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January 1993

Jan 4 - Jan 8 - Jan 10 - Jan 15 - Jan 20

January 4, 1993

I was on Meridian Avenue, around 176th Street where the dump is. I remember driving away from some place that was south of this spot. It was a place where Lisa and maybe Sarah were, and I get the feeling it was at Lisa's Uncle Stuart's place. I had the feeling I was driving to get some help to get us back home or something like that. I was in my truck and I remember suddenly being stuck in the mud. I got out and started to hike back to where Lisa was, which was somewhere towards the city of Graham, but maybe not that far. To get back, I walked up along some steps that lined the side of the road. These steps climbed real high into the air, perhaps a hundred feet or more, and when I got to the crest of them, they stopped. I don't know what I did from there or why I couldn't just walk along the road, but I remember that something happened and I had to climb up these steps again. I remember looking down at the road and the trees and experiencing the feeling of being real high in the air. The steps were made of white, worn two-by-fours, but they seemed sturdy. Some time passed and finally I made it back to where Lisa was. I was exhausted and I told her that I was ready to go home, but apparently she wanted to stay where she was at. She was sitting on a couch or perhaps a big bean bag chair like the one I had when I lived downtown with Barry Whipen. Lisa was sitting off to the right in a room and smiled at me, exclaiming at how she was cozy and really didn't want to leave. I think I was kinda pissed at this, probably because I had been through so much to get out of this place and now Lisa wanted to stay. I think this house was her Uncle Stuart's house, although I can't remember seeing Uncle Stuart or anyone else.
I'm sitting in the back of a pickup truck that had a canopy on it. There were several other people in the pickup bed with me but I don't remember who they were. We were going along the highway and I think I was seated nearest the door on the back of the canopy, which was swung open to reveal the outside. We were cruising along the road when suddenly some humongous tires, like the kind you see on earth-movers but about sixty or so feet high, came barreling down the road after us. Apparently the truck couldn't go fast enough because the tires began slamming into the back of the pickup one by one. It was really weird because they kept coming and coming, tire after tire, racing towards us and slamming into the back of the pickup. It was kind of frightening but we were in a canopy and therefore, protected from the huge tires as they slammed into the bed of the pickup. One tire did manage to slip inside the back of the canopy and I remember being squashed by it as it pushed me further back into the bed of the truck and into the people behind me. I think we managed to push the tire out, but there were still more tires coming. It seemed that the steady stream of tires continued for at least five minutes and I wondered where the hell they came from. Then I guess the tires stopped slamming into us as we came across some type of scene on the highway, to our left. I remember seeing a guy directing traffic, some dark-skinned guy who may have had construction garb on. He didn't specifically motion towards us, but I think he, as well as others that I can't remember, were on the road to move traffic along as they tended to some traffic accident or something like that. Apparently, this is where the tires came from, like an accident caused all those gargantuan tires to race all over the road.
I remember something about working at a restaurant where I used to in real life in 1980, 1981 and 1982. Either I was there working or I just had a knowledge that I was there.
I kind of remember Stuart (Lisa's brother) saying "Drop it" about something, but this is really vague, so vague that I don't really remember it.
I dreamt that I woke up late and Lisa was probably there also. The clock (I think the digital one by my bed) said 6:45 when we woke up. Since Lisa had to be to work at 7:00 and I at 7:30 or 8:00, we were obviously running late. Then I remember doing something to the clock on the wall in our living room, the one that ticks and ticks and has chimes and all that other shit. I (and I think Lisa as well) was doing something with it, like taking it off the wall to silence it so we could sleep. This happened because of the other night when Sarah woke up in the middle of the night and kept us awake, so I went out into the living room to sleep and tilted the clock so it would stop ticking. I remember something going on with the chimes also, like the chains became unwound and needed to be threaded back into the clock, but I can't remember exactly. Lisa and I both worked on the timepiece, but just what we were doing, I couldn't tell ya.

