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January 1996

Jan 2 - Jan 3 - Jan 7 - Jan 18 - Jan 19 - Jan 21 - Jan 24

January 2, 1996

I was with a guy, I donít know who he was, and we were walking along a street somewhere. We were walking at an incline upward, and I had the feeling we were walking up South Hill, although it didn't really look like it. I had the feeling that this guy and I had just spent some time doing something around downtown and now we were on our way home. We may have even been in a car instead of walking, but I can't say for sure. We had some gingerbread or Christmas cookies with us and we decided to stop walking or driving and take a look at them. We pulled them out and looked at them and saw that they were plain and weren't decorated yet. Either he or I commented on this saying, "That sucks!" that it was taking so long to decorate the cookies. I guess that what we were doing before walking up this street was taking steps to get the cookies decorated, and it was taking a lot longer than what we had planned. So we began sprinkling some green and red sugar sprinkly things on the Christmas cookies, you know, those red and green sprinkly candy things that always get sprinkled on cookies. We were both doing it. We sprinkled some red and possibly green stuff on one gingerbread man and then wiped away the excess. What was left was the faint outline of a face on the head part of the cookie. I did one cookie, sprinkling way too much green stuff on it, and I just covered the head, mostly the upper part of it. I then began wiping off the excess green sprinkles but when I did, I wasn't getting a defined outline in my sprinkles as did the other guy. We did this on the side of the road. On the opposite side of the road was a house just beyond a hill where a green lawn was. Out of the house came a woman to see who we were and what we were doing. The woman was that teacher at Sarah's school that has shoulder-length permed hair. She was apprehensive at first, wondering just who the hell these guys were that were standing on the side of the road by her house, but then she saw that we were working on cookies and she acted like us being there was no big deal. She kind of smiled and said something like, "Oh you're making cookies!" like it didnít matter who we were because we were doing a calm, innocent thing like decorating cookies so we had to be harmless. Then she went back inside her house, leaving us once again to our cookies.

January 3, 1996

I was cleaning the kitchen up in my house because it was a mess. I think I dreamt this because I cleaned the kitchen up before going to bed and it was indeed a mess. In the dream, I remember looking at the clock on the wall in the living room and it was around 6:23. I knew I had to leave for work by six-thirty, so I was pushing it. The kitchen was a disaster but I was determined to clean it before I left for work, but I couldn't see that happening. Nevertheless, I continued to clean away. I remember scraping a lot of food off of dishes and into the garbage can. There was one cup in particular, the tall beige one I usually drink beer from, that had a lot of food in it. At first, I thought it was just a few bits of food, but the more I pulled out of the cup, the more I realized was in there. I think I started by pulling out some french fries and then underneath that there were parts of potatoes that were baked and soft. Eventually I pulled more food out of the cup than could actually fit in there. I threw all this food into the sink as I cleaned and I wondered why I did that because we didnít have a garbage disposal. I think my attitude was to just do it because I was in a hurry and didnít care if the sink got clogged. I think I also threw coffee grounds in there which sprinkled over the dishes that were piled up in the sink. As I was doing this, I looked out the window there which is right above the kitchen sink, the one facing west. I saw Lisa's mom out there and Lisa may have been with her. She had come over to visit Lisa or something. I remember seeing her smiling as she stood out in the driveway part where her boat is parked. Soon I lost track of time, or I didnít care what time it was, but I had the feeling that it was time for me to go or it had passed the time to go, but I kept cleaning away.

