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July 1996

July 3, 1996

I was with Jethro and we were driving along a road in Arkansas. I think it was Amity Road, right by Gip's Gas Station. At times I was sometimes walking or sometimes riding in a vehicle of some sort with Jethro. We reached the intersection where Gipís Gas Station is, or was, although I didnít see the gas station in the dream. We turned onto that road there, which would eventually lead to the house where Jethro's folks used to live. When we turned onto the road, however, we were surprised to see that it was now grown over with brush and grass. The road itself was covered with a short green grass but there were lots of woods on either side of it. I think Clay mentioned something about how it's been a long time since anyone's been on the road and he was surprised that the road was even there at all. We began walking, or driving, along it. After a short while, we saw an animal of some kind up in the woods and I think I or Jethro commented on how the animal was a mountain lion. Then we came across a family of mountain lions sitting quietly by the left hand side of the road. There were about four of them lying there quietly. We commented on how fortunate we were to be enclosed in a vehicle instead of out in the open because the mountain lions would probably attack us or something if we weren't. One of the mountain lions, a larger female one, had a mellow, kind of human face that looked to be smiling. It was the face of a woman but still looked mountain-lion-like. Jethro and I kept going along this road and eventually it became impassable. There were huge gouges and trenches in the road and the wheels of our vehicle was having problems keeping on top of them. Soon we were in front of a tall cliff. Beyond the cliff was Jethro's parent's house, we knew, but how to get there? To the right of us was a dirt road that went up. I kept looking up and up to see where the road went and I saw that the road was way too steep for us to drive or even climb up - it was almost a ninety degree angle at the top. I think the road didnít used to be that way or if it did, the vehicle we were in now wasnít able to climb that steep hill. I remember something about a guy driving in a big truck or jeep or something and he said something about how his vehicle had enough clearance or power to climb the hill. The next thing I remember is being over the top of the cliff and instantly I spotted Jethro's parent's house about a hundred feet away. I saw a window that seemed to be out in the open in the woods - just a window, nothing else. Then Jethro and I were entering the house. We had to go through a bar or small restaurant which looked like it was attached to the house. This bar was dimly lit and a tall elderly lady, who reminded me of a woman at work whose name I donít know, stood behind or alongside the bar. She was an employee of this bar and/or owned it. Jethro and I walked through the bar and into the house, which was well lit like your average home. We were in the living room part of it. On a small end or coffee table by a recliner was a piece of paper, about 6" by 8", and on it was scrawled a note that was from Jethro's dad. It reminded me of the notes Jethro's dad used to always leave for his family before he went to work. I can't remember the words, but there were five of them, written in large, shaky letters. I looked to my right back into the dimly lit bar and the woman was still in there, wiping glasses or something. She said something to us, but I can't remember what. I donít think there were any customers in the place and I get the feeling that there used to be really good business there but it had slowed, either because it was an off day or because times have changed and not many people come to her place anymore.

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