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January 1997

Jan 5 - Jan 12 - Jan 21 - Jan 22 - Jan 24 - Jan 25 - Jan 31

January 5, 1997

I was in the movie Braveheart, or living at the time and place of when Braveheart took place. I remember seeing the big friend of the actor Mel Gibson in that movie, that guy with the red hair and beard and moustache, the one who was Mel's good friend that also punched him in the chops towards the end of the flick. I got the feeling that this was kind of like another Braveheart movie but Mel wasn't in it, just this big guy with the red hair and everyone else. It was Braveheart 2, I guess, but it was apparent that this movie wasn't as good as the first, which is normally the case with sequels. All I can remember is seeing the big red guy as he faced to the left and was looking at a woman who was about forty or so and looked like your typical Scottish wench in the twelfth century, with read hair and a rosy nose. These two were thirty feet away from a large, looming cliff or cave that was dark. This man and woman were discussing a battle that was going to happen, as is what happened a lot in Braveheart. Big Red had kind of smirk on his face as he looked at the woman. My view was from just behind and to the left of Big Red as he faced the woman. She was dressed in a ragged dress, like the witches of Salem, Massachusetts were always seen wearing. She looked up to Big Red with a defiant look on her face and said something like, "You're going to get your nuts kicked," with a thick Irish or Scottish accent. Her comment meant that Big Red was going to get his ass kicked in the battle in which they were discussing.

January 12, 1997

I was at the house where I grew up at the top of South Hill. I can remember being downstairs in the rec room and walking into the garage. The wall on the left hand side of the garage was swinging like a huge pendulum to the left and to the right. It may have even been shaped like a huge half-circle blade like those kind that slit open the bellies of unfortunate medieval thugs. The bottom four feet or so of the wall was stationary and level like a normal wall. Between the swinging wall and the stationary wall was a space of about four inches. In that four inch space was a level of some sort, about eight inches long. I could see the bubble in its middle and it rested level between some thin black marks on the glass, showing that the wall was indeed level. The upper pendulum wall swung to the left and right on this level between the bottom stationary wall. The wall may have had some kind of track or groove on its bottom where the level fit into as it swung. The level was some type of invention I had made to construct walls in buildings and this swinging wall showed that my level was a success. I remember talking to someone (I donít know who) and saying something like, "Yeah I bet you never saw a wall built that way before." I was proud and the person or persons were impressed. There was the feeling that a cross with Jesus on it may have been attached to the swinging or stationary wall, right at the point where the level was. It was life size. I turned around and looked at the wall behind me. That wall was also swinging but instead of left to right, it was swinging forward and backward, and the entire wall swung, none of it was stationary. It was a large wall and I had to make sure that as it swung towards me that I didnít get nailed with it, which I would have if I stepped too close. On this wall was also hanging someone that may have been Jesus, or maybe it was the actor John Travolta. It was one or the other, or maybe it was Jesus at first then it turned into John Travolta after a few swings. The person hung so his feet were at the bottom of the wall and he was also life size. His arms stretched out to the left and right but I donít recall seeing a cross, but his arms stretched as far as they could go. They looked as if they may have had flaps of skin or some other material dangling below the arms that swished in the wind as the wall swung back and forth. This made the arms look like wings. The wall swung with the same speed and force as that pirate ship ride that some amusement parks have. I became mesmerized by this wall as it swung back and forth and swept wind into my face, blowing my hair back. I tried to get as close as I could to get the full effect of the wind that the wall shot my way. As I did, I became extremely relaxed, almost hypnotized, as I stood there watching this wall go back and forth and caressing its soothing wind over my body. My eyes became slits as I surrendered to the comfort, making me feel like I was dreaming.
Helmer Stink and I were riding on a motorcycle, he was driving and I was the passenger. We came to a chain link fence and Helmer somehow managed to lift the front wheel of the motorcycle up and on to the fence, thus making it somehow possible to drive the rest of the bike over the fence and on to the other side. I remember seeing the motorcycle as it sat in someone's small yard. This yard was at the back of someone's house. The house was a rambler and I only saw the right back half of it because the rest of the house disappeared behind some shrubbery and stuff on the small, close-knit yard. The place where the motorcycle sat was a patch about ten feet long and four feet wide. To the left there was some kind of ornamental rocks on lower level tiers. There was a chain link fence by us, probably around the shrubs that hid the left side of the house. In back of me was probably another house belonging to the neighbor. This area seemed really cramped. The people who owned the motorcycle lived in the rambler and I think Helmer was just borrowing the bike and may not have been supposed to be actually riding it. When we pulled back into the yard, there was a small rectangular piece of something on the ground. It was about the size and shape of a brick and had a pebbly surface, like the skin of a pickle only with lots more warts. This object was made of a hard plastic and was supposed to be some type of device which would, when run over by a motorcycle, reduce the jerks and bumps experienced when riding over objects like chain-link fences or strange brick-shaped plastic warty-skinned things. As I sat on the back of the motorcycle and Helmer drove into this small yard, he said to me, "Watch this," then he approached the brick-like thing and slowly drove the front wheel of the bike over it. There was a jerk but somehow it was a smooth jerk or the bumpiness of the impact was taken away. Around this time an older lady of about fifty years old walked out of the back of the rambler. She had made up curly neck-length silver/white hair that almost looked like a wig. She was wearing tight pants and a shirt and she walked towards Helmer and I. I think she was going to ask us what we were doing in her yard driving over this plastic brick thing. I made some kind of comment about how the lady was going to do what I just wrote and then Helmer made a comment, looking down and rolling his eyes in surrender and saying, "She invented that thing," referring to the plastic brick thing on the ground. I had a feeling before that the lady didnít know much about motorcycles but the comment Helmer made suggested she knew a hell of a lot about them.

