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June 2002

Jun 6 - Jun 12 - Jun 14 - Jun 23 - Jun 25

June 6, 2002

I was sitting in my Mercury Villager in the driverís seat and Lisa was sitting in the passenger seat next to me. We had the doors open because I get the feeling we were packing up and occasionally loading stuff into the van to go on a trip or something. As I sat there, Bandit came walking up to me from the back of the van. He climbed onto and over the first passenger seat behind me and then up onto my lap. Apparently he had come in through the hatchback/back door, which was also opened up, and crawled to the front to see what we were up to. I remarked to him how I was glad to see him and I put my right hand under his belly and pet the upper part of his neck with my left hand. He put his front two paws up onto the steering wheel as I pet him and he just stood there and soaked it up. This reminded me to make sure that he and/or Tiger were not in the van when we left for the trip because although this was the first time Bandit had come into the van, I know that Tiger often did it whenever I have the doors open and am unloading groceries or have any of the van doors open for a prolonged period of time. I looked back into the van to see if Tiger was in here as well but I couldnít see him.
I was looking in a mirror, probably the bathroom mirror in my house, and noticed my hair was gray. There may have been some streaks of darkened hair mixed in with the gray, but for the most part my hair had completely turned to the color of gray that older people inevitably get. I was surprised at how silvery gray my hair was but I didnít seem entirely shocked, which I should have been because my hair certainly wasnít gray before looking in the mirror. In addition to being gray, my hair was the same length and cut as it is nowóthe only difference being the gray color. I kind of brushed my bangs to the right side to cover up the thinning spot there on my forehead.

June 12, 2002

I was in some kind of contest. I got the feeling it was like that show I saw last night called American IdolóI know thatís why I dreamt this. This dream is very vague, but whatís new, hm? I was standing at a table of some kind and one of the judges was there tallying up the scores. I looked over his shoulder as he jotted down the final scores. There were three contestants total, two women and myself. As the judges wrote down the final scores I could see that I got 33.6%, which was the highest score of the contest, so I knew I won. Contestants werenít really supposed to see the scores but I got the feeling that the judges liked me better than the other contestants because they let me see the scores as they were tallying them up; either they let me see because they liked me better or because I had won and, because of that, I could see the scores whereas other contestants could not. I could see that the two highest scores were mine and that of one other contestant; a younger woman with short blonde hair. That particular contestant walked up to the small table where the judge, who may have resembled the rude judge on the American Idol show, was sitting, and I was standing to the right of him, and when that contestant approached, the judge covered up the paper he was writing his notes down on so as to make sure the girl would not see what he was writing, another sign that I was favored by the judges because they let me see whatever they wrote. She asked how things were going and I acted like I didnít know anything about who won the contest, like I was just hanging out at the judgeís table but no results have been determined yet, although I actually did already know. Later on, as I was still standing there by the judgeís table and that one contestant girl had left, another contestant walked up to the table from our left. She was different than the previous woman and was a really nice, friendly individual. She had long auburn hair and I know she is probably someone whom I have seen in real life but I canít tell you who. She had a big, white smile and she walked up to us and was also wondering about the contest and who was the winner. Apparently it was time to give the results, unlike last time when the other contestant had walked up to the judgeís table, because we disclosed to her that I had won. She didnít seem disappointed at all and she congratulated me like a pro, continued smiling in her friendly way, wished me good luck, then she walked away to the right.