January 7, 1996

I was with two other guys, and we were at an arena or coliseum of some sort. A lot happened but all can remember is when the National Anthem was about to play before the event that all these people gathered for, began. I'm pretty sure this place was an indoor place because it got real dark, but it wasn't like an outside dark - it was more like when the lights are turned off in a huge arean before a rock band hits the stage and everyone lights up their lighters. Me and the other two guys weren't sitting down but were standing up off to the side of the main stage or center of attraction which may have been on the floor of the place. Someone approached us three and handed us a microphone - I donít know if we each got one or there was only one. We were handed the mike just as the National Anthem started to play and it was then that we realized that we were supposed to sing the song. The whole audience was watching us and I started getting nervous. It was as though us three guys were guests or celebrities visiting or something like that. I started clearing my throat over and over again to try to get my voice ready. As the song started playing, none of us guys sang at all. By the time the song had played for a while and it became clear that the other two guys were not going to make any attempt to sing this song, I grabbed the microphone and decided to belt it out. I was nervous but I figured I'd never get to do this again so I would sing my heart out. The first thing I sang was "...and the rockets red glare..." and when I sang the high note on the word "glare," my voice hit the note well and it sounded pretty good. I continued singing the song and when I got to the words " o'er the land of the free..." I belted out that high note again, only this time my voice was off key and I knew it had to have sounded pretty bad. I would have been able to hit the note but the audience was so loud, talking and rummaging around and stuff, that I couldnít hear the music, and therefore I didnít know what key the music was in. Nevertheless, I tried the best I could but I was off key and the audience kind of laughed and snickered because of it. I remember one man in particular, laughing or snickering. I think he had black hair, was balding on top, and wore black-rimmed glasses. Regardless of my bad note, I kept singing and finished the song. I think I hit another bad note before the song ended but I can't remember what part of the song it was.

January 18, 1996

I was at gathering of people, like a convention of some sort, in a large conference room. I was sitting at a table with some people. At the table behind me sat some other people whom I knew in the dream, but I can't remember now. One of them was a woman with black, shoulder length hair. She was sitting with a man that was probably her husband. Some other people showed up and one of the people in this other group was Ellen Degeneres from the TV show "Ellen." She had longer hair than she normally does, and this was probably because when I saw her on the show the night before, she was wearing hair extensions. She sat at the same table I did, on the left and at the end, and we pretended not to know each other for some reason, although we did. I think we thought that if people saw us talking, then we would get in trouble. We kept thinking of ways to get to talk to each other and I finally figured it out. I had the idea of going to get some more food on my plate, so I left and walked about thirty feet away to an area where I guess there was a table with food on it. There was a large garage door on the back wall like the kind in the receiving area at the company I used to work for. Ellen followed me to the table, seeing a chance to get to talk to me without anyone noticing. We got to the table and I turned around to talk to Ellen, me facing the crowd, her facing the wall with the large garage door behind me. We were discussing how the woman with the shoulder-length black hair who was sitting at the table behind me was moving away because she had gotten another job and therefore needed to relocate. That woman, I had the feeling, was either my mother or my wife, a woman who, when she moved, I had to move with her because I lived with her. When I mentioned that the woman was moving, which meant I would have to go as well, Ellen asked when it was; Was it soon or this very day or when? I told her that I was sure it wouldnít be for a month or two. We went back to the table and sat down. The people at the table with the woman with the black hair were talking about her, razzing her about a new job position she had accepted. She mentioned something about how she was concerned about going and moving away and I then made a comment like, "Worried about what? Having the world at your feet?" Everyone kind of chuckled at this one and she kind of smiled. The comment I made meant that she was being presented with a great opportunity and was in a great position and I was just pitching her shit about having it made. When I woke up and thought about this, it made me think about my own position at work now, being the only guy who knows anything engineering-wise in my department.

January 19, 1996

I was playing basketball. All I can remember is tossing an alley-oop to someone, maybe Shawn Kemp of the Seattle Supersonics, as he raced towards the basket. He leapt in the air but the jump wasn't timed right and maybe the shot was missed because of it. I was kind of half asleep when I dreamt this and actually knew I was dreaming, therefore I decided to re-dream this and make it a perfect alley-oop where Shawn would jam it down perfectly. As Shawn started running towards the basket again and I was just about to toss the ball up again, the phone rang and woke me up. Nevertheless, if I would have continued dreaming this, I know the alley-oop would have been executed perfectly. We were the only two on the court.