January 21, 1997

I was with Sarah and she was drawing. She wanted me to draw so I decided I should draw. The pencil I was using had a broken lead, or the lead wasnít exposed enough for me to use, so I had to get another pencil. Sarah then pulled down a drawer or some compartment opened up at about her head level and several pencils spilled out into her hand. These pencils were the ones she got for her birthday. They were different colors and had ridges on them, probably for gripping better.

January 22, 1997

I saw that black woman who was on that commercial for Rice Krispies Treats, you know, that commercial where she works at a store and then a man rushes in to grab the last Rice Krispies Treat out of the box. The man would exclaim, "This is the last one!" and the woman would reply, "My aren't you the lucky one!" You know that commercial? Well that's the woman in this dream. I saw her for just a few seconds. She was standing and there were a couple of other people with her, probably friends of hers. She was smiling as I spoke to her. In the dream she wasn't an actress, she was how she is in regular life, and she seemed real nice and flattered that I recognized her as the woman in that commercial.
I saw a small man, about five foot two or three, and he was bald. He may have been carrying something which could have been a large empty bag of some sort. Somehow I knew this man was a burglar. He had a timid manner and his expression was apprehensive. He looked like that bald field goal kicker who's in high school and can kick seventy-yard filed goals.
I dreamt about four guys that were fighting. Two were fighting one fight and two were fighting another fight. I know three of the guys but the fourth remains a mystery. One of them was Herman Thicket and he fought with some guy who I can't remember. They tumbled around and the fighting was pretty serious. They fought right next to two other guys who were Geoffry Mesh and Ned Gauntlet. Geoffry and Ned were really going at it and all the fighters were so close to one another that I thought they would begin fighting someone in the other pair instead of who they were originally fighting. As I watched Geoffry and Ned, I had the feeling that Geoffry was going to win the battle, probably because he was larger. But then Geoffry hesitated for second, either to look at me or say something, and that's when Ned hit Geoffry really hard. I donít know if he smacked him with his fist or his foot, but the blow was an uppercut that snapped Geoffry's head back. His back was to me but when he got hit his head snapped back and I could see his face. The blow was accompanied by a sound that sounded like it hurt pretty bad. It was the sound of teeth breaking or bone crunching against bone. Geoffry kind of gurgled and was stunned and it looked like Ned was going to get the best of him.
I was in a car in the passenger seat. Lisa was driving and we were somewhere along 112th Street and Meridian Avenue. I was off the road in a parking lot, and my window was rolled down and standing outside the car was Vasquel Buller. Apparently I was an employee at where he worked and we were discussing work. I guess the company we worked for was right there where we were talking. Vasquel said something like, "Come back," and his expression was humbled and stressed like there was a lot going on at work and he needed me to be there. I then said something like, "I'll be back Monday!" Apparently I was on vacation and since the day on my dream was also Monday, I had a whole week off before I had to go back to work. I smiled when I said this, rubbing it in that I didnít have to deal with what he was dealing with.

