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January 2003

Jan 3 - Jan 8 - Jan 15 - Jan 16 - Jan 21

January 3, 2003

I was at a supermarket in the produce section. This particular produce section reminded me of the one at the Fred Meyer store in downtown Puyallup, or maybe the one in Albertsonís, also in downtown Puyallup. I was facing to the side of the store so the produce section, in its alcove-like area in the back of the store, was to the left of me. I canít remember what I was doing there but I noticed my mom there buying produce. For some reason I avoided her, like I didnít want to talk to her or anything. She was buying produce I suppose, you know, like lettuce or tomatoes or something. She looked like her usual white-haired self as she walked about. I noticed she was talking on a cell phone. I couldnít quite hear the conversation she was having but I did hear her say the word ďAsomatĒ or ďAzomatĒ. This dream was the first time I had ever heard that word. Curious as to what it means, I tried looking it up. It is not in the dictionary so I checked it out online and found some confusing stuff about these words. Azomat is some kind of machine or fertilizer or something like that, and ASOMAT is some kind of committee or group founded in Australia. What either of these words has to do with me or why I heard them in this dream, is a mystery to me. Anyway, I could see my mom clearly but I managed to stay out of her sight as she talked away on her cell phone, pushed her shopping cart around, and continuing to show mild interest in the produce laid out in their usual slightly-sloped displays open to the public. Around this time I started waking up from this dream but was in one of those half-awake, half asleep states, perhaps more awake than asleep, but I continued to let my mind form its own visions without any intervention from me and I encountered a few dreamlike scenarios. The first was of being in the air, like in a helicopter, 100 feet off the ground. I moved over the top of a brick apartment building and went to the left and was able to look down into an alleyway that separated the one apartment building I floated over from the one next to it. It was snowing and it was a cool sight, the snow falling into the depths of this alleyway at the twilight of day and night. I think there may have been a car down in there of some sort. The next vision my kind-of-asleep mind played for me was the vision of me pulling the head off of a cat; how I did this was put the catís head in between two counters in a kitchen-like setting. The catís head would get wedged in there and I pulled on its body, thus plucking the felineís head from its body. Apparently, in the dream what this meant was that by pulling the catís head off in this manner, this was an easy way to clean up the mess that was between the counters, like fallen forgotten food, dust, cobwebs and that type of thing. It seemed perfectly normal to just decapitate the cat in this manner to clean the kitchen in this spot between the counters.

January 8, 2003

I was in a house, probably cleaning it or something, although the house didnít look like my house so I donít know why I would have been cleaning it. There were cats in the house and I noticed Bandit and Tiger. Then I noticed another cat that kind of looked like Bandit but it wasnít Bandit. Thatís when I realized that William was bringing in stray cats into the house from outside. There were two or three cats in the house that were not mine. I then went out onto the back porch of my house and saw that William was bringing stray cats into the house one by one. I noticed there were boxes of toys in the back yard, just off the back of my deck steps that lead into the yard. These boxes of toys had perhaps came from the shed and it gave me the feeling that we had just stacked them there because we were moving or something. I was going to walk back inside the house but before I did I told William that when I was away I didnít want him to play with the toys that were in the boxes, maybe so he wouldnít get them all unorganized.

January 15, 2003

I was walking through some woods and came across some stone steps that led downward. These steps were a foot long and half a foot high and light gray or beige in color. There were 15 or 20 of them. I started running down the steps. There was a girl there whose details were vague, but she probably had shoulder length curly dirty blonde hair and was around 10 or 12 years old. She ran down the steps with me. Off to the right of the steps was a path that could be walked down instead of taking the steps. This path zigzagged back and forth from the right of the steps, then across the steps to the left, then back to the right again. It reminded me of the bike trail that was made alongside the steps that Lisa, William, Sarah and I noticed when we were in Tacoma a few months ago and were walking toward the waterfront when a guy on a bike zigzagged back and forth across the steps so as not to get in the way of walking pedestrians. In the dream, I explained to the girl with me how much faster it was to take the steps down instead of that path, and we ran down the steps really fast.