January 21, 1996

I pulled into a park that I go to all the time on my lunch hour. I was in my pickup. I drove to the spot where I usually park, the small building where there are stone steps leading down that I saw for the first time when I went to the park with William at the beginning of October 1995. When I pulled into this spot, however, the area had been cleared out. The small building was gone and the entire area had been clear cut for one hundred feet in diameter at least. I had the feeling that I had just been there the day before and it wasn't like this at all at that time, and I was amazed at how quickly the construction had taken place. I was kind of wondering if this meant that I shouldnít be there at all, like maybe the park or at least this part of it was under construction so I shouldn't sit and eat my lunch there and type on my laptop computer. As I was thinking this, a black bear walked up from the edge of the clearing and approached me. I had the feeling that it injured me in some way or was going to, and also that the bear was sent there to get rid of me so I would get away from this off-limit place. I can't recall what happened after that, but I think I somehow managed to elude the bear so it couldnít find me. Then I relived the same scene again. The black bear emerged from the forest at the edge of the clearing and it sniffed the air, trying to zero in on my scent. It lifted its snout in the air and took a few sniffs, its nose wrinkling as it did. It did this because since I had escaped it the last time, it was going to catch my scent so it wouldnít lose me the second time.

January 24, 1996

I was in Arkansas on that long road I had to walk to get to the mailbox where Jethro's mom and dad used to live. I think I was on Amity Road, the street that you had to take a right or left on after the mailbox, and I think I was walking along it with someone else, maybe Jethro and his mom. Then I was on the road that led from the mailbox to the house, but all I remember about that is that I was there, that's it, but I'm sure I was still with Jethro and his mom. Anyway, we walked back to the house where the Bundy's used to live, and when we got up there, we walked up to the left side of the house and went to the front left corner of it. There was a wire fence there and Jethro's dad was working on some of the landscaping, like some short bushes on the landscaping there by the corner, or maybe by the fence. When we walked up, he said something like, "There I got it," like he had just finished something he was working on. It was the typical way he was back then, always doing chores around the house. I started taking my shoes off at this point. I donít know if Jethro and his mom did as well, but I had the feeling that this was the spot where you were supposed to take your shoes off, like you were supposed to do it before you came into the house. I think there was an opening to a garage or maybe just a wall behind me at this corner of the house. Beyond the small bit of landscaped yard and the fence was a cliff that dropped off for about fifty feet and at the bottom of it was an ocean, rocks and waves crashing onto them below. As I was taking off my shoes, one of them fell off the cliff and splashed into the water below. The shoes I wore were brown and reminded me of the dress shoes that William has. The next thing I recall is being inside the garage of this house and it reminded me of the garage that was at the house Peter Peckster used to live in. I saw my wet shoe on the cement floor and I realized that someone had gone to the sea below and retrieved my shoe. It was probably Jethro's dad, and I felt bad because he had done this work for me when I should have. On the back wall of the garage was an opening, and maybe there was a door there, but from the opening, Jethro's dad came walking towards me. He was saying something about some work he wanted to do for me and his attitude was abrasive, the way he had always been towards me when I lived with him the first time in Arkansas in 1978 and '79. But my attitude was different - I wasn't acting like that young seventeen or eighteen year old I used to be. Whenever Jethro's dad mentioned something to me I would say, "Yes sir!" After a few times of giving me instruction of things to do and he saw that I wasn't acting like a smart-alecky kid, his attitude changed and he started to be nice. I felt guilt for being considered such a problem in his eyes. I felt myself on the verge of tears when I responded to his demands, like I would do anything he said and I wanted to show him I could be a different person. Eventually, after he saw how I was, we gave each other a big hug because we had broken a barrier between us and felt things were going to be better between us. He smiled and commented on how he could use twelve more like me, seeing how I was now such a nice kid. We were standing by a door that led into the house, just like in Peter Pecksterís garage, and Jethro's dad mentioned something about how me standing on one end of the floor in the living room of his house wouldn't cause it to tip up, but I commented, saying, "If you had twelve of me it sure would," meaning that if there were twelve of me, then our combined weight would be enough to tip up the