January 24, 1997

The first part of this dream I remember is Lisa and I talking with two people who were agents for the FBI or CIA. With them was a man who looked like the guy in the movie Lost Boys who was the main vampire guy, the man with the glasses. The three of us were talking about some top secret agent stuff. Apparently we were discussing how we were going to pull off a particular mission. The five of us were in a hotel room and I get the feeling that before this part I can remember, we were at a lot of other hotels doing secret stuff like we were doing now, it's just that I can't remember it. The two other people besides the guy with glasses may have been a man and a woman who were like Moulder and Sculley on the TV show The X-Files. Lisa and I had received some instructions on what to do and then we left them, going to another room in the hotel. When we were in this other hotel room, Lisa and I were listening into a tube-like thing that led to the other room where Scully, Moulder and the vampire guy with glasses was. This tube-like thing was like that thing that Edgar the butler in the Disney movie The Aristocats listened into as he heard himself being second to the Madam's cats in the Madamís will. So, The guy with the glasses and Scully and Moulder were talking, and as we listened through this tube we heard every word they said. The end of the tube we were listening in on had a rectangular shape on the end, like a garden hose attachment with many holes in it designed to water plants. As we listened to the glasses guy talk, there was a low buzzing sound accompanying his voice which was probably static or something similar which made it very hard to understand what he was saying, but we understood just the same. They were discussing their real plans, which were things they had to talk about when Lisa and I were not in the room. We heard the guy talk about how Lisa and I were being set up by the secret agent agency we all worked for. We had seen it happen to other agents previously in the dream but we figured we were part of the elite team so we wouldnít be set up, but then we realized that oh yes indeedy, that's exactly what was happening! Realizing we were on our own and in danger, Lisa and I took immediate action. I had something in my left hand that was small and resembled an animal of some kind. It was curled and looked gray and embryo-like and may have been in a baggy. It kind of looked like the Prophecy creature as it looked on the poster advertising the show as I saw it outside a theater in Hot Springs, Arkansas in the late 1970ís. It was this strange creature-embryo thing that was the key to cracking this whole case and since I had it in my possession and realized I was now on the opposite side of the FBI or CIA and was being set-up as a patsy or whatever the hell you call those things, I knew I was in extreme danger. I put the small gray creature inside my left pocket of a jacket I guess I was wearing and tried to zip the pocket up. The animal was large and stuck out beyond the boundaries of the zipper like my checkbook does whenever I put it in my coat pocket, but I'm sure I managed to zip my left pocket up anyway. Lisa and I knew that the guy with the glasses and Moulder and Sculley didnít know we were on to them so we knew we had to act fast and get out of there as fast as we could to put as much room between us and them before they came looking for us. Since I had the embryo, they couldnít do anything. It was like the embryo-creature was a secret microfilm with the blueprints of enemy nuclear weapons on it or something. Lisa and I left our hotel room. It was almost pitch black outside. We were on the second floor of the hotel. I quickly ran down the length of pathway to the stairs leading down and bounded down them, but stopped when I realized Lisa wasn't alongside me. I looked back and through the darkness and up the stairs I was on. I was about halfway down them. I couldnít really see Lisa but the feeling I got from her presence was that she was somewhere up above on the landing and had not reached the stairs going down yet. I stood there, looking up into the darkness and wondering just what the hell was taking Lisa so long to descend these steps. I couldnít just go on without her. I was stressed. Anyway, I guess we made it down the steps and away from the hotel because the next thing I recall is walking briskly with Lisa through a dark alley, which was probably just outside the parking lot of the hotel. It was extremely dark, just like on that stairway, but in front of us about fifty feet there was a light that shone on the side of the building which jutted out ten feet or so further than the part of the building before that point. The wall alongside that part of the building was very well lit and was almost like daylight. The wall before that, however, was very dark. Lisa and I could tell there was someone standing there in the dark, just before the jutting wall, and we were uncertain who this person might be. We could just barely see the outline of this shape in the darkness and wondered if it was even human. Lisa and I walked slowly and with caution, keeping our eyes riveted on this thing in the dark. We passed without incident and eventually Lisa and I made it to the next stage. We were walking in the dark among the backs of other hotels or apartment buildings that reminded me of the apartments I used to live in with Lisa in 1984 and 1985. In front of us