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January 1998

Jan 5 - Jan 10 - Jan 15 - Jan 22 - Jan 30

January 5, 1998

I was with Lisa, Sarah and William and we were doing something in downtown Puyallup but I canít remember any of that part of this dream. All I can remember is the end of the dream when the four of us were walking up South Hill, probably heading towards home. We got to the halfway point where 23rd Street is, and for some reason, Lisa got tied up with something and the other three of us continued walking on. I looked back to Lisa several times and could see that she was on some kind of contraption like a table, lying sideways. Whatever it was exactly that she was doing that was holding her up, though, she had control over and I felt the urgency for us to continue walking to where we were going instead of dilly-dallying around. Looking back down the hill to where she was, about sixty feet away, I was on the left hand side of the road with the kids at my side and holding their hands, but Lisa was on the right hand side of the road, lying there on something that was waist level high, looking blankly around. I yelled at her several times to please come and walk with us and to stop what she was doing. When she still didnít, I finally looked back at her and yelled a deep, loud yell, "Come on!" I awoke shortly after that and I felt like I had actually screamed the words Come On and it wouldnít have surprised me if I yelled them out in my sleep, but I donít think I did.

January 10, 1998

I was with Stephan in some kind of vehicle, maybe a truck or a large car. Stephan was driving and we were on a two-lane road somewhere. Some stuff happened earlier on this dream that I can't remember, but I knew it meant that we were driving to go see a teacher or professor who was real smart. Maybe we were students or maybe we were just interested in what he had to say. I get the feeling when I saw the professor earlier in the dream, which I'm pretty sure I did, he was talking about physics or some other deep subject and it was obvious he was smarter than shit. Stephan and I drove along a two-lane blacktop road that had had no guard railings or shoulders on either side. To the left and right, beyond the black asphalt of the road, the shoulders sloped downward at a sharp angle. I had the feeling there was a big body of water on the right and some kind of woods or land on the left. It reminded me of that stretch of drive along the way to Ocean Shores that has the ocean on one side and the woods on the other, just past Hoquaim where Charles and I stopped to take a piss once. Stephan and I came to a section in the road that was torn up, like a flood or some other natural disaster washed away the road. There was a long section of the road (just our lane) that was ripped out and the edges that were still there were jagged, showing it wasn't done carefully like a construction crew might have done. This torn out section was fifty or more feet long and only affected the lane Stephan and I were in. Some parts of the destruction came to within a foot or so of the left hand side of the road, but it never touched the yellow stripe down the middle. Stephan had to slow down because there were cars coming the other way and if we wanted to continue, we had to wait for the cars to drive past us so we could use their part of the road to drive on. About three vehicles drove past us slowly and to the left, then Stephan drove to the left on the good section of the road so we could continue. We came to a bend in the road that curved to the left and there was a gravel driveway sloping down to the right at a sharp angle that Stephan slowed down to try to turn onto. I was surprised because the angle we were at made it look like it would have been impossible to make this turn. As Stephan steered the nose of the vehicle towards the entrance to this driveway and I saw that we were probably going to get stuck, I asked him what the hell he was doing. He went on to explain that the professor we were looking for lived down here on a piece of land and we were meeting him here instead of a building someplace. I was surprised, thinking for some reason that if we were going to listen to this guy talk about physics and stuff then it was going to be in a classroom in a school somewhere, but apparently the plan was to meet him here at this property. After Stephan told me, I said real quickly, "OK," like I wanted to make it clear quickly that I agreed and wasn't sure about the location of the meeting. I remember something about someone else hearing me say this, not that they were in the car with us, but someone else, I donít know who, heard me say this. I have a vague vision of that someone being a person with blonde hair, but that's it. I donít remember taking the rest of the turn and I donít know if we did, but the next thing I recall is standing on the edge of the road and looking out over a body of water. There were two other people with me, maybe Stephan and I have no idea who the other person was. One of them mentioned that I should lean over to get a better look at the water and when I did, I was amazed. The vastness of this water was incredible. It stretched for many miles and there was a mountain range, like the kind you see in Nevada, in the distance. I looked down and saw the rock cliff went straight down, and it was kind of scary standing there like that. I had the feeling I wasn't even standing on anything at some times, like I was floating in the air and looking down at the water. The cliff was at least a hundred feet high. In the middle of this body of water, about a hundred yards away, was a large black pole of some kind sticking out of the water. It reminded me of that place in the James Bond move Goldeneye where the bad guy kept his huge radar device. I was in awe as I looked at the water. It was very clear and I could see well into its depths, even able to see the black pole as it stretched into the depths, and the sides of the rock cliff as it continued downward under the surface of the water. I could what was underneath the water at any part of the lake. Maybe a green hue at some parts of the water underneath me could be seen, but for the most part, the water was as clear as any body of water could be. It was an incredible sight. Apparently, this body of water was on the property where the smart professor guy lived.

