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January 2002

Jan 5 - Jan 10 - Jan 29 - Jan 31

January 5, 2002

I was playing in a baseball game that I remember very little to nothing about. The game was tied at the end of nine innings so we had to go into extra innings. I think we had to go to a different field to do this on—why, I don’t know, we just did. The different field was in an open-roof stadium and I got the feeling that the actual playing field was at a lower level than the rest of the ground, like it was recessed by a few feet. I remember standing on this ball field and seeing the blue, cloudless sky above and all the bleachers and stands surrounding this area. There was absolutely nobody sitting in these seats, perhaps because since we had to go to another field to end the game then the spectators had not arrived yet or maybe they weren’t interested in relocating to another stadium. I was standing along the first base line and looking toward home plate. There, sitting on a bench just to the left of the baseline and on this side of the backstop, sat Sarah. She looked grown up, was wearing a dress, and sat there casually looking at me. I guess she was the only one who had shown up to watch me, or anyone else, play. Although I don’t recall ever seeing any other players either, I get the feeling that in the first part of the game, I had played with Ichiro from the Mariners, and there was a full crowd and all the regular stuff you would expect to find at a baseball game, not the ghost town it was now.

January 10, 2002

I was at the Visitors Center on Mountain Rainier. The place looked a little different than it does in real life but this is a dream so whaddya expect? I was inside the building and entered a set of double doors that led into another room. The floor in this next room was sloped upward at a 30-degree angle and was covered in what looked like snow about three to four feet deep. After opening the doors and looking up ahead of me to the opposite side of the room, there was another set of doors 50 feet away and that was where I was planning on going. The doors were the thick, dark-wood kind just like the timber fixings they have on the buildings up there on the mountain. To the left and right of this room were large glass windows. I got the impression the parking lot was out there and was covered in bright, white snow. I started trudging through the snow in front of me to the door on the opposite side of the room and as I did, I noticed that the snow really wasn’t actual snow. It had the same consistency as snow, fluffy and white, and it felt the same as snow when I walked upon it, but it was completely dry and was not cold. It was an artificial substance, like shredded plastic. I made my way to the doors ahead of me and entered. I got the feeling there was a lounge or bar-type atmosphere in there, with dim lights and a place where snowboarders and snow-trekkers alike could sit and sip some brandy or whatever. Later I went through that first set of doors again and this time the snow there on the sloped floor was like real snow. It was wet and cold and very hard to walk through. There was a person to the left of me and one to the right who were also in the snow and trying to walk in it up the slope. I can only remember that these other two people were in their twenties or early thirties and had on ski hats and warm clothing. We were all sinking in the snow, having a real hard time, and it became obvious we weren’t going to be able to make it, so the three of us walked out a set of doors to the right of this room, at the bottom of the sloped floor covered with real snow. These doors were a regular set of double doors like the kind they have at schools with the push-in metal handle at waist level. One of the people with me, one wearing a tall dark ski cap that teepeed up, was in front of me and kind of looked back to acknowledge me as we walked out these doors. I’m pretty sure this person was a male and had mirrored sunglasses on. The door here was actually three sets of doors. We opened the first set of double doors then there was a thin set of doors, perhaps a screen door type of door, then after that was another set of doors like the first we opened. Outside it was a bright day, the sun reflecting off the snow and making it necessary to have those mirrored sunglasses on. We immediately walked down a set of cement steps and I realized that this was the entrance to the Visitors Center that was near the main road that I rarely use, the one by the fire lanes and with all those No Parking signs around. We walked down the steps and then turned left and began walking up the sidewalk that encircles the Visitors Center. The person(s) I was with and myself commented to one another about how much easier it is to go this way than to go through the snow. It was as if we were still heading toward the room beyond the snow-covered sloping floor, but were going to get there by walking outside on this sidewalk, which had little or no snow on it, instead of trudging through the waist-high snow inside. One of us said to the other: “Oh yeah, this is much easier to walk this way than going through the snow.”

