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January 1991

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January 2nd, 1991

I was at a place like a parts store or automobile dealership or something like that. It wasn't clear to me at first why I was there, then I realized that I was applying for a job. I remember having an application to fill out. I had it in front of me and I was looking at it. I noticed part of it, maybe the back part, had not been filled out yet. This was the work history section and a few other parts. As I was considering this application, I was talking to someone about it, someone that worked there, but I can't remember who it was, but maybe it was a woman. I realized that I didn't bring my resume and I wished I would have. I talked to the manager of the place. He was an older man, perhaps in his fifties. We talked about my possible employment. It was weird when I talked to him. It was like I just had a flash bulb go off in my eyes because whenever I looked this man in the eyes, my vision was blocked by bright flashes of light. I continued to talk to this man and looked him in the eyes as best I could, but I really couldn't see his eyes. This was a very small place and the man commented on how there were very few employees here. Finally I walked outside and walked to a truck which I thought was mine. The engine was running and I thought of how stupid it was for me to leave the engine running because someone could have easily stolen the truck. The hood of the truck was open. I walked about the truck and suddenly realized that it was not mine after all. I walked away. I remember walking out of the building again and there was my truck just outside the door. It had been washed, as if this was a policy for anyone who came to this place. It looked really clean and I remember looking to my left before I reached the truck and saw a few guys standing on the porch that lined the front of this place. Maybe they were employees here as well and maybe they washed my truck. Later on I remember viewing the highway exit to this place and I realized that it was in a city not far from here, and it would be a shorter commute for me if I decided to take a job here instead of where I work now, perhaps as much as twenty minutes shorter.

January 3rd, 1991

I remember being in the parking lot at the school I attended in first and second grades. There may have been a party or something like that there because I vaguely remember a bunch of people gathered around. For some reason there was someone in trouble (maybe Loren) and I had to go get him, but he was a far ways away so I had to find a quick way to get to him. There were a couple of airplanes (small Cessna types) in the parking lot so I jumped in one and tried to figure out how to fly it. I didn't know how to and it was obvious. I couldn't get the plane off the ground. All I could do was move the plane around the parking lot, almost out of control. I remember coming too close to a wall and one of the wings scraped against the wall as I made a turn. Suddenly, Irgnoid, the maintenance guy from work, showed up. He said he knew how to fly airplanes and he would help me out. I remember being in the cockpit with him. He showed me a lever where there was a black button or cap on top. He flipped the cap and a rod popped up from inside the lever. This is what started the airplane to rise off the ground. I recall something about taking off from the street outside the parking lot, but I think all we needed to do was to pop this black cap and this made the airplane rise. From there he showed me further how to control the plane. The black cap sat along a series of grooves numbered 1 through 4 (maybe zero was there too). When you positioned the cap to position one, the plane would tilt upwards into the sky. Putting the cap to position two made it tilt even further into the sky as well make the plane race faster and faster into the blue sky. Position three and four proved to be too much and we nearly flipped the plane over in the sky when putting the cap there, so, under the advice of Irgnoid, we kept the cap between one and two. This provided a level pattern of flight. I don't remember picking up Loren or whoever it was that we were supposed to rescue, but I do remember flying back after we got him. We raced the plane across bodies of water, like rivers and tributaries. For some reason, we couldn't get the plane up very high and it was very close to the water. Some type of tower was in front of us and it looked like we were going to crash right into it, but apparently we were high enough to clear it, but just barely. When we passed over it, the bottom of the plane grazed the tower, jerking us and maybe sending sparks flying from the impact. We all jumped in surprise and Irgnoid commented on how that was a close one, or something like that. Later, I guess we landed and everyone was happy that Loren had made it back safely. I remember Underwood, Loren's dad, coming up to me and shaking my hand in thanks. I replied by saying something like, "No problem" or "Yeah, whatever." My reply was very casual, as though rescuing Loren was no more significant than walking down the street. Now that everyone was back, the party, or gathering or whatever, resumed. I remember walking up some stairs and hearing Cory, Charles's son, gagging like he was choking. I found him in a bathroom and I was thinking that I would have to administer CPR in order to save him. I thought that I was doing a lot of saving of lives and wondered if I would have time to do anything else while I was there.