January 15, 1998

I was with some people; Lisa, Charles, Dexter and my kids being those that I vaguely remember. We were in a house and Charles was going to give Dexter a ride to his house for Dexter to spend the night with him. When they were away, I had a vision of them getting into an argument about something, and then they showed back up at where I was. I remember the feeling of Dexter yelling at Charles and Charles likewise yelling back, although I may not have actually seen it. I did see Charles as he looked at me from across the room we were in from ten or so feet away. His hair was cut about halfway to three quarters of the way down over his ears, which is longer than he usually wears it. It looks like how he used to wear it about a decade ago. The look on his face was one of How dare you think that what I have done is not valid! He and Dexter were explaining what had happened in the argument. I donít know the details of the fight, but I was asking about when Charles kicked Dexter out, if he just left him there outside his house, but it was made clear that Charles at least gave Dexter a ride back to where he wanted to go; he didnít just leave him out on the sidewalk. I was asking about that and saying, "Oh, he did give a ride home!" or something like that.
I was in a house, probably the same one in the first dream I had on this night, and it was like a tree house. I was in a room towards the back of the house and I was playing on a computer of some kind doing something. I then heard a commotion of some people yelling or something. The people were my kids and they were joining in the commotion caused by Charles and Lisa who were doing something, but I donít know what. I think I got up from my computer to go into the other room to see what the hell all the ruckus was about. The next thing I recall is being at an opening that went outside of the tree house I was in. I bent down and may have even been on my knees so I could get through the opening. Outside I could see that I was up in some trees that kind of reminded me of madrono. I was fifty feet or more off the ground. I reached down to the side of the tree house and grabbed a thin rope which had a skeleton of some sort attached to it. It was as though the rope was threaded through the entire skeleton, from the top of the skull, down through the ribs and down along the lower bones of the body. The skeleton was just hanging here by the side of the tree house, like a fish kept alive on a hook alongside a fisherman's boat. The skeleton looked like it could have been that of a human, but it was hard to tell, although the skull did look like that of a human. The rest of the body was kind of jumbled together, the bones not really detailed in my memory. From the top of the rope where I was, to the skull, was a length of rope about two feet long. I grabbed this part of rope and began to lightly swing the skeleton back and forth against the side of the tree house wall, like I was trying to break the bones up so they were all crushed instead of in the pieces like they had originally been. As I did this, the bones crumbled but still remained attached to the rope. They were the color of bones in H.R. Giger paintings.
I was with a lot of people at a party that was in a house that I owned, although I did not recognize the house at all. I was in another building which was like a smaller house, about a hundred feet or so away from the house the party was in, but there were a of people there. People were everywhere, at least two hundred in all. I was in this smaller building when suddenly something happened that gave me the urge to run to the main house and check something out, although I had no idea what that something was. I think that I just wanted to make an appearance so I could bring attention to myself or something like that. I was with some people in the smaller building when I suddenly said something like, "Hey what's the problem?" There was a loud sound or some other occurrence that brought my attention to the larger house, which was down a slight slope and to the left. I ran out of the building, leaving behind some people, then sped as fast as I could into the main house where there were lots and lots of people, none of whom I recognized or could see clearly. I ran throughout the house, making a ruckus like I was looking for something, and people turned their heads to look at me as I whizzed this way and that. I went from room to room, feeling like I was the life of the party. I had a comfortable feeling, like I knew everyone there and I had no problem acting or doing whatever I wanted to do. I went to an area on the far end of the house that was probably a kitchen. There was a bar-like counter separating the kitchen from another room on the right. The end of the bar went out from the wall about ten feet, then