was the edge of a parking lot that was well lit. The edge of the parking lot on the left had a rounded edge, like a semi-circle. The left part of the semi-circle, which was in the dark, was a manicured lawn with a few medium sized ornamental trees sprouting up, and inside the semi-circle where there was light was a parking lot where I guess there were cars and the entrances to apartment dwellings. Lisa and I walked into this area and looked into the windows where there were people doing things inside these apartment-type places. At that point, the places beyond the windows took on the atmosphere of bars or taverns (like there's a real major difference). Sitting inside at these bar places were many football players and they all wore helmets. They were a partying bunch and I got the feeling they were college age football players. Lisa and I positioned ourselves behind something near a window and this was like the back of a boat that was on the water. In this back section were other football players but Lisa and I hid ourselves among them, trying to conceal ourselves from the secret agents who had set us up and were looking for us and had somewhere along here realized we had run from our hotel room because we realized we were being set up and therefore needed to escape or face a certain death. I remember Lisa and I talking with each other and reminding each other to keep hidden among the partying football players (three or four) so we wouldnít be seen. We kept looking around and ducking our heads, and I get the feeling we were smiling too like we were thinking, 'Is this cool or what?.í I was on the left hand side of the back of the boat and suddenly I noticed it was very dark, like it was night time. We were at a dock in a docking position at an airport or something. Apparently we were escaping on a chartered boat. I was kind of depressed because it was like we were fleeing a country where all my belongings were and I would never see them again. I had some discussion with Lisa or someone else about just what exactly it was that I was leaving behind. I left behind a lot of stuff, almost everything I owned, but among the things I didn't leave behind was my computer. This was a weight off my shoulders because although I may have left my TV, my clothes, and everything else, I didnít care because I still had my computer. This made escaping the country seem so much less stressful. The boat we were in was about fifteen feet long and I looked through the glass into the cab to see who was driving. It was Lisa' mom. I had a view of sitting behind her and seeing her kind of look back to Lisa and I. There were some people sitting to the right of Fran (Lisa's mom) in the cab of the boat and somewhere along the way someone told me who they were. It was Hector, Penelope and Carla Mendro. I think Hector was to the immediate left of Fran and to his immediate right was Penelope. Penelope was holding a blur and I took that to be Carla. They were all jovial as hell, although they were well aware that they were on the verge of helping two fugitives flee. It was like an airport as we sat there, but instead of waiting for approval for liftoff, we were waiting for approval to leave the dock. We must have gotten it because we were on the water and driving away into the night along the ocean. The ride along the ocean I can't recall too vividly although I do know we were on the water and may have encountered a few huge waves. Along here somewhere I looked to Lisa and began to tell her how much I respected and admired how she was able to get us out of the country like she had. As her and I were trying to escape, I guess I was really stressed and scatterbrained but throughout it all, I realized at this point, Lisa was cool and calm and very organized. There was some point in this dream when Lisa and I were trying to get to the boat to escape but I can't recall that part. What I do recall is commending Lisa on how she was able to get us though that time, however. Although I can't remember it, I do know that she led me through the terminals and buildings of the airport/boat place, deciphering the TV screens that reported departures and arrivals and knowing on which elevator and hallway to take to get where we needed to go. Without her holding my hand and pulling me along in that frantic time, I would have been lost and would not have made it to the boat. I have the vision of reaching the dock and seeing the boat Lisa's mom was driving pulling away and being about thirty feet away from the dock as it's leaving a wake while it speeds away and realizing that I missed my chance to freedom. That didnít happen because Lisa knew her shit at the time it mattered. She was a good agent. Well, the next thing I remember is being on South Hill, somewhere along the road where it was the trailer zone time, like 1981 or 2 or 3. Fran was still driving and maybe all the people that were in the boat were now still there in the car. To the right of us was Underwood Pope, Lisa's dad. He was alongside a road which was probably 128th or some other similar street. I remember seeing him standing to the right of a vehicle and looking down at the front right tire like there was something wrong with it. Someone was standing there next to him and it was probably Lisa. They were standing there discussing the predicament his car was in. I had the impression the car they were standing next to was a Subaru Brat. I think the tire in question was flat.