January 5th, 1991

I was at home in my bedroom with Lisa. I walked out of my room and into the hallway. There were Cory and Derick, walking down the hallway towards the rec room. They were sleeping, or close to it. I followed them and when we were close to the end of the hallway, by the laundry room, Cory fell down because he was so tired. Derick was already on the floor. Cory tried opening his eyes but he was so tired that he couldn't. He would get his eyelids halfway open, then shut them, over and over again. I remember seeing the whites of his eyes and parts of his pupils but they never came into full view because he was so tired he couldn't open them fully. Derick was crying I think, because the diaper he was wearing was soaked. It was paper thin and was the color of cardboard, and was dripping all over the place. Later, Lisa and I were driving to the Eagle's house to drop Cory and Derick off. The driveway to their house was a long gravel driveway and I backed my pickup all the way to their house. There were lots of cars and trucks lying around the driveway by the house and getting my pickup parked was a tight squeeze. I remember wondering if I would be able to get back out because of how tightly my truck was squeezed in between other vehicles. I wondered if they were all just junkers or if the Eagle's actually drove them. I waited for Lisa as she went inside to get paid for the baby-sitting job. She came out later and showed me some change and said she only got paid seventy-one cents. I was mad because we had watched Cory and Derick all weekend. Lisa explained that they would pay us more later but this was all they had for now. I asked Lisa how much she normally got paid and she smiled sheepishly and said, "A hundred dollars." She had been trying to hide that fact from me, trying earlier to convince me that she only got paid twenty dollars. I guess she wanted the extra money for herself. We then tried pulling out of the driveway but then some guy (who resembled a fat bouncer in the movie Roadhouse) drove up on a farm tractor and blocked us in the driveway so we couldn't get out. Lisa yelled at him that he needed to move because he was blocking us and we had to get out. Her voice was panicky, like there was an emergency and we had to leave right away.
I was on a dock by the bay or ocean. There were a lot of people there. The dock was L-shaped. On one part of the dock there was a little compartment or room where a bunch of people held babies. Mandy, my sister, was one of the people and she held Sarah, my daughter, in her arms. All the babies looked identical, wrapped in white receiving blankets and all had the same looks on their faces. I told Mandy to make sure she held onto Sarah tight because I didn't want her getting lost in the crowd of other babies, and therefore we would have trouble trying to find the right baby after that. As I wandered along the dock, I noticed crabs starting to float to the surface to get air, just like turtles do. This made me think of crabbing and I guess other people thought of that too. Suddenly some people, kids with a parent or two, started walking along with wire crab pots and plucked what crabs they could from the water before they submerged. As they did this, some crabs got away but after a while they resurfaced again for more air. At the L in the dock, one crab surfaced and it was huge. I wondered if the other crabs were large enough to keep for eating, but there was no question about this one. It surfaced and it was a dark, purple color. It had huge pincers and the more it surfaced, the more of its body came into view. I remember pointing it out to my dad, who was to the right of me. I said something like, "Hey look at this one," like I wanted to be the one who pointed it out, not anyone else. The crab submerged and resurfaced again, and again I was amazed at how huge it was (perhaps two and a half feet round). The next thing I remember was seeing this particular crab on the dock. It had grown to a monstrous size and was mutated. It had two holes in its shell which looked like eye sockets, and below this was a wide mouth rowed with lots of thick sharp teeth. The crab walked towards a little girl, a little Indian girl who was about three or four years old. The crab approached her and wrapped its claws around her while clamping its weird jaws up and down. The crab never really hurt her and she never did cry, but the crab obviously was after her for a meal. None of us were alarmed.

January 7th, 1991

I was at work. It was my first day back since Lisa had given birth to Sarah. I remember seeing a few familiar faces. Kathy Stepinpod was there, and she was working at the front work station instead of the back work station where I had originally planned to have her. She looked a little different than she does now, but I can't remember exactly what it was that was different. I remember seeing other people there, maybe Brendle and a few other people, but I can't remember who. The next thing I recall is it being break time at 1:30. I normally don't take this break, but Valcarto Minduez suddenly appeared and he wanted to take me out to lunch or something so he and I went driving off in his car. We went down the road and ended up at an amusement park or something like that. We went on a ride like Splash Mountain at Disneyland. I remember there being a lot of water, even in the boat/log where you sat. I knew you got wet in this ride sometimes but this was ridiculous. The water came up nearly to my waist and I had to lift myself up to prevent from getting so soaked. I think Valcarto sat right behind me. It started getting late (close to 2:00) so I told Valcarto I had to get back. He was kind of surprised that I wanted to get back so soon. He had a little wry smirk on his face when I told him I had a lot of stuff to do. On the way back to work, we became somehow disoriented on the roads. They came out at different places that I couldn't recall. I remember one intersection that came down out of the woods. Just beyond it was a partial sunlit clearing with an old barn or dime store off to the side.

