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July 2001

Jul 2 - Jul 4 - Jul 8 - Jul 13 - Jul 20

July 2, 2001

I was with a group of people whom I can remember little to nothing about. There were six or seven of us total. We were climbing through some trees in a dense jungle, romping around up at branch level, somehow traversing between the foliage this way. We were 40 feet off the ground and I remember the trees to be dark with large, leafy vegetation around their branches. Eventually we came across a pyramid-type structure. It had a smooth, tiled surface, the tiles being two and a half feet square, mauve in color, and separated with white grout, resembling a bathroom counter. The part of this pyramid that met with the tree branches was kind of jagged, this part of the structure not coming to a teepee-like point like the rest of the pyramid. I got the impression that this part was jagged to compensate for the foliage from the trees that intersected it; instead of the building keeping its original shape and interrupting the growth of the branches, the top of this structure was uneven, although still squared at the corners, so as not to make contact with the branches. There was a woman with us who was going to go over the top of the pyramid at this point and down the other side. This woman was the leader of our group and I got the impression she was a doctor or in some other profession like that. She probably had black hair but that’s about all I can remember about her. At this point I noticed that the top of this pyramid structure was more like an A-frame house rather than a pyramid, its steep roof coming to a point and sloping down at a 30-degree angle. On the other side of this A-frame pyramid, 5 to 10 feet from the top, was a thin stretch of tape, which may have been pale in color, that stretched from one side of the pyramid to the other side. This tape was some type of temperature sensor and I remember hearing someone say that the tape indicated it was 31 degrees. The woman leader said, “Cool!” Apparently a temperature of 31 degrees was a good thing, which didn’t make much sense to me but I was just along for the adventure and didn’t care to decipher what the leader knew that I didn’t. Since the temperate was an agreeable one to the leader, this meant that it was okay for us to go back through the trees the way we came. Therefore, we all started climbing back. The branches this time around were slippery and I was scared, worried that I was going to fall off and tumble to the earth below. Eventually I came across a tree house type of structure and saw this as my chance to get off of the branches and onto solid ground. I grabbed a hold of a branch that was about one foot round, wrapping my hands around the top and intertwining my fingers to clasp tightly, then swung myself into the tree house. From this point I had planned to get down to the floor of the forest from there. Inside the tree house, which was like the ones at Disneyland they put on display to represent The Swiss Family Robinson, was a person that was represented by a small, straw-looking thing, like one of those large straws that you put into a huge drink that are accordion-like in many places so you can bend them. He was skinny and tubular and his head was on one end of the straw. At the end of the straw where his head was, there was an area at where I guess his neck was that was blown up which fanned out to make that part of the straw look like a sting ray, or skate. It reminded me of the weapon Psi, the Star Man in that movie with the same name, made his wrist fan out into on that movie when he was fighting that junkyard bad alien. Because the guy in my dream was like this, he was unable to join the rest of us on our trip down to the ground. Therefore, I had a straw of my own and instead of taking it with me I left it behind to keep him company, and mine and his straw floated near the bottom of the floor on this bamboo-like hut in the trees as the dream continued on and the rest of us went on about our travels.