January 25, 1997

I was with Mugsy Wire, a dishwasher I used to work with. I remember sitting in a truck with him, me in the passenger seat, him in the driver's seat (I guess it was his truck). The truck seemed like a Kingcab Toyota model. We were sitting in the driveway at Ron's house. We were discussing where we were going to tell Ron where we had been. Apparently we, or I anyway, was supposed to be at Ron's house watching it but I went somewhere with Mugsy instead. I donít know where it was we went, but I guess that if I told Ron where it was then he would get mad or something. I suggested to Mugsy that we tell Ron a certain place but Mugsy said that no because we had told Ron we were there earlier so that wouldnít work. Apparently, earlier in this dream we went somewhere that was a guitar shop or a pawn shop and we may have told Ron we were there. Mugsy expressed to me that I had to make sure that we told Ron that it was the unemployment office that we were at. Mugsy said to me clearly, "The unemployment office, OK?" He said it slowly so I would understand. I guess we thought Ron would believe that because Mugsy looking for a job sounded believable. We went inside Ron's house and inside was someone that probably wasn't Ron. He sort of looked like Dexter but I donít think it was Dexter. This person seemed distant and sort of angry at me for leaving this house unattended. I had the feeling that since I had left it unattended then it had gotten robbed. This Dexter person, or whoever, was walking around the house, organizing things because of the burglary. I remember looking at him as he walked by and telling him how I was at the unemployment office with Mugsy and that was why I wasn't here at his house. I felt I kind of smiled as I told him, like I was stoned and couldn't help smiling. The Dexter/Ron person, was not amused. After I told him where I'd been, he kind of looked at me and said something short and smug like, "Oh yeah?" His expression was blank and not very friendly.