beyond the kitchen, stretching out if you were to look into the house straight out from the wall, was another room and I get the feeling there was a door there and maybe a lower step that was like a landing where people stepped up into the house. I still ran like a madman and I ran into the kitchen and quickly jumped onto a counter that joined the far wall at about waist high, and then grabbed onto some cupboards at the end of the counter. I did this because I wanted to get up to the second floor of the house, and I figured instead of taking the stairs, I would do it by jumping onto the counter then catapulting myself up onto the second floor by leaping onto the cupboards and beyond. When I grabbed the cupboards, however, I wasn't able to go any higher than the cupboard itself. The cupboard door opened and I spilled plates out onto the floor of the kitchen and some of them may have broke. There were people there looking at me, and I felt kind of let down, not embarrassed, that I wasn't able to get up on to the second floor by using this method. I was holding on to the bottom shelf of the cupboard with my hands and my grip was slipping so I let go and stood back on the floor, saying something like, "Okay", as if that was supposed to mean "well that didnít work too well did it?" I then went to the end of the kitchen where there was a staircase leading up to the second floor, and I walked up. At the top of the stairs was a room. Beyond one of the walls of the room was a bathroom with the door open and there was some guy sitting there on the john taking a shit. I'm not sure who he was, but he kind of looked like Mars, Gladys Strong's boyfriend from the place I used to work at from 1990 to 1993. He kind of nonchalantly grinned at me and may have mumbled "Hey" under his breath in a greeting, then his eyes lowered and he went back to concentrating on the task at hand, the slight grin never leaving his face. I felt like he was up to something though, and I had the feeling that he wasn't really going to the bathroom, that he was just pretending because he had something planned to surprise me with. Whatever I came to this house for, I think the noise or reason originated in this room so I looked around the room to see what I could find. There was another guy that walked from right to left slowly across the room. He also acknowledged me nonchalantly, like I wasn't really there, and I again had the feeling this person knew something was up but wasn't going to tell me. I donít know who this second person was. He walked to a chess board that was sitting atop something on the floor, like a round inner tube or something similar. The chess game was in front of me and as I looked down at it, someone jumped me from behind. I knew right away it was Charles, my brother. We both laughed as I grabbed his right elbow and flung him forward onto the chess board. I was sort of worried he would get hurt but he bounced harmlessly onto the board, scattering the pieces everywhere and bouncing off because of the soft inner tube below. We laughed as it was all in fun. The next thing I recall is sitting at a table with some other people and I felt I was still in the same house, probably just in the next room. There was a person sitting off to the left on the other side of the table, five feet away. Someone, a woman perhaps, leaned down to whisper something into this person's ear. The next thing I recall is seeing a birthday cake in front of me and I think this is what the person whispered to the other person about. This may have been what everyone was acting so suspicious about and why I came to the house in the first place. Someone, maybe Lisa, then began putting candles into the top of the cake, which was a round, colorless double-layered pastry. Lisa, or whoever it was, awkwardly stuck several candles into the frosting which was probably brown. I remember the candles crisscrossing as Lisa fumbled with them. She ended up putting about seven candles into the cake and then I was to blow them out, even though they weren't lit. I huffed and puffed and blew at the unlit candles. There were still a lot of people around but I donít think I knew any of them, except for Lisa. She was on the other side of the table to the right, and she was holding a picture in her hands, an eight by ten shot of her and some other people, perhaps me, Sarah and William. She looked at it and asked if I remembered the picture. I looked at it upside down, because she held it to face her, and I almost said "Yes" right away, but then I studied the picture harder and realized that I could not remember it, although it did look familiar. I clearly saw the shape of the people in it, Lisa's head and long brown hair, and the shapes of other people, although the faces seemed completely blank, pale and without features, like an egg.

