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June 1995

June 10, 1995

I was in a house or building of some sort with some people, one of them Peter Peckster. We did a lot of stuff but I only remember the last part of this dream. Peter and I had pulled our shirts up around our faces, covering our noses but still leaving our eyes exposed, looking like Morty on the Bazooka Joe comics. I don't know why we did this, but we did. We entered a room where there were a bunch of people seated and looking towards the front of the room. I had the impression there was a seminar or conference of some sort going on. We had entered this room sometime earlier in the dream I think, but I think we had to leave because we weren't part of the crowd or something like that. This time we entered, however, I may have gotten that feeling again, but I ignored it. I remembered I was carrying William in my arms. He was wearing blue Osh Kosh overalls. I went to a door on the opposite side of the room, behind where everyone sat. I think I looked back to where I had entered and saw Peter there, but he chose not to follow me. I opened the door and went in and stepped inside. There was a staircase leading downward that kind of spiraled down to the right so I couldn't see where the steps led, but I followed them. I got to the end some time later and as I did, the width of the steps became more and more narrow and by the time I got to the end, the steps came to a point and there was nothing left for me to stand on. When I started walking down the steps, there were walls on the left and right (light tan colored) but by the time I reached the last steps, there were no more walls. I looked behind me and could see where I had come from and the steps led up into the walls that originally surrounded me. The last steps ended up about ten feet in the air above a room full of people. I wasn't sure how I was going to get both myself and William down, but then a man came walking by and stood below me and stretched out his arms so I could lower William down to him. The man was wearing a tuxedo. I grabbed William by the crisscrossing suspenders on the back of his overalls and slowly lowered him down to the man below. There was a gap between as far as I could stretch down and as far as the man could reach up so I had to drop William for a foot or two, but the man caught him. Although I don't remember it, I know I climbed down and dropped to the floor as well. There was some kind of convention or social gathering going on in this room. I didn't have my shirt pulled up over my face any more, and I don't remember being with William for the rest of this dream. There was a man, probably the same one in a tuxedo that helped me with William, and he was standing with a couple of women, good-looking babes in their twenties. I was standing next to them and the man did something to me that made something go onto my shoulders. I don't know what this something was, either pieces of paper or some kind of liquid or something out of the ordinary. The things landed on my shoulders and I don't know what they meant, but when they hit my shoulders, one of the women said something like, "Ooh I can't wait for that to get on my shoulders," as if having these things on one's shoulders was a great honor, or an extravagant gift, or an ordination into some grand club. It wasn't until I heard the woman say that that I realized the stuff on my shoulder had any significance. The next thing I knew, I was talking with the tennis pro Andre Agassi. He had his long hair, his former shaved self gone for the duration of this dream. He and I were talking and suddenly we had everyone's attention in the room. It seemed that every time I said something to him, he and the audience found it very funny and everyone rolled in laughter and clapped. This happened several times and although I can't remember what I said, I know that I was the center of attention and everyone just thought I was funnier than hell. There came a time when I was going to leave the room and it looked like Andre didn't want me to go because we were having such fun. I said something like, "Yeah but you could all be spies for all I know," and the crowd again rolled in laughter and clapped at my comedic wit. I said something to Andre about how I wished him luck in Wimbledon which was scheduled to start soon and I heard a voice off to the side that said softly, "Yeah he's going to need some luck." From that point, I continued to walk away, on my way out of the room, but I don't remember leaving.

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