January 31, 1997

I was at work, or was doing some work somewhere. I had a report that was just kick-ass and it had many, many pages in it, about twenty. It was a strange report, the way it looked. There were some pages that did not fill up the entire 8 1/2 by 11. Some pages had the whole right side gone from them, like there was just a strip on the left hand side, and then some pages were full except for the upper right hand corner, which had a cut-out part in it that was square-shaped, three inches by three inches square. The information on the pages made it necessary to form the pages like this, as if there was a graph or column(s) of data that, when presented on the page, fit into the shape of the paper and the parts that were cut out were those parts of the pages that were blank and had no data on them, and that's why they were cut out of the paper. I think the first five or so pages were just the left-hand side of the column type of paper, the second group of pages in the report were the upper-right-hand-corner-cut-out type of pages, and the last five or so were probably whole, entire pages. The report, although it looked weird, was an incredible, mind-boggling report that would blow my boss's socks off. I remember writing it and Mortimer Bucketly walking up to the place where I was sitting and writing this report and looking at the words I was putting on paper. He had that expressionless, judgmental look on his face that suggested he was scrutinizing and judging the work I was doing. He didnít have anything to say about what I was doing, bad or otherwise, so he turned and walked away. Wherever I was doing this, it wasnít by my boss Jonathan Smiles, so I had to go someplace to give this report to him. Where I was, I have no idea, it may have been work, it may have been the bottom of an outhouse. Traveling to where I needed to go to give Jonathan this report, I donít think I really remember, but if I do remember then I was running through the darkness and rain alongside a building. That memory was brief. The next thing I recall is being on a sidewalk in front of a building on the opposite side of the street. The building was large, just like the Tacoma Dome, and I was on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street looking over. I donít remember seeing the whole building, just the lower ten feet or so. There was a woman in a bridal gown standing in front of the building. I donít know who she was but I get the feeling she was dark-skinned, not like a Negro, but like a Mexican or Cuban or Paula Abdul-like. She was smiling a mouth full of white teeth. I can't recall the groom but I'm sure he was there somewhere. I was standing watching them from behind the video camera that was taping them, from the sidewalk on which I was standing. I looked across the street at this smiling bride in white and I occasionally stepped in front of the view finder of the camera to see her through the lens of the camera, then moved to my right to see her as she really is. When I moved to the left to see her through the view finder of the camera, I was looking through a small round lens and she was small, but the part of her I wasn't viewing though the lens was life-size, so sometimes when I looked at her, there was part of her that was life-size but attached to that life-size image was a small, rounded camera-looking image of her. The next thing I recall is going into this building across the street which was apparently a church. I kind of wondered why I thought this church was where I worked and why this is where my boss Jonathan would be, but I didnít think about it too hard. The next several events are hard for me to distinguish in what order they occurred, but I'll give it a shot. I walked into this building and realized it was a church. I walked into a door that led to the left part of the front of the church, between the first pew and the presentation area. The church was just like the church I attended as a child. As I walked in, people were walking out and were crowded around the front of the area in front of the altar, like the priest/pastor was there and everyone wanted to say hi to him before leaving the church. There was a guy there among the crowd that was the pastor but I can't remember what he looked like. As I walked in and saw this crowd disintegrating and leaving this church, this gave me the feeling that it was too late to present my report to Jonathan Smiles. Since church was ending, then that meant that my work hours were also ending and that meant that Jonathan had gone home already. I did recall seeing a clock or knowing somehow that it was 6:45 P.M. and still fifteen minutes until I was to be off from work, but I realized that this didnít mean that Jonathan was still there. Anyway, I realized that Jonathan wasn't there and I would have to wait to present my report another day. There was another time when I entered the church but it was from the halfway point of the church, on the left hand side of the congregation. I sat in a pew at that point somewhere. The church service was in session so everything was pretty much quiet. I looked up about seven rows and a little to the right and saw members of my family sitting together. I saw the back of mom's gray-haired head, and I saw Dexter. Dexter turned around and smiled at me. Somewhere among my family members was William. He was sitting on someone's lap, or maybe standing. He looked back at me and smiled when he recognized me. His face looked really clear. Later on I was outside the congregation in another part of the church, like in a hallway that led to a lobby and then to the outside of the church. It was a wide hallway and does not exist in that church in real life. I was walking along, to the left, in a crowd of other parishioners, and to my right was Stephan. He and I acknowledged one another and then he inquired something of me. Instead of answering his question I said to him, "Man you are tall!" And he was tall. He looked closer to seven feet tall than six and a half. He had that trademark Stephan Poppit smile on his mug, that modest oh-nothing's-really-as-big-a-deal-as-you-think kind of smile. There may have been someone at his side, maybe Trudy or some other Stephan Poppit sidekick, but I donít know who it may have been now, or if there really even was anyone. After this I was in a place right outside the church. It was night time, and it was really dark. There was a light on the wall there, like a make-do porch light or something. I stood viewing this scene as the church/building was on my right seven feet away. In front of me was a bench, like the kind you see in a park, and on it was squirming William as he tried to get a good sit on this wooden thing that presented itself to