January 22, 1998

I was in some woods somewhere and they kind of reminded me of the woods around the Case Inlet property my folks used to own. I was in the area around where the cabin was that my dad built, although it really didnít much resemble the woods - I just had that feeling that thatís where I was. I was standing up atop a gradual slope that went down to my left into some thick green and dark colored bushes. About thirty feet down into those bushes I saw someone crawling up along a ladder that was positioned on the ground and followed the slope up. The someone, I think, was Howie Long, the former linebacker for the Raiders, and I think I saw him here in that kind of situation because of the previews Iíve seen for his movie about fire, called Firestorm or something like that. Anyway, he may have had someone on his back that he was carrying, apparently rescuing them from a fire or something, although I donít think there was a fire but there may have been one somewhere in the distance. From my vantage point, up atop a slope or hill and looking down, I saw what looked like some kind of campground about seventy feet away. There were several sites in among the woods but I canít recall if they were tents or just vehicles of some kind marking a specific spot. Suddenly, from the right, a truck or jeep came rushing along a road that circled into the middle of the campground. The truck or jeep was on fire and it sped into the middle of this campsite, following the dirt road and traveling in an arc to the left and up along the top edge of the campground straight away from me. I think the truck/jeep then exploded and may have sent fiery debris everywhere. The next thing I remember is being at a crossroads in the forest. I was sitting at a point where one road ran perpendicular to another, and I was with someone else whom I donít remember. We had a jeep/truck with us and we were parked right at the edge of the intersection where the two roads met. To the left was woods, in front and back of us was road, and to the left was another road that intersected with the one we were on. We were positioned in such a way that I was wondering if we would be blocking anyone else that might try to travel this way. We started to make a small campfire right there at the edge of the woods and on the road, which was kind of a strange place to camp - at the intersection of a road where other vehicles traveled. I think there may have been one or two vehicles further along the road ahead of us and I had a vision of the person with me looking up that way towards one of the other vehicles. I asked someone who was with me how long it was going to be before we had to do whatever it was we had been sent there to do, fight a fire or whatever, and the response I got was that it would be about an hour to an hour and a half, so I figured we had enough time to cook something on the fire and eat it. I remember stating how I was starving and I was looking forward to grilling a few hamburgers and eating them. There was a scene where up above me and to the left, almost behind my shoulder, there was a raised mound of earth, rectangle shaped and about twelve feet at the sides. This was some kind of swimming pool or pond or at least where water was stored. I couldnít see the water but I was able to look up the edge enough to see my brother Gerry jump off from the far side of the pool and lay into the water and swim across it.
I was at a party somewhere. I think I may have smoked some pot and to cover it up so it wouldnít be on my breath, I popped the top on a beer and instantly guzzled a few large drinks. There was a short, long-haired lady at the party and it was her who I didnít want to smell my breath. I donít know she was supposed to be in this dream; my mom or wife or whatever, but she was against smoking pot. She reminded me of that short chick who I saw at a store about eight years ago when I was renting skis. Sheís only about five foot tall, but very cute. Her hair was long and straight and brown. I vaguely remember sitting on a couch with a guy and trying to get him to smoke pot. The next thing I recall is following two women into a bathroom that was at an area out of the way, like under a staircase back in a corner, kind of reminding me of the area where Peter Pecksterís old bedroom was, or the room next to it, in the house he lived in where we filmed the Frankenstein movie we had made when we were in ninth grade. I walked into the bathroom with these two women, who I didnít know at all nor can I remember any details about them other than they were probably in their twenties. I went in there and shut the door behind me and I noticed that the door latch looked kind of weird. The part that detracts into the side of the door when you turn the knob to open, then extends from the side of the door when you let the knob loose, looked like it was put in backwards, the smooth angled part was facing me instead of the other way, and it looked like the door had been damaged because this metal part did not fit very well into the hole in the wall that was designed to hold it. I looked at that for a few seconds and dinked with it, then I talked to the two women about some guy that was at the party and how I had gotten him to smoke pot, or how he had done it on his own. Apparently he hadnít done it before and him doing it for the first time was worth the time to gossip about. I think the guy I was talking about may have been the one I was sitting on the couch with earlier. When I was done talking with these girls, I then exited the bathroom, shutting the door securely behind me. After a step or two, I turned back to the bathroom door, opened it and looked inside and said to the two women, "So what did I miss?" like I was saying so I told you something - do you have anything for me? This was meant as some kind of small joke, as I quickly shut the door back again and went back to join the party.

