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January 1992

Jan 4 - Jan 6 - Jan 7 - Jan 9 - Jan 13 - Jan 15 - Jan 17 - Jan 21 - Jan 24 - Jan 31

January 4th, 1992

I remember being in a trailer/mobile home somewhere and I'm sure there were other people there, but I can't remember who or how many. All I remember about being inside this mobile home is walking around to various windows and making sure they were shut. I also made sure the blinds were pulled. Doing this, I also made it a point to notice that it was light outside, which I only observed through the cracks in the side between the blinds and the window. I don't recall if this was daylight or maybe the light from a car's headlights. For some reason, it was important to have that light outside.
I was driving along 72nd Avenue, trying to find Pacific Avenue. I was driving a white van and Oscar Potter was in the passenger seat. We were driving along 72nd, waiting to intersect with Pacific. We talked about various things but I'm not sure what. The further we drove, the more we figured that we were heading the wrong way on 72nd and maybe we should turn around. I'm not sure why we thought we were headed the wrong way, but I think it was because the road began turning in spots that I can't remember it turning before. After a while, we began to encounter snow and the road seemed to get more and more treacherous. Finally we came to a steep hill and instead of driving down it, I teetered on the crest and Oscar and I looked down. The hill was very steep and once at the bottom, it turned upwards to another hill which was just as steep but higher than the hill we were on. Oscar and I looked at each other and decided not to try traveling any further because we figured that if we did, then we would get stuck somewhere down there at the bottom and would be unable to drive our way out. That's when I realized that there was someone behind us who I guess had been following us the whole way. I'm not sure who they were, or if I knew they were there the whole time, but they were also driving a van but I think it was a darker color, perhaps purple. There were two guys in it and they didn't even think of pausing at the crest of the hill as we had. Instead, they went directly down the hill and Oscar and I watched as they tried to drive up the higher hill on the far side. They almost made it to the top, but the snow was just too much I guess because their van tipped over backwards and tumbled back to the bottom of the hill. The two guys wasted no time and they got out of their van and ran towards us. I'm not sure what happened next; they either ran past us on the road or they hopped in the white van with Oscar and I and we all drove together from there on out.

January 6th, 1992

I remember very little of this dream. A lot of stuff happened but all I can recall is this thing which was black and I knew it was some type of organ from the human body. For some reason I thought it was a uterus, why I don't know, but that's the feeling I got. I saw it flopping around and it went flailing down some steps. It was like someone had thrown it down the steps or maybe it was alive and hopped along on its own power. I remember several ventricles or tubes or whatever sticking out of it and it kind of reminded me of the hopping heart in the movie Airplane. There was also a feeling that it really hadn't flopped down some steps but rather, the rocky slope that led down to the bottom of a canyon I sometimes hike to. There were other people there I'm sure, but I don't know who or how many or what their purpose was.

January 7th, 1992

I was at a place somewhere, maybe the elementary school I attended as a child. I don't know what I was doing there, but suddenly it was time to leave. I was in a hurry because there were some busses and I had to catch one of them if I wanted to get to where I was going, wherever the hell that was. At first I just sat there inside the building, I think where the kindergarten room was, and watched as the busses departed, acting as if it was no big deal that they left. Then the next thing I knew, I was gathering up a bunch of clothes in my arms as if I had left a bunch in the school for some reason, then I ran out into the parking lot after the last bus, which was pulling away. There was someone in the back seat of the bus, a woman that I can't remember, but she was about my age and sat next to a younger girl. The young girl or child was the reason that I was at this school, I think. Anyway, the woman looked out the back window and exclaimed for the bus driver to stop so I could hop on and catch a ride home or wherever I was going. The woman had brunette hair and was shoulder length, with her ears not covered, kind of like my hair is cut but a bit longer. I'm sure I got on the bus but I can't remember. It was like this woman was looking for me and I wasn't worried, knowing that I would get on the bus, but not absolutely certain until that woman saw me from the rear-view window.
I was at a duplex. I was outside the front door of this duplex, on the beauty-bark landscaped yard that lined the sidewalk. It was a small area. There were two doors, one to the left that I think was open and one to the right. Lisa was with me and we were both concerned about where Sarah was. Suddenly we saw her across the street. I think I kind of asked Lisa where Sarah was and then we noticed her across the street, climbing out of the ditch by the far side of the road. Lisa and I, I 'm sure, made some kind of comments about how could we be so stupid as to lose track of Sarah. I think Sarah may have been crying, but I can't remember. Lisa and I lost track of Sarah momentarily and suddenly there was a fire in the beauty bark where we were standing. Actually it wasn't a fire but rather, some smoldering bark that, if not extinguished quickly, would result in a fire. I remember scrambling around trying to put this fire out, but Iím not sure of exactly what I was doing. I remember a tree about a foot round in diameter in the middle of the beauty bark and the smoldering bark was at the base of it. The left door of the duplex was open and suddenly Patsy Tippen walked out of it. She had her arms crossed and she was smiling at Lisa and I, inquiring as to what we were doing. I don't recall answering her, but then Lisa and I noticed the occupants of the duplex on the right. It was Amanda and Quentin Makenpeace. I remember seeing Sarah inside their apartment. I can't recall exactly what Sarah was doing in there or what the inside of the apartment looked like, but I think there was an open space like a living room and maybe a TV on a stand off to the left. I think Sarah was near the TV.