floor on one end if we all stood on one side of it. Jethro's dad kind of chuckled at this comment. Later, I was standing inside the house between an area with the dining room table in it, like a small dining area, and the living room. This looked like Aunt Doris and Uncle Stanleyís house. I was standing there, on the stretch of carpet between these two rooms, when a guy walked by me. He was a friend of Jethroís and he was six foot two or three and had blonde hair cut above the ears. He may have acknowledged me, but walked right by me because he was there to see Jethro. Apparently he was one of Jethro's friends I have never met. He went into the garage area and that's where we all gathered: Myself, Jethro, Jethro's dad (Jansen) and Jethro's blonde-haired friend. Jansen (Jethro's dad) mentioned how Jethro and his friend could make a lot of money with whatever it was that Jethro's friend had brought over. Apparently Jethro had dreamed up another scheme to make money and his blonde-haired friend was going to help him with it. The idea they had was putting slices of pizza inside baggies, then delivering them to people who wanted the pizza. It was like a pizza-delivery service, but just for slices of pizza that would be wrapped up in this cellophane-like baggy device. There was one piece of pizza that I saw the blonde-haired guy holding and it was a huge piece of pizza, about two feet long. The baggy it was in was too large for the pizza so it didnít wrap it up very well. When I looked at the edge of the baggy I saw a round hole with a blue-rubber seal encircling it, and this was apparently where the pizza was slid into the bag. The bag was pizza-slice shaped, but the piece inside was too small for the large bag. Apparently this bag was for extra huge pieces of pizza, and could also be used for pieces that were too large to fit inside the regular-sized baggies they had. It seemed like a good idea in the dream, and I wished I was in on it. Jethro's dad also showed me an idea he had. He had a small white plastic bottle in is hand and on it was the word LOCTITE. It wasn't the regular Loctite you could buy, this stuff was different and was invented by Jansen himself. He showed me what it's purpose was. He held up a jacket and at the part where the arm connected to the body of the jacket was an area of beige-colored vinyl or some other similar type of material. Jansen took something like an Exacto Knife and cut a slice about four or five inches long into that area of the jacket. He then took some of the Loctite, which could be applied with a small brush attached to the inside of the lid (like nail polish), and brushed it onto the slice made in the jacket. Apparently the purpose of the Loctite was to mend cuts in material. By applying it then letting it dry, the cut was supposed to disappear eventually. We saw a cup, or piece of pottery of some kind that had been broken into several pieces and since this was a more solid material than the jacket, we applied large amounts of the Loctite to the break. This was supposed to not just glue the pieces back together, but make the break disappear altogether. I remember applying a lot of loctitie to this break in the pottery, big globs and globs of the gray and silvery blue stuff all over the break. It had the consistency of thick paint. Later I inspected the break in the cup/pottery and saw that the Loctite had disappeared but the cup was glued together. However, the crack was still visible. I was unsure the cup would remain glued together or not. Jansen asked me how it looked and I said something about the cup (which was a grainy, gray color) holding together but the "cosmetic" appearance still showed the crack. The next thing I remember is making arrangements with a woman who was either the actress Sandra Bullock or Valerie Costerfenin about going out on a date. Throughout the rest of this dream, this woman alternated from Sandra to Valerie, probably because they look so much alike. I think I was talking to her on the phone about her meeting me in Arkansas for a date, but she lived in Washington so I was kind of confused why we were arranging to go out on a date when we lived so far apart from one another. Valerie/Sandra made some comments about how she needed a map to show her where to go so she could meet me. I recall a scene where the directions to the crossroads around Jethro's house and mailbox were being told to Valerie, like that's where she needed to go. Just seconds later, Valerie/Sandra arrived in a car, a convertible type of vehicle. She was on the left hand side of the car (passenger seat) as I looked at the vehicle, and in the driver's seat was Don Knotts. They both were visible from their stomachs on up, the top of the car not in place. I saw them in the car at the place where Jethro's dad had moved the mailbox, just at the bottom of the hill, and facing out to the long street ahead that eventually intersected with Amity Road. Sandra was smiling and kind of looking to the right (her left) and up a little, a witty, outgoing expression on her face. Don Knotts, however, was staring straight ahead, his lips slightly parted, his eyes wide open, his expression blank. They had arrived so quick from Washington and I wondered how they managed it, so I said kind