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January 1990

Jan 4 - Jan 6 - Jan 8 - Jan 9 - Jan 12 - Jan 26 - Jan 29 - Jan 31

January 4th, 1990

I was at a huge party at a big house somewhere. There were lots of people there, but I can't recall the actual names of anyone. It was a sunny day. I was up above in the top level of this house and I looked down over a field that stretched out in front of the house. A bunch of guys were playing football and I knew I wanted to play also. I never did get to play, but I know I wanted to. I think that I thought that by the time I got down to the field then the game would be over. I moved my gaze along the path I would take if I went down to the field. It would have been a long walk, going down to the bottom level of the house and across a crowded patio full of people, then across a path that maybe went through some hedges and then out onto the field. Later, it was time to eat. I had a plate full of food and I recall sitting at a table that was in a room, probably also on the top level of the house. There was one chair at the head of the table but I didn't want to take it because it was a larger, more grand chair than all the others and I didn't want to stand out. I sat just to the left of it (as you look at the table). I was sitting there by my plate of food and somebody came in to sit next to me, so I had to scoot my body down to the next chair, which was closer to the head of the table but still to the left.

January 6th, 1990

I was at a murder scene. It was in a house and I think it was Lisa or someone else who was close to me that was murdered. This took place in a small hick town. I don't remember the details, but it was a brutal murder and I was pretty shocked. I kept waiting for the local police to arrive, but they took so long that by the time they arrived, I was pretty pissed-off. They were two guys in plain street clothes and I think they were driving an old pick-up like a '57 Chevy or something like that. I can only remember seeing one of the men, a man of about fifty years old who looked like a hillbilly farmer. He had a scowl on his face and as I walked up to him, I started yelling at him. I bitched at him for him taking his damned time. I saw that the fly on his pants was slightly unzipped so I said something like "...So what have you guys been doing, giving each other blow jobs? Is that why you're late?" The next thing I recall is being inside the house. It was sort of dark and I was walking in what seemed to be the kitchen. This house did not look familiar. I was walking along and approached the refrigerator, which was off to the right, my eye-view being much like the eye view of the giant razorback that approached the car that a woman was sitting in, in the movie "Razorback." I poured myself a glass of water from the sink and it tasted like carbonated water. I guess the people that lived there had bad well water or something. I obtained some fresh water from somewhere and found this to be a more refreshing drink.

January 8th, 1990

There were big colonies of tiny black bugs swarming all over something, maybe the walls inside my house. There were about three different spots where these bugs were. I went somewhere to get some bug spray. The spray was pretty powerful and stinky. When I returned to the scene where the bugs were, the masses had thinned and there weren't as many. I noticed several long thin caterpillar type bugs that crawled among the other tiny black ones, but there were only about one to a group. I started spraying the bug spray and I soaked the little bastards pretty good. It was a big black wet mass and the odor was pretty strong. I guess they started dying, but I can't say for sure.

January 9th, 1990

I was at home with Lisa and maybe some other people. Our house could have been a mobile home at the place where Charles and I used to live off 122nd and 160th Streets. We lived in the #2 mobile home because I could see another one in front of us when I looked out the window. Nevertheless, although it looked different, it was actually the house Lisa and I had bought from the Borefords. We were partying or jamming real loud. The noise got so loud that I began to worry that the neighbors would get upset. Therefore, I looked out the window facing the other mobile home and I could see the neighbor looking back at me through his window. He was Anthony Boreford, the guy who sold us the house I live in now. He was angry that we were making so much noise. I crouched down so he couldn't see me any more, but the lower I got, the higher he stood up as if on his tip-toes. No matter how low I got, he managed to keep peeking through the top of my window and stare in at me. I said something to everyone about how Anthony was pissed and it looked as though he would be coming over to bitch. I said this as I slowly made my way to the bathroom, which was to the left and down the hallway. I didn't want to be present when he showed up because our house was a total disaster and this would be embarrassing because Anthony always had kept it so immaculate before he sold it to us. Eventually he came over and I finally came out of the bathroom. He didn't complain, but he did make comments about what a pig sty our house was. He looked at the mess and said something like, "You do have a wish list for your kitchen don't you?" as if this was to say that we must certainly have plans to fix up the kitchen so it wouldn't look so messy. He looked different than he did in real life. He was smaller, meeker and his face was different, almost resembling Ulysses Bratwurst, a technician at where I work. His wife Ila looked different also, but not as different as Anthony did. I also remember him saying something about "...peppering our Jenn-Air." I remember his expression. He looked at me as though I had better know what he meant because any moron would know, the same type of look Bob Costerfenin gives somebody when he wants them to feel like an insignificant piece of shit. We told him that we didn't know what he meant so he proceeded to show us. We pulled a reclining chair off to the side and exposed a heating vent that had been concealed. There was various debris scattered around it, showing that we hadn't vacuumed there in quite a while. That also was embarrassing and I wondered if Anthony felt sorry for his once immaculate house. There was something like popcorn seeds scattered about it and lint and dirt like you find in a vacuum cleaner bag. Apparently this vent was something like a filter for the Jenn-Air and Anthony showed us what he meant by "peppering the Jenn-Air" by shaking pepper and salt about the vent.

