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January 2004

Jan 5 - Jan 20 - Jan 25

January 5, 2004

I can’t remember a whole lot about the beginning of this dream, but I do know I was with some people and we were in a place and we were doing something, OK? I recall being in some type of building. I came upon a room and there was a crowd of people in there, lined up in rows perpendicular to one another. I think this may have been in Good Sam Hospital because one of the people was Sonya Sponsell, my supervisor when I did my pharmacy tech externship there. There were about 20 people total, lined up in military fashion and they started marching in an oblique rank-and-file pattern, one set of four or five rows of people walking from the top right of the room to the bottom left (I viewed this from a height about 5 feet higher than everyone else), and the other group walking down from the top left of the room to the bottom right. These two groups of people intersected one another as they marched into each other’s ranks, but they were very organized and didn’t touch one another, spaced out in such an orderly manner like it was all planned and as if they have obviously done this before. There was a song playing in the background that they were marching to but that song faded as their ranks intersected. The song “Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boo” started playing as the rows intersected. Sonya was in one of the middle rows that started from the left and went to the right. She had that friendly smile on her face that she always seems to have and she was staring at me. I can’t recall much, if anything, about the other marchers. When the rows intersected each other at about the halfway point, the marching stopped right at the point where the introductory music to Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo led to the first set of lyrics. Sonya, still smiling at me in that knowing, friendly grin she always has, looked right at me and stopped her marching with the rest of the group, and she started singing the song. I remember her singing, “Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.” As she got to the end of this line in the song she kind of tilted her head slightly downward as the sentence ended, as if contemplating her next words carefully in the lesson she was about to teach, but her eyes never left me. I don’t recall her going on with the next line of “Put 'em together and what have you got” but I know she must have sang them as well.

January 20, 2004

I was working at Good Samaritan Hospital and must have been out in the hallway doing something. I came upon the door to the pharmacy; the one near where the hallway is that leads to ER East. I entered it and walked into the cart fill area. There were numerous people in there but two women stuck out in my mind. One of them was Ragla, the student who was also doing her externship there at the same time I was. I may have said hi to her. The other woman was Endora Donaldson, but although Endora Donaldson is a white woman, she was a short black woman in this dream and looked nothing like what Endora Donaldson does in real life. However, in this dream Endora was depicted as a short black woman. I was surprised to see her and exclaimed “Hi!” when I saw her and smiled a wide grin. We started talking as we greeted one another but that’s all I can recall of that little ditty.

January 25, 2004

I was playing Tomb Raider on my PC and it was very realistic, as if I was actually in the game as I watched it instead of just sitting down at the PC and clacking away at the keys. As I was playing and Lara was going through the motions of doing this and that, the song “Gonna Take a Ride” by Boston was playing. I don’t know if it was part of the Tomb Raider soundtrack or if I had a CD in the computer and it was playing the song as I played the game, or if the radio was playing, or whatever. Later in the playing of the game, the song switched to “Foreplay”, also by Boston and on the same album. That was interesting because I probably haven’t heard either of those songs in years and haven’t played that album for even longer than that. Lisa was watching me play the Tomb Raider game, standing behind me and looking over my shoulder as I sat and maneuvered the big-boobed artifact goddess around. As Lisa and I watched Lara on the screen, we saw her walking down a sloping hill that was the hill by where Charles and I built our tree houses when we were wee lads. She was walking down that hill (going west) that led up to the house in an easterly direction, the hill where we used to start our bikes racing as we sped toward the jump we used to launch our bikes up by the tree house. Lara was walking slowly down this hill but I don’t remember her reaching the bottom. The next scene of Tomb Raider I can recall is Lara being behind a set of thin jail-cell type bars. These steel bars were a half foot apart, and maybe three-quarters of an inch round, and lined a stone landing that was elevated a foot off the ground and led to the left for an unknown distance, these bars traveling the length. To the right, the stone landing took a 90 degree turn toward me and stretched away to the right of me and on for an unknown distance behind me, the jail bars still lining this stretch from the floor to the darker-colored ceiling. Just inside the bars in front of me was Lara, and she was inside a 3 x 3 square hole in the floor. She was dangling there, holding on and moving back and forth around the perimeter of the hole. As I maneuvered the camera angle of the game this way and that I could once in a while catch a glimpse of something big in the shadows beyond the bars, just to the right of the hole Lara was hanging in. When I put the camera angle at just the right perspective, the image of a very large person was seen sitting upon a huge throne of some sort. This person was around 20 feet tall, and I got the feeling that when I had played this game before that I never noticed that huge guy sitting there, but Lisa pointed it out to me, saying something about how it was a “huge boyfriend” (one of Lara’s beaus perhaps?). I seemed to be an Arabian figure who may have had a turban atop his huge head. What significance he held in this Tomb Raider scene, I don’t know—he may have just been put there as part of the scenery. I couldn’t really see the upper part of his body clearly as it faded away from view due to the darkness up there, but from the waist on down I got a pretty good look at his baggy, purple silk, Arabian Knight type pants, and the curled up toes of the silk golden shoes he wore.

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