of jokingly, "What took you so long?" To the right of the road, the scenery was all in animation, billowy cartoon hills and foliage dotting the scene. It was then that I realized that this was all just a movie and that was how they had arrived so fast, because in the movies, silly things like this were possible. The animation scenery and Don Knotts were there because I saw some of the movie, "The Incredible Mr. Limpitt" or "Lumpkittz" or something like that, the other day and it stuck in my mind and came out now in this dream. That was the last I saw of Don Knotts or any cartoon scenery again in this dream, however. Sandra was being real outgoing and in a very happy, jovial mood. We went to a restaurant that reminded me of that restaurant that me and Lisa, Moira, Betty and Ednae drove up to in San Diego that was a riverboat but we never went inside because everything was too expensive. Sandra and I were inside the place and Sandra asked a woman, "You wanna' see my breasts?" Apparently there was some issue with her boobs, like she was wearing a special cupped bra or other apparatus that a woman in the restaurant was interested in, so Sandra did not hesitate in suggesting that she show the woman. Sandra then started walking to an area that was raised a step or two from the floor where everyone ate at. It was a place where the band played (small horn quintet or something similar) or just additional space for people to eat. As she walked to this area, she would occasionally turn her head back at the people who were seated and eating and laugh sarcastically, almost a snort and snivel type of gesture. She was making fun of the way people laughed, hearing them laugh then turning to look at them and emulate them sarcastically. Finally she reached the area and turned to face everyone. Immediately she started to lift up her dress she was wearing. As she lifted it past her thighs, we all saw that she wasn't wearing any underwear. She didnít stop there and took her dress all the way off. There was nothing over her boobs either and Sandra was completely naked. It was a nice-looking body for my dream to think up, and it's probably how Sandra actually looks naked. There was a guy standing to the left of her and he held out a bag for Sandra. In it Sandra put her dress and at this point the dress looked white, although I'm sure it wasn't white when she wore it. Now completely naked, Sandra walked from the platform and among the patrons, not caring in the least that she was naked and still having that over-confident smirk on her face. The next thing I recall is seeing her on the outside of the riverboat restaurant, being shown out by a waiter or maybe the guy that gave her the bag. She held the bag/dress in her arms and marched right on out of the restaurant and into the parking lot, still naked. I donít know if she was being shown out because she was naked, or if she just decided to leave, but no one at the restaurant acted like her being naked was shocking, and most everyone actually thought it was amusing and entertaining.
I was outside a building that reminded of a building in Tacoma. I was wearing a smock and in front of me were two other guys who were also in smocks. To the right and about fifteen feet ahead of me was John Smith. The next thing I know is that we were all running along the front of the building and I think I noticed for the first time that it was now dark outside. As we ran, I kept having problems with my footing. The shoes I wore werenít on very good, or they didnít fit, and every time I landed on them to take another step, I would step on the side of the shoe instead of the pavement. Because of this, I remained at the back of the group and wasn't able to catch up to them. We rounded the far corner of the building and went to the left. When I rounded the corner I saw that the other two guys were just standing there, having stopped running because apparently we had reached the place we wanted to get to. There was a tall chain-link fence, at least ten feet high, and it enclosed some type of area that may have had a building or power station type of dwelling inside of it. I think there was an overhead lamp of some sort inside this compound and it showed its glow in the dark, somewhat illuminating the area. I'm not sure why we were there, but it had to do with some type of work, or to complete a job of some kind. There was a comment made by someone about how drinking alcohol or taking drugs would make us a little buzzed but it was felt that this was necessary or at least acceptable to do what we needed to do, whatever the hell that may have been. The next thing I remember is being in a parking lot with some other people. This parking lot may have been one by the place we had just been standing by with smocks on, but I donít think I was wearing a smock anymore. There was a car or two in front of me. A car to the right in a parking spot I think was a VW Beetle and I think there was a person or two standing or leaning against its back fender facing towards me. To the right of me came someone riding a wheelie on a motorcycle. I somehow knew that this person was Morticia Stedden. She may have been wearing a helmet so I never really saw her face.

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