June 14, 2002

I was at work, although it is the not the job I do now. I get the feeling that it was at a semiconductor place, although I donít specifically recall being in a fab. I was a supervisor type person and was sitting down with other management people, two or three others, and was getting the passdown from the night shiftóapparently I worked day shift. The night shift supervisor was my brother, Gerry. My son William was there also, and he worked the night shift as well but he was not a manageróGerry was actually his boss. As Gerry was giving me the passdown, which was kind of vague, once in a while he would turn to William and say something mean to him, like he was blaming William for things that had happened on the night shift and was being a real jerk, pointing out these bad things in front of everyone and putting William down. I had had enough of this crap so, as I sat directly across from Gerry at this table we were sitting at, I told him very calmly to shut his mouth and to stop ranking on William. The way I said it made it very clear to Gerry that I wasnít going to put up with him ranking on my son for one second further, and stopping doing that would be in his best interest. Well, this certainly shut Gerry up and I think everyone else at the table was kind of surprised at my remark, but certainly respected it and I could tell they were glad I told Gerry to clam up. There was a woman who was sitting to the right of me who had long black hair and she was pretty cute, although I donít think Iíve ever seen her before. Seeing as to how I stuck up for William, she then said something like: ďYeah, and stop bothering . . .Ē and then she mentioned the name of an employee that also worked under Gerry that she cared about who Gerry was ranking on. Apparently when she saw me stick up for William, then this also prompted her to put a word in for the person she cared about who Gerry was also ranking on. Gerry was kind of taken aback and he seemed to quiet down a bit on his ranking of other people. I asked him what product was running on what equipment, something that all supervisors pass down to one another when working this kind of job and, I assume, other kinds of jobs as well. Gerry and I then referred to a list that showed all the Nikon steppers; much like a list I remember seeing in actual passdowns when working for MASCA. There were 1-inch rectangular icons on this sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 piece of paper that was probably the light pink-colored clean room paper. Each of the vague icons represented one of the Nikons. There were three or four on the top row, then another row and so on and so on to represent each Nikon in photoóaround 9 to 15 icons total. The icons were square and kind of reminded me of the flyer Lisa made to give to daycares that explained the packages and prices for photo shoots. Underneath each icon was some writing that explained what was running on what machine. Around here sometime, Gerry explained that he was tired and irritated and that was why he was jumping on Williamís shit. I guess he was trying to justify why he yelled at William earlier. Next we looked at a monitor to a computer and on it was a passdown type log where passdown information could be relayed here. The passdown log I looked at on the computer screen reminded me of the Task List on Microsoft Outlook, with a small box for one to check when an item was completed, then the actual wording of what the item was. It was like beside each check box was a bullet item that referred to the shiftly passdown. There was a horizontal line across the screen that underlined the punch list items and each time one was added, the horizontal line would shift to the bottom of the most recent one. The procedure, as I understood it, was to wait until 6, 7, or 8 punch list items built up before I addressed any of them. I was supposed to wait no longer than 8:30 (morning or night I couldnít tell ya) to address these issues, but I was also supposed to wait until at least 7 or so built up. I remember the time passing 8:30 and I was stressing out because it wasnít until after 8:30 until enough items accumulated on the screen for me to address. I wasnít sure what was going to happen because of that, like if I was going to get into trouble or something.