January 8th, 1991

I was watching Gilligan's Island, either that or I was actually there on the island. There was only one scene I remember. It involved Mary Ann. She was facing towards me and was standing in a hut or near one. Her hair was down and she looked really pretty. Someone stood behind her but I can't remember who it was, maybe Ginger or Gilligan. Mary Ann looked really calm and I think she recited a few lines which made her sound real sophisticated. It gave her the appearance of a great actress. After reciting her lines, she exited to the left through a door in a hut and the person said something about how this scene took place in 1923. I was a bit surprised, knowing that Gilligan's Island was an old TV show, but I knew it wasn't that old. Also, I remember the scene was in color and I wondered how it could be in color because in 1923 I'm sure they didn't have color film yet.

January 11th, 1991

I was at work. Arnold Tokkin was there and I think Nadine Botchy was, too. I'm pretty sure we were wearing smocks. Arnold, Nadine and myself were standing there talking and I remember seeing about four bays/aisles with a bunch of equipment in them. In the last bay on the end was a door that led to the outside where new equipment is received. Through this door, two new pieces of equipment like the others already there were being brought in. I remember showing interest to Arnold on how I wanted to work on them. The brand name of something (perhaps the equipment) was Red Jay, and Arnold asked Nadine and I several yes or no questions. He asked stuff like, "Can a Red Jay fly?" and the answer was yes, and, "Can a Red Jay kick a rock on the moon?" and again the answer was yes because the gravity on the moon is so little that a Red Jay could kick a rock if it wanted to. The last question was something like, "Can Red Jay expect their shipment this month?" and the answer was No. The three of us laughed because we were making fun of the unorganized structure which hindered positive results from the company. This actually was a message to me that where I work is a joke. I remember standing in the back bay where the two new pieces of equipment were. I was looking into the work area from where the door opened up where new equipment is received. There was a stack of cut wood there, and I think it represented the wood I have stacked outside my house now. There was a lot of wood there, perhaps a cord, stacked neatly to the left. Along with the equipment came some more wood which was in bigger pieces, but still somewhat chopped and cut. This stack was piled to the right of the first stack in the back bay by the receiving door. Maybe it was wood that Arnold himself brought in.

January 12th, 1991

I was at a house somewhere with Lisa and Sarah, but we also had two other kids with us. Besides Sarah, there was a boy, and the youngest child was a girl. It was strange because Lisa and I for some reason had doubts that this third child was ours because we had no recollection of her giving birth to it (as if we could remember the second). I remember being on a grassy hill across the street from the house with the kids and also with a cat and a small dog. The five of these were really giving me problems. I remember having to hold one with one hand and try to grab another with my foot while holding another in my arms. It was massive chaos and I was getting real frustrated, learning to deal with what problems children can really give a parent. Also, it seemed that at the beginning of the day the kids were small, but as the day went on they grew bigger and bigger. I remember Charles being there on the hill and he said something like, "Yeah they do grow fast." Later, I was back in the house and I guess the owners of the house came home and everyone (I can't remember who all was there) had to leave. I was in the process of cleaning up a mess of some kind on the floor and as I started cleaning it up, two of the people who lived there, a man about as tall as I was and a smaller man about five feet tall with shoulder length brown wavy hair, approached me from the side to make sure I would clean the mess up right. The closer I got to cleaning the mess up, the closer these two men got to me to inspect the job I would do. I started to clean the mess up but as soon as I started, the men stopped me because they didn't like they way I was doing it. I remember cleaning up another mess on the floor, perhaps the same one, at where I work. On the floor was a bunch of purple-colored triangular chunks of stuff, but I'm not sure what they were. At first I used a metal spatula to scoop the debris off the floor and into a box or something. This wasn't working too well so I think I used a broom and a dust pan. Then I remember being back at the house in one of the bathrooms. All I had on was a T-shirt which barely covered my genitals. Some of the owners of the house, I think two women this time, opened the door to the bathroom and were surprised to see me there. However, I wasn't embarrassed and even made some remark like, "Oooo yeah" when they almost saw my privates. Then I vaguely remember seeing Trent and it was then that I knew that the third child I had with me was Veronica, Trent's daughter. That explained why Lisa and I couldn't remember it being ours. The next thing I remember is being on my way out of the house and finding I was the last to go. Everyone had already left and the owners of the house had cleaned up any trace of anyone else being there except for me. The stuff I brought to the house, a few clothes maybe and some other stuff, was stacked in a pile and waiting for me to grab it and leave. I think I may have had one of the kids with me.

