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June 1994

Jun 2 - Jun 3 - Jun 10 - Jun 11 - Jun 13 - Jun 18 - Jun 26

June 2, 1994

I was at my house, either looking out the dining-room window or standing on my deck and looking out into the sky. In the sky, up and just to the right about two miles away, was a UFO. It looked like a piece of dog food, like a huge nugget of Purina Dog Chow. It was perfectly still and was about four to five hundred feet in diameter. It didn't really frighten me, it fascinated me more than anything. This UFO, I got the feeling, was some type of mothership for smaller, classic flying saucer shaped UFOs. These smaller UFOs were silver disks with a protruding top in their middle, like a top hat but not that tall. There were many of these, too numerous to count, and they flew through the air by and around my house. At some time I grabbed hold of my video camera and I got these flying saucers on film. I remember filming them as they whizzed down the street. One of these silver disks landed on my deck, right by the front right corner of my house where there are groups of windows in threes. This particular disk was only about three feet round but I don't think they were all this small, just the one that landed on my deck. It was rusted on its top, like it had been out in the rain for a long time. It tried to fly and get away but I stepped on it with my right foot and that seemed to keep it from going anywhere. It squirmed but couldn't get away. Later, I was in the back of my house and a group of about four of these flying saucers whizzed by in a straight line ahead of me and I managed to get these on film as well. I think I remember seeing them through the viewfinder of my camera as they flew about.

June 3, 1994

I was living with Jethro, his mom and dad and Patricia. Jethro and I were working for Jethro's dad, but I can't remember what it was we did. Because of this job, I was able to move out of my mom and dad's house. I don't remember ever seeing mom and dad. I just remember seeing Jethro's dad and being in his house, which reminded me of the house I grew up in at the top of South Hill. The money wasn't much but it was enough for me to get out of my parent's place and get my own place. I had only been working for Jethro's dad for a few weeks, only about three or four paychecks worth, but I grabbed the opportunity to move out as soon as I could. One day Jethro's dad told me that the job he had us doing was going away. I pleaded with him to keep me employed because I desperately wanted the money so I could move out and be on my own. He never did say no but I got the feeling that he wasn't going to keep me on. He made some remark about how I didn't have to worry because I had my folks to live with. I then explained to him that I had already moved out and had my own place and this impressed him. He said something like, "Already got your own place? Well what do you know?" Jethro was standing right there when he said that and I knew that he wanted Jethro to follow my example. I remember thinking that I was thirty-two (although I'm really thirty-three) and I was still trying to find a place of my own and I still had a shitty job and was barely making it in life. I turned to Jethro and told him that he had no idea how lucky he was that he had parents that would let him live with them and would support him and he didn't have to worry about shit, because although the cancellation of the job didn't affect him, I had to find a place to live. I then went outside the house like I was now on my way to home, wherever home was. I think I was going to catch a bus. As I was out in what I think was the Bundyís driveway, a driveway that was not familiar to me, Patricia walked up to me and said she would give me a ride in her car. Her car was supposed to be a real expensive fancy model. In real life the car would have been junk, but in this dream, it was fancy. I looked to my left and saw the car. It resembled a big go-cart dune-buggy thing. There was just a yellow metal frame which had a fishing net draped over it, like that was supposed to be the exterior. There were two seats that were long, bucket seats low to the ground. They were black and cushiony. Sitting in them was almost like lying down The next thing I knew, Patricia and I were driving down the road in this car of hers, me the passenger, her the driver. She was very talkative, although I can't remember what she was talking about, and very energetic like she was in a rambunctious mood. As we sped down the road, I looked at the pants I was wearing. They were translucent and a pale white color, like balloon material. I noticed that I wasn't sitting all the way in my seat at this point. I was sitting up off my seat about a foot and a half because there was a cone or bottle of some type below my butt, like if I sat down then the cone would go up my ass. The next thing I remember is being in a viaduct, or canal of some type, that was filled with water. I was still in Patricia's car with her and she was still driving. As we drove along this canal, the water got deeper and deeper. The walls were about ten feet apart and were made of light-colored brick. The water didn't start until about a foot and a half down from the top of the canal. Along the canal on the right hand side (and maybe on the left) were rectangular holes, like casements, about two feet long and half a foot tall. I felt that Patricia had to try to drive out of the canal at one of the points along the wall where these rectangular holes were, but she kept driving and I knew that soon we would be in too deep to get out of the water. Up ahead there was a brick wall, about fifty feet away, and Patricia had to try to drive out before hitting that wall. She was going pretty fast so I turned my head and looked to my right, not wanting to see what was going to happen because I knew she wouldn't be able to jump out of the canal and we were probably going to crash. Before she got to the wall, however, she stopped and made some comment like, "Oh I guess we gotta get out of here." She then backed up the car, which was covered up with water as high as our chests. As she backed up I could tell water was being backed into the tail pipe, much like when Jethro, Virgil Neckster and myself went river hopping in Jethro's Jeep in Arkansas in 1982. Patricia eventually backed up far enough to a point where we could get out of the canal, but she couldn't drive out so I had to get out and push. I was able to push the car up onto the ledge of the canal and there it teetered back and forth. The car's tires couldn't catch on solid ground to help pull it out, so I had to keep pushing. I don't remember the car actually getting out of the canal, but I do know that I pushed it further and further until it did. Later, I was in a parking lot somewhere which reminded me of the one behind the car wash stalls at the 7-11 on 128th Street and Meridian Avenue. Patricia and I were sitting to the right of the vacuum stations in the back of the lot. As we continued to just sit there, we could see someone walking towards us from out of the corners of our eyes. The person that came upon us was a woman, I don't remember who, but I know it was someone I knew from Arkansas. As she walked by and saw Patricia and I she looked at me and made some remark like, "What a nice butt!"