June 23, 2002

I was in a house, a split-level model, and I was on the upper floor. There were a lot of people in the house, like there was a party going on or something. I canít clearly recall any of the people in the house or anyone in this dream, although I think I may have been with Lisa, Sarah, and William, but I canít say for sure. Previous to what I remember in this dream, there was something going on about the Loch Ness monster, like me and some other guy or guys were trying to capture it or something. The main hunter guy was telling everyone that either the Loch Ness monster did not exist or, if it did exist it would be impossible to catch. I, however, had somehow come across the monster in the upstairs kitchen of this house. This area reminded me of Peter Pecksterís old house (the one where we made that Frankenstein movie when we were in the 9th grade). I was standing at the area atop the staircase and was looking into the kitchen. Although this area was like Peterís house, the area to the left of the kitchen, on the other side of the wall, did not. There was a living room there instead of the hallway and bedroom that Peterís house had. The living room was full of people mingling but in front of me, standing in the kitchen, was the interesting thing. There stood a dragon of some sort that was around 8 feet tall. Its skin was a dark grayish color and it looked very dinosaur-like. The head looked just like what you would imagine a dragonís head to look like, and the beast had little dragon wings sprouting from its shoulders. The creature stood on its hind legs and it had arms tipped with claws. I vaguely remember this monster breathing fire and that cemented the idea of it being an honest-to-goodness dragon. However, although it looked like a land creature, this was also the Loch Ness monster. Apparently the Loch Ness monster was a dragon, not a plesiosaur. However, it was now known that this creature could both walk on land and spend much of its time swimming in the murky depths of the loch itself as well. I suppose that everyone should have been a hell of a lot more alarmed than they were about this dangerous monster being in this house with them, but there didnít seem to be any panic or concern among anyone, and the party continued as if everything was just hunky-dory. As the Loch Ness monster waddled around the kitchen and eating-nook area, I confronted the main hunter guy who doubted that such a creature even existed or that one could even be caught. I then waved my arms in presentation fashion and arced them lowly toward the creature in the kitchen as if to say: ďTa-da! Here is the monster you say doesnít exist or canít be caught!Ē I canít recall the hunterís response but I know he was surprised and excited to see the thing. The next thing I recall is being in Wildwood Park with a small group of people, maybe William, Sarah and Lisa being among them, but I canít say for sure. We were on the main dirt road that runs along the ballpark and then winds down into the park toward other things. Although I donít think the ball field was even there, I know it was that road we were on. The road curved down and to the left, which does not particularly resemble what that road does in actual life, but it was that road. The road continued curving until it did a 180 and went the other way, back toward the entrance to the park. Between this lower part of the road and upper part was a patch of grass and some trees here and there, but nothing like the dense woods that fill that park (which is actually where Iím at right now as I write this). There were maybe 20 to 30 trees in this patch of land, 15- to 20-feet tall plants like oaks and maples. The grass here was well mowed and in great shape. We were in a pickup that sat right at the hairpin turn where the road turned back toward the entrance to the park. I was wearing a backpack, like that medium-sized one I take hiking with me whenever I go, and inside was a manuscript of some kind, perhaps one I wrote and was planning on reading. I was standing outside the truck when suddenly we all noticed the guy who had the dragon was in another truck and was on the road coming toward us. I got the feeling he had the dragon with him and his plan was to kill us with it, so I took off running, leaving behind everything; my backpack, the people with me, and the pickup. This kind of confused me for several reasons: First of all, I think the truck may have been broken down because if it wasnít then why did I take off running when all I had to do was to ride away in the truck? It also confused me because if my family had indeed been there then I would not have run away and left them to fend for themselvesóI certainly would have taken them with me or stayed there to defend them. There was a feeling of leaving behind someone important to me but I donít think it was my family, maybe just a good friend whom I considered able to defend himself. I ran away into the woods on the side of the park, in the direction of where 23rd Avenue is. There was a small, skinny path trampled into the foliage there so I took it. In actual life, this path really exists and leads out to the road, but in this dream the path led to a large field which reminded me of the ball field at Wapato Parkówhere I came out was the area by the backstop where William and I often play at. I initially viewed myself coming out onto this field from an aerial view maybe 100 feet in the air. I could see the entire ball field as I walked out onto it. On the ground, I kept close to the side of the field where there were trees because I figured this would help keep me hidden from the dragon. There was a backstop on the opposite side of the field, 70 yards away and up to the left diagonally. I imagined myself actually walking out across the open field and to the backstop on the other side of the field, but I was just imagining itóI would never have done that because I know that if I did then I would leave myself exposed to being seen by the dragon, if it was indeed flying around. Maybe that was why I viewed this from the sky, because I figured the dragon could fly and if it was looking for me, this is what it would see. If I kept to the right of the field, under the shade of the trees there, then I would have been out of sight. So I kept walking under the trees alongside the ball field. The trees here and density of them seemed to match those at the park in the area from which I had just come. As I walked along this area, I came across two animals, one on the right and one on the left. They were 50 feet away and under the shade of the trees as well. The animal on the right was a wolf and had dark gray, sleek hair. It was a large, mean-looking thing and was crouching low to the ground and crept slowly toward the animal to the left. This other animal was lying at the base of a tree and Iím unsure as to what exactly it was. It was also the sleek, dark-gray color as the wolf but it was no wolf. Instead, it was something like a sheep or lamb or deer or some type of animal like that that the wolf was attempting to sneak up on to, I assume, kill and eat. The animal at the base of the tree looked more like a lump of fur more than anything else, and it was completely still, either unaware of the wolf sneaking up on it, or maybe it was already dead. I didnít get to see if the wolf ever pounced on the sheep or whatever it was, because I decided to go back to Wildwood Park because I wanted to get the manuscript I had left in the back pack. Why I just didnít take it with me in the first place, I donít know, but I felt an intense need to read it, like it was a project that was due and I had a deadline to meet or something like that. I remember catching a glimpse of the manuscript somewhere in this dream; it was an inch thick and had that many-pages-stacked look, perhaps 250 in all. Anyway, I went back to the hairpin curve in the road and I think the truck and all the people that were with me earlier were no longer there. They may have been but I concentrated on other things and paid them little to no attention. I was wearing my Body Glove jacket, the one with the bright yellow, green and black colors on it that I normally donít wear. As I approached this place, the windy road with the hairpin curve that wound around the nice lawn with its well-kept trees that resembled healthy broccoli stalks, I noticed a car coming down the road. This car was driving along the upper section of this road, not the lower section as the pickup truck we had been in and the truck with the hunter and his dragon had traveled. The car was a long, black limousine, maybe the stretch varietyóa long-ass vehicle indeed. Not knowing who was in this car and figured it might be someone else who was coming to do us/me in, I crouched behind a tree there on the nice lawn dotted with other trees, but it wasnít much of a hiding spot. I crouched beside a tree that was around 10 feet from the top end of the road, which was where the car was driving down. I knew I was squatting as best I could, but it was useless because the trees here werenít very large so I was in plain sight. The black limousine approached and I lifted my eyes to watch it go by. The back passenger window, maybe four windows back from the driverís window, was rolled down and the passenger inside hung his head and upper torso out to give me a good looking-over. I donít know who it was, but this person was a white man around 30 years old. He had long dirty blonde hair, the Robert Plant type, and his hands grabbed a hold of the bottom of the opening of the window as he lifted himself out to look at me. His face was completely blank, no features at all there, but I do know that he was staring at me. As the limo continued traveling the upper part of the road and went around the hairpin curve to the lower part of the road, the limo passenger shifted the upper part of his body as it hung out the open back window so as to continue getting a clear look at me as he drove by. The other windows seemed mirrored so I couldnít tell who was driving or anything like that. The longhaired dude, however, seemed very adamant about continuing to stare at me and I stared back as the limo drove briskly away and to the exit of the park.

