was in some kind of hallway, or at least a walkway of some type; it really didn't have walls, just a walkway with steel railings on either side and maybe even a steel grate below our feet. There was a bucket above us that was full of sewage; poop, piss, the whole works, and it tipped and some of the stuff that was in it spilled onto my head. It splattered into my hair and I was thoroughly disgusted. I distinctly remember the smell of the rancid, liquid green and brown feces dampening my hair. The smell was overwhelming and I damned near threw up. I might have gagged a few times but managed to keep my cookies intact. It was pretty gross. Right after this happened I noticed a huge pond or vat that stretched before us. It was at floor level but it was filled to the brim with sewage of the worst kind; shit, vomit, snot, blood, rancid lumps of unidentifiable discardings. The tour guide then began swimming across its mass to get to the other side, which was 50 or so feet away. On the other side, where the tour guide was headed, was a metal rim that defined another walkway that could be climbed up onto. Apparently this is where the tour continued at and I was expected to jump into the crap and follow the guide to continue the tour. I also got the feeling that I was expected to do this if I really wanted a job at this place, but I didn't do it. It was too gross. The guide was 30 feet into his swim and was looking back at me, awaiting me to follow, but it wasn't going to happen. I think there was something floating atop this muck, like a boat or some other device, near the tour guide and the far wall.

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