January 9th, 1992

I was in a house that for some reason reminded me of Rawley and Vickiís house, although I don't recall seeing them at all. There was a lot going on, but I can't remember what. I think it was about two or three o'clock in the morning. There was someone with me, maybe Charles. I recall some guy who was about twenty years old and had medium length dirty blonde hair and glasses, resembling no one I know. He entered the house and stood against the wall in the living room with his arms crossed as if waiting for something to happen. I explained to him that there was no party here and that he would have to leave. I'm sure he did, although I can't remember seeing him walk out. I think there may have been a party earlier and I had kicked everyone out or something, but I can't say for sure. There was a scene where there was a cop car outside and it had its lights flashing. It was in the driveway and I looked outside to see what they wanted. When I looked out at the cops, my vision was blocked by what resembled flashes from a flashbulb. Either the cops were taking pictures, or there was just a flash that blinded me temporarily. Then there was something about a shooting, like a drive-by shooting and maybe that's why the cops were there, although I can't say for sure.

January 13th, 1992

I vaguely remember images of being on a big stream or river somewhere. I don't know if I was on the shore, swimming, or floating along in a boat. I remember the feeling of being among the deep parts of the water so maybe I was on the surface. I recall looking ahead, upstream, and the river snaked about towards a larger body of water. I think this was where the source of the river was and I think that's what I was looking for. I had a sense that we (who else I don't know) were among a forest but the trees were sparse enough that sunlight lit the area up rather well.

January 15th, 1992

I was outside a house somewhere, I think standing in the driveway. I think Lisa was waiting in a car further up along the driveway somewhere while I went about my business at this house, whatever it may have been. A woman who lived in the house came outside to greet me and I saw right away that it was Freida Bolinger, who looked just the same as she always had. For some reason, she didn't want to look me in the eye, seeming as though she was uncomfortable around strangers. She asked me kind of bluntly what I wanted and then I told her that my name is Max and I knew she would know who Max was and be surprised. She was surprised and she gasped then looked at me. She then began to hide her face and look away as if she were shy and didn't want to look at me. I walked closer to her, smiled, and asked her what was wrong, that she didn't need to be shy of me. Then I remember being inside the house and there were some friends of hers, one guy I recognized but I can't remember who exactly he reminded me of, perhaps Herman Crappie or Wyman Hayes. He may have been wearing glasses and I guess he was Freida's boyfriend or husband or something. He was real skinny. I remember sitting on the couch in her living room which kind of resembled the TV room at Saucy Wellsís and Anastasia Zindís house on South Hill. We were sitting there talking about stuff, Freida with two people on the couch across from me, while a person sat next to me, and the TV was to the left of us. I was concerned that Lisa was still waiting for me out in the car so I had to go. I remember Freida handing me some drugs. I cupped my hand and she opened hers above mine, dropping the drugs into my hand. I can't remember what I finally put this stuff in, but I'm sure I found something to keep it in. I went back to the car and Lisa was there with a sly smile on her face. It looked as though she may have been sleeping or just lying across some seats, waiting for me. She indicated a clock on the dashboard which showed a time of 7:27. She smiled and said something about how she was getting ready to go inside and get me because I guess I told her before I went up to the house that if I wasn't out by 7:30 to come get me.
I was driving around with Sam in a Toyota car. Suddenly we had a flat and we were at a parts store looking for a tire to fix the flat with. The tire had the numbers 2.92 and 314, which indicated what type of tire it was. We went into the parts store and a guy showed us a tire that would work but Sam, being the over-thorough-never-satisfied-with-one-part guy, was deep in thought then went to another part of the store to find a better tire. I remember seeing the tire up above, like on a shelf somewhere. Whether this was our flat or the new tire, I can't recall, but it looked like just part of the tire, just a third of it and only a flap of it, like someone had cut a piece off and put it on display. I remember seeing the numbers 2.92 and 314 in shiny new numbers, and also a red and maybe blue stripe going down the side. This led me to believe that maybe this was the newer tire. Either before we were in the store or afterwards, Sam mentioned something about the company that Randy Mulsinth worked for was going out of business. Sam mentioned how Randy wasn't out of business yet, but it was getting close.