January 16th, 1991

I can only remember the second part of this dream. I was with a couple of guys, among them maybe Charles, but I'm not sure. One guy drove his car down a long gravel driveway and I followed in another car, someone else driving. The first car pulled into the house's driveway and it was small and cramped. There didn't look like there would be enough room to turn around, but the car (maybe Charles was driving) made a smooth turn and was able to face back out of the driveway. There was some red rock mixed in with the gravel at this end of the driveway. I remember telling Charles, or whoever, that he did a good job of turning around. The second car (I guess the one I was in) didn't make quite as good of a turn as the first. His turn was wider and the car ended up driving along a dirt/mud patch on the far end of the driveway and finally out onto the gravel again. Once parked, we all got out and met the guy who lived at this house (I think his name was John). I don't know who he was nor can I remember his face. I saw his wife and she was pretty good-looking. She and John discussed something, but then that was all I saw of her. I think we came to John's house to buy some drugs. We talked out in the driveway and we didn't want to say anything about pot because of John's wife, but I think John caught onto this. He suddenly started walking away from us and to a garage or storage shed further along the driveway. To me this meant he was going to get some drugs and he wanted us to follow. Once in this storage place, he showed us a small portable color TV he wanted to sell for $48. It had a 10 inch screen and looked exactly like what I wanted for mine and Lisa's bedroom. I immediately showed interest in the set in case one of the guys with me wanted to snag it first. The TV set had two sets of pictures; one on the top where the controls were set and one on the actual screen. The picture on the screen wasn't very good so we watched the picture where the controls were. It seemed weird, as if the controls were in the way of the picture and it was inconvenient to watch the TV like this. I can't remember exactly what was on the tube, but it may have been a football game, but that was just the feeling I got. Actually I think it was some kind of drama, but the picture was well within view at all times. Then I got close to the TV and started adjusting the brightness, contrast, and all those assorted dials. Eventually, by tweaking the dials enough, I was able to come up with a good picture. Then I started negotiating on the price with John. I think we finally agreed to a price of $40. There was a lot of stuff in this guy's storage room, but of course, I can't remember anymore of this dream except for what I've written here.

January 18th, 1991

I was at work and I was doing Habib's review. I guess he wasn't happy about the raise he got so I managed to get him more. I remember seeing the paper where his new salary was written down and the old amount was scratched out and the new amount (around $9.26 and hour) was written in. Later I found out that Habib had been making changes on his review himself and I caught him trying to cross out the $9.26 and make it more. I yanked the paper from him and yelled at him or something and was pretty pissed off, which is strange because I never get mad at Habib.
I was at a house where there were two dogs, kind of like huskies, but not quite. They were black and white. I guess there used to be three of them but the owner killed one of them for some reason that I can't remember. I think one of the dogs killed a cat of mine so I figured I would kill the dog as well. I remember grabbing the dog with both hands around the head and neck and twisting its head up and to the left until I could hear the bones snapping in its neck. I twisted and turned the dog's head until I was convinced it was dead. Then I tried to find a place to stash the dead body, so I looked around the property. It was a somewhat wooded area but there really wasn't anyplace I could put the body so that nobody would find it. As I walked around the grounds and woods (I think there may have been a river nearby as well), I looked down at the dog and saw that it had been put in a white bag of some kind (I can't recall putting it in there). The dog was still alive and I could kind of see its face through the bag. There was blood on its face and the dog yelped awkwardly in pain, as any dog would that had its neck snapped. I think I may have done something else like stomp on its face or something like that, but I'm not really sure. Later, I think the owner of the house came home and I was talking with him and maybe walked around with him for a while. During this time I lost track of the dog and when I finally had the time, I looked around for that white bag. I finally found it under a tree in the driveway. I remember still seeing the blood that had seeped through the bag, but I don't think the dog was barking any more.

