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July 1989

Jul 1 - Jul 3 - Jul 9 - Jul 23 - Jul 29

July 1st, 1989

I was on a football team. The two teams played inside some type of stadium. I made a lot of spectacular plays. Several times I intercepted passes. Once when I tried to receive or intercept a pass, the football bounced off my right ankle and into my hands. It surprised everybody. I envisioned another time when the running back on the other side was trying to do an end-around sweep, but he fumbled the ball and it landed right in my hands as I neared to tackle. There was an open field in front of me, but I can't remember if I scored. We were beating the other team and eventually another player appeared for the opposition. He was a slick-talking quarterback that had an air of kick-ass professionalism about him. He had long shoulder-length brown hair and a beard and moustache. He talked like he had an English accent and he seemed real confident. On one play, he was hiked the ball but he threw an interception. Another play, he was hiked the ball and he tried to run it up the middle. One of my players stopped him when the back of his head smashed into the quarterback's face. I was surprised that this quarterback dude was stopped so easily. I walked up to my player, who was lying on the ground bleeding, and asked him if he was okay. He was fine. Our team was always better on every play and I was the star on our side.

July 3rd, 1989

I was working at a restaurant where I had worked at once before in real life. I kept trying to cook the way I normally did, but things were vague and unfamiliar because it had been so long since I had worked there. I began cooking myself a hamburger. There were other burgers on the grill, but they had been sitting there for a while so I removed them and threw them away. There were no other orders to cook so I had time to do it right. I slapped my burger down, first removing one that had been there a while and it was caught in between the grill slots. As my burger cooked, I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen. There were numerous pieces of bread lying around, and they looked like they were Russian Rye. They had been grilled, but they had been sitting around so they were hard and inedible. When I turned back to my burger, I flipped it and found out that I had left it in on the grill too long because the cooked side was near burnt. I remember spreading burger/barbecue sauce on it and contemplated cheese.

July 9th, 1989

I was robbing a place, probably a store, with the actor Emilio Estevez. Emilio star was the meaner of the two of us. There was a guy that ran the store and he was shot up so he had to sit in a wheel chair. He was sitting behind a counter or something like that. I don't recall any walls or anything and the whole scene may have even been outside in a field somewhere. I remember Emilio shooting the guy in the stomach, right where his belly-button was. I walked further away on down the counter because I wanted to stay out of the bullet's path. I was on the side of the counter the guy in the wheelchair was on, and Emilio was on the other side. Being the nice guy that I am, I approached this guy to see if he was okay. He was lying on his back because his wheelchair had tipped over. I saw the wounds in his stomach. There were two of them very close together, destroying his belly-button. Blood seeped from the holes and I leaned over and began to suck the blood from them as if he had been bitten by a rattlesnake and needed the poison sucked from the bites. The guy and I became friends and we began counting the money he had in the store. I remember seeing lots of hundreds, fifties, twenties and ones, but no fives or tens. The guy gave me a thick stack of twenties or hundreds but I tried to be nice and say that I couldn't take his money. He said not to worry about it because the insurance would cover it. As I had this stack of bills in my hand, Emilio came up to us and grabbed the money from me and began walking away with it. I was worried that I wouldn't have any money now, but there were lots more piles and they were all for the taking. The guy in the wheel chair had a gun and pointed it behind his back at Emilio. He shot him in the back. I was worried that Emilio would shoot the guy in the wheelchair again for this but he just turned around, started to walk towards the guy, and showed anger and a threatening rage on his face, then he turned again and stomped off. The guy in the wheelchair smiled and I was surprised that the bullet had no effect on Emilio.

July 23rd, 1989

Helmer Stink was as small as an ant and he was being attacked by red-headed army ants. I stood over the scene and pried ants from his back and body with a stick. I squished some of the ants as I did this. Later, I was down at the apple orchard on the property we used to live at on the top of South Hill. I was standing by the east side of the barn looking out over the old wood pile that lied there, and the grove of fruit trees beyond. Helmer walked up from my left and he was back to his normal size. There was someone else there but I can't remember who.
Quasi Jones was driving a van, a van that apparently I owned. I don't know why he was driving it and not me. Quasi was doing a good job so I wasn't worried. I can remember seeing him turn the steering wheel as I sat in the seat behind the driver. Someone sat in the passenger's seat but I don't know who it was.
I was watching the singer Tracey Chapman sing her #1 hit, whatever the hell it's called. She was either right in front of me or I was seeing it on TV. She sang badly, straining her voice to hit low, throaty sounds that I knew she could have avoided. The song was only one verse long and ended quickly.

July 29th, 1989

I dreamt I was fighting the monster from the movie "Alien", in several different situations which I cannot remember anything about.

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