January 17th, 1992

I can only remember part of this dream. Lisa and I were at Gerry's apartment (although we've never been there before). We were giving stuff away I guess, and we asked Gerry if he wanted a set of box springs for a bed. It was weird because even in the dream I knew we didn't have a set of box springs to give away, but we acted like we did. Gerry explained that he didn't need the box springs because he had a bed already. He then proceeded to show us his bed, which he unfolded like it came out of a compartment or something. It kind of reminded me of the diaper-changing pad in our diaper bag for Sarah, and I think Gerry's bed even had that little nylon string attached to whatever encased it. Lisa and I were kind of surprised to see that Gerry had such a small, cheap bed. I think it was only a flimsy mattress and I guess he stretched it out on the floor, which is where he slept. Then I knew it was all right for him to have a bed like this, somehow thinking that since he was a bachelor and therefore single, this kind of bed was all he needed. I know this makes no sense, but you know how dreams are.

January 21st, 1992

I was on a cliff where a bunch of huge cannons, about twenty or so, were scattered about on the landing overlooking the cliff. I saw these cannons from several different views. The first was from the front, standing just off to the right. I was looking into the barrel of one of these cannons. It was a huge barrel, about two and a half feet round and thirty feet long. Suddenly, from inside the barrel, the song "Paranoid" by the band Black Sabbath started to blare out. It was incredibly loud yet very clear. The song sounded great and it filled the air with a loud, rocking atmosphere. The next view I saw of these cannons was from being among their midst. I was looking out to the edge of the cliff and I could see the ground below. On the ground was a large crowd of people, dancing and partying to the music. The last view was from the top as if I was in the sky about a hundred feet and looking down. The cannons didn't look so big from up here and I saw that they were scattered randomly about, not in organized rows or columns. Throughout the dream, the music may have changed to War Pigs or Iron Man and it was still louder than shit, very overpowering but exciting to listen to.

January 24th, 1992

I was at home and Fran and Underwood, Lisa's parents, were over. They were sitting on the couch in the rec room. I remember walking out from the back of the house and into the rec room where they were. Underwood said something to either me or Lisa, something like, "I have to tell you something." They both seemed very calm but I felt the news was important. Underwood then told us that he and Fran were getting a divorce. I was shocked but Fran and Underwood acted calmly, as if the news was no big deal. It appeared they were still going to live together, but get divorced. I think Underwood said something like they wanted to date other people, or that they couldn't stand each other anymore. The two of them maybe even smiled as they talked, contradicting their news altogether.
I remember being by Highway 167 near a city not too far from where I live. I saw Plato there and I wondered how the hell he got to Kent (the name of the city). I came to realize that he goes to Kent on a regular basis. I knew he couldn't have run all that way every day so I wondered if he hitchhiked or what.

January 31st, 1992

I was someplace, maybe work, but I'm not sure. Some thin pieces of metal were lying around and somehow one piece of it got stuck in between my two front upper teeth. It was really uncomfortable. I remember trying to pry it out but when I did, my two teeth began to crunch and break where the metal was stuck in at. I think I even heard the sound of the breaking teeth. I remember feeling the pressure of the piece of metal prying apart my two teeth. It hurt and it was a real predicament.

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