January 20th, 1991

I was at a huge coliseum somewhere, someplace like the Seattle Coliseum. I was on stage with Bob and Charles. We were very unorganized and it was embarrassing. I was playing an acoustic guitar and I was trying to play Broon's Bane by Rush, but I just couldn't seem to hit the notes right. Bob was jamming and all three of us were obviously not in sync. I remember warming up on my guitar, playing the usual warm-up licks I always do and I was hitting the notes very well, but they sounded more like clicks instead of actual notes. Before we finally were able to play together, I stopped to see if I was in tune with Bob. I wasn't. I asked for an A or an E and had to completely retune to be where he was at. Then we managed to start playing Broon's Bane together but Bob was hitting the notes wrong. There were times when he hit chords the same but they were chords that I know weren't in Broon's Bane. About halfway through the song, Bob stopped playing and picked up a microphone and started singing. This really pissed me off because there are no words to Broon's Bane and he sounded terrible on top of it. I remember looking up into the stands and seeing the dark arena dotted with lighters that everyone held. The most dense of this display was up and to the left of me, where a group of lighters blended together to make a dense pattern. Anyway, we were so bad that we had to leave the stage. Some oriental people appeared and I guess they were going to take our place. I think I remember seeing an older oriental man. Maybe Charles or one of us almost got into a fight with one of the orientals, and they could have been gang members.
I remember walking into a trailer or mobile home. I don't know what I was doing there. It felt like I was breaking in or perhaps I thought the place was abandoned and I just snuck in for a peak. It was dark and I recall being in the kitchen. To the left was a hallway and a woman came walking down the hallway. She was wearing a long bathrobe and she caught me off guard. I told her how I was sorry for being there and I was mistaken for having come in, but then she was gone. She just disappeared. This dream seemed very real and because of that, I knew that the woman had been a ghost. It scared the shit out of me because I knew I had seen her - it was not an hallucination. This shocked me so much that I turned around and intended to leave the house as quick as I could. When I turned around, another person quickly walked in front of me then also disappeared. This was another ghost and I became extremely terrified. I know it doesn't sound like much, but this was one of the most frightening experiences I have ever had in a dream. I can't remember actually leaving, but I do know that I did get out of that mobile home as quick as I could.

January 24th, 1991

I was in my Nissan pickup with Lisa, me in the driver's seat, but we were just sitting parked. A guy with short hair, crew cut on the sides and just a bit of growth on top, came walking up to my door and he opened it. He reached past me and tried to grab for Lisa. He wanted to hurt her or something but he couldn't reach her, so he walked around to the front of the truck over to Lisa's side. Before he reached the passenger side door, however, I started the truck and drove away. The guy got in his car and followed after us. I don't know why, but I stopped driving and in an effort to lose the guy, I started walking down the street. He was walking right after me. I think I remember him pulling out a gun but he never did use it. I was starting to freak out, but then we suddenly came across a murder scene. There were police around, but I can only remember one of them. I think the original scene was on one street, but I walked down to another street where I encountered a cop (I think he was black) in an alley. The short-haired man was right after me, but then I walked towards the cop. The cop had a gun and he was interrogating a man. When he saw me I think he stopped me and I remember screaming in surprise when he pointed the gun at me. I think he may have handcuffed me but I didn't care because it meant losing the short-haired man who was after me. The short-haired man walked away, not wanting to get involved with the police.

January 25th, 1991

It was Fenton's last day at work and all of us wanted to do something special, so I ended up going to Kentucky Fried Chicken to get some food for him. It was hard to distinguish just when I was at my work and when I was at Kentucky Fried Chicken. There's a lot to this dream I can't remember. I remember referring to Kentucky Fried Chicken as KFC, which is what I used to do when I worked there. I recall being in the kitchen part and walking by several people, one of them Brendle Foamith. He had gotten his hair cut but it wasn't short, just a trim. I walked past him hurriedly because I was worried he might say something to me about the negative way I talked to him when he called in sick yesterday morning, but I walked by so quickly and said, "Hi Brendle how ya doing?" in such a nice voice that he had no choice but not to react at all. He didn't reply and I kept going.

January 26th, 1991

I was in my pickup and I pulled up to a building. There was a bathroom so I went in. When I was in the bathroom, I looked underneath the stalls to see if there was anyone there, but I couldn't see any feet. Then I somehow managed to look up over the stalls. I slowly looked further and further into the stalls and then I saw the top of someone's head and parts of other bodies that were lying there, trying to hide from me. This scared me so I ran out of the bathroom and to my truck, fumbling with my keys the whole time. I looked behind me and saw one of the guys, a man in black, running after me. I remember sitting in my truck and trying desperately to get the keys in the ignition. I was thinking, "Yes this is really happening" and "I wonder if he's going to get me or if I can manage to get away." I started the truck up just as the man in black grabbed onto the door handle of the passenger side. I backed out of the driveway but he held on and I dragged him with me. Then I put the truck in first gear and pulled away. I can't remember for sure, but I think the man finally let go and I was safely on my way.

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