January 29, 2002

I was viewing clips of movies. The only one I can remember clearly is a clip from the movie “Ali”. Now, I have never seen this movie but in the dream it was clear to me that what I was viewing was in the movie (although I know it really isn’t, unless I go see the movie someday and actually see this at which point, I assure you, I will be blown away). It was an older clip because it was in black and white. When I viewed the clip it was kind of like I was actually in the movie and watching it happen in front of me instead of viewing it on a screen. As I mentioned before, the clip was in black and white and I got the feeling that Muhammad Ali had this clip in the movie just to show scenes from his life throughout his successful boxing career. The scene took place in a house and was at a time when Ali was enjoying the riches he was starting to make as a boxer. He was in a large mansion and was with a white woman, a woman who I guessed must have been his wife or girlfriend. Her hair was blonde and shimmered in the black-and-white film gloom. She had a hairdo that was reminiscent of fifties or early sixties hairdos, neck-length and the tips sort of would curl up around her shoulder and whisk forward in that old do style. Her dress went to just above her knees and was tight and also looked like something from the fifties. The film was silent. It showed Muhammad and this woman in Ali’s mansion. There was a staircase to the right that led up to another level in the house. Ali and the woman were to the left of the staircase as I viewed them and there were several large stuffed animal toys, gifts that Ali was able to buy with all his money. Muhammad and the woman were laughing and frolicking with these toys, enjoying their fortune and being able to buy stuff like this. There was one stuffed animal that stuck out in my mind. It was a large bear-type of toy that was around 7 feet tall and towered behind Ali as he and the woman threw other stuffed toys around. One of the things Muhammad was also able to buy with his bucks was a pet chimpanzee. The chimp went up to the woman and the woman and the monkey kissed one another on their lips. When they did this I could hear the sound of an audience saying, “Ewww!” as they kissed, which reminded me that I was watching this footage in a theater with other people. After the chimp and the woman kissed, they parted and looked at one another again. It was like the woman was drugged or something because she leaned forward and kissed the monkey again. It reminded me of the scene in the movie “Rock Star” with Jennifer Anniston that I watched recently where Jennifer kissed another woman because she was wasted and wasn’t really herself at that moment.
I remember seeing some things called “Moving Men” that I saw on a commercial the other day. They are little circular plastic things that you can put under the feet of furniture which allows you to move the furniture easily and effortlessly. In the dream Lisa had put some of these under the supports of our bed and was moving the bed at an angle, apparently wanting to rearrange our bedroom. However, when I looked at the Moving Men, I saw that Lisa had placed them upside down. The little circular things had the hard, light-colored plastic side facing up on which the bedposts rested upon, instead of being flipped over where there was a soft cushiony thing on the other side where the posts were supposed to rest upon so the smooth plastic surface could glide along the ground. Although Lisa was able to move the bed with these five-inch circular objects placed in the wrong position, I felt that if she had them placed the right way then the task would have been easier.

January 31, 2002

I was in a wafer fab, wearing a smock, and standing in front of a piece of metrology equipment that may have been the OPAL 7230. There were some other people standing there with me and we were looking at the signal the OPAL showed after measuring some CDs. The signal looked normal enough I suppose. There were two well-defined shapes that were mirror images of one another, one on the left and one on the right. The lines went up and were staircase-like and zigzagged on their outsides, but went perfectly straight up on their insides. There was a horizontal, semi-jagged line that went across these signals at about the 15% threshold. I looked at these lines and knew that the lower the threshold, the more likely you were to run into interference from the bottom of the signal. Seeing the lines were perfectly straight on the insides, I wondered why the threshold was not higher so as to assure no noise would be captured from whatever may be close to the bottom. I asked the people standing there with me why the threshold couldn’t be put up to 40% or 50%, but no one there was able to tell me. Therefore, I reached down and shut my fab notebook that I always seemed to have with me whenever I did that type of work, and walked to the left, away from the metrology tool and into the aisle. I walked across the aisle to an area that was where the LAM etchers were in the fab. As I walked to this place an engineer walked toward me from within the etch aisle, and I’m pretty sure this guy was Nangdon Brecks. There was a small metal table there and Nangdon walked to me, seeing in my eyes that obviously I had a question, and as he did I put my notebook down on the table and opened it up. “Let me ask you something,” I said to him and I proceeded to draw a signal in my notebook that was identical to the signal that was like what I saw on the OPAL just seconds ago. I then asked Nangdon why the measurement threshold on this particular OPAL program was at 15% when obviously, by the way this signal looked, we could use 40% or 50%, which would give us a cushion away from the bottom noise that we could encounter at lower thresholds. The dream ended before I could get an answer.

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