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June 1991

Jun 1 - Jun 12 - Jun 19 - Jun 24 - Jun 25 - Jun 30

June 1st, 1991

A lot happened but all I can remember is a body with no head on it. It sort of reminded me of the chainsaw-wielding naked woman in Evil Dead II, but I knew somehow it was the guy in Wild at Heart who had shot his head off with a shotgun. It was strange, but I remember either me or someone else talking with this body and doing some kind of activity before I/we noticed that this body had no head. I'm sure some remarks were made about it after that, but I can't remember what.

June 12th, 1991

I was at a place where there was a well of some sort. There was a monstrous serpent that lived in the waters by this place and apparently the well was a way to get in contact with it. When discussing it, I think I may have said something about lowering a birdcage type contraption into the well with a rope attached to the top of it. There was water in the well and it was a passage to the lake where the sea monster lived. I told people that I at first put a hamster in the cage and lowered it into the water. The cage came up empty, a sign that the monster had eaten the hamster. Then I told these people that I put a chicken into the well (alive or dead and skinned I can't remember). After bringing the cage back up, only half the chicken was there, a sign that the monster had eaten half the chicken. There was a bunch of us by this well by a house or shack. I think Trent and Charles were there but I can't remember who else was. I remember saying to someone that there were underground caves or caverns where, if explored, you could come in contact with the sea monster. I may have actually explored these caves in this dream but I'm not sure. I remember a scene where I had lowered the cage into the well and was bringing it up. There were some buttons on the side of the ground inside the well that controlled the lowering and retrieving of the cage. I fumbled with these buttons and wasn't quite sure how they worked. They were just below the water line so I couldn't get a clear look at them. Finally I was able to start bringing the cage up. As it got nearer and nearer to the surface, I could make out the shape of something coming with the cage. Scared that it was the sea monster itself, I stopped the operation of retrieving the cage and slammed the lid down on the well, not wanting to take any chances in bringing the monster to the surface. Later, we were standing by the porch on the outside of this house or shack when we noticed the tip of a fin or something protruding from underneath the porch. At first I pictured it to be a long tentacle that began at the well and stretched towards us, going underneath the porch. But then I looked underneath the porch and saw that it was just part of a fin, like it had been cut off at the tip. The fin was a pale, almost white in color and was a few feet across as well as long. I remember talking to Trent about it. I was thinking it resembled the fin of an ancient dinosaur sea serpent called a Megaladon or something like that. When asked what the fin top may have come from Trent said, "Megadon" and I agreed, realizing I was thinking of Megadon, not Megaladon. We wanted to take pictures of the fin so we could report it to the authorities but still have proof of the find. We situated the fin on the ground so we could photograph it. When we did, it changed shape and never resembled the way it looked when we first found it. It sort of looked like a T-shirt, the serrated edge of the fin being the ends of the arms of the shirt. We never did get it to look like the actual fin it was. Later, I was with Charles in front of the house, playing Frisbee or something like that. He mentioned something about how he was going to take off to go bar-hopping. I was surprised, for Charles wasn't really the type to go bar-hopping by himself.

June 19th, 1991

I was in a wooded area somewhere with a huge group of black people. I was the only white person there. There were some men after me and to avoid them, I walked into this crowd of blacks as they walked along a trail in the woods that sloped downward and off to the right, like a logging road. I knew I was the only white guy there, but I still felt safer mixed with the crowd. These guys that were after me had some type of guns or rifles and I think I may have been able to grab one for myself, but I'm not sure. I found someone in the crowd, some guy who wasn't black but he wasn't totally white either. He may have been Mexican or Italian or something like that. I remember seeing the black guy from the movie Jungle Fever, although I haven't seen the movie, just previews.

