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June 1996

Jun 12 - Jun 15 - Jun 20 - Jun 28

June 12, 1996

I was in a shopping mall or some other similar type of building with some people, Trent being one of them. We were arguing about something but I can't remember what. It probably had something to do with the party I'm having on July 5th and him not being able to play the music he wants to. After a while our arguing got pretty intense and one of us suggested we step outside to fight about it, so we did. When we were outside, I suddenly had an urge not to fight Trent anymore. Not because he might hurt me or anything like that, but because I just figured that not fighting and being friends was a better way to be. I think Trent may still have wanted to fight but he also started backing down. There was a ditch of some sort off to the right and lying in this ditch was a book. It was a hard cover book and was eight inches by six inches. It was wet because it had been lying in the ditch. I went over to it and picked it up. Trent and myself being outside had something to do with this book, but I donít know what. It may also have been one of the reasons why I wanted to not fight. Both Trent and I suddenly noticed a large gang of people, youngsters mainly, maybe in the late teens or early twenties. They were marching towards us and this mall we stood outside of from a distance of fifty yards away. They were getting closer and closer and this made Trent and myself both want to get back inside the mall. The people in this gang looked spooky. They all wore black and white clothing and had their faces painted black and white, like skeletons. Although they scared us, I think Trent and I wanted to make it look as though they really didnít scare us. Them approaching made us both want to get back inside the mall quickly so we just nonchalantly strolled back inside the mall. Trent was closest to the mall doors so he made it in first and I managed to make it in just before the gang approached me. I guess I thought they were going to beat me up or something. Once back inside the mall, I was able to lose myself in the crowds of people and the gang showed no more interest in me. I was walking around the mall and came in contact with a man who was wearing a light green Leviís jacket which was not buttoned up so I could see he was also wearing a white T-shirt underneath the jacket. He wore blue jeans. He was about five foot nine inches tall, was kind of stocky, and had short black hair. He had not a huge nose, but a larger than normal nose. I have never seen this man before in my life but I can remember his face clearly. He was on his way through a door and had passed through it, passing by me on the way. As he went by me our eyes met and I knew him in my dream as a man who had raped and beat my wife, Lisa. I never saw him do this but it was like I just knew he had done it and he had gotten away with it. But now I had come face to face with him and I was shocked at the coincidence. My eyes widened and I said, "You!" as if making it clear that I knew who he was. He walked away from me without saying a word and apparently I lost track of him. I was determined to get this guy, to track him down and make him pay for what he had done to Lisa, so I decided to find the gang that I had seen earlier to help me. I figured that since there were so many of the gang members and they were all together then such a large team of people would have a good chance of tracking down this rapist guy. I wandered through the crowd at the mall and suddenly came across the gang members in their creepy black and white attire. I approached them and told them about the guy I wanted to track down and I asked if they would help me. There was one gang member who instantly looked cocky as hell and I could tell his answer was going to be no, but then there were other gang members crowded around me who showed an interest in helping me out. It was as though these people had gone from being frightening individuals to people who would help me out in my time of need. I explained to them that there were a lot of them so it would help me out if they could do it. The gang agreed to help me, even the one cocky guy. They were looking for some excitement and this may as well be it. So we all split up into different parts of the mall. I donít know if we all had walkie-talkies but I know I did and there was one other gang member who did. We held our walkie-talkies together and the gang member's walkie-talkie was a dark color and was sleek and modern, while mine was silver, large and boxy. But I didnít care. There were some gang members sitting in a large canoe-like vehicle that straddled steps on two different escalators. When the escalators moved, the thing they were sitting in would move up with the escalator. They could sit in this instead of walking up the escalator. One of the gang members in this boat was a blonde-haired girl who was also done up in black and white grease-paint type makeup all over her face. She looked kind of cute. I made some type of arrangements with these people about how we were going to find the rapist then I bounded off. The girl sat in the middle of the canoe-type contraption and kind of slightly smiled. Then I was off to look for the rapist, walkie-talkie in hand. Walking alongside me was Charles. It looked like we were on the second floor of a department store in the mall, like JCPenneys. I think in front of us and off to the right a little was an escalator going down about twenty-five feet away. We were walking along and I noticed that when I touched one of the buttons on the side of my walkie-talkie, a rumbling, crescendo-like sound started reverberating throughout the store. When I let go of the button, the sound stopped. The sound meant that something important or bad was going to happen in the department store and everyone that heard it was freaking out, until the sound stopped. I think that nothing was really going to happen because it was just me pushing the button on my walkie-talkie, not really the important bad thing that everyone actually thought. Charles and I were amused by how everyone freaked out over this, so I pushed the button on my walkie-talkie again and the loud rumbling sound started again. This time, though, I didnít hold the button down for very long and the sound came and went very quickly. Charles and I continued roaming this particular area by the top of the escalator when suddenly we heard a man's voice talk over an intercom system. We could sort of see the man out of the left side of our vision, but I donít think we looked directly at him. I was able to notice that he was wearing a black suit and sat up high, like he was on a chair that was eight feet off the ground. I figured it was a tower like a lifeguard sits in. I can't remember his exact words but when he spoke over the intercom he said something about how walkie-talkies are not allowed in the store. When I heard this I pushed the antennae in on mine and cradled it at the left side of my body, trying to conceal it so the store personnel wouldnít see I had it. Sometime around here, Charles made a comment that if he finds the rapist guy we were all looking for then he would say, "Bock bock bock", just like a chicken. Apparently he meant for this chicken call to be a signal to everyone else that he has found the rapist. The next thing I recall is being on the bottom level of the mall and exiting some doors that led to the outside. I donít think I got all the way out but perhaps stopped just inside the first set of double doors, standing on that carpeted area before the second set of doors that actually went outside. I think there were some gang members with me also, and there was a guy off to the right, an old man maybe, that was situated there as though it was his job to just sit there. We realized that the rapist wasn't there so we came back inside. I came back further in than anybody and when I did, I looked in a room off to the right. This room was in an area like where that Mexican restaurant is inside the Tacoma Mall, along the wall but further up. I approached the room and noticed a set of bunk beds inside. I then noticed the rapist, but he was not wearing the light green Leviís jacket anymore so I didnít recognize him at first. He appeared mysteriously, like he had been hiding inside the mattress on the upper bunk bed then materialized on top and alongside of it. I entered the room to confront him as he stood next to the bunk bed and we faced each other but I can't remember what happened after that.