July 4, 2001

I was in a large house. I was with some other people whom, of course, I can remember little to nothing about. I was talking with some of them, and I think these people were two women. When we were talking I noticed a leak in the ceiling and suddenly I yelled something like: “Oh no we have a real emergency here!” and I ran off to try to find where the leak was coming from. As this dream progresses and I am allowed to remember what I can, I see myself on a huge patio in front of this huge house, which I assume I owned. The house is three or four stories tall and I recall seeing many tiers of landscaped items like stairwells with large clay pots full of short leafy plants. There may have been a swimming pool there in front of the home embedded in the cement but I can’t say for sure. Although the day didn’t appear gloomy and it may have even felt like the sun was shining, I knew that it was indeed raining and this was where the source of the leak came from. It is around here that I bend over to peer up through the underside of the house to inspect the damage that the leaking has done. There are many compartments that range in size but are all around 2 to 3 feet long and a foot wide on all four sides – a 3 dimensional rectangular shape. These compartments are see-through and covered with glass on all sides. Inside these are light bulbs – each compartment having a different sized bulb in it. As I look up through these glass cases with their light bulbs, I see that there are seven or eight of them, each one higher than the one below it, spaced five feet apart as they are at different heights and attached to different parts of my house. I remember the one glass case nearest me and inside it was a large light bulb, like a halogen bulb about a foot long, and it is that milky white color that some light bulbs are, not the clear glass type. Inside all the glass cases is some water sloshing around, filling a third of the cases up. This concerns me, to say the least, because this will definitely cause some shorts in the electrical system of my house and may even cause a fire somehow. The light bulbs are not turned on at this point but I know that having water sloshing around in there, especially at the base where the bulbs are screwed in, is not a good thing. I am back inside the house now and look up to the ceiling and see water seeping down from where the ceiling interfaces with the wall. The walls and ceilings are white, just like in the house I live in now. Since I know the leak is coming from up above this floor, I run to the next floor to stand at the spot above where I was on the floor below. There I see water leaking from the ceiling there, too. I continue to go up floor to floor, looking for the source of the leak. Finally I reach the very top floor, which is a huge attic type of room. It is actually more like a readily accessible room in the house instead of an attic because it looks very well kept up. The floor here is hardwood, slatted with 2 to 3 inch boards that run horizontally across the floor and are light brown in color. Standing here, I see the source of the leak. The ceiling is slanted, like an A frame almost, and in one side of the ceiling, 15 feet above me, is a hole the size of a dime and through this a pressurized stream of water shoots down in fire-hose-like fashion. This stream is shooting down with tremendous force, soaking the floor and splashing water everywhere. There is no way that a rainfall could account for this much force and water, but hey man this is a dream. On one side of the room there are some huge doors that open up, much like the hayloft doors on the barn my dad made at the property on top of South Hill, and at this time the layout of this room very much resembles the upper floor of that barn. To the left of these huge doors are some discarded gutters lying on the floor; I get the impression these were gutters that I had torn down because they were old and just stored them here for now. The gutters were a dirty green color, were kind of bent and banged up in places, and even had some leaves and pine needles in them that I never did clean out. Frantic to find a way to stop the water from drenching my home, I opened the large doors to reveal the outside world, and then positioned one of the gutters under the stream of water and directed the other end of the gutter out the open doors. I had to link several of the gutters together to make a length long enough to reach where the water shot down to outside the doors.