January 29, 1998

I was in a house with some people. Jethro was there and so was Lisa, but Iím not sure who else. There was a big guy there that probably wasnít larger than myself, but he looked menacing. He had curly hair and kind of reminded me of Preston Big, although I donít think thatís who it was. He had requested a cup of coffee, probably from Lisa, or he was just talking to Lisa about how he wanted a cup of coffee. I think Lisa had offered him the coffee, telling him, "Hereís your coffee," and then he handed it to him. The guy, who was a jerk and was just looking for someone to pick a fight with, kind of hesitated then looked at Lisa and asked her, "What did you just say?" his voice suggesting that Lisa had just said something he didnít like. Lisa then repeated what she had said to him , but when she refereed to the coffee, she may not have called it coffee, but rather some other term that I canít remember, but the term still meant coffee. Nevertheless, this burly guy didnít like the word she used for some reason, thinking it was offensive and Lisa shouldnít have used it instead of just saying coffee. Lisa was on the right near a wall, and the guy was on the left. He confronted her and was being an asshole, and he kind of touched her face and pushed it with his hand, much like the way William did to me when he was adamant about going to the Carnival (he pronounced it "Carmel") last year. I was standing right there and knew I just couldnít let this guy get away with what he did, so I confronted him. He and I went on and on to each other about our differences, me telling him over and over about how I didnít like that he touched my wife and he had better apologize or something would happen, and he refusing to give in. There was some other guy there that was on the rude guyís side, but he was very vague and wasnít as large or intimidating as the first Pretson Big - type guy. I was worried about fighting these guys, but I felt confident I could beat their asses and I was also sure that it was going to happen. We kept pitching each other shit and it was only a matter of seconds before we would fight and right when I thought the rumble would start, Jethro grabbed the jerk and pushed him outside a door that led to an outside daylight area with a lawn and some kind of river or stream in the background about a hundred feet away. Jethro grabbed this guy real-suddenly-like before the guy had a chance to react, and very quickly and with relentless force, shoved him out the door and continued to direct him outside and away from the house, thus avoiding any confrontation between me and the bad guy. It reminded me of when Patricia threw a camera at me in 1978 and Jethro interrupted, slapping her around and throwing her out of the bedroom. Jethro reacted that same way, quickly and taking control of the situation before anything further could happen. Later on I was outside as well and there were a number of people around. I was holding a sickle in my hands. I was standing on the front porch of the house I was in earlier with Jethro, the bad guy and Lisa, or near the front porch, when a guy walked towards the house. He had real long hair and looked like an Indian type person of about nineteen or twenty years of age. There was someone at his side, someone smaller than him but I donít know who. The long-haired guy approached the house and when he got to within a few feet of me, I gasped and then raised my sickle to swing at him. Apparently I thought he was the bad guy who was in the house earlier, although he didnít resemble him at all. I knew that he didnít, but I reacted that way to make it look like to anyone who could see that I wasnít going to take any chances with anyone and would slice them if they were someone I didnít want around. The long-hair kind of stopped in his tracks and I then make it known that I mistook him for someone else and Iím sorry. The long-hair kind of smiled and said that it was OK. I said that the sun was in my eyes and that was why I didnít know who he was at first. Indeed, the sun was in my eyes and was so bright behind the Indian that I could barely see him at all. The Indian then continued walking on to the house after he realized I wasnít going to harm him. The next thing I recall is seeing the bad guy walking towards the house from fifty feet away. He looked pissed and like he was going to try to do some ass-kicking. As he walked towards me and the house, looking meanly about just like Merton Spidall did when he got in his wiry, pissed-off moods, he passed Jethro who was on an ATV or some type of vehicle like that. As they passed one another I thought there might be a confrontation between them, but Jethro leaned