June 10, 1994

I was in my house with some people. I was going to paint or stain my deck but the deck looked in pretty sad shape. I remember there being cobwebs on the railing that went around my deck and these cobwebs were pretty thick. I began pulling them off on a section of the deck just to the left of the front steps. The cobwebs were about as thick as a sheet and I continued pulling them off the deck until the railing underneath began to be revealed. It was rotting and before I was even halfway done pulling the cobwebs off, the wood began falling apart in pieces. There was someone else standing off to the side watching this but I don't know who that was. As the wood from the deck came apart as I pulled at it, it started to resemble the ladder I have out in the shed (the five foot step ladder). I was hoping I could keep the ladder in one piece, but it was too rotted. I remember seeing the ladder in one piece but then the sides just began falling apart and there was one section with the top piece and a few of the steps that remained intact, but they too were also rotted and useless. Because of this, I decided to buy a new ladder, so I went to an Ernst store. I took Sarah and William with me, but they weren't always at my side. I remember seeing William playing with some kids and he started smiling so I thought he would be okay and I didn't need to worry about him, so I started shopping by myself. I don't know where Sarah was at this point. I saw Underwood and Fran Pope in this store after I had been looking around for a step ladder. I couldn't find a step ladder anywhere so I asked Underwood if there were any ladders in the store, like he would know or something. He nodded and said something like, "Yeah they're around." He was sitting at a desk doing some type of paperwork and Fran was standing next to him. We were in a room like an office of some type so I left the room only to walk into another room. It was like the store was just a bunch of rooms with merchandise of different types in each room. I remember walking among some aisles, looking on top of the shelves along the aisles, feeling this is where step ladders were kept. I found one type of ladder which reminded me of the wood frame seat that one of Lisa's old relatives, maybe her Grandpa, made and we now had possession of. This ladder wasn't really a ladder. It folded open and was more like a thin but wide step-stool with thin steps. When climbing on it, you were only a few feet off the ground. This is not what I was looking for. I looked upon some shelves that I had searched earlier but this time I did find a step ladder, although it wasn't really the type I was looking for. I wanted the aluminum kind I saw at Home Depot a few weeks ago. On the top of this ladder on the shelf was written something like 7-foot step ladder. I pulled it down and opened it up. It was thin and had thin round steps and didn't look too strong. There was something I wanted up high so I ended up climbing to the top of the ladder, past the last step to where I was standing completely on top. Some guy, maybe an Ernst employee, looked up at me and told me I couldn't stand up where I was and I should come down. The ladder creaked when I put my weight on it and it really wasn't safe for me to be up there. Later, I remember being outside the front of the store for some reason or another, and I realized that I should go find where Sarah and William were. I walked into the store through automatic sliding doors and right there about ten feet away were Sarah and William. They were both walking towards me, although William in real life can't walk yet. Sarah was holding him by his hand or arm and she looked up to me and said to William, "There's daddy now William, see?" They had been looking for me and I think William may have been crying because he was worried about finding me. There was the big store behind them and I know there were a lot of people walking around doing shit but I can't remember what. I then picked up William and held him close, feeling like crap for leaving my kids all alone in the store, and I was glad that they didn't get abducted or something. Apparently I had spent the entire day in this Ernst store looking for stuff I wanted to buy, but I was having difficulty finding it. Soon it became dark outside as night fell.

