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July 2003

July 18, 2003

I was walking along a riverbank and Lisa was on my shoulders. This river was one I had been to earlier in this dream and had done some stuff at that point, probably with some people, but of course I canít recall any of that stuffójust the fact that I had been there earlier in the dream. What I was doing now was bringing Lisa back to the river to show her what I had seen there earlier because she wasnít with me before. However, I canít remember what that something was, but like that matters. The river was to the right of me and looked kind of like the river at Sunshine Point on Mountain Rainier. In front of me was forest and maybe a mountain peak or two in the distance. To the left of me were many trees and a forest. To the right of me was the raging, dirty light-brown-colored river, rushing just like the Nisqually on Mountain Rainier. With Lisa on my shoulders, I stepped down onto the river bank which was about three to four feet high before it reached level ground again. As I stepped onto the side of the river bank, I get the feeling I stepped onto some fine, light-colored brown dirt but then I stepped onto some rocks that were there that defined the actual edge of the river bank. The rocks were the 1- to 2-feet round type, jagged and granite looking, stacked at various angles. On one of these rocks I noticed a rather large lizard crawling around. It kind of looked like a Gila monster but was light-colored, kind of white with light, jagged pink strips running horizontally across its body at half-inch intervals. The lizard apparently noticed me because it started to try to get away and crawl back into a hole in the ground. Before it could do that, however, I stepped down onto the rock and stepped on the lizardís tail. This squished the tail and mashed it in half at a 45-degree angle along its length. The lizard twisted and was able to get away and probably crawl into a hole, but then it came back out as if it were looking for where its tail went. At about this time, I noticed a guy walking toward Lisa and I from up above on the level ground above the river bank. He was wearing a cap of some kind, a flannel shirt, and was your average-build type of guy. It was very clear that he was some type of hillbilly or backwoods country boy that reminded me of one of those psychos from Deliverance. The way he approached me and the air about him suggested that there was going to be trouble. He was carrying a very large knife or small machete, the weaponís blade about a foot and a half long. Apparently we were on his land and he didnít take too kindly to trespassers. I donít think he really said anything to me, but what he did do was tap the flat edge of the knife blade twice firmly against my right wrist in haste in a way that suggested he wanted me to leave. I got from those taps that he didnít want me trespassing on his land and that if he caught me here again, he wouldnít just be tapping my wrist with that blade, but that he would use it like a knife was meant to be used. Lisa and I left immediately.

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