January 16, 2003

I was with a woman who told me that I would be with a group of people and in this group of people there would be a person who would recognize me and point me out. It was like she was telling me my horoscope or predicting the future in some way. I realized what it was that woman was referring to when suddenly I realized there was a large group of people ahead of me along a road I was on. The road was unpaved and kind of curved around to the right and around the curve there was a large group of people waiting for me. I got the feeling it was my birthday or some other occasion which would justify making me the center of attention. I didnít feel like being the center of attention and wanted to keep a low profile, as usual, so to keep from getting noticed I decided to travel along the edge of the road, up in some brush and woods and along a cliff there, so I could approach the scene without being noticed. Well, in these woods there were also some buildings, or maybe the woods just separated the road from the buildings. Whatever the case, I kept walking along in the woods to keep off the road, and I found myself eventually scaling the side of a building, still wanting to remain elusive and stay off the road. The building I was climbing up the side of was block-like and white. I climbed up the side of it, maybe using the fire escape, and when I was around the second floor I looked inside a window and saw Menia, Charlesí third wife. She was sitting at a desk in what looked like a bedroom. The desk may have been like a vanity setting, where there was a mirror she stared into. Her expression looked as though she was contemplating deep thoughts as she faced to my right as I stared in at her. I had a sheer, silky, multicolored and dark scarf with me that was about three feet long and I tied it to the fire escape outside her window for some reason. I think the scarf may have been hers but instead of knocking on the window and handing it to her I just tied it to the fire escape where she would probably notice it later and would wonder how it got there. However, I felt that the tying of the scarf to the fire escape had some deeper meaning for Menia, like a gesture in some way from me to her to let her know that things would be alright and to hang in there. I continued on and eventually came walking into the group of people that had been there waiting for me, which kind of made me wonder why I walked along the side of the road and the cliff and the buildings when at the end I just walked right into the crowd without trying to hide myself. I think it was because I wanted to appear that I was already there instead of making an entrance coming in from the road and making it obvious I had just arrived. The area was a wide-open place, like on the grounds of some grand estate. I felt there was a large lawn and maybe a round cement-lined pond or pool, and also gazebos dotting the landscapeómaybe. Coming into the party this way had worked, for when I started to get noticed, there wasnít the abrupt surprise there would have been if I had walked in from the road for all to see at once. Once I had been noticed, there was suddenly a commotion filtering throughout the crowd and I could hear many voices remarking: ďMax is here! Max is here!Ē I remained clam, maybe still not knowing if it was my birthday or what the big deal was about me being here. It was a sunny, perfect day, and very dreamlike, like I was in paradise. I was standing on a gravel path where I was greeted by several people who walked up to me, and then a woman approached me from the right. She had long brown hair and was around 20 or 30 years old, but thatís all I can tell you about her. She started handing me these large stuffed gummy bears, like teddy bears but only these were stuffed gummy bear dolls, not teddy bears. This was a present for me because, apparently, in this dream I liked the gummy bears candy, so this woman thought it appropriate to hand me stuffed gummy bears, although in actual life I do not like eating gummy bears candy. I was handed three or four dark brown fuzzy gummy bear toy/doll things, which were about a foot long, and I acted calm, but I imagined my eyes were just a tad widened in modest surprise. I was then led away along the two-and-a-half feet wide gravel path somewhere up further along this area and eventually I was led into a room where there was a large oval-shaped table and people sitting all around it. There were also people standing up and everyone looked at me as I entered. It was then that I realized that this was the large group of people that the woman at the beginning of this dream was trying to tell me about. I didnít readily recognize anyone in this room but I knew that someone in this group would recognize me and point me out, just as the woman had predicted. Before that could happen, however, this dream ended.

January 21, 2003

There was a show called Good Morning Seattle and a guy who reminded me of Formix McCoy from Microchip was responsible for filming the opening sequence to the show. This show was like Good Morning America, only with news and reports of the world of Seattle, Washington instead of all of America. I got the feeling that an actress like Sarah Jessica Parker or Kim Cattral was on the show. I know I imagined these two actresses because of The Golden Globe Awards I watched the other night and Kim Cattral was on there. I could see the opening sequence to this talk show, Good Morning Seattle. The first thing it showed was the side of a brick building, not a modern one but not necessarily old, either. It was kind of like the old Albers Mill building in downtown Tacoma, but not that old and a bit taller. The building showed a light shining on it, swiftly moving across its face as if time lapsed photography was used to show the rise and fall of the sun on the side of this building that was, apparently, in Seattle. Although it did look convincing, what was really being done was that a spotlight or some other man-made light source was shone on the side of the building and moved from top to bottom to just make it look as though the sun was rising and falling. If I didnít know that that was what was happening, however, I would not have known. After this little scene of the sun rapidly lighting and then disappearing across the face of the building, more camera shots of the city were seen, all of them fast moving as if shot was from high above and then brought down as if the camera was on one of those mechanical boom things they use when making films. Then the camera focused on a man standing on a sidewalk, which lined the front of many stores, by a lamppost, and at this time, the speed at which the camera traveled increased. The scene came down and whirled around the man very quickly. The man was also the Formix McCoy looking dude and when I saw this part of the opening sequence, I heard Formixís voice say something like: ďYeah, I should have changed that.Ē It was as though he was watching the opening sequence to Good Morning Seattle to critique the camera work he had done, and when the scene reached the part showing him on the sidewalk he saw something he didnít like and thatís when he said that he should have changed that. Apparently, someone earlier in this dream (canít remember who) also watched the opening sequence to this show and made a comment about how the filming of the opening sequence should have been done differently. Curious about this comment, Formix McCoy watched the sequence and agreed that something about the camera angle or speed of the shot or something like that needed to be changed.

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