June 11, 1994

I was at a place with some people, like a lodge at a campground or a house. One of the people there was Leslie Nielsen from the movie The Naked Gun, but he was in a serious mood. I was talking on a phone to someone who was at a bar and this bar was where Heather Locklear was a singer in a country band. I guess I had called and when the person on the other end answered, it wasn't Heather but rather, a person who answered phones for Heather. I told this to the people that were with me and some of them said stuff like, "Oh wow! It must be nice to have a singer answer your phone for you", as if Heather was so rich and popular that she didn't even have to answer her own phones. As I was talking on the phone, the person I was talking to was suddenly a man, like the manager of the bar where Heather sang. As we talked, Leslie Nielsen made some comment to me like, "What are you doing?" He was apparently my boss and I was on the forensic team for the police. He said there was a "flesh sample" or "tissue sample" down at police headquarters that had to do with a murder and I had to go analyze it or do some work with it. Leslie was pretty adamant and he wanted me to get my ass off the phone and do my job immediately. Meanwhile, the guy on the phone was still talking to me and he said something about how people had to pitch in money for Heather so she could sing and he told me that I should put in two-hundred dollars and that would be adequate. I was hesitant in replying because I didn't want to sound like I wasn't interested, but still, my job came first. I told the guy something like how I had some police work to deal with and I couldn't come to the bar right now, but maybe I could later. The guy on the phone was completely silent and didn't respond, which made me feel like he was pissed off and disappointed that I wasn't coming to the bar to cough up two hundred dollars. Actually I was glad I had to do my job because I couldn't afford two hundred dollars anyway.

June 13, 1994

I was at work. I was talking to Cindy Breck. She was sitting down. I remember seeing her eyes as she talked and she mentioned to me how she wanted me to meet her sister. Apparently it was really important to her for me to meet her sister. When she told me she wanted me to meet her sister, her eyes got kind of misty like she was getting emotional. She was emphatic that I meet her, like her eyes were saying, "Please please oh please oh please!" She said something about her sister being here at six o'clock so I should be able to meet her since the shift ends at seven. Later I was walking around and I met Ned Gauntlet. He had short hair and he looked like he did when he got out of the service. He was wearing some type of bell-bottom jeans. We walked along and I noticed at this point that my work area had aisles, reminding me of Fred Meyer by where the garden stuff is. I took on the roll of a self-conscious employee and told him he really needed to leave because he wasnít an employee there. We walked on, and to exit the work area we had to go up two aisles then to the left and then down an aisle. As we neared the exit by where the sliding glass door are, I saw other people standing around that were also not employees. I looked around and saw that only about half of the people in this area of the company were actual employees. The people that stood around reminded me of high school youths, wearing dark jackets and having long hair. I was surprised, but finally left with Ned. I remember being in a walk-in closet type space where we were supposed to hang up our jackets. I fiddled with a hanger that I put my jacket on and explained to Ned what I was doing, as if he would have to do this too sometime. Above where the hanger went was a shelf, just like regular closets have. Later I was on a bus, like a Metro bus, and I guess it was my ride home from work. Ned, Cindy and Cindy's sister were all on the bus with me. Cindy's sister kind of looked like Cindy, but she had short hair, the same color as Cindy's. She kind of reminded me of a girl I saw at work once who had short hair that I thought was Cindy but wasn't. As I stood in the aisle and faced the back of the bus, which is where we all sat, Cindy and her sister were on the right and Ned was on the left. On the left back of the bus was a curved window that stretched the entire length of the wall. It was dark outside, like four o'clock in the morning, and the window was tinted, making it look darker out. The window acted as the back left corner of the bus. I remember seeing Safeway and realized the bus had pulled into the parking lot of the Safeway thatís downtown. We were at the entrance by the sign. I felt lost until I saw the store and thought that since I now knew where I was that I would just walk home form here. I contemplated the walk up Meridian and, believing that I lived in the house on top of South Hill where I grew up, felt that it wouldn't be such a bad walk. Then the bus suddenly did a U-turn in the parking lot and I realized that it was going back out onto Meridian and up the hill so I wouldn't have to walk home anyway.

