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July 1991

Jul 5 - Jul 9 - Jul 30

July 5th, 1991

I was in the back of two houses, on the outer edge of their yards. I had a big dump truck there with me but I can't recall its purpose. There was someone with me but I can't remember who. The house on my left had a roof that looked strange, like it had been planted with grass seed, allowed to grow, then mowed into a strange mohawk-type pattern. I remember feeling something about worrying about the condition of the roof on that house, but was glad to see it was taken care of, saved by the grass planted there. There was someone else, either my neighbor Cletis from across the street, or Al Bundy from Married With Children. I remember seeing him walk across the lawn, tending to his roofing duties with roofing supplies under his arm. Then I remember tending to some bags in the back of the dump truck. I can't remember what was in these bags but they were plastic, see-through bags like huge baggies. I was filling the bags with stuff and putting them in the dump truck. Once I was leaning on the back of the dump truck and the weight of me leaning on it caused the whole truck to tip backwards, its front dangling in the air. It was a sunny and clear day.

July 9th, 1991

I was at a place, like a mall or shopping center. It could have even been a park-like setting, but I think it was a store of some kind. I was with Charles. We walked about this place and for some reason, I had to get a locker. I walked into a store and found some things that looked like washers and dryers, but they were actually lockers to store stuff in. I remember putting a quarter or some types of coins into a slot so I could open the locker. I put the coin on top of one machine and opened a door in front of me on the side of another machine. The handle to open the door (which looked like a dryer door), was an oblong, fingertip-under-the-lip type of handle like on some types of cars. I pulled the door open and found some other stuff inside the locker. I thought this stuff belonged to someone who just decided to leave the stuff there, so I sorted through it. I think there was some clothes in it but in the back was a big book. I grabbed it and started looking through it, starting from the back. It appeared to be some sort of evil, black magic type book with strange writing, the kind you picture etched in ancient stone tablets. I wasn't sure, until I flipped through more of the book. As I did, there was more writing and it was closer together, becoming more dense. I discovered that this was indeed a book of evil. In the book were several tales of demons and evil. I recall looking at a picture in the book of the face of a demon. I could barely make out its features because it was so black and hairy and distorted. I think it had an evil smirk on its face. It was kind of disturbing. There were other chapters in the book about other evil things, but I can't really remember them now. I thought the book was neat and decided to keep it. When I finally flipped it closed and looked at the front cover, I saw the title was something like "Witchcraft", which kind of surprised me because I was expecting it to be called something about demons or black magic. The cover, I think, was yellow or some other type of contrasting color to black. I suddenly lost track of Charles and someone told me he was eating a turkey and gravy TV dinner, which pissed me off for some reason, because I was hungry too and was upset he was eating without me. I think he was with my mom, eating somewhere, whether nearby or at her house, I don't know. I don't remember if I was with Charles anymore, but I was really mad and pretended like I was going to leave, although in my mind I knew I wasn't. I walked out of the mall or whatever and began walking to my truck in the parking lot. Someone (maybe Charles) walked beside me, trying to convince me not to go but I kept walking like I was actually going to leave. I wondered how long I could act like I was leaving before I convinced the person I really wasn't.
I was in a place with someone (maybe Charles) and maybe a few others. It was weird but there were some people up in the ceiling of this place, a ceiling that was so high that the top was never really visible. It was a dome-shaped ceiling and the top was kind of in the shadows, a partial straight platform blocking the view from above. The few of us on the ground were trying to kill the men up on the ceiling. I guess they were bad guys. I remember seeing a view from behind one of the men, the bald-headed villain from the movie Masters of the Universe, as he crouched and hung on to the top of the ceiling. He was looking down. I also remember the face of another guy from that movie who was also one of the bad guys on the ceiling. I just got a glimpse of his face as he smiled. To get these bad guys, we on the floor decided to shoot the guns we had, apparently some type of machine guns. We just opened fire and sprayed the air towards the ceiling, hoping that eventually our bullets would hit one or a few of the bad guys up there. But the bad guys mocked us. They began screaming and moaning in pain jokingly down at us as if shot, which they actually weren't. There was a weird machine inside a box or container that, when it was turned on, would somehow get rid of the bad guys. But it wouldn't work. Either me, or one of us from below, tapped the top of the box in hopes that this would get it to work. Somehow I just knew that it would eventually start and get rid of the bad guys, but then Lisa woke me up, the dream faded, and I never did see the bad guys get it.

July 30th, 1991

I was at work. I can only remember flashes of certain scenes. I was looking at the back bay door and there was a radio, like the portable type I have at home, sitting on the floor at the bottom of the bay door, which was probably open halfway or so. The radio was playing some type of music and Brendle Foamith was standing there. He may or may not have been singing with the song on the radio. There was another part to this dream where there were people in my work area, looking for parts or something. One of these people was Hector Comstock. His hair was frizzy and stuck out a bit more than I remember it ever doing. There was someone else with him that I knew but I can't remember who it was. I was surprised to see Hector and I wondered if I looked different to him because my hair was long. We smiled at each other and I'm sure we talked but I can't remember what about. There were other people there and I remember seeing some of them at the entrance to my work area, but I can't recall who any of them were.

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