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January 1999

Jan 12 - Jan 26 - Jan 27

January 12, 1999

I was on Mountain Rainier in a muddy field type of place with Valerie and Bob Costerfenin and their kids. The ground on which we stood was muddy, maybe some tire tracks zigzagging around as well. Valerie and I were walking along when we came across this scene. Thatís when we noticed Bob with his kids. Although all his kids may have been there, Honda was the only one I can remember clearly. Valerie bent down to pick Honda up as if to give him a hug and to say "How ya doing?" When she did this, Bob asked her, "Did you come to pick him up or to pick him up?" What he meant by this was he wanted to know if Valerie had come to pick Honda up from this area and take him back home, or did she mean to come by and just lift him off the ground? The next thing I recall is being on the side of a hill along a road on Mountain Rainier. I was 12 feet up on the hillside and was in some kind of glass booth, like one of those shelter things that people stand in while waiting for the bus to keep out of the rain. I was looking down onto the road and to the right of me came running someone that was probably Charles. It was then that I noticed that where I was on the side of the road where Cougar Rock Campground is, only down by the trail head that leads to those logs that cross the water, only I was on the side of the cliff looking down. Charles, or whoever he was, came running alongside the road from the right, around that turn in the road there. Ron may have followed him and with Ron there was also a large Bengal Tiger. Apparently this was Ronís pet and I know I dreamt about this tiger because of all the Tomb Raider II I have been playing lately. The tiger was in the road and Ron had to grab the tiger, or yell at it to make sure it would stay out of the road and on the shoulder where he was so it would stay out of the way of cars. The three of them (Charles, Ron and the tiger) paused on the opposite side of the road from me to make sure it was clear so they could cross over to where I was. I know that eventually they came over but I canít clearly remember them being there. To the left of me and up a ways was an area that was like the first place I had been at in this dream; a field of some type and it was muddy and grassy. I walked up to this area to join the other people there. Bob and Valerie were probably also there.

January 26, 1999

I went to L-MASS for an interview. I met with some guy who was real laid back. The impression throughout this dream was that this company was a really cool and unusual place to work, kind of like an experience about the lessons in life as well as a place to earn a buck. This guy, who I get the impression was around my age and had short (but not too short) black hair, wore a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. This man led me outside to an area that kind of reminded me of the cliffs at Snoqualmie Falls. There was some air, like huge gusts of wind, that swept up one side of a particular cliff, and this had some significance as far as my interview was concerned, but I'm not sure what. The guy then led me back inside to whatever building it was we were in. I felt an urge to straighten my tie, but the man then leaned towards me and took my tie off. Then he unbuttoned the top button of my shirt because he wanted to make it known to me that there was no need to wear a tie here, that it was a cool, laid-back place. There were some other people in the room now. The guy I was with earlier proceeded to draw a map on a piece of paper. The map he drew consisted of a canyon, which represented the canyon and cliffs that we had seen earlier when we walked outside. He drew a hole in one side of the cliff and this was to indicate a cave in the cliff. The man explained what was happening when the wind was blowing up the side of the cliff. He said something about how the wind blew up one side of the cliff, then it was also blowing from another side, from the "southerly direction" I believe he said. The next thing I recall is being in a break room type place. I was sitting at a table with about four or five other employees who worked at this L-MASS place. I distinctly remember one man who sat to the right of me. He looked to be in his forties and was balding on top and had scraggly hair coming from the sides of his head and he reminded me of that vendor I used to buy circuit boards from at a job I used to have. To the right of him (my left) was another man, probably the main interview guy, and he said something about the job we were all doing there, something like the job gave them "...time for nothing..." The balding man to my right then asked the interview guy just what the hell he was talking about. Apparently the comment about how this job gave us "time for nothing" did not sit well with the little balding man and his tone indicated just that. He asked the interview guy stuff like, "What do you mean by that? Just what do you mean this place gives us time for nothing? What do you mean?" I remember seeing a clock around the time the next scene started, and the time on it was 10:30. It was a round clock like you see on school walls and looked kind of older than most clocks with a dark outer rim; kind of like that clock on the wall in the Alien Autopsy video. It was high up on a wall somewhere and it may have even been in the place where the next scene took place. That place was somewhere in a room that reminded me of a boiler room. There was someone with me in this room and for some reason, this person turned into a werewolf. It wasn't a very scary werewolf, just some hair on the face and some teeth I suppose. This person may have even growled or snarled or something like that, and he wasn't as tall as I was. This person walked around a large vat type of thing in the room which was about four feet round and four feet high. I guess this is why I thought it was a boiler room. The werewolf walked to the left of me around this large vat thing that was between him and I, and I never feared the werewolf because it was one of the L-MASS employees and therefore was just doing something out of the ordinary that was to be expected from this company. My back was against a wall and the werewolf approached a door that was to my left and walked out it. I followed. Outside, it was dark but I could see what was around me just fine. To the right was some strange scenery. There were dark and distorted woods there, plants and such that grew wrong or something. To the right of me were some people that were much stranger indeed. They reminded of things that you would see in the movie "The Thing" with Kurt Russel. This strange group of people stood around a large vat of something, a vat that resembled the one that was in the room I just came from. Some of these people had heads that were ripped in half and their faces were strewn about in disarray and their bodies were mangled and deformed and splayed in mad fashion. The werewolf guy began showing me that we were going to kill these freaks. He had a big clamp-like thing in his hands, something like an implement used to grab food off a barbecue grill, only the one this guy had was four feet long and required the use of both arms to squeeze. The werewolf clamped the metal end of this tool around the head and legs of one of the mutated freaks and began squeezing, obviously meaning to kill the bastard. Soon these mutants began turning on me and the werewolf, so to save ourselves we ran back into the room from where we had come. I was then joined by the group of people who I had sat with in the break room earlier. We were all running down a hallway as if we were trying to get away from something. I noticed at this point that the person who had turned into a werewolf earlier wasnít a werewolf anymore and I get the feeling that the reason he wasnít a werewolf anymore is because we had gone back in time and this moment was actually the time before the guy had turned into a werewolf in that boiler room. To further pound this point home, I looked at the door in the boiler room that we had exited earlier to go outside to meet all those freaks, and it had a lock on it with a sturdy chain also. This told me that since the door had a lock on it, then we couldnít have gone out it yet. This was confusing as hell, then finally one of the guys I was running around in the hallway with made it known to me that all the strange events that were happening to me on that day were just a test I was going through. Apparently the L-MASS employees all wanted to see how I would respond to strange and bizarre situations, as if this was part of my interview. I said something like, "I donít get it when Iím getting it," which meant, I suppose, that I wouldnít know when I was succeeding in this test because everything was so confusing. The guy then told me that he was getting some types of feelings from me, some kinds of vibrations or ESP sensations emitting from me that he could tell that I was beginning to understand how things were done around this place and eventually I would understand everything.