July 8, 2001

I was with two women and we were palling around and stuff like we were all best buddies. The two women, whom I remember very little about, decided to go on a trip to someplace, which I think was Cambodia. It kind of surprised me when I learned that they were going on the trip together without me because I thought we were better friends than that. They boarded a train or boat like a hovercraft, like that one in Jackie Chan’s movie, Rumble in The Bronx, the one that goes ripping through the streets at the end. I recall seeing them through the train/hovercraft windows as I looked in from outside and saw them walking from left to right inside the hovercraft, probably to get to their seats or something. At this time I see that one of the women is around 20 years old and has long straight brown hair. As they look out to me I make a sad face back, letting them know I wish I were going. I suppose I could have gone with them but I didn’t ask, so I’ll never know. When they started to leave I contemplated not waving good-by to them, to just disappear because I had the mentality that good-bys suck so I would just rather skip that formality. The next thing I recall is being at a spot by the side of the road where there was a large hill behind me as I faced the road, one that was rocky and was partially dug out in a crescent shape, as if this spot was carved out so cars could park here. The rocky, dirt hill was 30 feet high and had dry grass on top of it, like the kind on the beach at the ocean. The dug-out portion was a semi-circle spot on the side of the road. I came to see that this area on the side of the road in this dry, desert-like place was a bus stop. I boarded a bus here, like a Greyhound bus, and the bus then took off and I went whizzing down the road. I left a side door open on the bus because I was planning to jump off the bus. Apparently I had just gotten on the bus to make it look like I was actually going someplace but I was going to jump off and not really go anywhere. This was some kind of ploy to mislead the women that had gotten on the hovercraft/train, to make them think that, I guess, since they went somewhere then I was going to go somewhere as well, even though I don’t recall seeing them near the bus at all. There were some people sitting on the bus watching me as I crouched by the open door, a man and woman who were probably husband and wife. I watched outside as the road started to become a blur as the bus drove off. Before the bus picked up too much speed, I jumped from it and onto the light-colored gravelly side of the road, and then I immediately ran back to the spot where I had caught the bus, at the dug-out hill area. This act, again, was in some way supposed to confuse the girls who had left for Cambodia earlier in the dream. When reaching the dug-out hill area again after running as fast as I could, I scaled the loose-rock cliff of the semi-circle. The cliff was kind of steep but there was a little pathway at the top about eight feet long that wasn’t as steep as the cliff below and angled to the left which made it easier to get to the top. The grass was thin and blowing in the wind and was waist high. The reason I scaled the cliff was because I had to go to the bathroom and I didn’t just want to relieve myself on the side of the road. I was going to take a piss but never did because I spotted a bulldozer/backhoe type of construction machine 50 feet away to the left. There was a bulldozer blade on one end (the left) and a backhoe on the other (the right). This vehicle was moving, both ends churning and moving, and I noticed a man standing to the left of me 20 feet away. I think he was part of the construction crew there and was looking at the backhoe/bulldozer working away but he may have turned to look my way, which was another reason not to pee there. I then scrambled away and went back down the cliff to the road below. I immediately began running away, down the road in the opposite direction the bus drove away, and came to an intersection that resembled the one on top of South Hill where you have to take a right or left. I ran around the corner to the right and the dream ended.