June 24th, 1991

I was at a carnival, like the county Fair, only there was a weird, excited feeling in the air, that eerie dreamlike feeling you always get with strange dreams. I was with some other people, probably Lisa and Charles and maybe others, and there was a lot of excitement in the air. The carnival was loud and abstract. I remember seeing Cindy Breck walking towards us. She smiled but looked away, knowing we were there but also going about her business. She had dark hair instead of blonde. Later on I was walking through the crowd with the others and there were so many people that soon I began losing track of who I was with. I looked around and saw them disappearing into the crowd, but I made no attempt to tag along with them, as if I wanted to be by myself. I went walking around and came upon a Wax Museum ride, like The Haunted House at the fair. The entrance was under the Grandstands, where they often have exhibits. I remember looking up to the door leading in and the Fair was outside, to the left with a dark sky and lots of commotion from the crowd, and the right of me was under the Grand Stand. There was a small window at the top of the door and through it a man stared out at me (there may have been someone else with me but when I got inside, I was by myself). I wanted to go inside the Wax Museum, but I didn't have any tickets. The man, a strange, almost sexless thing whose face I can't remember, assured me that all he needed was my name tag. I noticed there was a 4x2 sticky label like the ones at where I work, attached to my shirt and I guess it had my name on it. The man peeled it slowly from my shirt and I remember seeing some of the fuzz on my shirt lift off with the back of the sticky label. He peeled it away with something that could have been his fingers, or maybe metal robotic fingers, or maybe some tweezers. Whatever the case, I guess he felt I would be back for my name tag so he didn't need me to pay anything. I was scared at first, almost changing my mind because I didn't want to go alone, but then I told myself that it was only a ride at the fair and nothing will hurt you. This Wax Museum was like a cross between a Haunted House and Wax Museum. I remember walking through the door and into this place. It was something else. There were a lot of colors and the walls, floors and ceiling were done in psychedelic fashion. I can't remember any furniture, but there was a gradual downward slope that went to the middle of the floor. There were some figures walking around, I'm not sure if they were supposed to be wax or what, but I remember a little goat-like midget that walked by me, screaming its demonly wail to try to scare me. It was about two and a half feet tall, walked on its hind legs like a human, and had the head of either the Wolfman, or a goat, or both. As it walked by me, I grabbed it, knowing this was only a ride and it couldn't hurt me. I began screaming at it and threw it up against the wall. The little beast then looked scared, confused as to the way I was acting. I recall seeing a small group of perhaps three women sitting on a ledge in the wall above me and they watched me. Their faces were featureless and I think they were wearing black dresses. They may have been people on this Wax Museum ride too. I let the little guy go, then walked on. The next thing I remember is being on the far side of the room where the floor was covered in short, red carpet. Suddenly, the floor under my feet began rising up. Again scared to do this by myself, I hopped off the rising platform, not wanting to face what the platform would take me to. Then again I realized that this was just a ride and nothing could hurt me. Besides, there was nothing left for me in this room and for me to complete this ride, I had to be on the rising platform. Therefore I jumped up and crawled my way back onto the platform, which rose into the air. The sides were steel, just like a huge hydraulic lift would look. The next thing I remember is being in a room sitting in a chair. I was still in the Wax Museum/Haunted House. The room was large. I sat and waited, knowing something was about to happen. Then, from around the wall to my left walked out the huge wax figure of a man. He was about nine to ten feet tall and was an Arabian. He had a turban around his head, a black moustache, beard, and he was smiling with wide, white teeth. Other giant figures followed him, but I only remember the Arabian. He approached me and swung his fist at me as if wanting to slap me. Had my face been closer then he would've hit me, but since I remained calm and sat where I was, his blows missed. He swung several times but never hit me. Next, I vaguely recall being swirled around the inside of the Wax Museum in the chair I was sitting in, but all I remember seeing is weird shapes and darkness. Then I was at a huge place where people in chairs like mine swung around in the air, taking big swings and almost loop-de-loops. It wasn't like we were attached to anything, we just raced around through the air, although I think there were chains on our seats as if we were indeed attached to some type of swing set. Then I noticed Charles was next to me and I thought of what a coincidence it was to meet someone that you knew on the same ride. As we reached the top of this arena, or whatever it was, and were prepared to take another swing, we briefly looked at each other, smiled, then raced away again. At that point, I think that small group of women were again watching me from behind, off on a ledge somewhere. There was a younger boy, maybe ten years old, and as I swung by him I said, "HI!" really loud, scaring him like I was part of the ghoulish cast inside this Wax Museum. It startled him and it did scare him just a bit. Then the ride was over and Charles and I went to get our badges back from the man at the entrance. He tried to scare us, saying stuff like, "No! I won't give it back! No!" But again, I knew this was part of the act. Charles got scared and somehow got his badge back, but I kept saying stuff like, "You can't have it" or "You'll give it back to me, I'm not worried." And he did give it back. We walked out the door into the night and left the carnival. Then I remember being in the parking lot. I was in a flying chair, but I don't think it was the same one in the Wax Museum. There were some pulley-like controls on the side. To move the chair around in the air, you had to pump these stirrups with both arms, downward at the sides of the chair. It took some practice, but I managed to keep the chair afloat and maneuverable in the air. As I looked down at the cars in the parking lot form lines and exit, I noticed some guys from where I work. I remember seeing Celtic in his Volkswagen. He was at the passenger side but he was driving, the steering wheel on that side. He smiled and looked up at me through the window in his red bug. I was thinking something about wishing him good luck on his wedding or something like that, but I don't think I ever did say anything. Kenneth Inglewood was there and he wanted to show me how to maneuver the chair, like he was a pro. He kind of laughed his meek laugh then said something like, "You want me to show you how to do that?" He wanted to show me how to move the chair horizontally instead of just vertically, but as he offered help, I figured it out and was able to move the chair through the air, over cars if I wanted to. I remember looking out into the rows of cars and tried to pinpoint the location of my truck. I wondered if Lisa was there, or if she was still inside the carnival. I can't remember ever finding my truck.

