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July 2002

Jul 14 - Jul 28

July 14, 2002

A dream within a dreamóthatís the only way I can explain this bizarre piece of shit. I was at the house where I grew up in on the top of South Hill, standing in the driveway with my back against the house and garage and looking out into the driveway and the woods beyond. You know, I canít really rationalize this strange scenario so Iíll just write what I think happened. Iím standing there with someone else, probably Charles, and we are in a car and we start to drive down the driveway. As we do, however, the world around us starts becoming dark and blurry, like there is a tremendously thick cloud of locusts and/or insects surrounding me, but actually, that isnít it either. It was like my mind was starting to drift off to another dimension or fall asleep and, therefore, the world around me became unrecognizable and vague, like I was in a dream. We started going down the driveway and dark grayness started engulfing us, making the world around us hard to see and comprehend. Realizing that going down the driveway was only making this sensation stronger and stronger, we went back to the house. It kind of felt like lucid dreaming, where I wasnít really dreaming but was able to control what my subconscious was experiencing, but how the hell it came up with the dark gray, fourth-dimensional scenario sensation Iíll never know. It was like in a story I wrote called Little Boy, where a guy named Little Boy was never in a dimension of his own and couldnít find a normal existence. So there we were back at the garage facing out into the driveway, having this desire to get down off this property and out into the world beyond this place. We knew that going down the driveway only resulted in dark gray distorted dimensions of impassable worlds, so we decided to go straight ahead toward the greenhouse my dad built there years ago atop a path he bulldozed out with his infamous Cat tractor front loader. As we traversed toward this area, however, the dark-gray-thick-insect-swarmed-area feeling attacked us again the further away we got from the house. I donít think it was as intense, but I do know that the further away we got from the house, the less we felt in control of what was actually happening around us. We got as far as the greenhouse, traveling 10 or 12 feet in the air and looking down, and started to make that turn down to where the old tree house used to (or perhaps still is) be, then the dream ended.

July 28, 2002

I was at a gathering of some sort in a wooded area somewhere. There was a lot more to this dream that what I can remember and write here, but like thatís a fucking surprise. It was dark, at first anyway, because as I stood there with the other people with me, none of whom I can remember right now, I noticed a bright light in the night sky. It was large, perhaps a mile away and the size of a football field, and I knew right away that it was not a star or anything like that. Of course I rationalized that it had to be an airplane or some other aircraft like that, but this object was nothing like that either. It consisted of an array of tightly strewn-together, round, extremely bright white lights, a 5 by 5 array perhaps. I knew it was not an airplane or anything like that when the craft started whizzing off at 90-degree angles, something I havenít seen any conventional craft doing. The scene continued but I get the feeling that it is now daylight, although no time passes. I notice several UFOs and see them as they actually are. They are block-shaped objects that remind me of the block-shaped V thing that Lara Croft has to insert into the Von Croy Industries final lock to defeat the final level in Tomb Raider: Chronicles. These craft travel with the point of the V as the front, zooming in that direction as being forward. They are three dimensional, segmented vehicles with the front being higher in the air than the aft portions. The dream becomes very real at this point and we start to realize that aliens of some sort that want to annihilate the human race are piloting these UFOs. There is one dominant UFO I can recall clearly, although there are several others hovering about in the sky. The one I can recall clearly begins shooting a thin green beam of light at the ground, apparently in an attempt to kill us or any other humans scampering around. This is interesting because this green beam of light seems kind of weak and not like the death ray you would imagine a UFO to blast down on you. It kind of fizzles and then calmly zaps the ground as if doing so was a lot of work, instead of the tremendous burst of energy and power you would expect from a higher intelligence. I got the feeling that even if this wimpy death ray did actually hit one of us then we just might survive because it wasnít packing much of a wallop.

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