him. There were some other people there, all grow-ups, but I doní know who they were. Whoever they were, they had been watching over William during the service, if not then, at least while William has been out here on this park bench structure. Someone there made it clear to me that William wanted to be with me, and that was why I envisioned this outside the church park bench scene. William may have been whining or crying for me, but I was there for him now. The next thing I remember is being in a room with the other members of my family (mom, Dexter, etc.) on the second floor of the church. I can't recall who I talked to specifically but I showed them my report. I was very proud of it and everyone thought it was fantastic. The report was a strange piece of material, however, and I never really fully understood what the main purpose of it was. It wasn't really about work, it was more about news that was happening or had happened in the world. There was something about Hitler on the front page of the report, like what he had done in the war during that era in history. There was also some reference to a woman whose name I can't really remember. It was something like "Carvey" or some other similar name. I envisioned a picture of her, probably one that was in my report. She had hair that was short on the sides and a few inches tall on top, kind of like Mrs. Boron, my third grade teacher. I saw her from the front and she was bent over slightly. The scenery around and behind her was probably the world as it appeared in Nazi Germany. Her and Hitler had some kind of link in this report or in history, but I donít know what that may have been. There was a section in the paper that had the names of certain people. There were many names and as each name was brought up, I had printed it in bold font type. This reminds me of the beginning of this dream where Mortimer Bucketly was inspecting my work as I wrote this report. This section where there were names in bold print was the section I was writing when Mortimer looked on. As I wrote this part of the report, I remember seeing a reference to the names and they were the full names of the people. Instead, I decided to put just the last names (or the first) on the report. As I did this, I looked at Mortimer and made some comment about what I was doing, something like, "This oughta work, eh?" or something like that. In the room with my family on the second floor of the church, I looked at this part of the report and saw there were several paragraphs, the first one standing out because it had many names in bold print in it. The second paragraph may have as well but I can't remember. Then I had to leave for some reason so I left the room where my family was and started running down the staircases that led from the second floor to the first floor. I made it to the bottom floor and exited out the first set of doors I came to. It was night outside, very dark. The outside world definitely resembled the outside of a school or church. There was a vast open field in front of me which was probably a ball field. To the left of me was a parking lot. Through the darkness I could see several vehicles in the parking lot, which was an area fifty feet away and may have had rope lining itís perimeter, like this was supposed to define where the lot actually was. There were several large trees in the lot here and there. It reminded me of a parking lot I had seen in Arkansas somewhere, like outside Vicki and Derick's house they had built before Derick died. There were two men there in the darkness of the parking lot and they were mumbling something to each other. They may have been threatening, but I didnít stay out there long enough to find out because suddenly I remembered that I didnít have my report with me. This sucked because that meant I would have to go all the way back up to the second floor and get it. I contemplated for just a split second about not going back to get it, but knew I had to. I then retraced my steps back to get my report. I turned around and approached the door I just went out, and reached for the doorknob, which appeared to be brass and weathered. It was almost in slow motion as I reached for that knob, and I thought for just a second that the door would be locked but I grabbed the knob, turned it, and the door opened up. I made it back to the room where my family was and I retrieved my report but noticed there were tiny pin holes in the front page. The holes reminded me of the kind William made in a piece of paper using a toy Sarah had instructed him on how to use. You pushed the end, then the front part shot out air and made a hole in the paper. Although I didnít see this actually happen to my paper, that's the kind of holes they made. There were a lot of them, some of them grouped together to where it made the front page warped and almost unreadable, but I didnít think it was that big of a deal, so I grabbed the report and was again on my way. I distinctly remember running down the stairs and approaching the door I had exited out of earlier, only this time I didn't go out the same door. Someone in my family, or some other person, suggested that I take a different exit this time because the first door I took would lead me to an outside that was out of my way to get to where I wanted to go. They told me that I should go out a door that was on the opposite wall from the door I took the first time. I stood by the door then turned and looked to the opposite wall. There was a door over there, on the other side of the building, about seventy feet away. There was vast open space between this side of the building and that, and there was little light, although enough to see everything just fine. Fifteen feet away there was an open door that swung to the left. This open door led the way to a large open room beyond. The room beyond was a gymnasium. As I entered it I looked to the left and I think there were a couple of guys down on the far end of the court playing basketball. I walked across the gym floor and to the other door. Then I was outside and running along a path. It was raining, raining hard, and it wasn't as dark as it was earlier, in fact, it was probably closer to daylight. I remember trotting down a path that snaked through dense, short shrubbery on the right and a forest on the left whose edge was fifty feet away. Eventually this path led to a large pond which was like the one I stand beside at a park I often visit during my lunch breaks at work. While coming upon this body of water, I could hear Lisa say something about how Amanda Makenpeaceís bike broke here, and that was the excuse for her not being able to keep the appointment she had made with Lisa.

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