over to the right to the guy as he passed and said something to him. Whatever it was he said, this changed the bad guyís attitude completely. He then approached the house and indeed, he was a different man. We could all feel it and see it in his expression. He may have approached Lisa and, as in a gesture of apology, handed her something politely, and I think it was the coffee cup she had given him earlier, or a similar one. He did this to show that whatever happened between Lisa and him about the coffee cup was in the past and he was sorry. I remember asking Jethro sometime what it was he had said to this guy to change him and Jethro said that the bad guy (who was now nice) was supposed to meet him somewhere at 4:00 A.M. but he never showed up. When Jethro was on his ATV and he passed the guy, he boldly bitched at him about how he didnít show up, and he didnít appreciate it very much. After hearing Jethro bitch, the bad guyís expression instantly changed to one of remorse, apparently making him realize that there were things in this world he needed to work on and it made him a less harsh individual. Later on I was back in the house and a few of us were in one of the bedrooms. The bad guy was on the bed and I may have been sitting on the bed as well and there were other people in the room. What we were all doing there, I donít know. It was strange, but the bad guy was now a black man, about thirty, and heavy set. I leaned over to him and said something like, "Iím gonnaí get you boy!" I said this because apparently it was something this bad guy had said to me earlier and I just repeated it to him, emulating him, mocking him in his Negro voice, and it made us both laugh very hard. He and I just laughed and laughed, thinking it was so funny that he had threatened me earlier and now here we are now as friends. As the black guy laughed and moved about in the bed, the rolls of fat in his stomach moved up and down and as they did, so did the shirt he was wearing. The shirt he had on had some lettering on it; black letters against a lighter background. I donít know what the words said, but they started to look like they were actual cuts in the shirt that went through and actually sliced into his stomach. There may have been some blood but if there was, it was dark, almost black. As his stomach rolled, these letters rolled up and down, like a wave on the ocean. The next thing I recall is being with the Sonics basketball team and actually I was on the Sonics team. The guys that I was in that bedroom with may have been part of the team, and we were just hanging out there until it was time to go. I remember walking along a hallway somewhere with Gary Payton, the Sonics guard, in the lead and I thought it was amazing how I was actually one of the Sonics. I thought about it hard and realized I was one of the starters and thought this was very special since I was a white guy and only six foot two inches tall. I felt important that I was at the same level as Gary Payton. I felt privileged. Gary was in the front and I was second in line and there were a few Sonics teammates behind us, but I canít remember who they were. I had visions of Gary as he looks in those team photos they show during the game with the playerís stats - serious and expressionless. The hallway we walked was white and had straight, ninety degree walls. There was a ninety degree turn to the right up ahead and as we turned it, I saw a large plate glass window on the wall to the left immediately after turning. The window was four feet high and six feet wide. Beyond it was a school gymnasium where there was some kind of basketball practice going on. Some students or people were using a basket to the right. I couldnít or didnít see the left side of the court. I think it was pre-game warmups for an actual game that we were supposed to be playing in. There were some partial bleachers or chairs lined across the far end of the gym floor and there were people scattered about. As we walked by, I thought how excited the people in the gym would be to see the Sonics walking by this window, since we were famous and all, but no one in the gym looked our way. I mentioned to Gary how, "We oughtta just stand here," meaning that we should just stand in front of the glass and watch as everyone oohed and awed at us, the Seattle Supersonics in the flesh. We didnít stop, however, and continued walking. Right after the window there was a stairway going up to the right and we started walking up that way. I only saw the stairs as I was by the window, and was only aware of seeing us beginning to walk up them. I didnít really see them as a person would who was standing in front of them and walking on them.