January 27, 1999

I was in a pickup truck. It somehow represented the different levels of Tomb Raider II, the computer game Iíve been playing the hell out of lately. Level 1 was represented by being in the truck somewhere, while Level 2 was represented by being in the bed of the pickup. Level 3, which is where I was trying to get, was represented by being in the cab of the truck. I think Jethro was driving the truck as I climbed all over it. I eventually climbed through the window and into the passenger seat.
I was driving around in a little white car that was probably the Mazda Protťgť that I own. I was driving along some logs and across lawns and rivers that were in the yards of some very high class homes in a posh neighborhood. Apparently the car was small enough to do this. The neighbors started getting pissed that there was some guy driving through their yards so they called the police, or some other authority type figure. When that person arrived, who I canít remember anything about other than he was an authority figure, I explained to him that I wasnít really driving but rather, I was walking around the neighborhood, just acting concerned about the neighbors or something like that. I managed to bullshit my way out of trouble with this story. In my hand was a bag of some kind and in it were drugs or something else that was against the law and the cop mentioned that this was what he was concerned about, not really about me tromping through the neighborhood with my car. To the left of me was a road that looked like the long driveway leading up to Jethroís mom and dadís house where they used to live in Arkansas. Alongside that road and off into the woods a little ways was a building that was like a bowling alley/store/bingo parlor place. It was a log cabin type of building. I walked into the store and decided to buy some cigarettes for some reason. I walked up to a counter that was eight feet in front of the door as you walked in. It was a little counter, about a four by four number with a cash register by it and shelves of stuff on the walls behind that were probably full of cigarettes. The inside of this building was woodsy and log-cabin-like, like one of those buildings at Longmire on Mountain Rainier, but I had the feeling that the actual location was around Ashford. Behind the counter was Forest Henderson. I guess he worked there. I asked for a Camel Hard Pack. Forest handed me the cigarettes and also threw the five dollar bill back at me that I had handed to him to pay for the cigarettes. I took this to mean that since he knew me, he was just going to let me have the smokes for free, and to just take them and get out of there. Then Forest walked out from behind the counter and went to some other part of the building, maybe into the open space that was like a dining area to the right of me.

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