June 15, 1996

I had some golf clubs in front of me in one of those golf club bags and I was trying to decide which one to use because apparently I was going to golf. There was someone else with me but I really donít remember him at all. It may have been Bob, but who knows? I was looking for a wood club, like a one iron or two or three (which, if I remember correctly, are the larger ones with the knobby ends made of wood). I guess I thought the shot I had to make would have to be a long one so I kept searching for a club like that. I handled two or three when it was brought to my attention that I wouldnít need a club like that because the shot was a short one and I would only need a nine iron or a pitching wedge or something like that. I was shown the hole where the ball would end up, which was on the other side of a hill about four feet high. The hill was white and pointed like a steep mountain. About halfway up the side of it was a small hole where the ball was supposed to go in. I envisioned the ball going into that hole but when I did, the ball just came to rest on top of the hole instead of going in because the hole was too small. The hole looked out of focus and reminded me of stuff I see through microscopes at work.

June 20, 1996

I was with one of my brothers, either Stephan, Ron or Charles, but I'm pretty sure it was Stephan. We were at the intersection of 224th Street and Meridian Avanue in Graham where that corner store is, and it was night. I remember standing there and talking to Stephan and telling him how I wanted to go home. I'm not sure what exactly we were doing there but it was like we were waiting for someone or something, or we were going to do something, but I decided I wanted to leave instead of waiting around. Although I can't remember, I feel that earlier in the dream that I was in the house that I wanted to go to, and mom was there too. Maybe she lived in the house, too. I do remember seeing it from a distance through the darkness and it shown out because the lights inside were on. I had indicated to Stephan that I wanted to leave as I was facing east down the road where Andrew Bloomingthal died when sliding across the pavement on his face. The road that way was very dark, damned near pitch black. I started walking down that way but soon realized that I had no idea where exactly the house was. I remember a scene where I was talking to mom and she said that that house was on Market Street. Taking this information, I strolled into the darkness down this street (224th). Immediately I came across some briars and bushes that I had to climb through. I stepped over stickers and such along a slight path down the middle of some thicker bushes and briars on the right and left sides of me. As I tromped through this stuff, I came across a woman and a small girl who were walking towards me. I donít think we said anything to each other but I'm sure we looked at each other. I remember very little about the girl, just that she was there and to the left of me. The woman was in front and to the right of me and had shoulder-length light brown or blonde hair. Her face was a blur, though, no features distinguishable at all. They had to high-step through the bushes as well and we passed each other without saying a word. I was starting to wonder more and more where the house was I was supposed to go to. I think Stephan made a comment before I left about turning the lights on in the house as I had seen them before in the dream. Doing this meant that we would be able to see the house and know where I was because the lights would be on. Of course, before I could do this I had to find the house first. Suddenly it was day time and I was walking along a street, still trying to find the house. I came to an intersection that reminded me of the intersection in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas that, if you went to the right, you would end up by a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. I wasn't sure which street was Market Street and I almost took the street that branched off instead of going straight, but then I looked up at a street sign that labeled the intersecting roads and I saw one that clearly said Market Street on it. It was the one that went straight, not branching off to the right. Regardless of this, I still felt confused. There was traffic going this way and that and I felt that even thought I was on Market Street, I would continue to wander aimlessly and never find my house. Suddenly a pickup truck pulled up alongside me. In the back of it was mom and sitting next to her on the right (her left) was another woman who I think was a nun - she wore the long white flowing garb that nuns usually wear. Mom told me to hop in the back of the pickup with them and they would take me to the house, so I crawled in.

June 28, 1996

A lot of stuff happened but all I remember is the ending of this dream. Someone had a baby, I donít know who - I just remember seeing the baby right after it was born. It was small and naked, just like all other newborns, but I can't remember its face. There were a couple doctors doing something to the baby, like feeling it all over to make sure it was healthy or something like that. One of the doctors was Dr. Green from the TV show ER. One of these doctors said something like, "It moved." They were referring to the baby's stomach and apparently something was inside it and was moving. I remember seeing the baby on its back and I saw it was a female. The vagina had hair on it like a grown woman and it started crowning, meaning there was a baby inside this baby, also ready to be born. The vagina started pulsating outward and suddenly an even smaller baby came out of the first baby. It was very small. The umbilical cord was only a foot long and wasn't attached to anything, showing me that because it was such a small baby that it wasn't formed all the way yet and therefore the umbilical cord wasn't a full cord. Dr. Green immediately took the baby, cradled it in his arms and walked away with it, apparently to care for it. I wondered how this could have happened and figured that while the baby was in the womb just being conceived, a man must have somehow had sex with it or it had some sperm implanted into it so by the time nine months were up and it was time to be born, so was the baby inside it.

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