June 25th, 1991

I was in a place, something like a book store. I remember trying to hold all the stuff I have ever written in my hands, but there was just so much of it that I could barely hang on. I remember seeing myself walking out of the store, like there was glass in the front of the building and I exited out the side of it like it was a door. I was then on the sidewalk and that's when most of the stuff in my arms dropped to the ground because I couldn't hold on any longer. Among the stuff I carried was my book The Test, all 1430 pages of it. There was mud on the sidewalk and I think my book, as well as some other pages from other things I have written, fell into the mud. I began grabbing for the papers, my book especially. There was someone else there, maybe Bob, and I remember saying stuff to him about the predicament I was in as I crammed handfuls of my book back into the 8 1/2 X 11 box from which it was stored. I think I intentionally ripped about a hundred pages in half, just like a phone book. For some reason I thought this would help keep my book in good shape instead of muddy. I envisioned the correct way of holding my writings, which was stacked on top of each other instead of some under each arm. Lisa was in a car outside waiting for me and for some reason I wanted to buy a dictionary in the store, so I grabbed for it. It was the only book on a barren book shelf. Lisa was getting impatient and would soon drive away without me if I didn't get in the car. I knew this but didn't seem to care. I kept acting like I was going to grab it and Lisa finally drove down the street without me. The dictionary reminded me of the old, big dictionary mom and dad have. Lisa driving away suddenly made me very mad and I walked around the street, holding this dictionary and being mad as hell. There were some thugs on the sidewalk, maybe four, with the largest yet skinniest of them standing in the front of the small group. I don't know if they wanted to mug me or give me a bad time or what, but I gritted my teeth and looked very pissed off, so they left me alone, seeing I was not in the mood. Then Charles was suddenly there and we stood around the streets with these street guys, all of them respecting me because I showed them I wasn't going to take any shit. We were talking and laughing when one of them reminded me about the dictionary and how the woman had left me behind. Instead of the woman being Lisa this time, it was now a soap opera star from All my Children. I never did see her, but apparently the story changed and she was the one who had driven away from the bookstore, not Lisa. I got angry remembering the story and I started to growl low in anger just thinking about it. All the guys were awed to see me mad.
I was sitting at a table, presumably eating dinner with someone else. It was a crazy scene and I never did see a clear vision of myself, the other person, or the room itself or anything in it. As we sat there, little chunks of something, like food, was being tossed at us from the head of the table. It was weird, but at the head of the table was Olive Oil, Popeye's girlfriend. She had an evil smile on her face. There was a miniature catapult constructed of wood, like branches, strapped to her waist. This is where the objects came from that were being tossed at us. The front of her panties were stretched open so I could see inside. The small wooden catapult was attached inside, around her waist. I could even see some of Olive Oil's pubic hairs. It was really strange.

June 30th, 1991

Lisa bought a tent but I wasn't sure why she bought it. I remember seeing our tent we now have and it looked to be in pretty good shape, so I don't think the new tent was to replace the old, although the old one was dirty. The new tent had two peaks, one on each side of the tent. The two peaks were separated by a short room, thus separating the two steepled roofs as if they were two separate rooms. It wasn't a bad tent, but I still wondered why we had it when our existing tent was still in good condition. I can't remember if I ever got the answer from Lisa.

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