June 18, 1994

I remember sitting on the top bunk of a tall bunk bed. There with me were Randy and Brad, the two kids on the show Home Improvement. Randy (the middle son) suddenly dropped off the bed and sailed to the floor below, which was about twenty feet away. He didn't get hurt because he fell real slow. It was like there was some plan to get rid of me or hurt me in some way, and to do it, Randy had to fall off the bed then something would happen to me. Whatever that something was, however, it never happened. I looked down at Randy and he just laid there nonchalantly on the floor staring back at me with his hands crossed behind his head. Brad was supposed to fall off the bed as well I think, but he didn't. I think there may have been someone else on this high bunk bed as well, but I don't know who, maybe some chick. The next thing I remember is looking at us sitting on the bed from behind the bed, as if I was watching myself and whoever else was sitting there with me. Above us appeared a huge Polar Bear, as large as a house. It was like we were underwater and this bear hovered above us in the water, looking down on us. It was incredibly large but I don't remember feeling scared at all. It was dark behind the bear, as if behind him was the watery depths of whatever world was out there. Next, there was a lion sitting on the bed with me and the bear was gone, and I don't think I was in the water anymore. The lion kind of reminded me of the lion in the move The Lion King, like it was animated. It had wings and I had the feeling it was going to fly away. I touched the lion in one spot on its body and when I touched it again in another spot, that meant something, like touching it there and for a second time would cause it to fly away. It was facing crossways on the bed and away from me and was to the right of me. I remember it turning its head to talk to me, although it never quite looked all the way back at me, nor can I remember what it said. There was another bed or platform of some type about twenty feet in front of me. It was about five lower than the bed I sat on. On that platform were some people or a person, perhaps a relative but I don't know for sure. The lion indicated in some way that it was going to fly over there to be with that person. I was concerned because I had never seen a lion fly before and I wondered if when it jumped off the bed if it would just fall straight down instead of flying through the air. But it flew all right. When it left the bed, it did dip slightly downward, but this was only because it had to get going before it would fly level, something all birds usually do. I don't remember it landing onto the platform in front of me but I did watch it glide over there, and I'm sure it did land. The lion kind of reminded me of Aslan, the lion in The Chronicles of Narnia, but Aslan didn't have wings, so the lion was really more like the lion that was the king on the Island of the Misfit Toys on the Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer show that they always put on TV every Christmas season.

June 26, 1994

I was at work. I was in a room with some people and John Smith was one of them. I don't think we were in my work area at this point. John was mad about something, something about how a manual for a piece of equipment explained that we should be able to get certain things accomplished with the machine if we followed the instructions in the manual. I remember seeing John as he ranted and raved in the middle of this room, pacing about the floor. He wasn't talking to me, but to supervisors or some other type of employee. He was saying stuff like, "This is bullshit!" I guess something didn't get done right on the shift I worked so he indicated that we all had to stay to do the job right. I mentioned to someone who was with me that I couldn't stay late because I had to get home to my wife and kids and so on. I looked at a clock on the wall to the left of me and I don't remember the exact time, but it showed that I had already stayed an hour and a half late. I didn't really think I was going to stay, but I ended up doing it. All us employees that had to go back to work lined up and began marching in line, apparently on our way to do whatever it was that John wanted us to do. It was like disciplinary action was being taken against us. We walked along in this place that reminded me of the gym at the high school I went to. We walked by the big sliding doors that separated one side of the gym from the other. There was an opening, about ten feet wide, between the doors and through it we could see John about fifteen feet away, standing on the gym floor with some papers in his hands, probably the machine manual. He looked pretty upset and had his teeth bared and the scene reminded me of prisoners walking along as the enemy head guy looked on.

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