January 8, 1993

I was on Mountain Rainier with Lisa and Sarah. We were about halfway up the road to Paradise, which is where we decided to camp at, or do whatever the hell it is we came there to do. I remember seeing a car, I guess it was our car, parked alongside the road. I viewed it from the back right-hand side of the car as it was parked facing uphill. The road was on the other side of it, away from me. I'm not sure what kind of car it was, but it kind of reminded me of Charles's AMC Hornet he used to have. Anyway, I guess the three of us (Lisa, Sarah and I) drove down another road off the right hand side of the main road, which started approximately where I saw our car parked. The three of us drove down this road, which was a dirt road and very bumpy. There were trenches in the road, kind of reminding me of a road I had to drive along when I was a tree planter in West Virginia. I had the feeling we were going to get stuck because it was so bumpy and muddy. The road went along for about fifty feet before it turned to the left. I turned left and when I did, I instantly knew I had to turn around because the road was so muddy that if I went much further, then I knew I would get stuck. There was a feeling that I had been to this place before, but whatever the case, we decided to turn around. When I turned around and started driving back up and turned the corner to the right, I was suddenly on a motorcycle by myself and I remember the back tire spinning in the mud as I tried driving it up the slope. I thought I was going to get stuck but I never did, able to keep the motorcycle revving high enough to keep going. The next thing I remember is being back up on the road where the entrance to the road was. It was strange but there was Agnes (Charles's ex) sitting there in a car. I remember seeing a small building off to the right as I faced the road. This building was about the size of a garage, and may have been a dull red color. Next to the building was the car that Agnes was sitting in.

January 10, 1993

There were some helicopters flying around, and it was like they were a ride, or pilots were giving lessons, or maybe I, and people I was with, were flying them ourselves. There were several of these helicopters and I remember flying in extreme patterns, like going real fast and turning sharp corners. Sometimes I was flying or was just in a helicopter and I saw other flying things in the sky and I kind of wondered if they were UFOs or perhaps just exotic helicopters. I came to the conclusion that they were just helicopters but then one flew by me in the helicopter I was in. I remember looking through the glass in the cockpit of the chopper and seeing this craft swoop overhead. It was shaped kind of like a big pillow, but rounded at the edges and was about twenty feet long. It was green, white and red and there may have been a 7-up symbol on it. For this reason I felt it was not a UFO, but the way it flew proved it was no helicopter. It flew in front of me and neared this building we were approaching. A lot of other shit happened but I can't remember any of it.

January 15, 1993

I was in a big church with some people from work. The church was big, about as big as the church I attended as a child. Looking towards the back of the church, there was a room off to the right in the back, a room about as big as one of the bedrooms in my house. There may have been several rooms but this one stuck out more than the others, and I think I may have been in this room. I remember being inside the main body of the church. There were a lot of people in this church, although I can't remember but a few of them distinctly. I recall looking back into the room that I was in earlier and I remember seeing Mars from work in there. He was facing towards the side of the room where the door was and he was talking to Miranda, who I could see as I looked further into the room. She had her back towards the door and she was facing Mars. The two were talking about something. I think there may have been a ping pong table between them, but then again, it probably was the bed. They were discussing something but I don't know what. I guess I thought they might be doing some hanky-panky or something, but they weren't. Anyway, back inside the church, I was sitting in a pew close to the front and a priest that looked like Eddie Albert from Green Acres was giving a sermon. He left the podium and decided to come and sit near me. I realized that I was actually sitting at a table and Eddie had several other priests/altar boys accompany him. He didn't really look at me, although he was just feet away. I guess he chose to talk to the congregation from this seat instead of the podium. He was talking and gabbing about something, and I could almost understand what he was saying, like he was really forming words and speaking them, but I just couldn't quite grasp it. I think maybe he said something about the pope. He smiled as he talked in his friendly tone, like a loving priest often does as he addresses his congregation. Sitting to the left of me was a skinny black man and sitting just next to him, on his right and to my immediate left, was a woman, who was probably also black but I can't really remember her. Anyway, the black man asked the woman "Can I buy you a rib?" in the same tone as a guy would ask a woman if he could buy her a drink. It was like we were in a church but the place where we sat was also some type of bar which, apparently, served ribs. There was a lot of commotion in the church but when the black man spoke, all was silent. The Eddie Albert Priest's expression changed from one of happiness to discouragement and he made a comment about his disappointment that the church had turned into a bar or about how rude it was that the black man inquired about buying a rib for this woman when there was a church sermon going on.

January 20, 1993

A lot of stuff happened, but I can only remember the end of this dream. Helmer Stink was reading something in a book about being in a dark place, probably a cave or something like that. I remember him looking into the pages of a notebook-sized manuscript he held in his hands. He read about being in this dark place and then stepping out into the daylight. When he read aloud about stepping into the daylight, then the two of us actually saw the sun overhead and it was suddenly brighter. It was at this time that I woke up because the light in my living room had come on because the power had been off and I left the light switch on so when the power came back on, then the light would come on and wake me up. Well, it worked.

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