July 13, 2001

I was with a group of people, how many I’m not really sure, but I recall being with two or three of this group. One of the people kind of reminded me of Brad Pitt, the actor. There was this group of people, then there was another group of people and these two groups were enemies with one another. There was something different about these two groups of people; I got the feeling they were vampires or ghouls of some sort, although they really didn’t appear that way – they just gave off that eerie air about them. I think I had this dream because of that Tales From the Crypt show I saw the other night where there were a bunch of ghouls that buried and ate homeless people. Well, the one group of people with the Brad Pitt-looking guy was the group I preferred to be with, as if they were the good guys and the other group was full of manipulative, evil people. However, I was able to interact with each group as if I wasn’t really part of one group or the other, just a regular guy that walked around and kept to myself. I was standing by a doorway and talking to a man who was in the evil group. He was around 45 years old and had hair like mine, and was around 5 feet 10 and was wearing a brown or similar colored suit. I was speaking to this guy about something and he had indicated that the leader of their group, a rather nasty individual by the name of “Baby,” had indicated that it was time for a gathering of their entire group in the basement, which was where the doorway led to that we stood by. This gathering was referred to by the man as “Time Out;” apparently this was some meeting that ghouls or vampires or whatever the hell they were held occasionally, like a powwow session to discuss evil things and tasks to be completed. Well, since I wasn’t really part of the group and was kind of weirded out about being in a room full of these kinds of people, I told the man that I was not allowed to attend the “Time Out” session, probably because I was not the same kind of people that they all were. Feeling a need to further explain this, I told the man that I was informed by people of the other group, the one he and others there at the moment did not belong to, that I could not attend their Time Out session, so therefore I could not attend this one either. I went on to mention the names of the people in the other group that told me that I could not attend their session. The one man with the brown suit suddenly looked slightly surprised and he said something to me like: “Well I hope you’re not talking about them!” meaning that he was hoping that I actually didn’t associate with those people because he certainly hated them. That was when I actually realized in this dream that this group of people/ghouls did not like the other group and that they were enemies. Somehow, I managed to get down into the basement and sit on a couch in the room full of the other ghouls. The man in the brown suit managed to get me in there, somehow sneaking me past those who questioned me and if I should be there. The basement was a well-lit place. I sat on a couch that faced another couch or desk that lined up against the wall, 7 feet away. At this table/desk/couch sat three very obvious ghouls, one of them being the one who was called Baby. The one on the left had a ghoulish face, kind of puffy and deformed but still your average face color for a white guy. His teeth were different, like they were almost fangs but not quite, just like those ghouls I saw in Tales From the Crypt. The ghoul in the middle was the most human looking of the three, although I can remember very little about him other than that. The ghoul on the right was a fiendish-looking character indeed. He wore a top hat and had long, straight, sleek black hair that went past his shoulders. He wore rounded glasses that may have had rose-colored lenses and he reminded me very definitely of an evil character in an old movie, like Dr. Caligari or Mr. Hyde. This Mr. Hyde-looking individual had his mouth opened in an almost smile and this showed his teeth, which were like the ghoul’s on the left; not quite pointed but then again, not quite right either. These three definitely were intimidating and I knew they wouldn’t hesitate to kill me if they discovered I was not actually one of the group members. I had the impression that these ghouls were what everyone in the room looked like but everyone wore rubber masks or something so their real faces were covered up and they were able to give the appearance of normal people so they could go out in public and mingle with the rest of humanity. I’m not sure which one of these three main ghouls was the one who was named Baby, but I think it was the ghoul on the left. As the room filled up and it appeared as if the meeting was about to come to order, the man in the brown suit, who was sitting to the right of me on the couch, kept leaning over and mumbling, half-whispering something to me. I couldn’t quite catch what he was saying so I leaned closer, although he wanted to be inconspicuous so as to not draw attention to us. I finally heard him say the words: “Run like hell,” which meant that I needed to get out of this room right away or I was going to be found out and dealt with appropriately, maybe because people were getting suspicious. Instantly I got up off the couch and began moving rapidly, not really running but walking briskly, out of the room and up a set of stairs that were there. I was worried to death that I would draw attention to myself, be discovered for just being a regular human, and I would be grabbed or something, but no one got in my way. Once at the top of the stairs I ran for the front door. There was a guy there, 20-ish with short black hair, who was sitting on some bales of hay or something similarly shaped, and I vaguely recall him being there before I went downstairs in the first place. The bales, or whatever they were, were in a different location before I went down to the basement than they were now; they were further away from the front door as the 20-ish guy stood by them, but now they were several feet away and not stacked like they may have been before in a way to suggest they were there to block anyone from leaving. The guy kind of lazily sat among these heaps as I ran past him and out the door to safety, and again I was surprised that no one stopped me. Finally I was back with the other group with the Brad Pitt-looking guy and another person or two from that group. I ran into the building where I suppose we all stayed, which reminded me of a barn-like structure. I ran to the top floor and opened up a large set of doors that were there and looked out into the world beyond. I saw that this building was on the edge of a dock and I looked out into a small marina type place. Around here I noticed a commotion below me so I looked through the slatted floorboards and could see the white-colored clothing of the Brad Pitt guy, indicating that he was nearby. Sometime around here, or maybe earlier in the dream, I had a white van that was parked on the side of the road. I had parked it and stepped out and soon after that someone hopped into it and drove away. Seeing that my vehicle was getting stolen, I started yelling for the police. To my surprise there was a blue and white police cruiser right in front of me on the road. I yelled at the car, hoping the policeman inside would hear me shouting that a car thief was driving away with my van. The police car stopped in its tracks just 15 feet away and out of the passenger and driver’s side emerged two ghouls, just like the one sitting on the left hand side of the table I faced in the basement at the Time Out meeting. Apparently they killed the cop and had taken over his vehicle.

July 20, 2001

I was at a job interview for a job I found on the internet working for the City of Sumner as an administrative assistant. The person who interviewed me was a woman and she sat at a desk that was your normal sized desk and we sat in an office that was your normal sized office. I remember talking to the woman, whom I can remember little to nothing about, and telling her what my qualifications were. There came a time when I had explained to her so much about my job history that she seemed to be getting disinterested. She kind of wiped her brow and fidgeted in her seat, making me feel like she had heard quite enough of my qualifications and would I please stop talking about them? However, this is when I then explained to her about my medical transcriptionist skills and it hit me right about then that I might just get this damned job. I could tell the interview was going well, I was impressing the interviewer, and could tell I was high on the list to be considered for this position.

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