January 30, 1998

I was at a park that was kind of like the one a few miles from my home that I always take my kids to. I was with two other people; one guy and one woman who I think was Valerie Costerfenin. We were standing by an area that reminded me of the cabin at the park where Sarah had left her daycare backpack several years ago. There was talk of a murderer or some type of criminal that was in the park and he was somewhere in the area beyond this cabin. The three of us decided to walk and see for ourselves if there was indeed a murderer there in the park. I think we knew he was there but we just wanted to see for ourselves anyway. I knew that if I were by myself that I would not have done this, but since I had two other people with me, I didnít think anything of it. It was night time, maybe not the darkest it would get, but it was in the twilight hours, closer to night than day. The three of us walked past the cabin about twenty feet or so and then we saw a person walking from the right, where a swingset is. It was dark and it was difficult to see any of the personís features - it could have been a man or a woman. He/she had barely shoulder length level cut brown hair and kind of reminded me of Martina Hingis, the tennis player. As soon as we saw this person, we kind of exclaimed that OK, we know the murderer exists now letís get out of here. The murderer walked ten feet, not really towards us, but from out of the bushes and into the open and probably kept on walking even after we left. The three of us turned around and walked away from this area. There was a house right there by where that cabin is, but I donít think it was the cabin itself, it was a house that was in the location of the cabin. The three of us were inside that house and were by a back door where there was a kitchen and a hallway. I looked down the hallway, which was the direction of the park where we saw the bad guy, and the bad guy came walking towards me from out of the darkness of that part of the house. It was as though that part of the house was really the park and not the house at all, although I donít recall any exits. It was like there was the house, and it was open to the park and that was also a part of the house, or something like that. As the bad guy approached, I, as well as some other people that were there with me, exclaimed to the bad guy to go back where he came from, that he was not allowed in this part of the house. I got a better look at him now. He was a man now, around thirty-five or forty, and had short brown/black hair and a thin beard and moustache. He kind of looked like P.J. Carlesimo, the coach of the Golden State Warriors, but it wasnít him, just someone who looked like him. Hearing us all tell him to back off, he promptly stepped back into the darkness of the park beyond. After a while I saw the bad guy again by the back door of the house, but this time I was by myself and I had William and Sarah in my arms. When he came down the hallway and from out of the darkness, he grabbed two knives that were in a block of wood like the knives I got, but these were bigger knives. The block of wood he grabbed them from was off to my left, which is where the kitchen was, but I didnít think he went into the kitchen originally to grab the knives. They may have been on a counter close to the hallway and he just grabbed them. I freaked out and instead of stepping away into the house, I opened the door to my right and stepped outside, thinking that I was going to escape him by doing this, but I was wrong. He followed me outside and suddenly I became terrified, worried to death about my kids as I held them. I backed away outside and further away from the house. The bad guy walked after me, not fast, but methodically, like he was slowly stalking a prey that had no escape. I was scared and started throwing rocks at the windows of the house, hoping to break them to get someoneís attention inside. First I threw a rock or two, then I started throwing tangerines that were real soft and mushy in my hands. My fingers pressed into the peel and may have even broke into the fruity mush there. Where the tangerines came from, I donít know. I guess I picked them from the ground, which is where I guess I got the rocks, man. I threw these soft fruits at the house and I think I may have broken a window that was about three feet by two feet on the side of the house facing me. No one ever came outside and the guy didnít really get any closer to me. Around to the left I went to the side of the house that was facing the lake. The next thing I knew, I was inside the house by the left side by the lake. This part of the house was like a green house with glass on the roof and walls, although I canít remember this specifically, it was just a feeling I had. The room reminded me of the inside of the trailer the T. Rexes knocked over the cliff in the movie The Lost World. There was a counter that extended from the right side of the wall to about five feet out to the middle of the room. There were a lot of other things in the room scattered about, giving it the appearance of a place where experiments were done of the botanical, biological nature. The room was very brightly lit. Inside this room, in front of the counter and towards where I stood by the wall that led to the outside world that faced the lake, was Gary Locke, the governor of Washington State. Behind the counter and further into the room, was the bad guy. Gary Locke looked unprepared for us to be there, like he had just woken up. He was wearing a T-shirt and casual pants. He searched around the counter and among the papers and other scattered-about things and I think his bed was right there between he and I. He looked stressed, wondering what to do about this bad guy. I think Gary and I may have started throwing things at him but I canít recall that part clearly.

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