June 25, 2002

This dream centered around two men who were horribly disfigured. I was in this dream, but inside a bar or tavern that these two men were standing outside of. Inside the bar or tavern I was playing poker or some other card game, with 5 or 6 other bar guys, at a round table 4 or 5 feet round. The two disfigured guys were quite a sight indeed. The first one I recall had a face that appeared to be mostly skull and bone on the front part of his face. There was a wide painful grin that stretched across the face, one that was not right and reminded me of a picture I drew of a motleb some years ago. Around the ear level, up around the scalp region where hairlines on men are perceived to be receding, was a black mane of hair that encircled his face, much like the orangutan Dr. Zaus on Planet of the Apes. His face seemed completely skinless, the pointed, fang-filled grin stretching his features, then he had a lot of hair beyond that ear and scalp mark, making him look much more like a hyena or decayed velociraptor or something. His eyes were completely black and the stretching of his unnatural grinning mouth forced his nostril holes, straddled atop the stretched dolphin/dog skull mouth, to be compressed and apelike. The second guy was shorter by at least a foot, and was a hairier, less disturbing looking guy. His face was mostly covered with hair, looking almost like Lon Chaney Jr. himself, but the hair almost completely covered his face and there was just enough un-hairiness to reveal his facial features. Those features were also probably skinless and bony white, the eyes, nose and mouth being distorted yet in their proper places on the face. This smaller mutant was the instigator here, and was prompting the larger mutant to go inside the bar where I sat with my friends to see what our reaction would be. Originally, I had the feeling that these two guys were shy and didnít want to be seen in public because, much like The Elephant Man, they would be ridiculed and stared at as though they werenít humans just trying to survive like everyone else. However, the smaller, hairier guy convinced the bigger, bonier-faced guy to enter this bar and confront everyone sitting there to see what our reaction would be. It was night and I picture this bar to be like the one at the beginning of that movie An American Werewolf in London. The mutants walked into the bar, and I kinda see this from behind them as they walk in, like Iím a third person or something, which Iím not because Iím actually sitting at the table playing cards with the guys. They were bold, these two, and just walked in to try to be like everyone else, to order a drink or something, but mainly to see what everyone would say and see how they would react. The guys and I saw them enter and, being the gentlemen we were, we didnít do anything that would suggest the mutants were shocking or anything like that. Sure, there was an initial uneasy shifting in our seats and uncomfortable gazes amongst ourselves, but that was immediately washed away as one of us, perhaps myself, nonchalantly asked the two guys something like: ďHowís it going?Ē or ďHey whatís up?Ē as if to suggest they were as regular as anyone else that had walked into the bar. No one treated them any differently and we tried our damnedest to make them feel like one of the guys.

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