January 12th, 1990

A lot happened but all that sticks in my memory is that I was eating an apple and it tasted real good. I remember it's sweet taste. When I got to the core, I took a bite and looked down at the apple in surprise. There was a small fly, like a fruit fly, swarming around the apple right where I had taken the bite. Also there was some other type of bug on the apple itself. The bugs had come from the apple. When I took the last bite, it exposed them (I guess they were hiding in the flesh of the apple itself). The apple was really a bad one after all.

January 26th, 1990

I was at a school, probably an elementary school like the one I attended as a youth. I was sitting in a classroom among other students and we were taking a test. I think the teacher was the same teacher I had for English in my Junior year in high school. I was taking the test and there was some guy next to me who wanted to copy my paper to cheat. The teacher caught us and sent us both to the office. I was extremely pissed off. Just because this other guy wanted to copy my paper didn't mean I was doing anything wrong. The teacher didn't see it that way and sent us both anyway. When I was in the office I continued to show my anger and told the receptionist, some girl I didnít recognize, that I wanted to talk with the principal to plead my case. She explained that Mr. Bush was busy and would be with me in a minute. Apparently, the principal was President George Bush. I looked to my right and saw a huge roller-skating rink with lots of people skating around. George Bush was one of them and he had problems standing up on his skates. At first I thought he was going to have a heart attack because he looked so helpless, but with the help of a few women friends, he managed to crawl to the side railing of the rink. I remember seeing his face and how gray and helpless his expression looked. Later, I was outside. I saw a school bus and I guess it was one that my teacher was going to ride or drive so I went onto the bus. There was a book or something with a piece of paper sticking out of it. I guess this belonged to my teacher. On the folded piece of paper, which looked like it had something written on the inside of it, I wrote with a small pencil the word "bitch" in handwriting that was barely legible. Then I went outside the bus and my teacher came walking up to me. I didn't want her to go in the bus and see what was written because she would know it was me, therefore I started talking to her. We discussed the incident earlier and I still acted upset but she had a different attitude, like she really wanted to know if she was wrong, to hear my side of the story. I asked her why and when she didn't answer right away, I said, "Because you care." At that instant I noticed someone walking from behind us so I turned to look. It was a huge guy, around six foot eight inches tall. He was wearing sweats and a yellow T-shirt with something written on it that I can't remember. He was my teacherís son and at first I thought he was going to argue with me for yelling at his mother, but that didn't happen. My teacher went to the bus as if she was going to get on, but I didn't notice. I turned to face the guy next to me who had black hair and a beard and a moustache. I said to him, "You are huge!" and we amusingly talked about him playing on basketball or football teams. The next thing I remember is stepping onto the bus with the teacher behind me. Since I was on first, I grabbed the piece of paper that I wrote "bitch" on from the book and crumpled it up and put it in my pocket. She never did catch this, thus creating a dream with a happy ending.

January 29th, 1990

I was watching (or was in) a movie about Star Trek. It was a satire and it was supposed to be funny. Whenever Spock or Kirk said something, it was funny instead of serious and it went over really well. I don't remember everything they said, but there was one time when Spock was diagnosing a certain situation and he was citing a massively complicated formula and in it he talked about "a bull." He stared down in front of him and when he finished stating his mass calculation, he ended by saying, "Eh?" but it sounded like a cross between "Ahh" and "Eh." He said it with inflection and sarcasm. Immediately when he had finished, the voice of Kirk could be heard saying, "Eh what, pal?" as if he wanted to know just what the hell Spock was talking about. Kirk's voice seemed dubbed in, sounding fake and not on the original soundtrack, but of course it was funny the way he said it. Spock considered Kirk's smart-ass remark and may have continued talking, but I can't recall. Later I remember seeing Kirk's face. He was sitting in a chair of some type, like an electric chair, and maybe he had something on his head. He moved his lips to the right, almost in a smooching position, but he was just emulating a facial expression Spock had done. His eyes were closed and of course this was also funny. Then I guess everybody was going to order some food and I heard somebody exclaim to Captain Kirk "...but the waitress is really big!" Again I saw Kirk's face and this time he looked really different, yet the same. He looked over towards where the waitress was and made obscene eyeballing glances at her, eyeing over her with a bug-eyed perverted look that was almost frightening. Then I saw the waitress and she really was big, in fact she was huge. It was the actress Molly Ringwald and she was about one hundred feet tall. Kirk and Spock stood on a small platform, maybe with a cage around them, and Molly Ringwald looked down upon them. The platform was as high as her neck and she walked up to them, maybe waiting to take their order. The platform Kirk and Spock were on looked almost animated, like it had been placed onto the film after the scene had been shot.

January 31st, 1990

There was a football game and the San Francisco 49ers were playing. I'm not sure who they were playing, maybe the Los Angeles Rams. The 49ers were behind and I was sure they were going to lose, but then Joe Montana threw a touchdown pass to get his team ahead. The score was then 23-20. I remember seeing Joe Montana's face as he was on the field in his red 49ers uniform. He had that famous Montana smug he always had. Even though the 49ers were ahead, I felt they were going to lose, but I don't know why.

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